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Operation Exodus

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PostPosted: Fri 17:12, 11 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote


Cylon attack Underway

Picon ground HQ, Picon

The Combat Information Center Fleet Head Quarters Picon was over 1,000 meters beneath the surface of Picon and it is bigger than any other CIC’s anywhere in the Colonies.

Fleet Admiral Torres watched one of the screens that showed him the location of all units near the border with the Cylons. He was confused when one of green dots representing the “Andraste Battle Group“ stopped blinking and turned yellow for unknown status. At almost in same time lieutenant closed and reported to the Admiral…

”Admiral we just lost contact with the Andraste Battle Group, we also have lost contact with Gemenon, Tauron and Sagittarius.”

“What? Continue to try and contact all those colonies! Send raptors to each of them as well. What is the FRACK is going on?” replies Admiral Torres. But Torres already knows what is happening. And the raptor sent from the Andraste (Andraste class Warstar) will just confirm it

“Sir a raptor just jump in, they report that the Andraste and her battle group has been attacked by the Cylons, and at the time the raptor jumped away that the two escorting Battlestars had been shut down somehow and then nuked and left as destroyed. Also they report that Cylons have found a backdoor into our CNP program.” said the lieutenant

“My god!!! Communication send a Priority One warning to all colonial units, tell them to shut the CNP program down and reload the old program now! That is direct order from me. And send the logs from the Andraste as proof of the Cylon backdoor.”

“Yes sir, Sir we just lost contact with Leonis Sir.”



“You know Helena, you should take this chance and visit your family on Tauron, after all Pegasus will be in for refit for at least 3 months.” Said colonel Belzen

“Right, I go on vacation and leave you alone to deal with all this?” said Cain

“It’s just a recommended, well I’m back to C.I.C. some papers is waiting to be finished.” said Belzen and leaves the room

Ten minutes later Cain walking in the corridor that leads to C.I.C when a strong explosion rocked the ship then another one. Admiral Cain barely stays on her feet and pushes the con button on one wall.

“C.I.C what the hell is happening?”She asked

“We are under attack and it looks like the Cylons! We also received a message from Picon HQ about a massive cylon attack on all of the colonies as well.” reports Colonel Belzen

“Cylons? I’m on my way to C.I.C.”

It took a few minutes before Cain managed to reach C.I.C, along the way there are bodies everywhere, dead and wounded.

“Report!” said Cain

“Multiple hull breaches, and a lot of casualties.” Colonel Belzen reported

“What about Scorpia shipyards and her defensive forces?” Cain asks

“It appears that the cylons somehow found a backdoor into the CNP program, all defensive squadrons just turned off, all Battlestars are being turned off or are having multiple malfunctions.”

“Incoming nukes, lots of them.” reported the dradis officer

“Get us out of here.” said Cain

“Where sir?”

“Anywhere, just jump us out of here now!”

Pegasus starts to move back from its docking pier where was docked for repairs and refit. Explosions rocked everywhere, the entire shipyard was in flames, and some ships mostly smaller civilians and small military auxiliaries managed to jump but many of the major military units were either destroyed or being evacuating.

“You realize you want a blind jump? We can end anywhere?” Belzen said

“Better anywhere then here.”

Just before Pegasus jumps, a ship near it a Berzeker class support ship exploded when a nuke hit it.

Before several other nukes hit Pegasus jumps away.


“We lost contact with Scorpia to sir! Following by Aquaria, Canceron, and Aerelon.” said Commander Tanner flag aid of Admiral Torres. “Admiral Nagala is collecting all available forces in orbit of Virgon for a counter attack.”

“Good, tell the Admiral to initiate “Operation Exodus” in full.” said Torres

“Yes sir.”

“Multiple contacts in orbit Sir.” said the dradis officer“

“Sir Admiral Taggert from the Battlestar Bellerophon reports that entire group losing power, defense grid to.”

“Dammit, it’s all on Nagala now! Send a message to him and tell him that he is now in charge of the fleet.”

In space a Mercury class Battlestar Bellerophon and two escorting Glorious class Battlestars turn on the Cylons, but as they come into range all three ships start malfunctioning. It took several short seconds and entire battle group was reduced to dead hulks. Once finished with them, the Cylons start launching a massive number of nuclear missiles at Picon. Picon HQ was hit by seven 50 kiloton nukes and is assumed destroyed by the cylons.

BSG-91 Concordia Battle group: Vicinity of Hera gas giant

Battlestar Concordia and her escorts’ Battlestar Hirmfaxi and Phoenix slowly glided through space.


“Sir Priority message from Picon HQ. It reads as Cylon attack underway, this is not a drill!” said the communications officer

“Cylon attack, what the hell? Colonel Mathias?”

“I don’t know, battle stations all ships battle stations. All ships set condition one.” said Commander Clark

“Sir incoming instructions from Admiral Nagala, his orders are for all ships to retreat to Virgon, also it said that we are to purge our computers of the CNP program, the Cylons found a backdoor into it.”

Before the Commander can even respond on that

“Sir four bogies on dradis, it appears that they are Cylons, they launching raiders and missiles.” the dradis officer reported

“All ships defensive positions point defense guns fire at will.” said Commander Clark

“Gods they almost jumped directly on top of us.” said Colonel Mathias

“Commander Ariskon from Hirmfaxi reports a massive missile launch from the nearby baseships, ... all of them are nuclear sir.”

“Order Phoenix to provide cover, get us closer to Hirmfaxi.”

“Sir our alert fighters just engage the enemy raiders, but as soon as they engage they lost power.”

“Dam CNP, hold on launching the remain fighters.” said Clark

“But sir we need to support our fighters already in space?” Colonel Mathias protested “Or they will die.”

“They are already dead Colonel we can’t do anything with the CNP program still loaded.”

“Cylon missiles are managing to get trough Hirmfaxi defensive fire, they are going to hit!”

“How many?”

“30 sir”

“They can’t survive that much. Get them out of there! Emergence JUMP.” Yelled Clark

“Hirmfaxi report that their engines are out of business, but they are not defenseless. Commander Ariskon said that they will provide cover to us so we can escape?”

Concordia rocks when was hit by nuclear missile, nearby Phoenix gets hit as well. Another hit rocked the back of Phoenix. Destroying all four cannons and damaging several sections. One lucky missile hit her left fighter bay causing terrible damage but ship survived.

Hirmfaxi start rolling toward the incoming missiles firing with her main cannons at the nearest baseship, tearing the central axis apart. It took several seconds before the baseship was destroyed. In about the same time several nukes hit the ship causing serious damage but Hirmfaxi was still rolling towards the next baseship. It succeeded in avoiding a majority of the missiles, but some hit her. In her dying breath she rammed into one of baseships blowing both ships apart.

“She is gone, let us out of here now.” said Commander Clark

“Where to sir?” Asks con officer

“Jump us in front of the gas giant Hera, there is a junkyard inside of the Hera nebula.”

“Yes sir!”

Both Concordia and Phoenix jumps away.

On one of the baseships

Janice D'Biers Cylon hero who destroyed Andraste and bomb the Canceron and Tauron watched the debris of two of her baseship and the Battlestar Hirmfaxi.

“Brave but it’s all for nothing, they know they will die so why delay the inevitable?” said Janice

“Yes but Concordia and Phoenix escaped” said Jeremy Simon

“And we know where they jumped?” said Janice “To the Milgard junkyard inside the Hera nebula.”

“Our forces already raided that area a small station and a Valkyrie class Battlestar Aurora were destroyed there. There is nothing there.” said Gary Doral

“Wrong! That is only a decoy station. They have real station and an entire junkyard inside the nebula. Follow Concordia, jump now.” said Janice

Near the Hera nebula. The Hera nebula was a small nebula that surrounds the Hera gas giant. A small station was built in orbit that served as supply depot and junkyard. But the real junkyard was built inside the nebula as protection.

For moment nothing happen and then two bright flashes appears. Battlestar Concordia and Phoenix jump in. But soon after the jump multiple explosions rip trough Phoenix, left fighter bay explode completely destroying them and the ship losses control.


“Sir reports coming in from the Battlestar Phoenix, they just lost the port landing bay, the engines are down all energizers are destroyed or damaged, so they are dead in space.” Said Colonel Mathias

“Frak, tell Commander Garret to evacuate that ship.” said Commander Clark

“Sir almost the entire command staff of the Phoenix is dead, Lieutenant Somersen just reported.”

“Tell him to abandon ship then, and to take all the supplies, Raptors, and any surviving Vipers onboard to us. Since the Cylons will follow us any minute I want to have a small surprise for them.”


“How many nukes are on board?” asked Commander Clark

“Thirty Sir. Ten of those are 50kilotons.” Colonel Mathias responded

“Excellent I want five of them taken to the Phoenix ASAP. I want them to be connected with their nukes and set to timing of 30 minutes. I want to give the Cylons an unpleased surprise when they arrive.” said Clark

“I see, it will be done right away.” say Colonel knowing what Commander Clark was thinking.

“Once it is done set course to the entrance of the Hera's nebula.” Said Clark

It was a rush in Virgon orbit, with most of the 33 Battlestars and their escorts in a defensive positions, and hundreds if not thousands of vipers around them. Maintenance crews work hard to remove the CNP program from the defensive stations so that they can be operational even when cylons try to hack them.


“Few more ships are suppose to be coming, but that's all, except for those secret objects everything else seems to be already destroyed or in process of been destroyed.” Said Commander Kowalski

“What about Caprica?” asked Admiral Nagala

“We lost contact with Caprica several minutes ago. Shall I send a stealth Raptor?” ask Commander Kowalski

“Yes, send it, I want s.”

“Sir a ship just jump in and it is the Battlestar Caprica” said the dradis officer

“Give me Caprica on the line.”

After few seconds...

“Commander Ericsson what's happen on Caprica?” ask Nagala

“It was a disaster Sir, as soon as our ships come into range they lost power or started to malfunction. Caprica itself was lucky since the CNP was shut down, but all other ships went down, all three Battlestars from Dauntless battle group and Yashuman group as well. Dauntless, Heracles and Isis were destroyed in the first wave.”

“Then the cylons came closer to the orbit, Yashuman and Universal lost power instantly and they are followed by Neptune as well. We tried to protect so they can regain power, but it was too late, they destroyed all three Battlestars with nukes, and rest is like on every other colony, they started sending nuke after nuke to the planet. We barely got out alive from there.”

“What about Caprican station, it was well armed?”

“From what we saw, almost on same time when they start bombing Caprica, Twelve baseships jump on top of station and nuke it to hell, but it did take half of them with it. In the end nothing was left sir. We escaped to here to join the fight sir.”

“No, I have another plan for you. You will proceed to the Red Horse Nebula. There you will find the Olympia Station and you will join the Battlestars Poseidon and Valkyrie as part of the defense force.” said Nagala

“But Sir, we can help.”

“Commander your ship is badly damaged, and beside one ship is not going to help much. The Cylons will strike with their full force. You will do as I have ordered, and as soon as the main attack is over there will be a lot of survivors. Your task will be to collect them all and get them to the Red Horse Nebula there they will be safe until you can go to Avalon.”

“Avalon, I don’t get it sir?”

“You will, now go Commander and good luck.”

A few seconds later Caprica jumped away.

“Sir we just lost contact with Picon HQ, I tried for the last 30 minutes but we are being jammed. But now there is no jamming there is no nothing there.” Said Colonel Parson

“No need to continue Colonel, they are gone. Colonel, I want these two messages to be sent, this one is for Commander Turner of the Battlestar Prometheus, and this is for Commander Stryker of Battlestar Atlantis, send them now and also send this, it is video message for Commander Stryker.”

“Yes sir I will do it right away.”

After setting the nukes in place and setting the timers to detonator onboard the Battlestar Phoenix, Concordia evacuated the remaining Phoenix crew and jumped directly to the entrance of the Hera nebula. Two Defender class Gunstars Modesto and Hook and one Titan II Gunstar Stiletto guarded the entrance of the nebula. After all ID checks are confirmed all four ships slowly start to progress deeper into the nebula. One Stealth raptor was left behind in a debris field of the decoy station and Battlestar Aurora waiting for cylons to appear.

Several minutes’ later two baseships jump directly on top of the Battlestar Phoenix

On the bridge of one of the baseships

“Jump completed.” said Doral “Scanners indicate we jump directly on top of the Battlestar Phoenix.”


“Hmmm, sensors are not picking up any life onboard. It seems it is abandoned, it seems that we did much more damage then we thought, half of the port docking bay is missing, and the ship is full of holes from internal explosions.” said Doral

“So they just left her to die here?” said Janice

“With the amount of damage, and with all the shipyards gone? There is nothing else they can do. I’m picking something on board, it is hard to tell, we should go closer?”

“Fine, move us closer and make it fast. I want to hunt the Battlestar Concordia down.” said Janice

Two baseships move even closer to the derelict battlestar, not aware of the danger.

“I getting a lot of radiation on board the Phoenix.” said Doral

“Radiation, what kind of radiation? Remember we struck them with nukes.”

“Not that. All the radiation is one place. Fraking sensors are now getting an analysis. Holy Frak!!! There are multiple nuclear warheads all banded together. Fifty kilotons yield each!!” said Doral in a panic

“Trap, a fraking trap! Move us out of range… jump the ship.” It is seen that Janice is frustrated

“To late Janice it will blow before we are clear.”

“Frakking Humans, I hate to resurrect again.”

It was all that she said before nuclear bombs exploded and vaporize the Phoenix and both baseships.

Soon after that stealth raptor that observed the destruction of the cylons jumped directly in front of entrance of Hera's nebula and enters it.

Hera junkyard is located in the middle of the nebula. A large space station located in the middle was surrounded by several hundred ships, some wrecks, some in process of been scuttled but mostly seems to be intact.
Two large mobile dockyards of the Hephaestus class lay in front of station, they were the main facilities for the scrapping of the derelict ships, even though they can repair or build ship as well.

Concordia and her escorts enter into range of the station. And Concordia docked on one of the station piers.

The commander of the junkyard Commander Petersen shakes hands with Commander Clark when he enters the stations C.I.C.

“Well it is good to see that someone survived the fighting so far.” said Petersen

“Yeah, Nagala is forming the last of the defenses in orbit of Virgon. I hope he will give the Cylons hell.”

“What is status of your group Commander?” Petersen asks

“We lost the Battlestar Hirmfaxi in our first confrontation with the Cylons, and the Battlestar Phoenix was badly damaged and we left it in front of the nebula as a trap. From last report from our stealth raptor, the Cylons take the bait.”


“The Phoenix was the booby-trapped with several nukes of the fifty kilotons range hidden onboard, and when they exploded they took the Phoenix and both of the baseships with them.”

“Indeed nice Commander! We lost the outer station and the Battlestar Aurora. Two baseships jump in and nuked the Aurora first then the station. Luckily our Gunstars were inside of nebula at the time of attack.”

“Tell me Commander what we have here in the yard? Any ships worthy of salvaging in the yard?” Clark asks

“You bet we have, thanks to Admiral Nagala's orders we keep a lot of our ships in a ready reserve status, but very few are ready for active service.”


“All surviving ships got a message, or at least we did. They were to go to Red horse nebula and rally at the Olympia station.”

“Hmmm, I can see the problem. I can get ships but not crews. We have over twelve thousand crew members on each Hephaestus class mobile docks, so I suppose we can get move some of them onto the ready ships. And you have the surviving crew of the Phoenix. So we have enough crew members to crew the two Columbia II Battlestars, the recently decommissioned Titan, and Rycon. The Four Defender class Gunstars the Tigris, Claw, Storm, and Altair plus those two that are already active. One Vigilant Guardian type Gunstar Sournier. Two Berzerk class Escorts, Sandstorm and Tauron. One Vanguard class Raptor Carrier, Arakiel. Two Harrier class Strikestars, the Harrier and Crusher and two Minerva class Battlestars Hades and Minerva, and finally there is the Warstar Daedalus. There is few more that are more or less in one piece. Yes I almost forgot we also have the Battlestar Polaris here. She was written off after an explosion in her energizer, it was over half repaired when directed by President Adar to be decommissioned and ordered she was moved to junkyard. We have fixed some of the damaged things but she is still out of commission. We may even be able to take a dozen Gunstars and Frigates with us, but they will not be ready for a fight. We can load all the supplies from the station onto the ships that we are taking and leave the remaining derelicts to be salvaged later. The supply and fuel ships are ready to go and the medical frigate will be ready within the hour.”

“A Mercury class Battlestar. Put her in one of Dry-docks we can use her no doubt in that. With this we have even chance to strike back on Cylons, now we only need personnel for them. Can they be manned by small skeleton crew?” asked Commander Clark

“Yes they can, but what use, you need full crew, or at least half to operate the Battlestar or Warstar under combat circumstances.”

“That is why I want these ships to get to Olympia station. After all even if we don’t get personnel now, these ships will be saved, and they are a very important asset.”

“Alright, I will send half of the crews from the mobile dry-docks to man those ships and my crew from the station.” said Petersen

“Good, because the Cylons will be back here soon. If you think that anymore of ships can be salvaged dock them to the mobile shipyards, this will allow us to take an additional eleven ships that will not need to crew. And while I’m thinking about it we could dock many of those ships to this station and tie their FTL drive and Computer into you systems and jump the station out of here. This will allow us to take a couple of dozen more ships with us. I think the cylons are massing for a final battle over Virgon. Once they finish with Virgon and Admiral Nagala. They will start hunting any surviving colonial unit left. So let’s move we don’t have much time.”

On its way back to the Colonial space...


“I Still don’t understand sir, how you beat Cain and the Pegasus with a Valkyrie class Battlestar.” said Heller

“Well, it is not all in the ships firepower, a little tactics and a clear mind and anything is possible. After all Cain is to overconfident, even a little too arrogant. I still believe that Adama should have became an admiral, not her.”

“But she is capable?”

“She is but on Pegasus things are like on a prison ship.” said Stryker with a smile

“Sir we having several messages coming through the hyperlink. There was some glitch in the transmission.” said the communication officer

“A glitch?”

“Yes sir, due to some problems with a connection at least form the Colonial side we are getting interference, and messages that should have came already are been stopped. The problem is that now they are all coming in at the same time.”

“Great, let me hear it.”

The Communication officer pushes a few buttons, and messages started rolling. At first nothing, but the worried face of the communication officer said to Stryker that something is not good.

“Lieutenant is everything okay?” ask Stryker

“Sir this is priority message from Picon HQ. A Cylon attack is underway, this is not a drill.”

Everyone in C.I.C was in shock, looking at the communications officer, which he himself was in shock.

“What are you talking about?” it was all that Stryker said

“There are more sirs. The message is from Admiral Nagala, the message is only 45 minutes after this one. It said Picon HQ is destroyed, All surviving ships to Virgon for final counter attack.”

“My gods.”

All were silent, never before there was silence in Atlantis C.I.C. like at this moment. It was broken when Colonel Heller wildly shocked broke the silence “Your orders sir!”

“Send copy of this transmissions to Pleiades and Argona, send also to Avalon. And try to get Admiral Nagala on line if that is possible.”

“Sir that’s not possible at least not from our side, we are still too far from home. They can send transmission with small amount of feedback, calls that can’t last more than a few minutes.”

“Then get all ships to run on 140% power I want to get there as fast as possible.”

“We are already going at 105% chief won’t support more, it was a miracle that we didn’t exploded in the first place when we start journey back home.” said Heller

“I don’t care, tell him to push as many as he can, and the other ships to do the same.”

“Yes sir.”

The Cylons, attacking! So Torres and Nagala were right. The Cylons had a plan after all. Blast it all if only that fool Adar believed them. Stryker hoped that it was not all lost, that the Colonial fleet counter attacked or at least were making the cylons pay for every inch they took.”



“Sir we sent the message to Atlantis, it will take 5 hours to get to them. Sorry sir it can’t go any faster. But there is something else, our Tycon satellite at the edge of the Terminus sector detected a small feedback signal.” said Kowalski

“Feedback signal?”

“Yes sir, it is signal that travels much faster than message itself, it appears that the Hyperlink probes managed to increase speed of it even further. The signal that we get it seems that Atlantis received the message.”

“Can we use this signal to send a video live broadcast?” asks Admiral Nagala

“I think we can, if we modify a few antennas on Tycon, but it would not be longer than a few minutes.”

“It will do, do it now, I want it as soon as possible.”

“Incoming boogies, lots of them.” Inform the dradis officer

“How many?”

“Just a second sir, they are still jumping in.”

Baseship upon baseship jumped in. Together with supply ships and Patrolstars jumped in. They outnumbered the colonial forces 10 to 1 ships and in fighters even 50 to 1.

“Frak, we have around 130 baseships plus 70 other ships. They are launching raiders, and a lot of them sir.”

“Order all ships to prepare for fight. Order the Guard Units, Civilian ships and all designated evacuation ships to jump to the evacuation coordinates.”

Thirty three Battlestars of all types joined in one last fight. By their side were the last of the Battlestars escorts formed up to kill the incoming missiles and raiders. There were 40 Gunstars and 15 Strikestars, the last of a once mighty fleet.


This is list of Battlestar that participated in this battle:

Nova class: Atlantia

Mercury class: Mercury, Galaxy, Triton, Rhiannon, Helios, Solaria, Apollo, Zeus, Acropolis, Cerberus,
Challenger, Hyperion

Indra class: Indra, Durga, Defender

Jupiter class: Jupiter, Shiloh, Venus, Zodiac, Osiris, Andromeda , Marathon

Valkyrie class: Night Flight, Hel, Vanir, Erasmus, Morrigan

Atlas class: Atlas, Selene

Columbia II class: Ourboros,

Manticore class: Manticore

Fenris class: Fenris

Glorious class: Vulture

Sirius class: Sirius

“Incoming raiders sir” said dradis officer

“All fighters are free to engage.” Admiral Nagala ordered

“Do we have link with Atlantis?”

“Yes sir.”


“Sir incoming transmission, it is from Admiral Nagala sir?”

“How the hell, never mind put it on.” said Stryker

“Since I don’t know how long we can talk I will be short and to the point, I congratulate you once again on your mission. Commander, it is my privilege and honor to promote you to rank of Admiral. Congratulations!” said Nagala

“Sir?” Stryker was speechless, as were all others officers in C.I.C.

“Yes I know you wonder why? You are old enough, and you are excellent officer Stryker. We cannot win this fight today, the most important thing is that Cylons have agents, and spies in the fleet, half of my ships in my fleet right now have problems, losing powers, explosions, with internal problem and massive Cylon fleet, this battle will not last long. From this point forward you are to assume command of the remaining colonial ships. Also with this transmission I’m sending you coordinate’s for a base in the Red Horse nebula. There will be a few surprises there for you Admiral Stryker. And if Admiral Thorn survives he will join you on Avalon once they reach you.”

“Sir we are already on route for home, and will all due respect sir will not stand down or go back. We will reach colonial space, and find what ever survivor we can and escort them back to Avalon.”

“Well since I don’t have time to argue with you Admiral Stryker, do what you think it is best. Your excursion was top secret, as was several other missions in colonial space. So the Cylons don’t know of you and your ships. You will lose the element of surprise if you jump into the fray. But if you are already coming, get to the Red Horse nebula and lead all the ships there to Avalon. Is that clear!”

“Yes sir”,

“And Stryker, if you have a chance, possibility try to make contact with the Copernicus colony and the Battlestar Prometheus, if not, do what I’ve ordered you to do. I have hope in you, save as many as you can good l....”

“Sir we lost contact.”

“Get it back” said Stryker

“Cant sir, it is being jammed at the source, so we can’t.”

“Blast, we are still weeks from home. Communications send a message to the coordinates that Admiral Nagala gave us, tell them to stay there and awaits our arrival.”

“Yes sir.”


The battle started with full haste from both side. Vipers against Raiders tore into each other and although outnumbered, the viper pilots fought with all they have. It was an additional surprise when several hundred heavy raiders jump behind the back of colonial line to strike at the orbital platforms. Destroying many of them in the process, but the only saving grace was that many of the heavy raiders are destroyed by the platforms in return, not enough to stop the attack.

“Dam their heavy raiders just took our defense grid from behind. And their Raiders are pushing through our viper line.”

“What about the baseships?” asked Nagala

“They are moving in they will be in range in 3 minutes.”

“Frak!!! Launch every single reserve viper and assault raptor we had in our bays. And prepare for close combat.”

Cylon raiders started penetrating the viper line in hordes, and although they fought valiantly it didn’t help too much. Realizing that without support of those fighters he would lose them all. Nagala order the entire line to move forward with the Gunstars to shell enemy raiders with everything they got.


Cavil watch with a smile as the raiders swarmed over the colonial battle line, decimating the colonial fighter force.

“Well it’s time to stop playing, all ships forward. Arm the nukes and all missile batteries. I want one large swarming attack with nukes, there is to many Battlestars there, lets reduce their numbers before we get closer.” said Cavil

“You really are enjoying this Cavil, you are a fraking sadist.” said Kathy

Leoben didn’t succeed in sabotaging the jamming completely when Janice attacked Andraste. They were almost boxed believing that they were discovered in their sabotage. She must be very careful now. Yes Nagala collected a lot of Battlestars and most of them are Mercury’s. Without so many raiders, even those 33 Battlestars would be very deadly foe for the cylon fleet. In an open fight more than half of the baseships would be destroyed and almost all others would be damaged on some point before the last battlestar would be destroyed.

She can only watch in horror, as there is nothing else to do.

“I must say Nagala put his assets as best he could, if that line gets closer they will slaughter our first line.” said Doral

“Yes, well let’s make sure that this is not going to happen. All ships fire every missile they have now!!!” orders Cavil

Hundreds of missiles are launched from the baseships moving towards the Colonial line. Since the vipers are heavily engaging with raiders, and half of Gunstars supporting them there will be many casualties. Nagala knows with this kind of attack it will not last long. But at least civilian ships on the other side of planet would have chance. One Titan II Gunstar plus the Planetary Guard units from Aerilon and Virgon would lead every civilian ship that makes it to the orbit to Red Horse nebula. They are to jump in 20 minutes. He must hold the Cylons for 20 more minutes.

“Missiles incoming, and there are hundreds of them. Many of them are conventional, but there is pretty large number of nuke ones as well.” said Commander Kowalski

“Deploy the remaining Gunstars to a defensive line, maximum defense fire, all Battlestars in defensive position, I want that wave destroyed.” said Nagala

All ships start to deploying into a positions that will give them the most defensive fire power possible.

“Missiles incoming sir, 250km, 200km, 150km, 100km.”

“To all ships, open fire, fire at will.”

In space, suddenly all the Battlestars and Gunstars come to life, as thousands of point defense gun, anti-fighter-missile flaks , all open fire in same direction at the same time. Gunstars even launch hundreds of anti – missile missiles to intercept the enemy missiles.

The massive display of defensive firepower that instantly destroyed several hundred missiles, but new missiles were already replacing those destroyed by the colonials. The Cylons launch several waves, wave after wave making it one big wave with over ten-maybe twenty thousand missiles the exact numbers were not known due to the mass confusion of the fighting. All ships in Cavil fleet launch missiles as fast as they could.

Cavil believed that he will destroy the entire colonial fleet with just one wave. But he was wrong. It did not go as he planned, far too many of the colonial ships for his taste survived his mad rush of death. And there is much more work to do once Nagala fleet was deal with. Every base, outpost, mining outpost, secret base, and junkyard must be found and destroyed or taken. And then there were the reports of phantom ships in his head. He believed that many of them are been in battle groups he already destroyed and that rest are in Nagala's forces. But when he received a report of ships in orbit of Virgon, he saw that he was wrong. All the ships there was ships that were in active service for some time and not members of the reserves or guard units. And the biggest surprise was the newest one a Fenris class battlestar. The Fenris was a modern marvel of computer and virtual controls and engineering and should not be active.

Missiles now penetrating the inner defense, several Gunstars are been destroyed by missiles. Several more deliberately move into the missile course, especially if it is nuclear one to save a battlestar. Raptors, those that survived, fired interceptors until they were out and then moved directly into the path of nukes, just to save a battlestar. But even with those sacrifices. At least seven Battlestars were destroyed one by one. First to go was
Erasmus, it was hit by half dozen missiles and at least 8 nukes before exploded. Battlestar Zodiac exploded when two nukes hit tylium bunker inside one of viper bays, rocking the ship out of control before was hit by another four nukes and finally exploded. Part of Zodiac starboard bay hits and damages the nearby battlestar Galaxy. Battlestars Shiloh, Vulture and Manticore, both hit by at least dozen nukes and tore apart by numerous standard missiles. The Battlestar Helwas blown apart by half dozen nukes followed by Marathon also hit by numerious nukes . Almost every other battlestar was hit by nukes. But even badly damaged they survived. But more and more Gunstars were destroyed in suicide tries to save as many Battlestars as they can. And while they were dying they still reached out and took a half dozen of the closest Basestars with them. Seeing that staying on his position he will only lost more ships. Nagala orders a charge. At least they will take as many cylons they can with them.


“All ships move forward, Gunstars and Strikestars are to provide support, all remaining vipers and raptors are to continue to provide intercepts on the raiders.” Admiral Nagala orders

In Nagala’s mind it is a magnificent sight. With so many Battlestars in one large formation rushing towards the Cylon baseships line while firing everything that they had at the enemy, and this time the colonials were firing nuke back and the cylons were the ones taking a beating.


“They are charging us, if I am correct they will try to ram us.” said Doral

“Let them try, they will not get even close to our lines.” Cavil responded

“You know Cavil you are an idiot, a very big arrogant idiot!” said Kathy

“Thank you dear, your insults amusing me.” Cavil chuckled “Launch missiles again. Then move us closer, if they want play we will play. And re-deploy the raiders, let them attack the Gunstars first then the Battlestars. I want a second attack with heavy raiders this time on the Battlestars.”

Colonial charge was faster and faster and now they started firing all main weapons on the cylons. Since colonial ships had much better range, especially with the main cannons, they open fire on baseships long before baseship can respond with its own feeble cannons. Only missiles were fired.

Two baseships exploded when they are hit by pair of Mercury's, while additional one was destroyed by the Battlestar Fenris. Several nukes badly damage Acropolis, while the Gunstar in front of Acropolis exploded in same time, larger parts of it hit the incoming Acropolis, damaging her main weapons and causing even more damage to the already damaged hull. Two additional nukes hit Acropolis in her engine block, destroying one energizer and disabling both secondary ones as well and since it was in a full ahead maneuver the Acropolis lost control and start rotating to the left. It pass several short seconds before finally collide with battlestar Venus and exploding, explosion and collide with Acropolis cause tremendous damage, and Venus exploded as well.

Battlestar Morrigan suddenly exploded from inside. Several heavy raiders jump directly in path of Morrigan, entering the Morrigan bays, and launch nukes, almost the entire battlestar was vaporized.

Even with those hit and run attacks by heavy raiders, there was no more ships lost except few Gunstars and Strikestars. While the losses in heavy raiders destroyed in process was very heavy. The Battlestars now in line of fire of baseships and both sides start shelling each other. Vipers and raiders are still heavily engaged, although more and more raiders start shelling Battlestars now. Battlestar Apollo exploded after received seven nukes, two dozen missile strikes, and shots from two baseships.

Atlantia destroyed one of the Patrolstars and damage one baseship, before the same baseship was finished by Triton.

Battlestar Solaria, after receiving half dozen nukes, and most of her guns gone, ram into one of baseships and both ships exploded taking also one Patrolstar with them.

Several baseships concentrate fire on battlestar Indra, shelling her with cannons, missiles. It was finally destroyed when two nukes hit her in engine section causing engines to overload and exploded. More than half of Indra survived, but explosions tear large parts of it killing almost all on board. Night Flight succeeded in a nuclear attack on a baseship blowing it apart. But badly damaged and after critical hit it lost control and collide and exploded with another baseship destroying it as well.

Another baseship exploded when was hit by main cannons from Triton. Battlestar Ourboros the only Columbia Mk II battlestar rammed into one of baseships destroying both ships in process.

Battlestar Atlas exploded after been hit after few nukes hit into tylium bunker inside of flight pods and engine blocks. But not before Atlas destroyed a pair of baseship with her guns.

The fight was turned more brutal, with a majority of vipers gone, and raiders swarm over the Battlestars. And with almost all the Gunstars are gone and only 4 Strikestars are still active.

Battlestar Jupiter received critical damage after been hit by several nukes and swarm of missiles launched from raiders. Now only under partial control and start rotating around it axis starts her last run to cylon lines. Admiral Nagala watched on his monitor brave and valiant run to the last second of Jupiter’s life before crushing into one of baseships and disappearing in a large fireball together with the baseship.

Three baseships shelled the Battlestar Defender before it finally exploded. Battlestar Cerberus the closest to Defender take her place and return the favor to the Cylons destroying a baseship with her main cannons and second with nukes. The remaining baseship now reinforced with new baseships launch massive volley of nukes on Cerberus itself. Cerberus destroyed over half of them before they could hit the battlestar. But even with the high amount of damage Cerberus continued firing on the cylons before nuke destroyed her main cannons. With a majority of her guns destroyed or taken out of action Cerberus did the one remaining thing what she could do and put in a course for one of the baseships, launching all her remaining nukes on a second baseship that tried to flank her. And finally rammed the baseship in front of her, while the second baseship also exploded after been hit by multiple nukes from Cerberus.

Battlestars Galaxy and Rhiannon duel against 5 baseships and several supports ships. Nuke exploded inside of Galaxy bay but not causing too much damage. Several nukes fired from raiders strike Rhiannon causing it to temporally lost power after one of energizers went down. Rhiannon however succeeds in launching a full nuclear load on two of the nearest baseships blowing both apart before it been again hit by at least ten nukes and several dozen other missiles. At first it looked like Rhiannon would survive the hits, but it finally exploded. Part of it hits Galaxy damaging it even more. Galaxy follows Rhiannon soon and it was destroyed by concentrated fire from three baseships and lots of raiders.

Challenger exploded after been struck by multiple nukes launched by heavy raiders. Battlestar Vanir rammed one of support ships and both ships exploded.


“Blast sir, we just lost Challenger, our flank is open, Selene is trying to get to us to cover us sir!” said commander Kowalski

“Commander send a message to Hyperion and Helios tell them to retreat to the Red Horse nebula.” Said Nagala


“This battle is lost Commander, Atlantia is in bad shape, we have already received at least a dozen nukes, half of guns were out of commission, and a majority of all the remaining Battlestars are in same situation. All our Gunstars are lost, the Strikestars to, maybe a few vipers are left if not all destroyed. It is over. Tell all others who can to jump out. That is direct order! Get them out and save themselves for another day.”

Commander Kowalski orders communication to send the order, but almost instantly the answer was no. Every battlestar that survived so far was in no shape for jumping, many received so much nuclear hits that trying even jump can result in explosion. Admiral Raymar from Helios openly refused the order.

“Dam it, is there anyone that will listen the dam order.” ask Nagala

“Sir the civilian fleet lead by the Gunstar and the Planetary Guard units will complete their evacuation jumps in 5 minutes.” Commander Kowalski said

“Good let’s give them a few more minutes shall we. All ships forward, do not stop until you reach cylon support baseships, ram them if must, but do not stop.”

The remaining Battlestars start running on full power, with heavy damages can be seen on them. Atlantia in the middle, with Fenris and Triton on her sides and all others around them they charged the cylon line of support ships with red in their eyes.

All Battlestars fired their weapons on the Cylons destroying first line baseships and their support ships. Many of Battlestars were on fire and under constant fire from raiders, heavy raiders and missiles from the baseships as well. The Battlestar Zeus exploded after been hit by several nukes in the engine block. Selene followed with one of her flight pod tearing itself from the main body and hitting the Battlestar Durga. Durga already weaken and badly damage exploded. Osiris rammed a baseship blowing both apart. Andromeda follows her example and rams a baseship as well. Mercury was blown apart by multiple missile hits and hits from several baseships critically damaging many of them. Battlestar Hyperion destroyed a baseship before been destroyed itself by enemy fire.

Battlestar Helios, struck by several missiles exploded near one of baseships, part of the debris hits one supply ship and blows it apart.

Only Atlantia, Triton and Fenris remained, Fenris was first to go, it destroyed a baseship and then rammed into a second blowing apart the second one, while the explosion consumed one Patrolstar as well. Triton lost control and collides with a baseship and exploded taking two supply ships with them.

Atlantia, the mighty Atlantia now stands alone, badly damaged, with no possibility of running. She started her way into the main cylon line.


“Well that's it admiral, it was pleasure to serve with you sir.” said Kowalski and salute

“The pleasure is all mine Commander, to serve with all of you he said, observing that entire C.I.C or at least those who are still alive watching him, a true honor.” the entire C.I.C. saluted.

Atlantia fired her last shots before ram into a baseship, blowing both apart. But explosion also destroyed one supply ship and port landing bay hits another baseship destroying it as well.

On the other side of Virgon the Titan II Gunstar Thaddeus along with the 27 ships of the Aerilon and Virgon planetary guard units and almost 300 civilian ships jumps away.

As soon as they destroyed the colonial ships the cylons started their attacked on Virgon. Raiders and heavy raiders fought to neutralize the ground defense grid before the baseships could launch their deadly payload on Virgon that would kill billions. The fighting would last for three hour before the end came and the defense grid and planetary defense centers along with the planetary guard viper units managed to bleed the Cylons white. While the Virgon defenders were destroyed they managed to destroy 85 percent of the raiders and six support ships before the end.


In the control room, Cavil was smiling as he enjoyed his victory. With no remorse for all those who died today, or for all those that were innocent.

“Finally it is over.” said Doral, “We can start sweeping through the system to start looking for stragglers.”

“Yes, it is not as I expected. We lost far too many baseships and support ships, but that is a small price for victory. Now we can start the second phase.”

“Do you know what you have done Cavil, you just doomed us all, this may be a victory, but if there is more human ships that survived. They will want revenge.” said Kathy

“Hah, even if there is any survivor, what can they do. We are already building 50 new baseships. And with their current fleet they can’t do anything to stop us. If anyone survived at all they won’t for long.”

“There really is no limit to your arrogance. You are a fool even greater than I thought.” said Kathy

“Now watch it sister, watch it, I brought us victory today, enjoy it. Don’t make me box you.” said Cavil with anger in his tone.



“Sir, I just got a report from the Virgon surface command. The cylons have started nuking the cities. Admiral Nagala's fleet has been destroyed.” Communication officer Duala reports

“Gods be merciful” said Colonel Tight in shock

It is clear that all in C.I.C. was in shock, Commander Adama breaks the silence.

“Specialist Duala, send this message to all surviving colonial units. This is Commander William Adama from the Battlestar Galactica. I’m assuming command of all surviving colonial units. Proceed to this coordinates, we will wait 12 hours after that we are gone.”

“Message sent sir.” said Duala


Olympia station C.I.C.

“How many ships arrived here so far Commander Corgon?” asks Admiral Thorn

“Sir 302 civilian ships of all classes from Virgon, and they are escorted by Titan II Gunstar Thaddeus, but the good news as it is sir there are the units of the Virgon and Aerelon Guards. The Aerelon Guards contain the Battlestar Freedom (Geneva class MK2), the Battlecruiser Hoplite (Hoplite class), the Heavy Cruisers Cataphract and Javelin (Cataphract class) the Light Cruisers Byzantine, Persia, and Agamemnon (Byzantine class) the Destroyers Phalanx, Gauntlet, and Gearing (Phalanx class) and the final units are the Patrolstars Dagger, Hunter, Crossbow, Percy, and Gamble (Dagger class). It appears that they were on a training mission with the Virgon Guard at the time of the attack and Admiral Nagala ordered both units to active duty and gave them the mission of evacuating the civilians from Virgon.”

“The Virgon Guard consists of the Battlestar Independence (Geneva class MK2) the Battlecruiser Venitrix (Hoplite class) the Heavy Cruisers Aether and Adder (Cataphract class) the Light Cruisers Ares and Argos (Byzantine class) the Destroyers Anubis and Archer (Phalanx class) and finally the Patrolstars Artemis, Avenger, Baldur and Ceros (Dagger class).”

“We have also received around 300 civilian ships from all around the colonies. We also have large group from Hera's junkyards as well. They saved and jumped the station and brought with them the Battlestar Concordia, the Warstar Daedalus are in perfect shape and only need to top off their crews. Two Columbia II class Battlestars the Titan and Rycon (Rycon is a command version), two Hephaestus mobile docks, one dock holds the Mercury class Battlestar Polaris, it was damaged in a explosion some time before the attack and written off on the orders of President Adar. Six Defender class Gunstars, the Tigris, Claw, Storm, Altair, Modesto and Hook. Then there is the Titan II class Gunstar Stiletto, one Vigilant class Guardian Gunstar Sournier, Two Berzerk class support ships Sandstorm and Tauron, one Vanguard Raptor carrier class ship Arakiel, Two Harrier class Strikestars Harrier and Crusher, Two Minerva class Battlestars Minerva and Hades. Plus two older Titan Gunstars partially scrapped but can be rebuilt carried by second Hephaestus. And finally there is the 12 Firestars and the 2 Light Ares class Battlestars they used to jump the station. They will need to be refitted and manned before we can use them.”

“Also Battlestar Caprica jumps in some time ago on the orders from Admiral Nagala. She was docked on station for repairs. I think she will join Valkyrie and Poseidon after been finish. Sir I almost forgot, there was few ELINT ships smaller mobile docks, a few medical ships and one training Strikestar Courageous with over 4.500 cadets, plus over 10,000 personal that we saved from moon training base in orbit of Leonis and from ground base on Aerelon,”

“My gods, we have fighting force. So in final tab we have this, putting these assets with our own: the Skinfaxi class Battlestar Concordia, Valkyries: Caprica, Valkyrie and Poseidon, the Columbia II Battlestars Titan, Rycon, Athena, Cerberus, the Minerva class; Minerva and Hades, the Mercury class Battlestar Polaris, Warstar Daedalus, Six Defenders( Tigris, Claw, Storm, Altair, Modesto and Hook), Titan II Gunstars (Stiletto, Thaddeus, Calamity, Sturgeon, Stargazer, Redeemer, Albatross, Resurgence, Avenger, Aggressive), Vigilant guardian (Sournier), Berzerk Sandstorm and Tauron, Harriers Harrier and Crusher, Vanguard carrier Arakiel. And the heavy Battlestar Theseus. And two large mobile shipyards Unity and Eternity.” Admiral Thorn read entire list with big smile.

“Yes sir, not to forget those Elints, repair ships, smaller docks, medical ships and other in civilian fleet.” said Commander Corgon

“Any news from Asclepius? Although we have a lot of medical ships we need a bigger one.”

“Sorry sir the Asclepius was destroyed in the docks over Picon. The only things that survive were a few dozen civilian ships and the Stealthstar Banshee. The Banshee was in one of piers. It was decommissioned shortly before the attack, and only survived thanks to Colonel Marciel did she survive.”

“Well bet..”

“Jump point directly on mouth of nebula sir!” reported the dradis officer

“Identification on that ship?” said Commander Corgon

“Yes sir, it identified itself as the Battlestar Victorious.” said dradis officer

“Victorious, but how, she was destroyed near Leonis?” ask Commander Corgon

“Sir Commander Wellinger sent Victorious ID, he is requested docking, the ship is badly damaged and they need assistance.”

“Right, send the tugs to tow them in, every additional battlestar is a bonus at this point.” said Admiral Thorn “And Cogan, send scouts to the other junkyards, Reserve yards, posts, outposts, and patrol areas to try to find any more ship for our fleet.”

“Sir where will we find the crew for all these ships? I mean even now we might have barely enough to man the ships we have, and I’ve already send some transports to pick several thousand more marines and naval personnel from Aquarian moon Larentis, and to inspect destroyed ships for survivors all around the system.”

“Luckily Commander that our two shipyards each carry 25 thousand people, we can move 10 to 15 thousand from them to the new ships. But for now get Victorious into one of shipyards ASAP.”

“Yes sir.”

Victorious was a heavily modified Indra class battlestar. She carrying four landing bays instead two, in a similar way as those on the Mercury class Battlestars. In the next 30 minutes Victorious was docked safely on Eternity.

Olympia station – observation deck

Admiral Thorn watch the magnificent sites of hundreds and hundreds of ship all around the station. Now they only need to wait for the Battlestar Atlantis to arrive as Admirals Nagala ordered. He hoped that Commander Stryker (Not knowing that Styker was admiral now) will come soon.


“Admiral Sir.” Commander Wellington saluted

“Relax Thomas, that’s and order, you don’t need to salute, not after what you went through.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

“So how the hell did you survived? We heard that entire battle group over Leonis was destroyed in the first wave.” ask Admiral Thorn

“Well sir we were on patrol around that cold stone Cybele alone, while the rest of the battle group with the Battlestars Hades and Columbia were in orbit at the time of the attack. The Battlestars were shut down in matter of seconds, and then they were nuked to hell by the Cylons. We jump directly in on top of one of baseship and we start shelling it. Luckily the CNP program was broken and we had to remove it at the time, because my chief performed some tests, which saved the ship but not fighters we launched. More than half of them were shut down; bloody cylons had a shooting practice. We managed to destroying a baseship, and badly damaging the second one. Colonel Mitchell realized that there were a lot of survivors in the wrecks from all ships and our fighters. We picked up over two thousand peoples. So I took a risk sir and sent SAR raptors to save those men and woman. In same time two additional baseships jump in and start shelling us with everything they had. For 15 minutes we hold our own against 2 baseships playing with them. A Gunstar show from nowhere jumps directly into the path of one of baseships both ships exploded. But that give us time to recall our raptors and shuttles. We were hit by multiple nukes, and port bay was out of commission. But we managed to save over 2,100 before we were forced to retreat. We received a message from Nagala for all colonial ships to go to Red Horse Nebula. And so we do it.”

“I am glad that you are here Commander, we need you and your ship.” said Admiral Thorn

“I am curious Admiral, when will we strike back?” asked Commander Wellinger

“As soon as Commander Stryker and the Battlestar Atlantis arrives.”

“Battlestar Atlantis? I’ve never hear for it?”

“From what I know it is Block II Mercury, sent on a very important mission for the colonies to establishment of new colony called Avalon.”

“A safe port in this our darkest hours.” said Wellinger

“Well you can put it that way Commander.”


In the command room a large numbers of cylons debated, arguing, and even talked when finally Cavil stop them all

“Alright I want a full reports, how the frak so many colonial warships survive?” ask Cavil

“We, did n..”

“Not you Simon, if you start blabbing it will take too long, Doral I want full report and ships that missing so that we can hunt and destroyed them.” said Cavil
“Okay but you will not gona like this” said Doral “There is several groups so far, Galactica’s group at Ragnar, it succeeded in escaping from Ragnar and now is on its way to the Promar sector in so its called search for Earth., There is Pegasus and Admiral Cain, and we don’t have a idea where she is, but with her temperament we will find her soon. The Battlestars Prometheus, Celestial and Eternal all three are missing. As well as Battlestar Nova and the Lobo Negro station, and several Gunstars with them.”

“Great, two Nova class ships disappear with a fully armed mobile shipyard.”Cavil interrupts

“That is not all, not even close. We scouted several junkyards including the biggest one inside of the Hera nebula. It is abandoned, but from the list of ships that are supposed to be there, many are missing, including the Warstar Daedalus. Janice reports that the Battlestar Concordia survived. We also have list of additional ships that are missing but presumed destroyed in the fighting, the Battlestars Caprica, Valkyrie and Poseidon. And finally there is the Battlestar Victorious that escape from Leonis.”

“Your joking with me Doral?” ask Cavil “You want to tell me that there is almost a dozen Battlestars out there, and who know s how many other units taken from those junkyards. Great this is magnificent, an epic failure!!!”

“Well I told you that it will be failure.” said Kathy

“Shut your mouth as I’m not in the mood to play with you Kathy.”

“That’s not all.” said Doral

“What, is there more??? Just Fraking perfect.”

“We managed to make some headway on those phantom ships you wanted. We found the names, for them. What we saw is that all of them are listed as Battlestars, Atlantis, Sword, Argona and Pleiades.”

“Pleiades was suppose to be in the Kurashiki reserve yard for disposal after that fatal error on her.” ask Simon

“Well she is obviously not!” said Cavil

“We know nothing else about these ships, where they are or what classes they are except for the Pleiades. All we know is that they exist, my guess some colonial project outside of Cyrannus system.” said Doral

“That can be anywhere.” Leoben commented

“True, also more than 300 civilians ships jump together with one Titan II Gunstar and the Virgon and Aerelon and Virgon Guard units, and we still don’t know where they are.”

“Dam, dam, this is not as I planned it to happen!”

“It is never as you plan Cavil.” said Kathy

“Watch it sister?”

“Or what you will box me.”

“I might do just that.”

“Fighting like humans will get us nowhere, it is important to deal with all remaining humans on the colonies and then to start hunting the rest.” said Simon

“Fine, the sooner we finish this the better. I will take half of the fleet to pursue Galactica and her fleet. A small fleet of five baseships will be sent to find Prometheus and that colony of theirs. And rest of the fleet will stay here.”
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Oops, now will that be a shocker.
How will either Adama or Cain respond on hearing that the Cylons are having trouble with non-existing battlestars and the like? thumbs up
Will they think somebody is bussy repainting their ships in order to appear bigger or so? Wink

You ain´t dropping in a certain prototype by long-jump, are you?
Because then all sides will wonder what the frag is going on. black eye
Nothing like the Present. Very Happy

ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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Great chapter....keep it up:)
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„Collateral Damage“


Asteroid belt near Tauron...

A badly damage battlestar slowly moving thru the asteroid belt, it had been hit so many times that it looks that would implode any second. The Battlestar Trinity a Mercury class battlestar, believed to be destroyed but yet she survived. Trinity is one of the few modern ships that did not carry the CNP program on board nor did her vipers. Three Baseships jump directly on top of her and shell the Trinity with nukes. It survived and destroyed two of the Basestars before she blind jumped into the asteroid belt near Tauron. In the process she hit an asteroid with her left landing bay.


“Commander, the ship is still not good, the chief said that we will not have jumping capabilities for at least a week or so, and even then it will be limited. Half of our guns are destroyed, and half of ship venting atmosphere.” said Colonel Sounders

“Casualties?” ask Commander Gerard

“Over 950 so far, almost every surviving member of the crew has some kind of wound sir. We also lost 43 vipers, and their pilots.”

“Blast, we can’t stay here as the Cylons will send more ships to find and finish us.”

“True sir but as they don’t know where we jump we should have some time to make repairs and get ready for our next move.”

“But when they come looking for their ships and find only wrecks from two baseships they will know that we survived, and they will start hunting for us. The only saving grace is the ships is already on minimal power which will make detect us very hard, still I want a ELINT raptor in the air, and few vipers patrolling until we are ready to jump.”

“Can I ask where will we jump after we repair engines?”

“ Destarious supply depot near Libra, we might find some spare parts and resources there that is if the Cylons didn’t destroy it.” replies Commander Gerard


There were many shelters build in the Caprican mountain ranges during the first cylon war a long time ago, many of them are now occupied by survivors both military and civilians.

“Blast it all to hell! Without supplies we can’t last for long.” said General O'Rilley

“Sir, our last attack was a disaster, we lost 56 marines KIA plus 34 wounded. We didn’t succeed in penetrating into the Centurion perimeter.”

“What about Major Steels armor?” ask the general

“Sir they push 3km south west of Tyr base, but they lost almost half a dozen vehicles to get that far.”

“Tell Major Steel to push and take that base. Tyr has a lot of supplies, and there are those experimental vehicles stored there that will give us more fire to us against the cylons.”

In route home


Admiral Stryker was working on some paperwork when somebody knocked on the door.

“Come in.” said Stryker “Colonel have a sit.”

“Yes sir.” said Colonel Heller after he enters the room

“Now let us get to the most important thing. I need a Commander for the Atlantis and since you are second in command, I’m promoting you to rank of Commander.” said Stryker


“I need a Commander with guts and you are just such the man for the job. Of course it is up to you to find a candidate for your executive officer and promote him or her to Colonel. I’m thinking that will not be a problem?”

Soon as Admiral Stryker said that he opened a small box that is on his desk and he give Haller. Inside are two Commander Insignia (badges).

“I don’t know what to say Admiral.”

“A simple thank you will be enough, that and you proving me right.” said Stryker with a laugh

“Of course, thank you sir, and I will make you proud!” said Heller with a salute

“Now to the other part, chief Walker said that the ship is receiving too much stress during each jump?”

“Sir, all three ships are showing the same stress fractures, with the engines at 125% the chief does not recommend more than a few more jumps or they will overload. And if that happens we will be many week to month doing repairs.”

“How much reduction does he want Commander?”

“Chief Walker recommends we power back to 105% for the next jump and then to 90% after two jumps. This should give the engineers the time to make the repairs and to reinforce the stress point.”

“Hmm, that is not possible at the moment we still have days of travel, and I want to get there as soon as possible.”

“I understand sir, but if the engines overload we will not be going anywhere very fast.”

“We are only three jumps from home. I’m sending a scout raptor to Caprica to see what is there, as soon its return, we will jump at 100% on the engines. So tell the chief to get busy.” said Admiral Stryker

“Yes sir!”

Five hours later


“Sir the scout raptor just return.” Commander Heller reports


“They pick up three baseships in orbit.”

“Alright all ships make preparations for a combat jump I want to hit them hard, so lets show those baseships what they will face when it a surprise attack on them. All vipers to the tubes and have the marines in the raptors and ready if they are needed.”

“All stations ready sir.” reported Commander Heller

“Good jump in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 jump.”

All three ships disappeared in bright flashes, and reappeared moments later in orbit of Caprica and within gun range of the three Basestars.


Commander, tell Pleiades to put back into a defensive position, their anti-missile-fighter capabilities will be needed, Argona to engage baseship alpha we will deal the remaining two.” said admiral Stryker


“Report!” order a model one known as Jack Cavil

“Three ships just jumped into orbit, they are Colonial, and they are moving to engage.” replies one of the sixes

“Identifications on those ships?” ask Cavil

“Second, hmm”… six said “The Battlestars are the Pleiades, and a unknown Mercury (Atlantis) and oh my, the Warstar Argona.” replied six known as Terry

“Warstar?? Frak, launch all raiders, lock on the missiles and destroyed them, these must be the missing ships that John is trying to find?”

Battlestar Atlantis C.IC.

“They are launching raiders and missiles Sir!” said Heller

“Good return the favor, tell Argona to fire at well.” admiral Stryker responds

It was not long before Argona gets into range and fires her main cannons and wave after wave into her designated baseship, but it did not have a chance and was destroyed after only two volleys hit the middle section, blowing the Basestar in to little pieces.

The Cylons launched a large number of missiles and almost half of them nukes. The Battlestar Pleiades does what she does best, and the defensive fire destroys over half of the missiles before she is joined together with those from Atlantis and Argona they succeed in destroying over 95%. But even with all the defensive firepower of the three ships almost a half a dozen nuke past trough the defensive screen. All of the nukes take a heading towards the Battlestar Pleiades.

“Helm move us in front of the Pleiades negative 20 karem 3 all ahead full! Commander order for the Pleiades to break to port and intensify their fire as we will cover them.” orders Admiral Stryker

The Atlantis passed directly in front of the Pleiades and just below her. The point defenses destroyed five nukes but one slips through.

“Hell one of them slipped through sir, it going to hit.”

“All hands brace for impact.”

The fifty megaton nuke hits, and causes the Battlestar Atlantis to violently shake, explosions all around the ship. In blink of the eye it seems like ship was vaporized. But in reality the new armor kept out the explosion from the ship and 98% of the radiation.

Any other ship would have been extremely damaged but Atlantis survived with only a scorched paint job.

Admiral Stryker broke his arm after hitting one of the consoles with full force. And slowly stands up again.

“Sir are you ok?” asked Commander Heller, also equally wounded

“I am fine, damage report?”

“Sections 12-14 are venting atmosphere, and several more sections have minor damage, but the armor managed to contain the blast. At least 25 wounded.

“Seal those sections and get damage control on it. Weapons officer, target the right baseship with all guns, and fire when you are ready, engage the left one with nukes. Nuke it to hell!”

“Right away sir.”

The Atlantis rolled towards the cylon baseships with rage, firing her main cannons at one of the baseships and launching 6 nukes at the second one.


“What it survived the nuke, blast, fire everything at it.” said Cavil

The port baseship started to cracking under so many direct hits from Atlantis main guns. And the nukes fired from Atlantis moved to their target with great speed.

Raiders took two and even defense from baseship took two, but the remaining two hit the ship in middle section. And the entire baseship exploded in a great fiery explosion.


“Good job people!” said Admiral Stryker

“Major Morales reports, 9 vipers destroyed only four managed to eject.”

“Good, send the SAR raptor to pick them up. Also launch the search raptors to check all the wreck in orbit and the station. Scanners start scanning the surface and try to locate survivors and cylon bases. If you find any cylon bases destroy them with the guns. Have the vipers land and refuel and rearm for missions to Caprica. The Cylons will be back soon so lets be quick about it.”


“Sir you will not believe this, a satellite just pick-up three ships jumped into orbit. I turn the camera on the satellite and you will not believe it, but those are colonial fleet unit’s sir, look?” said Major Brims

“Colonial war ships, can you indentify them?” the General asks

“Yes, the Battlestars are, Pleiades, a Mercury with a transponder that says she is the Atlantis, and at first I did not believed it , but the Andraste class Warstar Argona.”

“Those must be some of the units send on a special mission almost two years ago. Can you raise them on line?”

“I will try, but the channels are still being jammed.”

“Get a distress signal out so that way they will know we are here.”


“Sir we are picking up a distress signal from Caprica. There must be survivors there!”

“Send two raptors down to the planet on source of the signal, and have alpha viper squadron to cover them. I’m going to medical to get this arm fixed. The ship is your Commander.”

Half a hour later in medical

“We found a group of survivors, actually a lot of them under the leadership of General O'Rilley and they are at a old decommissioned bunker complex built during the first cylon war.”

“How many?”

“Thirty eight thousand Sir, with fifteen thousand of those being civilians that the General O'Rilley is working to turn into solders and the General said that there could be around 700,000 to one million survivors on the entire planet. Maybe even more.”

“Gods, if there is more survivors on other planets we will not have the resources to save them all.” said Admiral Stryker “Notify General O’Rilley that we will send food supplies, medicinal supplies, and small arms ammo, but he will have to hold little out a little longer until I can get the ships to lift him and the survivors out. I can even give him a raptor and viper squadron and 1,000 marines for these three ships if he has a place to hold them? I will also take the children, pregnant woman, and any critically injured of his hands. That should help to get up to 12,000 people of his hands. That is the best we can do at this time.”

In the background you hear the weapons officer calling out cylon targets and then confirming that the heavy KEW has destroyed them. It is a bad day to be a cylon target on Caprica.


“Sir we have a connection, it is Admiral Stryker from the Battlestar Atlantis, they are sending us supplies but they will have to pick us later, there is something much more important for them to do.” said Major Brims

“What can possible be more important?” ask General O'Rilley

“They said there is more colonial units out there, and they need to find them. And will allow him to lift us out and take the fight to the cylons.”

“Frak, okay, we will hold, and then I will stick my boot in a Admirals ass when they finally arrived again.” said General O'Rilley quietly

“Sir we are getting reports from the front line and the Atlantis is destroying cylons bases from orbit and the raptors and vipers are attacking centurions any where they can be found. This should take the pressure off of us for a while. We have shuttles, raptors and vipers inbound for the base. The shuttles are bringing in combat vehicles, supplies and the raptors are bringing in the marines and their supplies. We should be able to unload the materials and to reload the evacuation personnel in just over an hour. This will let us get the 8,541 non-combatants out of the way, which is no small gift to the medical teams. And the addition of the raptors and vipers will let us plan and accomplish a greater number of missions to include the rescue of more of the civilians that are in areas that the cylons control.”

In large command room all cylon models assembled so a few more copies can participate, with John Cavil in the front of the room bursting with anger at the latest new to get to him.

“So we have three more colonial ships returned from a mission unknown to us? And one of them is a Frakking Warstar!!! A frakking Warstar.”

“We didn’t know, the information was not in the defense mainframe so we believed it to be a old battlestar or Gunstar at most.” said one of two Doral’s in the room

“Didn’t know, didn’t know, as you didn’t know of the survival of the Battlestars Prometheus, Eternal, Concordia and the other Battlestars and support ships. We don’t even know where their ships are!”

“Actually we might know the location soon.” said one of the number eights.

“Really??? As you do with the Battlestar Prometheus.”

“That was a mistake.” number eight continue, “They have two Nova class Battlestars Prometheus and Nova, the Mercury subclass Eternal and Celestial and the first war Columbia Training Battlestar Ares, we believed it was lost. Still we did badly damage the Celestial and that was enough for now.”

“No, no it is not enough. There is five Battlestars under Admiral Turners command, a fully functional mobile space station, and over 600,000 survivors. Shall I continue?” Cavil stared at the number eight like he would kill her that instant. “Then we have Galactica and her fleet plus three Gunstars that she meets at Ragnar. The Battlestar Pegasus under that insane Admiral Cain, and Cain can ruin our plans if given even have a chance.”

“True but Pegasus is not here in the Cyrannus system anymore as the indications is that they are following and even stalking our fleet that is following the Battlestar Galactica fleet.” Doral interrupts

“Yes, and finally we have large amount of colonial warships at a unknown location with a unknown support structure. We don’t know what they are doing as we have not heard from our agents and none of them have resurrected. So what are they up to? With the exception that they have been raiding us for last half month successfully I might add. That fleet saved over 700,000 humans so far from the Colonies. And there is between fifty and two hundred million survivors, spread out over the colonies. And to add to our troubles we have dozens of captures colonial warships to gather up and move to the shipyard over Libra to keep them out of the enemies hands.”

“To add to this problem we have over 400,000 colonial military POW in our camps. And our Centurions are fighting them where ever they find them. Their numbers are decreasing slowly, but they are decreasing. And we can still take the option of radiation poisoning. In a year or two there will be no human left there. It will all go as planned.” said D'Anna Biers.

“Those deep shelters, bunkers they constructed during the last war will hold them for years, and they will continue their guerrilla attacks against us. And yet we can’t level the planet when we need them. And to add a cherry on cake now we have three more colonial warships, the Battlestars Pleiades, Atlantis and the fraking Warstar Argona. We can’t allow those ships to join up with neither of those groups. This entire plan was frakked from the start.” said Cavil

“I told you!” replies Kathy with wide smile

“You shut up, I can see that you are enjoy this.”

“Of course I do, from the start I said this was major mistake. If we left the humans alone without this genocide that we have done everything will be all right. Now you may have doomed us. You see Cavil, maybe humans provoked us once or twice, but they didn’t have any intention of attacking us. Now thanks to your megalomaniacal stupidity everything has failed.”

“No sister, it was not all failed, we still have upper hand in this, we will find the colonials and whip them all out. Since I’m departing with 20 additional baseships and several supply ships I will appoint my brother Jack to replace me while I am out. And yes I will take one of those two Resurrection hubs, one Resurrection ship and the Colony with me.”

“The colony, are you mad!” said Leoben

“We can’t build more ships if you take it, only colony can produce hybrids.” Doral protested

“You have more than enough ships to hold the colonies. Janice will take a few baseships to track and destroy the Prometheus and the other survivors in her group. All the other ships will focus with tracking and destroying the main colonial group. And yes our main mobile facility can produce baseships without the colony in small numbers. And you Doral your brother has taken the Dreadstar, it is escorted by two heavy baseships and four standard ones I think he will enjoy in hunting the colonial remnants with those ships.”

“And what with those two Battlestars and the dozens of other colonial warships in orbit of the Aerelon moon. Why are we keeping them?” asked Doral

“Jack has plans for those ships. I was against it, but he assured me that he can use them.” replies Cavil

Soon as he finished Cavil leaves the room.

“He is completely nuts.” Kathy was the first to speak.

“I trust in his plans.” said Doral

“Of course you do, what else would you do without him. But look at the situation. We have lost half of our Basestars and support stars in the opening of the war, and a third of those that remain will be in the yards hands for many months to a year to be repaired. And know he wished to split the remaining fleet to chase down the survivors which will only make us more vulnerable to attacks. Just think about that while you are kissing his boots.”

10 minutes later main hangar bay

“You know if the Cavil’s finds about what we are doing, they will box us.” said Leoben “I put my brother in my place to go with Cavil.”

“Don’t worry, he will find out to late do anything about it.” said Kathy

“And what about the Battlestar Trinity. Why did you not report that she survived?” ask Leoben

“Because I wanted her to survive. The colonials can use one more battlestar and because it will piss the Cavil’s off.”

“Hmm.. I don’t know how much it will help them, she is a wreck, she was lucky destroying those two baseships but she is a complete wreck. Maybe we can get her help?”

“But for now never mind the Trinity for now, we must get to the colonial ships.” said Kathy

“But we don’t even know where they are?”

“Oh but we do. Do you know anything about the Olympia class stations?”

“Yes, six stations build 25 years ago, 4 were decommissioned and scrapped about five years ago and two are destroyed in the opening of this war.”

“Well two of those stations the Olympia and Lobo Negro still exist, Doral and Janice didn’t succeed in stopping Lobo Negro from jumping into the Veil of Athena nebula, she is getting away to safety, but the second station is still here in colonial space.”

“Yes but where?”

Only one place possible the Red Horse nebula, one of most violent nebulas at in region, it is dangerous for Cylons but not for humans, if they are anywhere, they are in that nebula hiding and it is only matter of time before some of our brothers and sisters die there from radiation poisoning and download again. They will tell the location of colonial units instantly.”

“And what do you want to do Kathy, simply go there.”

“Yes, since I need your heavy raider you are coming with me.”

“Great and how will you explain our absence.” ask Leoben

“Leave that to me, does your raider still have stealth armor on it?”
Leoben nodded

“Yes, good, we are leaving in 4 hours. For now I need to see about sending some help to the Trinity.”

Asteroid belt near Tauron.....


“Colonel what is the status of the ship, can we jump?” ask Commander Gerard as soon as he entered C.I.C.

“Well sir, we can, we fixed a majority of holes, and the damaged sections with what supplies we have, but not the main energizer, we will have only one jump sir as it takes too long to recharge the FTL with the secondary’s.” Colonel Sounders responded

“After almost a month all we have is one jump?”

“Sir that is all that we can do, we tried to get some supplies from the nearby depots but it is crawling with raiders.”

„Hmm, ok, we can jump only once before the main energizers dies again, where do you had in mind to jump Colonel?”

“Destarious supply depot sir.” said the Colonel “There are resources that we can use, and even a Hesperides class drydock that we can use to fix most of our damages. The raptors said it has not been hit yet. Probably because it is a small civilian scrapping yard and supply depot.”

“Isn’t that depot where that old pre-cylon war Dreadstar Henchantories is?”

“Yes sir.”

“Alright make preparations for the jump. But first send a raptor to snuff around I don’t want Cylon raiders with nukes near my ship colonel.”


“So Colonel you had some reports for me?” asked Admiral Thorn

“Yes, sir.”

“Ok, start then.”

“Sir, so far there is no complains about space, all the civilians and military personnel have enough food and water, and we are also doing our best for health care. Both shipyards work in optimal conditions, since there was only 12,000 people on each shipyards instead of standard 25,000 we are adding as many civilians into those shipyards as we can. As you know shipyard have space for over 50,000 peoples, and can also take and many as 100,000 if necessary. All recovered Battlestars are now in a operational condition. The Concordia is fully repaired sir and rearmed. Victorious is still in dock but it will be done within the week. Thanks to many of the military personal we rescued so far, from the wrecks and from the planets we can man all the ships with full crew complements, and that even include the Warstar Daedalus and the Battlestar Theseus. As a side note there are also a lot of civilians that want to enlist into military so we are not having a problem with personnel so far. The Battlestar Polaris is also being fixed and she will be ready in a month.”

Now to the more important part of this report sir, we have almost 50 cases of radiation poisoning”

“Radiation poisoning?”

“Yes sir but that is not all, after we started taking care for them we realized that they are almost the same.”

“You are babbling Commander? What you talking about?”

“Sir we found several copies of the same persons, look at these photos.” and the Commander shows photos of all persons that are reported with radiation poisoning

“They look the same.” said the Admiral

“Yes sir, and one of them a blond, calls herself six, said she wants to talk to you.”

“Me, why?”

“She said that all those that are sick including herself are cylons sir. Human cylon version.”

“Hmm, that helps to explain the CNP virus and the sabotage in the fleet at the outbreak of this war. Bring her in with a full security detail.”

Half a hour later...the Six enters the Admirals office to see the admiral behind his desk and a revolver in the desk.

“So you want to talk with me.” asked Admiral Thorn

“Yes Admiral.” The tall blond woman responded

“And you are?”

“My name is Cally or number six if you want.”

“And you are cylon?”

“Yes Admiral myself and all those that are you have found with radiation poisoning.”

“And what do you want of me, and what is stopping me from throwing you and all those others from a airlock?”

“Well Admiral I have data that you can use against the Cylons.” said Cally

“And you would share this with me, why????”

“Admiral, not all cylons wanted or voted to attack and destroy the twelve colonies of Kobol, many of us are against that. But first let me say that there are seven models of us, luckily thanks to this nebula, we all got sick and revealed ourselves, and not this was intentional of course.”

“You did not answer my question. Why do you want share your knowledge with me?”

“Because Admiral I want asylum. The ones start this foolish war, in your terms it is not even a war it was genocide. And I admit you have the rights not to trust me.. But you see the Cylons have evolved and create a hive. All seven models or at least a majority must vote for something to be done. Unfortunate a majority of cylons vote for attack. But smaller part vote against. We want to help, we know that humans are not perfect, but we are not perfect either.”

But one of the ones called John Cavil, he and his entire line were the masterminds of this attack. Admiral I know it is hard to listen but please.”

“And if I refuse?”

“If you refused, you think we will die from radiation? But it not correct, you see once our bodies dies. Our mind will be transferred into another body. We will live, and many of those you have here will report back to the one’s about your location, the number of ships and about this station. Sooner or later cylon fleet will come here in numbers no matter what the radiation will do in the short term. And you know as I know that you can’t survive without supplies from rest of the system in finite here.”

“We have enough for 20 years.” said the Admiral, it was a bluff! In truth the total fleet had only resources for 2 to3 years

“And then what? The Cylons can wait, can you Admiral?”

“And if I give you what you want, asylum for you what would we do with the others?”

‘Put them in the brig, if you must put them somewhere where they will be safe, where they can’t hurt themselves. They are ready to kill themselves knowing they will not die. But they will reveal this location to the others.”

“Alright I need to think about this.” said Admiral and start walking out

“Think fast admiral, many of them will realize that you found out who they are they will become hostile, or they will try to harm themselves. You won’t be able to stop them all, so you need to act fast.”

In that moment the doors open and a lieutenant enters.

“Sir three ships just jumped into the entrance of the nebula, and they are colonial.”


Battlestar Atlantis and her escorts Pleiades and Argona finally reached their destination. They jump directly in front of the entrance to the hidden base in the Red Horse nebula.

“Jump complete sir.” said Commander Heller

“Good, move us in, and start transmitting our ID, I don’t want to be shot by our own units.” Admiral Stryker responded

Atlantis start moving forward, when suddenly from nowhere six ships appeared.


“Sir six ships just appeared. Identifications are Battlestars Caprica and Titan, and four Titan II Gunstars now that is some welcoming committee. Caprica is request our authorization.” Commander Heller reports

“Good send it.”

“They confirmed it. We are free to pass sir.”

“Good take us in.”

Atlantis and the other two ships start moving slowly deeper into the nebula. While Caprica and other ships resume their original posts in the shadows near the entrance. It took ten full minutes before Atlantis finally emerged from the cloud into what would be only described as large city in space. Hundreds of ships around a Olympia class station and a Hera class Station that should be in the Hera scrapping junkyard. Then to the side he can see two unknown but definitely mobile shipyards that are floating near the station. Each of them is like a gigantic space station even bigger then Picon HQ.

A full detail of security vipers and raptors stand in formation with new trio of ships. In sign of respect and welcome, the civilians on the nearby ships stood in shock while observing the newcomers. They are all thinking that only ships that are here were all that survived.


“Lieutenant, contact Olympia station, and request permission to dock” said Admiral Stryker

“Yes sir.”

A few minutes later, Atlantis is safely docked into one of the piers next to Battlestar Victorious. Argona and Pleiades stand near the station.


“Welcome to Olympia Admiral.” said Admiral Thorn

“Thank you, well I must said I am surprised how many ships survived.” Admiral Stryker replies “But if you don’t have anything against it I would like a report on all the ships currently here. I like reading.”

“Of course, I think you will need a long time to read all of it. Are you up for a glass of ambrosia?”

“That is something I will not pass up, sure.”

“Well from ensign to admiral in 6 years, that is a record.” Admiral Thorn states after he drinks some ambrosia

“Nagala did it in five years so he still bears the record.”

“True, I know your father well. He was a fine man, who did not deserve to die in a car crash.” said Admiral Thorn

“Accidents happen, but it is better that way I suppose.”

“Well Admiral Nagala found a good man to lead the survivors to Avalon Mark, and that’s you.”

“I still don’t understand why he chose me, I mean you have more experience than me, and if anyone deserve it it’s you.”

“My post is here in R&D, luckily more than half survived the war, the best part at that. And my duty is here with this station and those shipyards. But you are natural leader and tactician, so do not doubt in yourself. You are one of youngest admirals in history of colonial fleet, and your aggressiveness and tactics will lead all those people here to their new homes. When Admiral Nagala told me to wait your arrival, he had a good reason. I am in the military and I’m an Admiral. But I am more of a scientist and engineer then a combat officer.”

“Now you flatter me. Admiral Nagala was a good friend and good officer, I will carry his orders, but after we get to Avalon I’m going to retire.” said Stryker with a smile

“Retire? Are you mad, you have 35 years ahead of you? I don’t want to hear about retirement, your father was very good friends, and you know how he would react when he hears the word retirement.”

“Yeah, I know, so shall we get to business?”

“I will send you a report so you can see what we have, how many people we have. We will have time to introduce your self to everyone. We will talk later, when you have had a chance to get some rest, you do look like hell Mark.”

„I always look like that“


Admiral Stryker was alone in his room, looking at portraits from various landscapes on the 12 colonies, once a beautiful place, but now the planets were in ruins.

A knocking on door drew the admirals attention

“Come in.”

Commander Heller enters the room

“Sir here is the full report on the current assets in this colonial fleet.” said Commander Heller

“Good start with the military units first.” Admiral Stryker responded still watching the landscapes

“Yes sir, I add our ships to this report with the exception of those in orbit of Avalon. We have two Mercury class Battlestars Atlantis and Polaris, the Polaris was suppose to be scrapped due damage she suffered some time before the attack, now she has has been repared and it is active again. We have three Minerva class Battlestars the Minerva, Pleiades and Hades and two of these are from the reserve fleet. All three are in combat condition and with full crews. There are three Valkyrie class Battlestars the Valkyrie, Caprica and Poseidon also all three are fully operational and fully manned.”

“Commander you said Poseidon, she survived?”

“Yes sir, she was orbiting Olympia station at the time of attack sir, I also check your sister Melinda survived and she is CAG on board the Poseidon. Unfortunately your younger brother Mathew died when the Battlestar Mercury exploded in the battle over Virgon sir. Do you want me to re-assign your sister to Atlantis?”

“No, let her stay where she is. She is an excellent pilot and they need her, i will visit her later, continue?”

“There is four Columbia II Battlestars in the fleet starting with the Titan, Athena, Cerberus and Rycon all fully operational and crewed, and Rycon is one of the command versions. Battlestar Concordia is one of those new Skinfaxi class strike Battlestars and she is fully operational, the only downside is her crew she 2,200 instead of the standard 2,400 which is more than enough until we can get more for her. There is also Battlestar Victorious she is the only battlestar to build fully on the Durga specifications so she’s called the Durga class. She has four landing bays like the Mercury’s instead of standard two. She is fully operational and crewed. There is the Daedalus class Warstar Daedalus and she is operational and fully manned. Of course we have Argona. Then there is the Battlestar Theseus. She is a experimental version of the Nova class, with 8 pods instead 4 and new weapons and armor, The final two Battlestars are not colonial navy but Guard units belonging to the Aerelon and Virgon guard. They are the Battlestars Freedom and Independance they are both of the Geneva class. Only four were built and all four were decommissioned and made available to any guard unit that could afford the price tag. The Aerelon and Virgon guards got one each and the other two were scrapped. Both ships went through a SLEP (service life extension program) and were brought up to modern standard about five years ago but do to budget restriction they could not get the CNP program. Thank the gods for small favors. They are fully manned and have a full viper wing.”

“17 Battlestars, and 2 Warstars my gods.”

“Yes sir and from the intelligence flights in the colonies there could be as many as a dozen Battlestars that could be salvaged if we chose to go after them.”

“And that is not all Sir, not even close. Those two shipyards we saw, there are mobile sir. Eternity and Unity both are capable of sustain a fleet twice of size of this fleet for years and building even build new ships from Gunstars to the Warstar sir. There are also two Hephaestus class mobile docks from the Militech Corporation and they are fully functional sir. Two Berzerk support ships Sandstorm and Tauron. There is the two Harrier class Strikestars, Harrier and Crusher. A Vanguard class raptor Carrier Arakiel.”

Then to the supporting ships we have the ten Titan II Gunstars (Stiletto, Thaddeus, Calamity, Sturgeon, Stargazer, Redeemer, Albatross, Resurgence, Avenger, and Aggressive). 2 Hoplite class Battle Cruisers (Hoplite and Venitrix) 4 Cataphract Heavy Cruisers (Cataphract, Javelin, Aether and Adder) 5 Byzantine class Light Cruisers (Byzantine, Persia, Agamemnon, Ares and Argos) 5 Phalanx class Destroyers (Phalanx, Gauntlet, Gearing, Anubis and Archer) 9 Dagger class Patrolstars (Dagger, Hunter, Crossbow, Persy, Gimble, Artemis, Avenger, Baldr, and Ceros) 12 Defender class Gunstars (Tigris, Claw, Storm, Altair, Modesto, Hook, Taurus, Harpy, Raven, Tower, Bruiser and Fury), 2 Vigilant class Guardians ( Sournier, and Hale), 3 Striker class heavy Gunstars (Striker, Avarice, and Starfury), 1 Cygnus class heavy Gunstar, Onyx. And we have the twelve Firestar class frigates and four additional Fury class Strikestar. But these last 16 ships need to be put into the docks and refitted and crewed before we can use them.”

“I be dammed” said the Admiral

“That is main report sir, would you want to know about the civilians sir?”

“No I can read that for myself, this is to many surprises.”

“There is few more things Admiral. Admiral Thorn sent a raptor to Ragnar to catch the Battlestar Galactica, but she was already gone. They found the wreck of a baseship at the entrance of the Ragnar nebula. Raptor crew tapped into the security fills of the station and Galactica have some 75 to 80 civilian ships with her and three Defender class Gunstars. They are heading into the Promar sector. Then there is the Battlestar Pegasus, which somehow also survived the attack.”


“Yes sir, it appears Admiral Cain survived to. There are also more ships that survived the war. The Battlestars Prometheus, Nova, Eternal and Celestial with their escorts were last reported near the Veil of Athena as the cylons lost two baseships there, and those colonial units took Lobo Negro station. Admiral Thorn reports that they find wreckage of the Battlestar Andromeda, sir, she was destroyed near Scorpia. They believed that she survived but it was not. Also there is last three sections sir. First it is believed that 10 Gunstars that are suppose to establish a mining operation in the Taurus system and may still be alive.”

“Taurus system? But that is close to the cylon border outside Cyrannus.”

“Yes sir. Admiral Thorn believed those units are still alive, 7 Defender class Gunstars, 2 Strikers and 1 command Titan II Gunstar. Also the Battlestar Trinity survived, at least there is no reports in Cylon broadcast that it has been destroyed. Yes sir they tapped into the Cylon transitions. And the final things sir, there was two Battlestars still out there that survived, the Chimera and Vanguard both Mercury’s and their current location unknown. And that is it more or less.”

“Thank you Commander, now I need to process this information to see what we will do next. So set a meeting on Olympia station for 1800 tomorrow and have all officer of colonel rank or high at the meeting and ready to talk about what we need to do next to get these people to safety and to look at saving those still on the colonies.”

“Yes sir.”

Commander Heller left the reports on the desk and left the room, leaving Admiral Stryker still in his thoughts, finally after few moments admiral took the reports and started reading them watching the full list

Military section

Mercury class: Polaris(2250), Atlantis(2410)
Minerva class: Minerva(2500), Pleiades( 2500), Hades (2250)
Valkyrie class: Valkyrie (1520), Poseidon (1510), Caprica (1480)
Skinfaxi class: Concordia( 2200)
Durga class: Victorious (2300)
Columbia II class: Titan(2305), Athena(2320), Cerberus( 2200), Rycon(2400)
Theseus class: Theseus(2150)
Geneva II class: Freedom (3500) Independence (3500)

Daedalus class: Daedalus (2700)
Andraste class: Argona (4000)

Hoplite class: Hoplite (1200), Venitrix (1200)

Cataphract class: Cataphract (850), Javelin (850), Aether (850), Adder (850)

Titan II class: Stiletto (800), Thaddeus (800), Calamity (744), Sturgeon (800), Stargazer (800), Redeemer (820), Albatross (802), Resurgence (800), Avenger (710), Aggressive (805).
Defender class: Tigris (550), Claw (550), Storm (550), Altair (459), Modesto (551), Hook (500), Taurus (550), Harpy (550), Raven (520), Tower (450), Brusser (500), Fury (502)
Vigilant class: Sournier (450), Hale (412).
Striker class: Striker (900), Avarice (900), Starfury (900)
Cygnus class: Onyx (600)

Byzantine class: Byzantine (500), Persia (500) Agamemnon (500), Ares (500), Argos (500)

Banshee class: Banshee (800)

Harrier class: Harrier (800), Crasher (820)
Fury class: Aventine (400), (plus 4)

Phalanx class: Phalanx (400) Gauntlet (400), Gearing (400), Anubis (400), Archer (400)

Hawkeye class: Hawking (700), Star Rider (700), (Plus 12)

Berzerk class: Sandstorm (1050), Tauron (1020)
Vanguard class: Arakiel (600)
Dagger class: Dagger (350), Hunter (350), Crossbow (350), Persy (350) Gimble (350), Artemis (350),
Avenger (350), Baldr (350), Ceros (350)

Hesphaestus class: Hesphaestus (3000), Forge (3015)
Unity class: Unity (12540), Eternity (12000)
Olympia class: Olympia (7000)
Hera class: Hera (3000)

Searcher class: Everest (600), Star Chaser (600), Wisdom ( 700), Night Shadow (640), Vision (900)

Total: 126,350

Civilian Section

22 Mining ships: Calkota (450), Taranis (500), Echa (400), Stryd (400), Wind Fury ( 450), Black Elk (500), Mining Dreamer (490), Colar (400), Erbal (440), Tauron Miner 4 (500), Tauron Miner 7(400), Carol (440), Dark Miner (440), Falk (400), Caprican Miner (540), Miner 7 (400), Miner 8 (400), Miner 15 (450), Miner 18 (400), Miner 20 (400), Howard (450), Blacken (340)

7 Refinery ships: Taren (600), Tylium Maker (509), Tylium Maker 8 (450), Batista (550), Saladin (800), Aventis (600), Fusilier (550)

5 Medical Transports: Miracle (980), Hiding Star (850), Wallace (900), Mercurial (850), Demonical (800)

3 Medical Ships: Mercy (900), Forgiveness (890), Brightstar( 990)

21 Colonial Heavies transports (Different versions): 50,000

5 Mobile shipyards: 30,000

210 Freighters: 205,000

35 Cold Storage ships: 12,000

130 Luxury Liners: 150,000

5 Prison Ships: 20,000 (3,500 prisoners)

15 Agricultural Ships: 85,200

30 Research Ships: 60,000

9 Recycling ships: 1,000

50 Heavy Cargo ships: 100,000

40 Standard Passenger Lines: 40,000

12 Supply ships: 30,000

50 Colonial Mover transports: 90,000

2 former training ships: 40,000

12 Flattops : 30,000

42 Civilian transports: 56,000

5 Cloud type luxury liners: 90,000

14 Tanker ships: 7,000


Total both: 1,244,259

When Admiral read last number, he just mumbled

“My gods, so many plus those on colonies, I need a drink!”
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PostPosted: Sun 7:41, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good update, but a few wording mistakes and so.
“Good job people!” said Admiral Stryker

“Major Morales reports, 9 vipers destroyed only four managed to eject.”

Good, send the SAR raptor to pick them up. Also launch the search raptors to check all the wreck in orbit and the station. Scanners start scanning the surface and try to locate survivors and cylon bases. If you find any cylon bases destroy them with the guns. Have the vipers land and refuel and rearm for missions to Caprica. The Cylons will be back soon so lets be quick about it.”

He just lost atleast five man, that ain´t good, he won´t feel good and he won´t like it, live battle with their loses should still be fresh and raw for him.
Either some heavy MAD feelings or another word instead of good in order to make it fit in better, it´s that or relieve that those four are still alive.
“Gods, if there is more survivors on other planets we will not have the resources to save them all.” said Admiral Stryker “Notify General O’Rilley that we will send food supplies, medicinal supplies, and small arms ammo, but he will have to hold little out a little longer until I can get the ships to lift him and the survivors out. I can even give him a raptor and viper squadron and 1,000 marines for these three ships if he has a place to hold them? I will also take the children, pregnant woman, and any critically injured of his hands. That should help to get up to 12,000 people of his hands. That is the best we can do at this time.”

Shouldn´t that be: "hold out a little longer"?

“Sir we have a connection, it is Admiral Stryker from the Battlestar Atlantis, they are sending us supplies but they will have to pick us later, there is something much more important for them to do.” said Major Brims

“What can possible be more important?” ask General O'Rilley

“They said there is more colonial units out there, and they need to find them. And will allow him to lift us out and take the fight to the cylons.”

“Frak, okay, we will hold, and then I will stick my boot in a Admirals ass when they finally arrived again.” said General O'Rilley quietly.

Shouldn´t that be: "are"?
And remove that: "," or that "and" after it, since it´s breaking up the flow in reading.

ps: There are some more, but I didn´t spot, remember or found it worth it to mention them here, it becomes such a long post then.
Give it a reread in a while, when your head is clear of writting.
But don´t let it kill your muse.

pps: The Minerva class any bearing to this guy his ships?
If so, any change on the Andromeda or the Sleipnir?
Nothing like the Present. Very Happy

ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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PostPosted: Sun 9:26, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

Shouldn´t that be: "are"?
And remove that: "," or that "and" after it, since it´s breaking up the flow in reading.

ps: There are some more, but I didn´t spot, remember or found it worth it to mention them here, it becomes such a long post then.
Give it a reread in a while, when your head is clear of writting.
But don´t let it kill your muse.

pps: The Minerva class any bearing to this guy his ships?
If so, any change on the Andromeda or the Sleipnir?"

well there is mybe few errors so what, nobody is perfect,

about ships i use names and classes but i dont own them, i know who did, tanj is creator of avarak(skinfaxi) class battlestar and minerva, i didnt ask his promission, but i didnt say anywhere that i own them, this is only fan story, other thing Andromeda is Mercury class ship not minerva, at least in my story.
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PostPosted: Sun 9:40, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

Never stated that you did own them or that you are perfect.
Just informing you of a few (to me) glarring points that broke-up my reading. (aka, they pulled me out of the story)
As for the ships, I was wondering about how they looked and then I came across Tan.J´s work earlier today.

ps: (quote)quoting(/quote) replace the ( with [ and ) with ] to go quoting, makes thing more clearly. black eye

pps: I liked the look of Tan.J´s Andromeda it´s hull shape and Sleipnir it´s smooth armored look.
Wonder how they would look combined, if you get my drift. Wink
Nothing like the Present. Very Happy

ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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PostPosted: Sun 11:04, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

tanJ does excellent job on those ships, i like them, that's why i put them in my story, his Minerva class battlestar is excellent, bigger and more nastier then Columbia II(galactica type ) battlestar, Ourboros at least name taken from his battlestar Ourboros, and those Skinfaxi(Arvak) class ships like concordia sleipnir , actually Sleipnir will be in story but more as unfinished wreck then active ship.
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PostPosted: Sun 12:42, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good update, but a few wording mistakes and so.
“Good job people!” said Admiral Stryker

“Major Morales reports, 9 vipers destroyed only four managed to eject.”

“Good, send the SAR raptor to pick them up. Also launch the search raptors to check all the wreck in orbit and the station. Scanners start scanning the surface and try to locate survivors and cylon bases. If you find any cylon bases destroy them with the guns. Have the vipers land and refuel and rearm for missions to Caprica. The Cylons will be back soon so lets be quick about it.”

He just lost atleast five man, that ain´t good, he won´t feel good and he won´t like it, live battle with their loses should still be fresh and raw for him.
Either some heavy MAD feelings or another word instead of good in order to make it fit in better, it´s that or relieve that those four are still alive.
“Gods, if there is more survivors on other planets we will not have the resources to save them all.” said Admiral Stryker “Notify General O’Rilley that we will send food supplies, medicinal supplies, and small arms ammo, but he will have to hold little out a little longer until I can get the ships to lift him and the survivors out. I can even give him a raptor and viper squadron and 1,000 marines for these three ships if he has a place to hold them? I will also take the children, pregnant woman, and any critically injured of his hands. That should help to get up to 12,000 people of his hands. That is the best we can do at this time.”

Shouldn´t that be: "hold out a little longer"?

“Sir we have a connection, it is Admiral Stryker from the Battlestar Atlantis, they are sending us supplies but they will have to pick us later, there is something much more important for them to do.” said Major Brims

“What can possible be more important?” ask General O'Rilley

“They said there is more colonial units out there, and they need to find them. And will allow him to lift us out and take the fight to the cylons.”

“Frak, okay, we will hold, and then I will stick my boot in a Admirals ass when they finally arrived again.” said General O'Rilley quietly.

Shouldn´t that be: "are"?
And remove that: "," or that "and" after it, since it´s breaking up the flow in reading.

ps: There are some more, but I didn´t spot, remember or found it worth it to mention them here, it becomes such a long post then.
Give it a reread in a while, when your head is clear of writting.
But don´t let it kill your muse.

pps: The Minerva class any bearing to this guy his ships?
If so, any change on the Andromeda or the Sleipnir?

So are you volunteering to be his beta writer? If not then please leave it alone.

We (fans) get so few who even try to write that it is not funny and try to remember that this is not his first language. So to me a non-English major he is doing a excellent job to date.

“He just lost at least five man, that ain´t good, he won´t feel good and he won´t like it, live battle with their loses should still be fresh and raw for him."
Either some heavy MAD feelings or another word instead of good in order to make it fit in better, it´s that or relieve that those four are still alive.

I would say that he is happy that any of his pilots ejected and survived. Every CO knows that he is going to lose men in battle and being mad about it in the open before his crew is not going to help morale. They just killed three Basestars and hundreds of raider with only five KIA. I would say “good” is the right emotion.

Please do not take this as an attack of you in any way. But as I have been watching many threads on this site and others, I have see little unintentional attacks on the writers that have lead to many not posting again and I really would like to see many of them continue to try and they will get better, maybe with a personnel message or with emails off line we can suggest little changes that the writer can fix and repost the chapter. I can say that I started a long time ago and got hammered by some English majors and quite. Hopefully this writer will continue and find a little support on this web site to continue.
Once again please do not take this as an attack of you in any way, this is just my observations over the years.
We must make this campaign and exceedingly active one. Only thus can a weaker country cope with a stronger: it must make up in activity what it lacks in strength.
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PostPosted: Sun 13:26, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

Non taken, Russell.
I´ve noticed with stories it´s best to write untill it´s done before doing a complete rewrite, it kills their muse.
Some people have the same with editing.

But some sites put the autor on ban when/if (s)he doesn´t correct any glarring error in his/her work(s).
Beats me why they do it when the story is good, yet it happens on certain site.

As for the above mentioned part, I can´t read that persons mind, see his face or hear his voice as it is written down.
Thus I can´t really say one way or another and a couple of lines upwards the word good is also used, a bit to close, thus drawing un-needed attention to this one.
Try saying that part Russel, then replace the lower good with alright, excellent or some other version instead of good.

This in turn would show some emotion, alright a bit down and excellent for a bit happy.
The good come over as neutral, there.
Thanks for making me think to much about it, Russel, now I´ve analist way to much for all our minds and this isn´t even my mother language. black eye Welcome black eye
Nothing like the Present. Very Happy

ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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PostPosted: Sun 13:34, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for making me think to much about it, Russel, now I´ve analist way to much for all our minds and this isn´t even my mother language.

Your welcome... and I can see what you are talking about and Good in not the right work to be used there. but we need to remenber that this commander is very young and this was his first real combat.

By the way what is your native language? because you seem to be doing a excellant job with english.
We must make this campaign and exceedingly active one. Only thus can a weaker country cope with a stronger: it must make up in activity what it lacks in strength.
General Stonewall Jackson CSA
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PostPosted: Sun 13:45, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hollands, Nederlands, Dutchs or whatever you want to call it.

And no, (unless you talk about the writer) they already have had combat while traveling towards their new colony world.
Remember those drones?
Nothing like the Present. Very Happy

ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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PostPosted: Sun 13:54, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hollands, Nederlands, Dutchs or whatever you want to call it.

And no, (unless you talk about the writer) they already have had combat while traveling towards their new colony world.
Remember those drones?

You are corect.. but fighting the drone and fighting the boogyman from your bedtime stories that had just destroyed your colonies and wipped the fleet from the universe with ease is something else. I would have to bet that on a personnal level he held his breath and did a few prayers during this last battle. you can see it in the desperation move to save the Pleiades from the dozen nukes. during the fight. After all she is a battlestar.
We must make this campaign and exceedingly active one. Only thus can a weaker country cope with a stronger: it must make up in activity what it lacks in strength.
General Stonewall Jackson CSA
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PostPosted: Sun 15:10, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vianca: Years do not have nothing to do it, Stryker mybe is young, about 34-35 it is relative young person especially if he is admiral. But as Russell said he cannot show anger or emoions in front of his crew. Admiral Nagala give him important mission to take all survivors back to Avalon, no matter how many of military personal he lost, civilians are more important,after all they are the future,

It is diffrent fighting the cylons and automated drones, but you will see as story progress those drones and cylons woudnt be the only enemy that survivors will encounter...

In many stories that i have read from fanfiction page it is almost always fall of the colonies and fight with cylons, this stroy follow the same way, but now on the beginning,

Yes it is the first real battle for admiral Styker, but he is not emotive, he will do anything to blast cylons to hell and to save those survivors., also losing 9 fighters and only 5 of them are killed it is small price for losses that cylons take,

after all he survived fight with admiral Cain sometime before he was chosen for mission, if he survived that anything is possible,

i had plans to make a admiral Styker biography...

and as russell say he was ready atlantis in danger to save other ships. Pleiades have excellent anti-fighter capabilites but her armor is standard, only modification is her engines, been hit by 5 50kt nukes woud not be good for her, but Atlantis can survive that, and he make order to move in front without hesitation, you will see in next chapters many hard decision by him, an it will become much darker,
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PostPosted: Sun 15:45, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

Age is Russel´s department, Zagoreni.
And I get what you mean, but if he acts to much as if he doesn´t care (staying neutral), moral might start to drop and it is already low.

Off-course, he himself is probably trying to hold things emotionaly togeter right now and trying not to break down.
That part of the emotional rolercoaster will only grow by time, their numbers are limited right now and he has to keep them all alive.

Then there is the food supply, unless they get some place to farm fast, they won´t be able to upscale food production as needed.
Might also want to consider livestock and basic medical oriented ground supplies for example.
Some need certain plants, others certain materials.

Suggest that they also take a look to what they can normaly produce with a Mercury´s factory plant and see how they could use it in different things.
A Viper, Raptor or a shuttle would need seats, gues were else you could use them?
Bet you can. thumbs up
Nothing like the Present. Very Happy

ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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PostPosted: Sun 16:12, 13 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

vianca wrote:
Age is Russel´s department, Zagoreni.
And I get what you mean, but if he acts to much as if he doesn´t care (staying neutral), moral might start to drop and it is already low.

Off-course, he himself is probably trying to hold things emotionaly togeter right now and trying not to break down.
That part of the emotional rolercoaster will only grow by time, their numbers are limited right now and he has to keep them all alive.

Then there is the food supply, unless they get some place to farm fast, they won´t be able to upscale food production as needed.
Might also want to consider livestock and basic medical oriented ground supplies for example.
Some need certain plants, others certain materials.

Suggest that they also take a look to what they can normaly produce with a Mercury´s factory plant and see how they could use it in different things.
A Viper, Raptor or a shuttle would need seats, gues were else you could use them?
Bet you can. thumbs up

It is not that he dont care, he simply cant afford to show emotins, he lost as all in his crew lots of family members, only his sister survived,

about food, there is argo ships that produce food, ocouse i might add livestock in next chapter, when they start evacuvating rest of survivors, as time come,,

but all materials for now they have, dont forgot two stations, two gigantic mobile shipyards, two smaller hephaestus docks, they have more then enough materials for keeping all ships in best condition. Space is only that is lacking, and time...
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PostPosted: Sat 13:36, 19 Nov 2011    Post subject: Reply with quote

Calm Before the Storm



There was lots of people inside the conference room, mostly of them military Commanders and few others.

“Ladies and Gentlemen please be seated.” said Admiral Stryker after he enters the room together with Admiral Thorn and Commander Heller.

“I will get straight to business.” said Stryker

“There is several objectives we need to accomplish, before we leave the colonies for Avalon.”

“Leaving the colonies sir?” ask Commander Ericsson from the Battlestar Caprica

“Yes, once we finish our jobs here we are going straight to Avalon, from there we can plan any further moves. This was the last order given to me by Admiral Nagala. And I quote “Get as many survivors possible to the safety.”

“What about all those survivors still on the colonies?” ask Commander Clark from the Concordia

“They are included in one of our objectives, so I will tell you what our priorities are for now. Our first priority is to check every surplus yard, depot, storage yards, civilian yard and installation for more ships civilian and military. Ships that we can then use to evacuate more of our people that are still in the colonies. Those ships that are operable but damaged will be sent to the shipyards Eternity and Unity for repairs. Every ship that can fly will be appreciated and will mean more lives saved in the end. Several of our Gunstars will be charged with this job as they can get in and out with the minimal amount of time and notice by the cylons. Once they find them, extra engineering crews they will be caring will then board the found ships with the marines and get them powered up if it is safe to do so. If they cannot fix them then they will try and part them out so we can fix others of if the risk out weights the potential gain then the Gunstar can dock with the ship and us their jump drive to FTL them back to our holding area for repairs. But I caution the Captains of those Gunstars that their crew are not irreplaceable, so the gain had better be a good one or I will have they but piloting a trash shuttle for their next command. I trust that I make myself very clear?”

The group responds with a “Sir yes Sir!”

“The second task will be for the Battlestar Caprica. I want her and her escorts to find the missing Gunstars mentioned in the intelligence reports that I received from Admiral Thorn. With them we can protect the civilians and the stations better while still maintaining our operational tempo. Commander Ericsson I want those ships so please find them and get them back to us. And as a side project will be to find any survivor and escort them back to here but don’t let them impede your primary mission. If the need arises have one of your escorts bring them back.”

“Yes Sir, we will get it done.”

“I want raptors will check all colonial installations, outpost, former outposts, mining facility, and docks. And I think that we should place special emphases around Tauron, Virgon and Caprica and any other major battle site. I would like to find the Battlestar Trinity if she is still alive. We can use another Battlestar.

“The Trinity survived?” ask Commander Elkins from Battlestar Titan

“As far as we have been able to determine for cylon communication intercepts, she was damaged but the cylons cannot confirm that she was destroyed. So we need to find her before they do.”

“The next task that we need to tackle is how we are going to rescue the military personnel and civilian from Cylon prisoner of war camps located all around the colonies. This will open up the possibility to crew the ships we find and or take from the cylons as well as give us a chance to taking this war back to the Cylons in the future. And lets us not forget that this will also allow us to get those military personnel back to those Warships that the Cylons have parked on dark side of the Aerelon moon. I really want the Battlestars Chimera and Vanguard. Those two Mercury class Battlestars would help us a lot in the coming guerilla war we will have to fight, and if I’m correct there are some marine ship in the mix as well. General O’Rilley will need those ships to help get his troops off of Caprica when the time comes.”

“You see finding more ships that we can use is one of our top priorities, and if the Intel is true, and thanks to Admiral Thorn Stealthstar Banshee an d other classified sources (Cylon traitor) we were able to break the Cylon communications network, so now we know what they are planning and we are working on locating more Colonial naval survivors. We also know that there are a lot of survivors left on the colonies, some in POW camps, some hiding in the mountains. Then there is General O'Rilley on Caprica who is leading a guerilla campaign against the Cylons on Caprica, and I want to help him and his troops and those civilians out of there as soon as possible.”

“How many people we talking about? asked Commander Clark

“From several hundred thousand to thirty million peoples.”

“But we don’t have the space or the ships for all those people Admiral.” said Commander Erika Banner of the Battlestar Polaris

“That’s why I want as many ships as possible rescued from any yards, station, or depots. Anything that can carry our people will help us. So for now I want to get as many of our people loaded into as few hulls as possible to the two month trip to Avalon. We will send the Hera and Olympia Station and every other ship that will be on no real use to us. We will look at turning any empty containers into living spaces for the trip to Avalon as this will allow us to empty some more ships to help us here in the colonies to rescue and evacuate more of our people.”

“What about health care, food supplies?” asked Commander Thomas from Battlestar Athena

“Food and water supplies we can handle for now.” stated Admiral Thorn

“We can even take care of any medical problems for now, unfortunately we do not have a military medical ship at this point, but we have very large sickbays on both the Mobile shipyards and here on the stations. We will be fine for now. We will try to save as much livestock as we can find as they can be of use latter on Avalon. So you can see we have food and water and even health care, but space is our biggest enemy right now.”

“I know that these are hard times and we have all lost someone, but we need to move forward. We cannot stay here, these worlds are graveyards for now and for the foreseeable future, and with Cylons around we can’t do what we want until the civilians are in a safe location. Even with all our ships we will need a miracle to beat them. And they still have hundred of ships in and around the Cyrannus system. The only advantage we have at this point is the element of surprise, and the intelligence we have on the cylons will not be expecting us to go on any type of offensives. So that in a way is what we are going to do. In a limited way we are going to do some smash and grab missions to give the Cylons a fit and get us the ships and people we will need.”

“What about the Battlestars Galactica, Pegasus or Prometheus groups?” ask Commander Thompson from Warstar Argona

“Since we don’t know where the Galactica and Pegasus are, we cannot mount a search of any type for now as we will need all the ships that we have to rescue the ships and people in the colonies. As to the Prometheus, for now we will not even try to find them as there are a large number of Cylon baseships between us and their possible location. And if they have colonized and created the Copernicus colony we will not risk helping the Cylons find them, and for all we know they could already be destroyed. So in short we will continue with the mission that Admiral Nagala gave us and only pursue these other ships if we can and as is safe for us to do so. I know that this will not set well with all of you, and trust me when I say that I do not like it either, but we have to do what will be the most helpful for the many even at the expense of the few. We are facing a war of genocide and this means we have to save as many as we can. So we will sent our people and the space station ahead to Avalon as this will free us up to be a mobile force based out of the two mobile shipyards and this will give Avalon two fully functioning armed shipyard stations and a head start on setting up the defenses of Avalon prior to our arrival. At this point I’m opening the floor to any discussions.”

The meeting lasted for another hour until finally all the discussions were over. Admiral Stryker moved through the corridors to return to Atlantis so that he can get some sleep. When he was intercepted by Admiral Thorn

“Well, well, I didn’t see you for the last half hour, what was up with you sneak out of that meeting?” Admiral Stryker asked

“I never like those officer meetings, but that is not why I am here. I’m here because the civilians start to protest, they want to form a government.”

“Government?? Great that’s all we need now.”

“And a quorum of twelve.”

“Fine, let they form it if that is what they want, but be sure to tell them that military is still in charge, for now we will remain under martial law until we return to Avalon and a permanent seat of government can be built. Anything else?”

“Yeah, there is one good thing, look at these.”

Admiral Thorn gives few papers with pictures to Stryker

“Its looks like a unfinished battlestar, where did you get these pictures?”

“One of our AWACS raptors found it on patrol near Caprica, it was in a support dock of a cargo outpost, the outpost was heavily damaged during the attacks, but the dock remains in one piece together with this ship. From what I find it is suppose to be the Battlestar Sleipnir, she is a Skinfaxi class Battlestar, the same class that the Battlestar Concordia belongs to.”

“Those new ones?”


“Hmm, a unfinished battlestar, well we can definitely use it of course, but we will not do anything for now, once we go to rescue General O’Rilley I suppose we can take one mobile dock with us and put this unfinished Sleipnir into it.”

“Well she will be a great addition.”

“Hmm, maybe but we need a crew. And from what you told me, every surviving man and woman in the military are already on board a existing ship, except those 700 or 800 rookies that remains in training?”

“We have lots of people who want to join, and everyone is in a haste to have a battle with the cylons.”

“I can imagine, but never mind that as we will proceed with the plans that we have already created for now. I have a feeling that they will get their fill of battles and death soon enough.”

“Do you know what kind of battlestar she is?”

“Yes, she was a ELINT ship. An AWACS Battlestar capable of detecting movement in almost the entire Cyrannus system, first ever built on a Skinfaxi frame, or at least the first ever battlestar of that kind with those abilities.”

“I can see your point. She could be of real use to us. I think that when we go in to resupply General O’Rilley we will have to grab her with a tug of a piggy back jump by one of the Battlestars.”

Two days latter

“There are representatives from all twelve colonies here that want to talk to you, the civilians chose these twelve to lead until a president is elected.” said Admiral Thorn

“From Cylon intercepts I heard the former Secretary of Education, Laura Roslyn was appointed to be president?” asked Admiral Stryker

“If she is still alive, but never the less the new Quorum wants to speak with the person in charge, and since that person is you.” stated Admiral Thorn

“Hmm, give me one day as I already have a lot of paperwork to do first.”



“What is the delay Chief Williams, you told me that the Sanctuary will have her power back, enough that is for us to jump her.” stated Commander Krasner

“Sir she was damaged so badly that it was miracle that we have managed anything in this last month sir, and people are not happy. After the message from Admiral Stryker that our homes were attacked and destroyed by the Cylons, everyone are in bad mood, and morale is low sir.” replies Chief Williams

“I understand, but they are in the military and we have a mission to accomplish. And I want them to follow my orders, and orders from Admiral Stryker, is that clear? I want this ship to be in orbit of Avalon when he returns. His last message noted that they have lots of surviving ships and over million survivors so far and having this ship repaired or at least well on the way may help us to take the war back to the Cylons. So remind the repair crews that revenge is a dish best served cold, and this ship will send a trimmer down the spin of even an unemotional tin can. So the faster and harder they work the faster we can get this Cylon eating machine back into the fight and help save as many of our people as possible. Carry on Chief.”

“Yes sir, well we are installing the last two energizers that are scheduled for now. I think Sanctuary will be able to jump in a couple of day’s sir. But she is as I say badly damaged, she will survive the jump, but the jump could overload the engines again sir, so I would recommend a minimal crew on board.”

“Good, what about the drones?”

“Sir the drones past as scheduled three days ago. So until next month I think we are safe. But I don’t understand one thing sir, what will happen when the drones come in a month, and they find that Sanctuary is not where she suppose to be?”

“That Chief is the million cubit question and I can’t tell you because I don’t know. But if we bring her to Avalon then the Invictus can repair her faster and at least the hull damage and weapon systems can be repaired and upgraded. With Invictus we will have a second fortress in orbit, and plus there are all those defensive satellites that have already been launched in orbit so we will have enough defenses I think. And Chief I am interested in the one remaining thing, how is the surface work progressing?”

“Well we already have several buildings complete and several more in different stages of constructions. Since we will have over million survivors, we are already working on camps for them. Unfortunately they will once they arrive be forced to live in tents before we can start build larger buildings. We have cleared a larger section of land and started new farms for food as we will have a lot of new mouths to feed soon.”

“Good, is there place for one more construction project on Invictus Chief?”

“Sir that depends on what you thinking sir.”

“I was thinking if we have space and materials for it, can we build a Titan II Gunstar.”

“Gunstar Sir, hmm, I suppose we can. But construction will take at least 4-6 months, and if you want additional one 8 months for the two, if you want two of them. More than half of our personal are on the planet working on camps, towns, and farms. And we only have the resources for one for right now.”

“Good, get bay three to start working on it. Assign any of the extra engineers we have to the new project for now, more if needed. One more ship will not be bad thing to have.”

“Sir is that Admiral's Stryker’s order?”

“No Chief, its mine. I think the Admiral will not have anything against one more ship in the fleet when he returns.”

“Yes sir, and here is the report on all ships. All are performing in peak condition. And Colonel Coven is in charge of the repairs on the Warstar Sanctuary.”

“Well he know that ship better than we do. What about the Battlestar Storm, she is supposed to spend two weeks in the drydock for additional upgrades?”

“She will, but not now. We have other things to do first, so that will be all for now chief.”

In that moment, the commander hears a knocking on the door

“Come in.” he said

Doors open and a young lieutenant enters

“Sir Governor Miral want to see you sir.”

“Ok, let him in, that’s all chief I’ll talk to you later.”

The Chief and the Lieutenant salute and exit in room. A moment later Governor Miral enters the room

“Good Morning Governor have a seat please.” said Commander Krasner

“Thank you Commander.”

“How can I help you Governor.”

“Well for start you can tell me is these orders are true?” Governor Miral put few papers in front of Commander Krasner

“These are your orders to increase the work on Sanctuary, and preparations for several of your own projects.”

“I see you found it fast, Governor, as you know we have over a million survivors so far and counting, and only the gods knows how many more will be found when Admiral Stryker returns, and currently the colonists didn’t have anything to complain about the living conditions, do they Governor?”

“That is not what I’m talking about Commander. Your authorization for construction of a new ship and the increased work force on the Sanctuary are. So why are we doing this?”
“First Governor, we need Sanctuary to be repaired and operational. So we will repair that ship as she has more firepower than half a dozen Mercury class Battlestars and we can us the protection she can give to protect this colony and to take the war to the Cylons or anyone else who threaten the safety of us all. It can also it can serve as a station for this colony until one is finished. Now as for the Gunstar I’m placing into production she will only increase our defenses. We still don’t know anything about those drone ships creators or their intensions, and we don’t even have a good idea about what is around us. We are in the middle of nowhere Governor and we will not be getting a lot of help from home. And Admiral Stryker put me in charge of all military personnel and to protect Avalon, so please remember that and stay out of it as I’m not going to change my mind on the subject.”


Twelve delegates from all twelve colonies enters the conference room. They were chosen from the civilian population to form a Quorum of the Twelve. In front of them sat Admirals Stryker and Thorn and Commander Clark. Admiral Stryker looked at the paper in front of him, a list of all twelve delegates for the quorum.

Ian Tyler – Aerelon
Tanya Ashville – Tauron
William Monroe – Gemenon
Jason Campus – Canceron
Odessa Styles – Virgon
Maurice Jenkins – Aquaria
Robert Caldwell – Caprica
Evan McNealy – Scorpia
Eric Kano – Libran
Rae Sanchez – Leonis
Joseph Courbet – Picon
Karen Scrubs – Sagittarion

“Ladies and Gentlemen quiet please” said Commander Clark and everyone in room stop talking and turn their intention in three peoples in front of them.

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mark Stryker and I am currently in command of all military and civilians here in this nebula and on Avalon your future home.”

“And who put you in charge Admiral” said the delegate from Canceron Jason Campus

“Admiral Nagala put me in charge Mr. Campus” said Admiral Stryker

“So what is your plan Admiral? We are sitting in ships for over a month now and they are easy targets for the cylons if they find us.” asked the delegate from Libran

“While this location was created in secrecy, and nobody knows about it except for some high ranking military and some civilian. For now we are safe here but very soon you are leaving from this place to the new colony called Avalon. Where you will be getting the colony there ready for all of the refuges that we are going to rescue.”

“Avalon? Where is that, as I have never heard of it?” said Jason Campus

“It is new colony far from here in a sector that I will not disclose at this time in order to keep it a secret. Avalon was established four months ago. So you can call it a safe haven if you want.”

“How is it that President Adar didn’t know about this? Or any of the Government?” ask Odessa Styles from Virgon

“Well how do I put this. The Military and some members of the Government feared that there was a real possibility that the Cylons would find this new colony if the main parts of the government knows about it existences. Also more than half assets we have here were constructed without the knowledge of the government to insure that when the Cylons attacked the Colonies we would have a place to fall back to and rebuild.”

“Your talking as if the military knew that the Cylons would attack!” said Evan McNealy from Scorpia

“The military didn’t know that the Cylons would attack, but they guess that they might do so and after first Cylon war, measures were started to created a safe location to keep our way of life from ending and to give humanity a chance to continue. Unfortunate even with everything the military High Command tried to accomplish utterly failed every time the government got involved. And now the Colonies are gone, the fleet is almost gone and we are facing the real possibility of extinction. So I don’t think our dwelling on the right or wrong of it is what we should be worried about at this time. We still have future in front of us and a lot of work to get done to make sure that we will continue to survive as a people.”

“So what now? When do we leave from here to go to Avalon? asked Jason Campus

“The Military has several more operations to complete before we leave from colonies once and for all. This include rescuing as many survivors from all over the colonies as we can if any are left alive, we know there is survivors on Aerelon, Caprica and Virgon but we are still looking for more. So by the end of the month all of the designated ships and the two space stations along with their designated escorts will leave this location and start the two month trip to your new homes. And I will remind the members of this Quorum that we are still under Martial law until the new seat of government can be built on Avalon and the military units I have here have returned to properly protect our new home. Admiral Thorn will be going with you to take command and to make the colony as safe as possible until I return. At which time this Quorum will hopefully have a plan ready for my approval to stand down from martial law and return to civilian control of the government. We will need a justice system in place as well as other governmental agencies. So you have your work cut out for you. I will only say that I encourage you all to think really hard about the loss of life that we have taken so far at over fifty billion at last count when you want to complain about our need to build up our defenses as the cylons are still out there and want us dead.”

“Are this operations to save only military assets or for the remaining civilians as well?” ask William Monroe from Gemenon

“Both, we plan to save as many as possible in one single wave, we also have military operations underway to find several surviving warships that we believe that are still active, and several warship the cylons have placed in orbit of the Aerelon moon that cylons are using.”

“So you’re going to risking the current fleet because of few ships?” said Evan McNealy

“Yes, and with a dam good reason. We need every fighting ship we can get so as to protect this fleet and our new world, and at some point we will have to fight the Cylons or even a new enemy as we do not know what the future holds for us. I have sent our scout ships to scout all our depots, and yards where decommissioned ships are to be found, and once we find them and put them in active service again we can evacuate more of our peoples on them.”

“What about Galactica and her fleet?” ask Joseph Courbet from Picon

“After we are safely on Avalon and her defenses are ready we will send a small task force to find the Battlestar Galactica and her fleet of refugees and get them home. But right now we have to think of the many.”

“And about a President Admiral why didn't you agreed to the naming of a President?” said Robert Caldwell from Caprica

“I didn't because from our last report Laura Roslyn the former Secretary of Education is the current President and she is in the Galactica's fleet.”

“That didn’t answer my question?” Robert Caldwell responds

“How so?”

“You disagreed with us putting a temporary President into office until President Roslyn is recovered.”

“I did not agree or disagree but as I’m not interested in politics, I believe that you the Quorum as Representatives can do fine in governing our people even without a president for now and in the future when things have had time to settle down we can have a open election for the office of President and for all of the other position that are not filled.”

“Will this allow us as a Quorum to oversee military operations?” asked Rae Sanchez from Leonis

“No. I will not allow anyone to interfere with military operations and it is not because politics and the military do not go together as some may think. Under the Articles of Colonization the military is to report to the head of the government which is the dually elected President, who we cannot contact or find at this time. If at a future point we as a governing group decide that we will not be able to find the Galactica or after five years has passed without any contact with the legitimate President. I will then support the setting up elections and I will support placing the military back into the control of the new President where it belongs. I will go further by place all of my action in the intervening years up for the judgment of the President and the Quorum to determine if I should continue to serve or retire. I cannot be more straight or fair that that ladies and gentlemen.”

“And what if you take all military ships for your operations what will stay at Avalon to protect the civilians?” ask Maurice Jenkins from Aquaria

“The Aerelon and Virgon Home Guard units were on a training mission together when the war started, so they were not destroyed along with their worlds or with the fleet. There are two Battlestars, two Battlecruiser, nine cruisers, five destroyers as well as nine Patrolstar in those two Battle groups. They will be in charge of protecting the civilian ships until you arrive at Avalon where you will be meet by the Battlestar Sword and her Gunstars. Add them to the two armed and armored space stations and you see that Avalon is very well protected until I arrive with the fleet. And when not on a mission the military units will also be ordered to patrol in and around Avalon space. You have my word that all civilians in this fleet will be safe.”

“Admiral I don’t understand one thing, you said space is our main problem right now, so how do you plan to save even more civilians when you don’t have a place for them. And you said you will find ships is that enough. I mean food, water, and everything needed, it is now hard, but what when more people comes?” ask Jason Campus

“Delegate Campus is your suggestion for me to stop evacuating the remaining survivors?”

“No but there is no space, how you plan to feed all of us?”

Seeing that Stoker is in need of assistance, Admiral Thorn stands up and said

“Ladies and Gentlemen nobody will be hungry or will lack any basic need that they are suppose to have, our last order from Admiral Nagala was to save us many we can, not all of them. Admiral Stryker and Myself, as well as every Commander in this fleet are working around the clock to do just that. We have placed the civilian’s needs in front of military. Eighty five percent of food that is produced on the Argo ships and the stations are going to the civilians, and the military personal are living in even harsher conditions the civilians. And we do not complain, as our job is to save as many as we can and to keep all of you safe till we get to Avalon. I think I have answered your question delegate Campus?” said Admiral Thorn.

“I have one question if may?” asked William Monroe

“Go ahead.” said Admiral Stryker

“There are a number of wealthy families that survived from Gemenon, and few from other colonies. They want me to ask if they can they get better accommodations. They are not used to live on ships under such harsh conditions?”

“Really…. Let me say this to you then. I do not care about how wealthy they were. And I say were as our world are in flames and they have just joined the rest of us, and that their royal asses want something better they will have to work for it like everyone else. These are fraking spaceships not royal luxury yachts. The Cylons blow our homes in ashes and dumped our live into the crapper, so we do not have luxuries here. They will live where all the others live, without exceptions. I hope that makes my opinion very clear. And if that is not clear enough I will for on to say that if anyone thinks that are better and can get a better deal than they can complain to the current landlords of the colonies the Cylons. We are alive and I need everyone to pull their weight if we are to live and to be at some point able to destroy the cylons and reclaim our world, so either they can pull their weight or I will dump them back onto Gemenon or somewhere else and pick up someone that will be very happy to do anything to live.”

“For now we are finished. Please return to your ships and seriously think about what is the best thing for all of our people and not just for the few who used to be the rich and powerful. I will inform you all about our next meeting when we finish all our jobs and before you leave for Avalon. Thank you all for coming, and I appreciate all the work you are doing for our people.”

Admiral Stryker was frustrated by that last question, it appears that some people don’t understand that colonies are gone, the economy is gone, and that all those who survived are all the same, no exceptions.

After finishing the meeting, Stryker goes directly to his quarters for little nap and to clear his head after a long day of work.


A flash point formed and a heavy raider appears in front of it.

“We are here, you sure we are on right place?” ask Leoben

“Positive, get us in, maximum speed.” Kathy replies

The heavy raider starts in, entering the nebula. Running in at full speed the heavy raider moves to reach the center of the Nebula as fast as possible.

“I hope that stealth systems are working, or this will be a short ride.” said Kathy

“Well that is something we will find out very soon.”

Heavy raider avoided detection until it got to the edge of the Olympia perimeter, but to many sensor and dradis satellites and probes around, they were detected soon.

“Frak we’ve been detected. A dozen vipers are closing on our location!” said Kathy “Start broadcasting our surrender fast!”


Commander Corgon watches the monitor as an unknown hostile that just exited the nebula.

“It is definitely a heavy cylon raider sir.” said dradis officer

“All vipers at that location have turned to engage the target Sir.”

“Sir we are receiving a signal from heavy raider, they say that they surrender sir?”

“Surrender? Weird, send a message to the heavy raider, to follow the instruction of the vipers and land in the main bay of this station.” said the Commander

“Yes sir.”

“They sent a message.” Leoben said

“So what did it say?”

“Follow the Vipers and turn all weapons off.”

“The weapons are already off, never mind follow the vipers instructions.”


“Lieutenant send a message to both of the Admirals Thorn and Stryker and inform that we have a guests arriving in landing bay two. Then get a hold of the marines and have them armed and standing by in bay two.” said Commander Corgon

“Aye sir.”


Admirals Thorn and Stryker enters in with half dozen marines.

“I am Admiral Stryker you said that you have some very important information for me? Admiral Stryker states.

“Yes Admiral we do.” Kathy responds

“And why would I trust anything you might have to say to me? You are Cylons and you just attacked our worlds.”

“Because we want to help your people Admiral, we both have risk our own lives to get here and to give you some information about the Cylons that you can put in good use.” said Kathy

“And in return. What do you want?” asked Admiral Stryker

“To stay here with this fleet and to live as free individuals. We cannot go back and we do not want to. We openly protest when the ones also known at the Cavil’s who started this war. We did not have a chance to stop this war, but now we can at least help you to survive and maybe even the odds a little.”

“I am listening.”

“What would stop you from killing us after we say what we have to say?” Leoben asked

“I already know that you have technology that allows you to resurrect when killed, you see we have several dozen of your kind here and one of them is being pretty cooperative.”

“You tortured her?” ask Kathy

“I have done no such thing I’m not a cylon! She volunteered to tell us all by herself, and I’m honor bound to keep our agreement. I left her live and give her asylum here in fleet.”

“We cannot ask more than that.” said Kathy

“Well that depends what you have to offer?”

“Well for a start, there are forty Basestars ships in total pursuing Galactica. There are a dozen trying to locate the Battlestar Prometheus and the other ship in her fleet.”

“Well at least they are still alive.” said Admiral Thorn

“Also our main fleet is still here, over thirty baseships are scattered around the colonies. Picon was chosen for the Cylon HQ.”
“There is also something you need to know Admiral. You see resurrection technology is dependent upon the three resurrection ships, two resurrection hubs. There is one hub and a resurrection ship in the fleet that is pursuing the Battlestar Galactica and her fleet. The remaining ships and hub remained here. With our massive mobile facility where we producing ship.”

“Tempting but that facility must be well guarded.”

“True it is, with at least dozen of standard baseships, two heavy baseships and something new called a Dreadstar. It was created to counter the colonial Andraste Warstars and the Sanctuary heavy Warstars.”

“Sanctuary, but only one was ever build and she disappeared and we never found out what happen to her.” said Admiral Stryker lying about Sanctuary

“Never the less, it was not believed that the colonial fleet will not created another one in time. Cripple or destroy these ships and you have upper hand over the cylons, destroying main shipyard facilities and resurrection ships and you will make all of the Human model Cylons mortals. And the raiders will not be able to resurrect again either. This will force a change in the war and the way the cylons are fighting. This could allow you to force a end to this war before it leads to the destruction of both of our people.”

“Alright, put them into VIP cells until we found a place for them.” said Admiral Stryker to one of guards.

“We will talk again and I will want some information. So spend your time well and think about the questions I’m about to ask you. And no I do not need answer right this moment. The questions are. Where the prisoner of war camps? What forces are guarding them? I will want to know how many colonial ships still survive. And what warships have been captured and where are they? And last but not least I want a map of the cylon worlds, shipyards, and mining facilities. In return you and those like you will be given a chance to save you selves and in time we may even become one people. But that is going to take a lot of work.”


“That traitorous bitch!” said Jack Cavil with anger “I know that she could not to be trusted.”

“Leave that for now Cavil, we have much more important things to do.” said Gary Doral

“I see you finally come in from that fancy Dreadstar of yours.” said Cavil

“Well let me say that I’m tired of being resurrected so many times.”

“Fraking disaster, we still didn’t find the colonial forces and we don’t even know what are they up to.”

“I believe that they are regrouping and preparing for a major attack.” said Jeremy Simon

“Really, we have thirty baseships here in the colonies, if they want challenge us they would have already done it.” said Cavil

“And what if they are not here anymore?” said one of number 8 called Lucy

“No, no they are here. Several of our raiders report contact with Raptors doing searches. They are here the question is where are they and what are they planning?”



Admiral Stryker enters the C.I.C. when Commander Heller moves closer and said

“Sir one of our first salvage units hit the jackpot sir.”

“They found something useful?” ask Admiral Stryker

“Yes sir, two raptors reported that the Romulus surplus yard near Gemenon is intact, and there was no cylon presence detected. They found fifty civilian ships in that are in good shape and all ready for use, of course they need some repairs but they can be used. Also Lieutenant Baker from raptor 381 said that they found 6 Tiger II destroyers sir. They were all decommissioned seven years ago by the Adar administration as a cost cutting measure. But they were kept in good condition, and there are Two Hawkeye Firestars. He said that there are at least six additional destroyers but they were not in so good a shape, and will need a good yard period to get them ready for real combat use. Say three or four months for each unit.”

“Send recovery units and crews right now, have two of the Battlestars and four Gunstars go with them as escorts. Once they get those new ships put into storage on Eternity they are to get back here ASAP. But tell the engineers they are to work on activating those Tiger II destroyers if they can.”

“The second patrol didn’t have any luck at the Corona yards near Aquaria it was destroyed completely. Nothing left to salvage.”

“The third patrol found two dozen civilian ships including four large Argo ships near the Coronet deposition yard.”

“The fourth patrol is on its way to the Destarious supply depot. There were several Battlestars decommissioned there, also a Hephaestus dock ship and a Henchantories Dreadnought.”

“Very good work. Pass on my complements to the raptor crews and keep me posted.”


Two Raptors jump directly over wreck of what was once been the main station. It was destroyed, but the other assets at the depot were still intact.

“Nothing on dradis.” said Lieutenant Crosby

“Ok let us see what we have here.” Lieutenant Marino responds

Almost at the same time.


“Sir we can jump, but as I said before we only have one jump only.” said Colonel Sounders,

“Duly noted and logged. Alright jump us to the Destarious supply depot.” Commander Gerard nodded

“Jumping 3, 2, 1.”

Trinity disappeared and reappeared near the supply depot.

Minor explosions rock the ship, as the already damaged energizers exploded. For a moment Trinity lost control of all their thrusters and started moving out of control.

“Frak, we lost the energizers again.” said Colonel Sounders

“Get the emergency power online or we will collide with something. Fraking Cylons!”

Crews of two raptors are first been in shock when they saw blip on dradis believing that is cylon baseship but since Trinity jump directly on them they saw it was a Battlestar.

“Frakking hell.” said Marino “Is that a Battlestar?”

“It’s the Battlestar Trinity, where the frak she come from?” Crosby respond still in shock

“Who cares we found her and she is damaged, and from what I see out of control, no its appear she stabilizing herself.”


“We are getting power back, we diverted power used from half of our other systems to get thruster control again.” said Colonel Saunders

“Good, stabilize the ship and prepare to launching raptors.”

“Sir we are detecting two ships of the starboard bow, its appears to be colonial raptors.” said the dradis officer

“Hail them.”

“This is Battlestar Trinity to unknown raptors, indentify yourself or be fired upon.” said con officer

“This is raptor 221 from Olympia station.” Lieutenant Crosby responded

“This is Trinity Actual here, lieutenant you said Olympia station? She still survives?” said Commander Gerard

“Yes sir, she, and lots of other ships, civilian and military sir.”

A cheer can be heard over the comms channel as the trinity bridge crew are happy to hear that they are not alone.

“Raptor 221 under command of who?”

“Admiral Stryker is in charge of the fleet and Admiral Thorn sir is in charge of Olympia station.”

“Stryker, who?? Never mind Lieutenant jump back and get us some help fast, our energizers are down and we cannot jump again without help.”

“Yes sir!”

Moments later both raptors jump away....


“Sir the raptors from Destarious depot have returned early, sir they say they have found the Battlestar Trinity!” said the comms officer

“Battlestar Trinity?” Admiral Thorn responds

“Yes sir, they said she was badly damaged and need assistance.”

“Get Admiral Stryker on line for me.”

Ten minutes later Admiral Stryker enters the Olympia C.I.C.

“Comms Officer said that is important what do we have?” asked Stryker

“You will not guess what we just found?” said Thorn with smile “Our raptors just found the Battlestar Trinity at Destarious depot”

“Your fraking with me?”


“Well what the hell are we waiting for let send some ships to get her back.”

“You will not mind if I use Atlantis for this mission.” Asked Thorn

“No go ahead.”

“Comms, send a message to the Battlestars Atlantis and Poseidon and tell them to get to Destarious depot ASAP, they are to recover Trinity as soon as they can.” said Admiral Thorn

“Yes sir!”

“Well we will delay salvage from that yard until we salvage Trinity? asked Thorn

“No objections there.” Stryker responds

Some time later the Battlestars Atlantis and Poseidon jump almost directly on top of the Battlestar Trinity.


“Sir two ships just jump directly on top of us, identifications said they are the Battlestars Atlantis and Poseidon.” said Colonel Saunders

“Incoming message from Atlantis sir” said comms officer

“What it says?”

“Prepare yourself to be jumped to Olympia station.”

“Lieutenant tell them that we cannot jump“

“Colonel Heller from Atlantis said they will dock with us, and then link our computer together, in short they will use their own engines to jump both ships.” the lieutenant response

“That is crazy?” exclaimed Colonel Saunders

“Actually it is not, so let us hope they succeed or both ships will end in pieces. Lieutenant what class of ships are they?”

“Sir the Atlantis appears to be a Mercury like Trinity, and the Poseidon is sub-class of the Valkyrie Battlestar.

“Where the hell did those ships comes from?” ask Saunders

In space the Battlestars Atlantis maneuvers to get on top of Trinity it manage to hard dock on Trinity very gently in same time Poseidon puts itself in below turning its belly to Trinity’s. Poseidon acts likes a stabilizer in the entire process. And it succeeds in docking with Trinity from below, in same time Atlantis docks from upper side.

“Sir Atlantis and Poseidon are docked.” said Colonel Saunders

“Dam I can’t believe this, I simply can’t.” said commander Gerard

One of monitors flash in and numbers show on it, 10, 9, 8, all three ships are been linked together but only THE Atlantis and Poseidon will use their engines, it was very risky move, towing two Battlestars, since one serve as stabilizer.

“All hands brace for a jump. 4,3,2..”

“Frak I am too old for this.” said Commander Gerard

1….and they jump directly to the Red Horse nebula......
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Looking good.
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Very nice....I like the story...
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i know alot of people are reading it and are like me....they don't want to waste space by posting... looking forward to more
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Firestorm Part I

Admiral's log

It has been five days since we found the Battlestar Trinity near Destarious depot. They lost almost a half of their crew, and she is badly damaged from the fights with the Cylons. From Commander's Gerard logs, I can see that they have fixing a great deal of the ship since end of the Cylon attacks a month before. They managed to destroy two baseships during their first and only contact with cylons.

The Quorum is still trying to get the upper hand in military decisions. They did not like that we are risking two of our Battlestars to save one badly damaged one. They are like many civilians politicians short sighted, they also protested when I sent the Battlestar Caprica two days ago in search for that Gunstar group and not to mention their reaction to our upcoming mission to save the survivors in the colonies.

Operation Firestorm is essential for all of us to save as many civilians and military personal in the POW camps as we can before we have to leave the colonies. We will start by hitting Aerelon and Caprica. Aerelon because of those two Battlestars and two support ships that sitting in orbit of Aerelon moon, and large amount of military personnel on Aerelon itself, our latest Intel from the stealth raptors indicated that there is little less than 200,000 survivors. It would seem that the cylons are extremely efficient in the extermination of all human survivors on Aerelon. Better words came from Caprica with over 1.25 million survivors and counting so far, plus half a marine division under the direct command of General O'Rilley. General O'Rilley has started a new campaign against cylons and seems to be making their stay on Caprica a not so pleasant one. He and his marines have take a few military bases including one of the main bases in the Tyr area, allowing him to arm and supply a much larger group of survivor.

We have succeeded in finding a really large amount of ships all around Cyrannus systems. It was strange that cylons didn’t destroy them all, but it does not mean they will not when they find out what we have done after this operation is over. So far there have been only minor skirmishes with cylon raiders on some of the sites.

We have found eighty large civilian transports each capable of housing over 5,000 peoples, along with fifty additional ships from ranging from old liners, mining ships, food ships and few others. We made a lucky find with six Colossus class heavy military transports. Dam those monsters will really come in handy, since each of them can carry 10,000 passengers and an added plus as they are armed and I’ll admit that it is mostly with point defense weapons but they are capable of landing on a planet which is a bonus at this point. Eight Argo ships, four smaller and four larger, they will be a great addition to the food production of the fleet. Two older Cloud type units, Cloud 1 and 2 were the first two from Cloud class of luxury liners.

Civilian ships were not the only ships that re have found or rescued to join the new fleet. Twelve Tiger II Destroyers were also found. Those ships are as strong as a Columbia II battlestar, the only drawback is they don’t carry fighters so they will need fighter support. Six of these are in relative perfect shape, but the other six needs some work. I plan to assign them as part of the secondary fleet once they are repaired to guard the civilian fleet once we depart.

A third Hesperides class mobile dockship (constructstar) Starbridge has been located at the Horus Manufacturing Company stockyards, as with her sisters the Hesperides and Forge already in service she is an excellent addition. Taking that these ships usually called Constructstars are capable of holding Two Mercury class Battlestars or between four to six Gunstars it will be more than a welcome addition. But fortune favored us as she was not alone. We also found three Cradle class mobile docks hiding at Horus as well. They are smaller and are only capable of sustain one battlestar at a time but they are capable of holding anything from Gunstar to the Nova class Command Battlestar and it will also boost our repair and production capabilities at a time that we need them the most. We have more than enough civilian volunteers from the civilian’s ships to help in manning these ships, and they are being transferred to those new dock ships as i write this log.

Admiral Thorn has ordered the extraction of the old Dreadnought Henchantories. She will not been used for military purposes, although I do want to see her returned to full strength again. The Henchantories has many large internal spaces that can be used in the short term to house the thousands of people we are going to rescue. It is well armored and can hold 50,000 people on board for short period of time, and as such that it will be used as large colony ship until we reach the colony. All her weapons will be repaired and the point defense grid will be modernized and she will be hastily upgraded. She does not carry any fighters but does carry a wing of 50 raptors and shuttles.

We found several more military units that I am sure will be a good addition to the protection of our people. With two Hawkeye class Firestars that are in relatively good shape and six Defender class Gunstars , but lacking their external armor and heavy weapons. Then there is the hybrid Gunstar, something between a standard defender and a titan called the Minerva. She was one of prototypes I think for the Titan II Gunstars. She is fully armed and in great shape. I ordered her immediate extraction and rename her to Miranda. She can carry twenty vipers and crew of only 400 she is perfect for a role of a scout.

There was a few large container ships also found, and we will take them to. Admiral Thorn also wants for us to take the Aureoles station. She is similar to the Hera station we already have, but she is half wrecked and there is no time to repair her, although she can be useful to carry all the ships that are still inactive or damaged. Her repair bays are heavily damaged, but her docking bays and FTL /Power plant is still fully functional and some of her weapon systems can be put back into operation. I still think about taking her to.

I ordered the scrapping of the frigates we get from the Hera junkyard, as we surely can use the materials and parts to get all of our active ship back to 100 percent. We needed more Gunstars but most of the Gunstars that were retired at the ready reserve yards were destroyed or in so bad a shape that repairing them is not an option at this time.

At the Lauriental depot, we found two perfectly intact Assaultstars or as the marines call them Marinestar, but both names suited them equally well. Both of them are Forseti class Assaultstars the Forseti itself and the Dillinger. Forseti class is actually last two Minerva class Battlestars, early during the construction both ships are cancelled. But instead of scrapping them, they are finished and modified to serve as Marine Assaultstar. They are as large as a Mercury class Battlestar and are capable of entering a planet’s atmosphere and landing on a planet, but a majority of their attacks are from the air or in orbit. Launching wave after wave of assault raptors filled with marines. Currently both of these ships are already here docked on lower piers of Olympia station where they are being made ready for the upcoming rescue attempts in the colonies.

And for last but not the least we have found another Columbia II battlestar the Phoebe. She was retired 8 years ago, but it was still in good shape, only two of her engines and a few of her weapons are undamaged. She was already in one of the repair docks undergoing repairs.

Maybe the biggest surprise that we found when we found those Assaultstars, we also found something else. On one of the wrecks we found a raptor, a working raptor but it was not the raptor we found that was of real interest to us, we found a living person and he was badly injured. He is probably the only human on all the depots so far. It was even bigger surprise when we got him to the Olympia station sickbay to find out that he is Colonel Belzen, the First officer from the Battlestar Pegasus. He was in very bad shape when he was found, and he was still in relatively bad shape. He told us short story about how Pegasus escaped Scorpia fleet yards. He said that about week later after the attack a scout found what would be seen as Cylon staging ground, with over fifteen squadrons of raiders. Cain ordered an attack. Belzen disagreed with the order in front of entire C.I.C. crew. Admiral Cain then ask for his sidearm, when she get it she point it in Belzen head, for moment it was like she would kill the colonel, but instead she order guards to lock him on brig.

Day later she orders him to be deported from the ship and marooned. Thus a raptor with a broken FTL, and minimal engines and with no food or water was set out as his last prison. A slow death in a abyss of space. Luckily one of guards good friend with colonel smuggle food and water onboard, it saved the colonel when he was left behind in the raptor. Unable to jump, he then search the nearest colonial outpost and it was Lauriental. It had been abandoned when he arrived there, but he found some of the ships that still had functioning life support and he stay there, he had water but no food. He was without food for two weeks and I must say that I’m surprised that he survived so long.
After I told him what Cain has done to the Scylla fleet he didn’t want to believe it, but he knew that she is capable of much more than that. He was still in sickbay recovering and I think he will be released in few days. As I’m short on experienced commanders I’m going to promote him and give him a command.

The Cylon model known as Kathy is giving us more information on the Cylon forces in colonial space. She said that expect for fifteen baseships in orbit of Picon, seven in orbit of Aerelon and Caprica there was around 27 more in entire Cyrannus system which give them three at each of the other colonies. She believes that there are around 40 or so chasing Galactica and her fleet, and 15 so far in hunt for the Battlestar Prometheus and her battle group. And almost all the rest are guarding their mobile factories. As soon as all our ships are ready I will form two fleets. The main fleet full of all the nonessential civilians will set course to Avalon, together with all shipyards and stations, leaving only three Cradle docks behind for military use. The second fleet mostly formed by Battlestars and some Gunstars will stay behind to make as much havoc it can before finally depart for Avalon it is during this time that we will recue the civilians and any military personnel that we can. I delayed operation “Firestorm” for a week or so, until we are fully ready. For sure Trinity and Phoebe will not participate in it so I’m going to send then with the stations in the hope that they will be ready when they make it to Avalon. We are still awaiting the Battlestar Caprica to return.

End Log may the Lords of Kobal bless us.


Commanders from the various ships are assembled in the conference room. Admirals Stryker and Thorn enters and sit in front of them.

“Ladies and Gentlemen as you all know, we are planning to get as many of the survivors from the colonies for some time. We will be starting first with those on Aerelon and Caprica.” Admiral Stryker starts “We chose those two colonies first because of few facts, first Caprica have over one million civilian survivors, and almost 10,000 marines under General O'Rilley. Second there was unfinished battlestar in one of support docks that was still relative intact. And I want that ship as well. Aerelon has over 200,000 survivors that survived so far and have a very active guerilla movement going, there was more but more or less those have already been killed by the Cylons. There was POW camp there, with an unknown number of military personnel. We believe that some came from the wrecked ships and a majority from those two Mercury class ships in orbit Vanguard and Chimera. There is also those two support ships, from what our scouts can say they are all in perfect condition.”

“Our operation will start simultaneously on both colonies. The first attack fleet will be lead by the Warstar Argona and her escorting Battlestars Pleiades, Minerva and Rycon. They will engage main force of cylon baseships, we count four of them. The Battlestar Atlantis and two Gunstars Modesto and Brusser will jump and engage the baseship in orbit of Aerelon. A stealth raptor will jump right in front of that baseship that guards those ships in orbit of the Aerelon moon and blast it to hell with nukes or at the very least disable it. Then the extraction fleet will jump in and start the rescue mission. I predict between 30 to 60 minutes will be needed to collect all survivors once the ships land on the planets. We will of course jam the entire surroundings space so that the cylons can’t communicate.”

“Second fleet will be divided in two groups, first group lead by the Battlestar Concordia and her escorts Polaris and Victorious and second group lead by the Warstar Daedalus and her escorting Battlestars Athena, Titan, Cerberus and Hades. Simultaneously as the second fleet clears space of any cylons, the mobile dock Cradle 1 will jump with escorts formed by four Gunstars and they will take the half finished Sleipnir from dock she is in. The group that descends to Caprica will be much bigger, with 70 transports and other civilian ships, 4 Colossus military transports and both Assaultstars temporally manned by crews from 2 defender class Gunstars. Raptors and vipers will also be launched to insure total dominance in the space and on the planets, and to bomb every cylon to hell.”

One of commander stands up and asks

“What about the main fleet here?”

“What about them?” ask Admiral Stryker

“Who will defend them while we are attacking the cylons?”

“Admiral Thorn will command the Battlestars Theseus, Independence, Freedom and all other military ships not involved in the rescue to protect the fleet. The Battlestar Poseidon will take guard near the entrance with two Titan II Gunstars and one Striker Gunstar. And the Battlestar Valkyrie cruising around and scanning together with our ELINT ships.”

“Is the quorum supporting this action?” asked Commander Wellington

“Of course they do not, they are against it, they protested it to me and their protests failed.” said Admiral Thorn

“Sir, is the quorum not in charge now?” ask Commander Clark

“In Short NO! We are under Martial law as set by President Adar when the attack started and only the president or a duly elected president can resend the order. This is too important a mission for us to cater to the fears of the Quorum and their political ass protecting. As we are still under martial law it is my decision to continue with the mission and beside there was lots of people still on colonies that need to be rescued, and I for one will do my duty to help those people if we can, and if necessary I will take very asset military or civilian ship to help save them. I expect each and every one of you to do your duty and to save as many we can. This is not only about hurting the cylons, it is about preserving our race and we cannot do that without those people. Please do not get me wrong, I’m not going to send anyone on a suicide mission and this mission has risks for each of us. But look at the risks the people are facing on the planet.” said Admiral Stryker

“It is difficult but once the main civilian fleet departs they will not return here.”

“Sir if the main civilian fleet and their escorts leave for Avalon, what about the rest of us?” asked Commander Gerard

“A good question, we will stay behind and give the Cylons hell. We are going to stage the raid on the home worlds to rescue as many as we can and then we are going to go after and disable or destroy their resurrection assets and then we will go back to the Avalon as well. Once there we will mount a search for the Galactica and Prometheus groups. Now gentlemen we have seven full days to prepare for the mission. So if there are no more questions you are dismissed.”


“Hmm, This makes no sense. Why would the colonials be dashing in and out and collecting all of those old ships if they do not have the personal to man them?” ask one of two Doral models on baseship bridge.

“That does not matter, we need to find them and destroyed them all.” said Jeremy Simon

“Yes brother in time, patience.” said Jack Cavil

“Hmm, so why suddenly are you so calm?” ask Jeremy Simon

“Because I have a plan that will actually work, why bothering to catch every human ship when they will lead us to their colony Simon? If they have a secret hiding place here, it is not permanent and it is only a staging area. Now they will make their first move against us and I bet I know where, the only question is when?”

“Wait a second, you are allowing them to grow in numbers? Are you mad? If John finds out about this you will be in real trouble.” said one of the Doral’s

“No, because with all those assets they probably have, and they are collecting it beat my thesis that they do not have a mobile dock ship or station.”

“But they must have when they taking so many ships, they even took the derelict Dreadnought Henchantories. They need every ship they can get to move their people from the Cyrannus system.”

“Well, you will find out what I think about that!”

“How's that?”

“Several dozen of our brothers and sisters have not reported in nor have they resurrected yet. That means that the colonials may or may not have found out about them yet. But with that traitors Kathy and Leoben, it is for sure colonials already know about us. It will not take long before we find their current position. And when we do, we will attack them from time to time to get them to move on, but each attack will be more deadly than the first one. We have no intention to kill them all. We will let them to lead us to their secret colony outside the colonial space and then we will destroy them all.” said Cavil with a devilish smile in his eyes


Caprican mountains... temporal Marine HQ

“What are the latest news?” asked General O'Rilley

“So far the news is, Major Steele pushed the cylons back and has taken Tyr base. We send two raptors and four Phoenix VTOL craft to start getting supplies from there. The Major also reports that they came into possession of twelve new Scorpion tanks. Each tank has a 152mm main gun and two 20mm machine guns and heavy armor. He is using those vehicles on the nearest cylon positions. No casualties on our side, but the cylons have suffered heavy losses.” Major Brims reported

“Good, what about our other check points, are they holding?”

“So far they are. The Cylons tried a push near check point 12A, we lost seventeen marines killed and forty four were wounded but they repel the attack. All other checkpoints are quiet for now.”

“What about Admiral Stryker? The last message is that they will attack soon.”

“Still no word sir, last message said eight days after we received this message, since we get it day ago its seven days until they attack.”

“Hmm, we need to keep the cylons busy down here. Tell Major Steele and Major Dasher to start mobilizing their troops we will attack Caprica city.” Said General O'Rilley

“But sir that is suicide, even with those tanks, it is too well protected.”

“Yes but we will not be engaging the city directly. We will attack the nearby towns and villages as a distraction to draw the attention of the cylons. Once Admiral Stryker decided to move his ass to help us we will attack at the same time when they attack in space.”

“And that will do what purpose?”

“Distraction Major, beside, when the Admiral attack from above, the Cylons will be too busy to fight us. I know that he will want to get those civilians first. And we need give them the time for that. Set a large perimeter where the ships can land and load up the civilians. And I don’t want any of those ships to be shot down. Luckily a majority of the survivors are here in the Caprican mountains. Extraction will be easy and fast. We just need to hold those areas where the Cylons have much of their forces and distract them long enough for the civilians to be saved.”
“What about us?”

“There is two Assaultstars that the Admiral will send down for us.”


“Come in!” said Admiral Stryker after hearing a knock on the door.

A young woman in her later 20's enters the room, clearly a fighter pilot by her uniform. It was Nina Stryker, the younger sister of Admiral Stryker.

“Reporting as ordered sir? Nina was shocked when she sees her older brother sitting on desk and smiling at her.

“Brother? I mean Admiral, I mean...???”

“Relax sis, it’s me.” said Admiral Stryker and he walk to her and hugs her

“Sit Nina, you don’t need to be formal with me.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know it’s was you. I hear some Admiral named Stryker is leading the fleet, but didn’t know it’s you. And you were a commander the last time I saw you.”

“Yes, I was commanding the Triton the last time we meet. Before I was posted here on the Atlantis, but it’s a long story. How are you sister? Did any of our family survive the attack?”

“No.” said Nina, it was clearly she didn’t want to talk about that

“Our brother died during battle of Virgon.”

Steve Stryker was a brother of Mark and Nina and he was posted on the Battlestar Zeus as a weapon officer. He was killed when his ship exploded during the battle.

“Our mother was shopping in downtown Caprica City when the nukes hit, so I would say that there were no survivors. And the rest of the family I don’t know, probably dead to.”

“Well at least you are alive, and that is important. I see you are the CAG onboard the Battlestar Poseidon. Very nice, Commander Gideon said that you are a dam fine pilot. I might have a use for you here on Atlantis?”

“Thank you brother but no. I just started getting use to the Poseidon. I don’t want to spend a month again, to learn where everything is on this giant ship.” said Nina

“Ok, I am glad that you are ok. When Admiral Thorn said that you survived I didn’t believe it. I am sorry that I didn’t see you before this, but leading all this takes all the energy and time that I have.”

“No problems big brother, I just hope we survive all this and get to that new colony of yours. I don’t wish to stay here any longer than we need to.”

“You and probably everyone else in the fleet.”

“Once more thing Mark, why didn’t you add Poseidon into this mission of liberation of yours?”

“Because I need some Battlestars to stay and protect the civilians. And I think we already have more than enough ships to take the cylons in orbit of Aerelon and Caprica.” Stryker explains

“Well I must go back to my ship.” said Nina, and start walking to the doors. And before she exit she turns and said “Glad to see you again older brother.”

“Oh, please don’t call me that.” said Stryker with a smile.


“Is everything ready?” asked Commander Krasner

“It is, but I think Sanctuary will have only one chance, Commander.” Replies Colonel Coven

“Why's that?“ asked Commander Krasner

“Because sir, Sanctuary has a lot of damage to her hull, we repaired some of it, but a FTL jump will be under a really large stress for her and not to mention there is a very good chance that prime energizer will explode when we bring the FLT on line. The system is damaged and it would be much easier if we got Caduceus and Sword to link with her and jump.“

“I doubt those two ships would have strength for that, she is massive.” said Krasner

“True so what about Invictus she definitely has the mass and strength for it.” Colonel Coven proposes

“I can’t move her from Avalon. We have already installed those modular docks on her, and removing it would take 2 weeks to remove them. We will proceed with the current plan. And pray colonel that it works.”

“Yes, I will sir. I just hope you are right, if not, there will probably be an accident, again.”

“How many people are on board?” ask Krasner

“Little more than 230.”

“Evacuate them, keep only 20 of them to man the ship. I think that they will be enough to get her here. But just in case I’m wrong have two raptors and a refueling raptor on board in case they need to evacuate.”

“Right sir, by the way she is scheduled for jumping in thirty minutes sir.”


30 minutes later ...


C.I.C. was partially repaired and now a small number of people man some of the consoles. In normal circumstances it would need almost 70 people to man C.I.C. now there were only 15.

“Major Rockwell, I think we are ready for jump.” said Lieutenant Jamison

“You think? What does the chief say?” ask Rockwell

“Well he did not like the idea of jumping her, but since Commander Krasner insisted and he said she is as ready as she can be at this time.”

“Alright then, set the counter for 10 seconds to jump, tell engineering to stand by.”

Engineering is only other place on the ship where people are, five of them eager to see if the work they and the others who participate will be a success or big failure.”

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, jump!”

The navigation officer put the jump key into place and turned it. The ship shakes and disappeared. Moments later it reappear in orbit of Avalon, several smaller explosions rock the ship near engineering section before ship calmed down.”

“Report!” shouts Major Rockwell

“Several conduits exploded sir, the chief reports no casualties and the ship is stabile.”

A loud cheer of happiness spreads in C.I.C. They did it. They move this big monster, and they stayed in one piece.

Commander Krasner watched from the observation deck on board the Invictus. It worked he thinks, well now to the harder part. Admiral Stryker wants this ship returned to full combat condition. But that will not be easy. The best he can do will be about 80% of it. And even that will be hard to achieve. Especially when so many personnel were on surface working on those camps for the survivors. And he also had teams working on the new Titan II Gunstar.

RED HORSE NEBULA – 3 days before Firestorm begins...


Admiral Stryker looked at the map of colonial space, looking for suitable positions where ships with survivors may have jumped to, and also where colonial naval units may be hiding.

“This is a good spot.” said Admiral Stryker

“The asteroid belt. That is one of relatively more violent sections of the entire belt in the system.” Admiral Thorn respond

“Yes, and that's why I would chose it. I doubt the cylons will have any patrols near hear. After all it is not even close to main shipping lines, or to any of the colonies. Move Cradle 2 and 3 to this position and they will be guarded by the light cruisers Persia, Ares and Argos until we return.”

“Do you think that those ships will be enough?”

“The docks will have their FTL engines prepared for emergency jump if needed. Just in case the cylon show up they will jump. But I want them there, once we finish the evacuation we will jump directly to their position, so that we can search all of the ships before we can move back to Red Horse Nebula.“

“I see, you think there is something on board.” Ask Thorn

“Maybe I do, isn't that a little strange that the cylons destroyed almost the entire fleet, but they spared these two Battlestars and two supply ships, why? If there is something on those ships I want it found and if need be destroyed. Since we don’t have time to build new ships especially not in size of a battlestar we need every ship. And once we arrive to Avalon we can start thinking about the fleet build up. But for now we need everything we can get. By the way, how is the up grades going on the Battlestars Phoebe and Trinity?”

“Well from reports both ships will be ready in a month or so. Trinity will receive the same armament, armor and sensor suite that the Atlantis has. And Phoebe will get the new armor and weapons as the Battlestar Titan has.”

“I don’t understand why would the fleet upgrade the Titan? And then after those costly upgrades they retire it.”

“Good question, only Adar and those idiots in the government know for sure. The Titan was like the Galactica, Rycon, and Athena one of original twelve Battlestars. In all accounts all of them should already be scrapped. But instead of that Titan received a full refit, and was retired and others were retired, except the Galactica. Only Ourboros was left in service from newer Columbia’s. Shame she was one of best in the class.”

“Not anymore, we have five of them and if the gods give us a little luck they will serve for another 40 or 50 years.”

“If they survive till then.” said Thorn.


“Still nothing sir, raptor 318 returned, with no news.“ Colonel Maw reports

“Dam, they can’t just disappear. Tell the raptors to keep looking.” said Commander Erickson

“Right away.”

“Sir, raptor 321 just jumped in, they report that they found several wrecks near the Hedin system, it is right on border with cylons. From what they report there were three colonial Gunstar wrecks, it belong to two defenders and one striker Gunstar (Vanquisher, Stark, Elidan) and there is also one wreck that belongs to cylon baseship.”

“Hmm, so they were attacked by the cylons, lost three ships but they managed to destroy the baseship. We must find them, if any of them survived that is.”

RED HORSE NEBULA – 1 day before Firestorm begins...

“One more day sir and everything will be ready.” said Commander Heller

“I just got a report from Colonel Corgon and all ships are at 100% and they are standing ready to do their duty.”

“Good, inform the Captains of those ships that we will extract our people from the surfaces. They need to get as many people possibly in the short amount of time that we will have. I would not be surprised if cylons show earlier than we expect after we start jamming them. And we don’t know how much time is needed for those that will die on those baseships to resurrect again. So this must be fast.”

“Well, with a number of targets, the survivors optimal time would be between 2 to 3 hours. Caprica has the most survivors. And it would for sure speed things a little, if once we are done on Aerelon we jump to Caprica. Two full battle groups, I doubt the Cylons would be so stupid as to attack us while we have that many ready ships.”

“Commander, you forgetting something? We are still outnumbered, not outgunned but outnumbered. And they can easily sneak raiders and heavy raiders into our lines. But you have point. Defending two sides will be impossible if they counter attack us. So once we finish with Aerelon we pull back to Caprica. Except for those ships we save from Aerelon. They go to the special coordinates for a complete checkup. If that's all for now Admiral Thorn invited me to check some new toys that R&D created.”

“That is all.”


Admiral Stryker walk in one of the station corridors, when he finally found the R&D Section

“Dam people can get lost down here.” said Stryker to himself. “Finally!”

He enters into the large hall, filled with experimental technologies, monitors, scientists and engineers. Near the middle of it all, Admiral Thorn and two other stand and talking when Thorn sees Stryker entrance and said

“I see you finally found your way here?”

“Who would say that you can get lost on this station?” Stryker respond with a smile

“This is Dr. Falkernberg and this is Chief Talbot.” said Thorn pointing to the two men that stood near him “They are the leaders of the R&D departments.”

“Welcome Admiral.” said Dr Falkernberg

“Welcome” also nodded Chief Talbot

“So what was so important for me to see one day before the mission?” asked Stryker

“Well these gentlemen here developed a new way to increase the strength on our ships. You remember Sanctuary and her accident?”


“Well after she disappeared, we conducted a full investigation into what may have happened. We got nothing, since it was a brand new technology. We never will have all the answers, but I design the engines.” said Chief Talbot

“I don’t see how this can be important?” replies Stryker

“We are getting to that. You see one of our scientists engineers Calah Lorene redesign the engine and it is presently a different design. The Chief advisor to President Adar, Admiral Corman agreed that it was a cheaper and better solution than the original engines created by me. But in reality the engine was completely wrong, and the wrong calculations lead to the disaster. From reports that the X.O of Sanctuary sent to you, a majority of the scientist and engineering staff died including Lorene. But this lead us to the very things we wanted to talk to you about. We create a prototype engine that works.”

“What do you mean it works? Antimatter engine?” ask Stryker

“Yes” said Dr Falkernberg “The design that Chief Talbot created and my antimatter chamber they work. We created engines that will work sir. Not only will these new engines work, but they will allow ten times more energy for the jump engines at a distance that are not possible with the current engines. It will also allow us to implement the new energy armor that we developing here as well as the improving laser and pulse laser technology as well.

“Doc, can you explain this little more?” ask Stryker

“Yes Sir, currently our ships use ion-fusion drives as jump engines, and fusion energizers to power the ships systems. Half of the energizers power goes to the jump engines. But with the new antimatter engines, this is different. The antimatter reactor is inside of engine block and gives enough energy for constant jumps. Of course the hull will also need to be retrofitted to hold the constant pressure. All the current energizers can be replaced with new generation of fusion energizers that will be for all the other systems, like weapons, life support, and more important that new energy armor we mention before.”

“On what principal does that armor work?”

“It is different because it use energy to strengthen it. Each kinetic or energy hit on it, fill it with energy and make it stronger. Of course numerous hit on one part will eventually overload it and break it down. But it will keep the ship safe and without casualties even if it is hit by a 50Mt nuke and maybe even a 100Mt nuke, but I would not like to bet the farm on it. The main blast will be redirected outward and only about 5to 10Mt with actually hit the ship.”

“Dr Falkernberg are you talking about energy shields?”

“It is similar to energy shield technology, but since we still have only blueprints and we are decades away from deploying it we can only guess the way it will work. Energy shields are believed to work on principal that invincible force field be created by shield generators on board the ship. They are elliptical around the ship and they can stop any kinds of attacks in theory. From missiles, gun batteries, and even energy based weapons. Energy armor we can say it is predecessor to this technology. On standard ship armor we add a new layer of this powered by energy layer. And it protects the ship. Once breached the standard armor continues until is breached as well.”

“Hmm, and how long you need to create this technology?”

“That depends Sir. We can finish and install antimatter engines on say the Theseus, since she was mostly a test-bed ship. If everything goes right, we can continue work on the armor itself.”

“Alright then, if Admiral Thorn approves, you are clear to do it. Keep me informed on your progress.”

Later on way to shuttle bay...

“So what did you say? ask Admiral Thorn

“Well if I said that all that is more or less science fiction, you would say spaceships are science fiction to, and here we are, in space?” Admiral Stryker replies.

“Yes its weird, but with this kind of technology we can strengthen our ships to double no, triple their current defensive strength and with that we can beat the Cylons.”

“If you allow them to install that on your ship fine, and if it works they are free to continue. But if they fail, the project is closed, for now. You see I do not have the resources or the time to work on science fiction, only science fact.”

“You really don’t have science blood in you Mark?” asked Admiral Thorn

“I was never interested in that. But like any good warmonger I like a new toy if it works.” as he smiles

A day later

Outskirts of Aerelon space. A lone raptor sits in the dark of space, and observing the comings and goings of the cylons in the system. There were four baseships on southern quadrant of the planet. One near the captured colonial ships behind the moon, and one closer to planet right on top of the POW camps where the military personnel were being held, as well as the civilian POW camps in the vicinity. Moments later, Warstar Argona, and her escorting Battlestars Minerva, Pleiades and Rycon jump in front of those baseships and start shelling them. A single stealth raptor jumped in range of cylon baseship near the moon and launches four 20Mt nukes, and then jumped away. Since it was a short range and the cylons were taken by surprise they didn’t have a chance. The Ship was hit and blown apart before it could even react.

The Warstar Argona as first capital ship to start jamming of the cylons as soon as she jumped in and all the other ships follow suit. At the same time the Battlestar Atlantis and her two Defender class Gunstars Brusser and Modesto jumps in and started attacking the baseship in orbit. The Baseship immediately reacted and launched dozens and dozens of missiles at Atlantis. But the worst part of it is that they also launch numerous missiles at the surface. Directly at the POW camps!


“My gods, sir they’re launch nuclear missiles at the planet.” Said Commander Heller in panic

“Blast them to hell they waiting us, order the Gunstar Brusser and the ready interceptor raptors to jump into a lower orbit, and try to stop those dam missiles, and launch my vipers now!” Admiral Stryker praying that the Gunstar Brusser will be able to stop the nuke missiles. Or everything that they are doing will be for nothing.


“Colonel, the flagship want us to jump into a lower orbit, to stop those missiles.” said the communications officer

“Frak, initiate combat jump now.” respond Colonel Fincher

Moments later the Gunstar Brusser and the interceptor raptors jumped away and reappear in a low orbit. Atlantis gets several good shots on the baseship tearing her central axis apart, and in a matter of second’s the baseship ceased to exist. But not before it launched a new wave of missiles at Atlantis and all of them are nuclear.

“Sir, the baseship is destroyed, but we have incoming nuclear missiles!” Commander Heller reports

“How many?” asked Admiral Stryker

“Fifteen Sir, all nuclear from the radiation signature.”

“Frak, move Modesto closer and restart point defense grid and fire at will. And tell Major Morales to do her best.”


“Alright people, the boss wants those missiles gone, so let go get them, fire at will.” said Major Kathy ‘Queen Hammer’ Morales while pointing her fighter directly into the path of the missiles.

In few short seconds later, between the vipers and Atlantis and Modesto defense grids destroyed all of them expect for one but it was destroyed personally by the Major herself fifty meters short of the ship.


“Sir all fighters are launched and are intercepting the missiles, but half a dozen are still moving toward the military POW camps.” Reports Lieutenant Ross

“Put us into the missiles path, and concentrate all available fire on those missiles!” said Colonel Fincher

The Gunstar Brusser moved into a new position, it was relatively hard to keep this position because of atmospheric winds, but the defense grid destroyed all but two of the nukes that passed through.

“Frak two are getting through! Sir they will hit us!”

“All hands brace for impact, All Viper and Raptors get clear of the bl...”

Both missiles hit Brusser with their full force. The Old Gunstar did her best but she did not have a chance. She broke into three large sections before she exploded in thousand pieces but she did stop the nukes from hitting their targets on the surface thus saving tens of thousands.


In Atlantis C.I.C everyone were silent, watching the monitors as the explosions of poor old Gunstar was a hard hit for them. Especially for Admiral Stryker, who had lost a few people under his command, but never a whole ship before!

“Gods!” was the only word that were getting out of Commander Heller mouth

It took several seconds before the Admiral broke the silence. Still shocked, he order “Launch the recovery and marine boarding raptors to those ships, and signal the extraction fleet to get a move on as we have a rescue mission. Major Morales and her squadrons will clear the skies for the transports. Now People Move!”

Everyone gets back to life again in Atlantis C.I.C and in a few minutes the extraction ships jumped in and start descending to the planet. While a group of raptors exit the Atlantis bay's and jump to the nearby Battlestars in orbit of the Aerelon moon.

“Tell the surviving fighters from the Gunstar Brusser to land on our decks once their mission is over.” said Admiral Stryker to Commander Heller.

Argona and her fleet destroyed cylons, and since it was a surprise attack the cylons barely launched any raiders. But they did launch missiles, two of them nukes that hit Minerva, but she shrugged them off and continued her mission.

At the same time, a short battle over Caprica was over, with no casualties to the ships. The Cylon baseships were destroyed, as planned all military ships stood in defensive positions in case the Cylons counter attacked while the extraction fleet descends to the planet lead by two Assaultstars and four Colossus heavy transports.


General O'Rilley put his plan in motion the moment the attack started in orbit, and started attacking cylon strongholds on the edge of Caprica city. Blowing the cylon strongpoint’s one by one into little pieces as he did not have to conserve his ammo and weapons any longer. He turned his marines loose on the cylons and it was payback time.


“Blast it, colonial ships just jump in and they took our baseship and they are jamming the entire area, so we can not call for help. And no we cannot send a heavy raider for help either as they destroyed our airbases at the same time they destroyed the baseships.” said one of the Doral’s

“General O'Rilley has started attacking us as well.” one of sixes added

“It will take a hours before those killed will resurrect and we get some reinforcements. We must hold till then.” said one of number four models.

Near Caprica

Four Gunstars and a Cradle dock materialize near the intact support dock. The Gunstars started moving into a defensive position and launched their vipers, while the dock moved intoposition and prepare to transfer the battlestar Sleipnir into the its dock.

To be continued.....
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really good stroy, i was on the edge of my seat for this chap. looking forward to more
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Really liking your story... keep up the good work.
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Firestorm Part 2

Time plus 25 minutes:

Twenty five minutes has passed since the start of attacks at Aerelon and Caprica. The extraction of the civilian and military POW’s from Aerelon and Caprica was well underway and proceeding as planned. All four of the captured colonial warships, the Battlestars Vanguard and Chimera and the two Berzek class support ships Glacier and Tigon have been manned with the military POW’s and jumped to the designated location of cradle docks. While they are there they are going thru a complete inspection to remove any remaining Cylon troops and traps on board and they will be getting new programming and safeguards to replace the CNP program.

On Aerelon time plus 30 minutes:

All 200,000 civilians have been evacuated from planet. The 32,200 surviving Military POW’s personal were loaded aboard the recaptures warships as well. It was found that the highest ranking POW was Admiral Kelly Sounders who survived the capture of his Battlestar and was in one of the POW camps. Admiral Stryker gave orders for all ship to jump and join him in Caprica orbit except for the civilian ships which jumped to the rally point to join the fleet gathering there so that the cylons could be weeded out before the trip to the Red Horse Nebula where the next stage of the trip would be planned and executed.

Picon – Cylon Command Baseship

“Number One we have lost contact with both Aerelon and Caprica over thirty minutes ago.” said a four

“What do you mean we lost contact?” ask Jack Cavil

“Lost it! As in it seems those two planets are being jammed. We can’t get in touch with anyone there.” responded the four again

“Send the heavy raiders to find out what is going on. I want to know what is going on as soon as possible as this may be the colonial attack I have been expecting.”

Caprica Orbit time plus 40 minutes:

It is rushed to say the least in and around Caprica’s orbit. Civilian ships have already landed on the surface of the planet and are picking up survivors. So far over 600,000 have made it to the evacuation ships and are on the way to rally point one. Two dozen new civilian ships jumped to Caprica to help with the extraction of as many civilians from here as possible. General O'Rilley continues his fight against the Cylons and with help of the vipers and armed raptors from the fleet in orbit the Colonial forces have push the Cylons back into smaller and smaller pockets around the capital, and some of the other major cities and they were losing a lot of centurions in the process. The Cradle dock ship ordered to pick up the Sleipnir class Battlestar has already move the half finished battlestar into its dock and has jumped away to the rally point.


“Sir Cradle 1 and her escorts just jumped out and they have the battlestar Sleipnir and a lot of supplies for the dock she was in. From what I can see of the inventory it will be more than enough to finish her and then some. If I may make a suggestion Sir, I would suggest that we have the tugs grab as many of the wrecked Battlestars and Gunstars and place them in the dock and then jump all of it to the rally point with the tugs FTL units. With a little bit of time we may be able to convert the dock into a mobile dock and even if they ships cannot be repaired they can be scrapped for the resources.” Commander Heller reports

“That is a very good idea. Get the tugs on it ASAP. What are statuses of the evacuation and the reactivation of the defensive satellites?” asked Admiral Stryker

“Sir we have over 600,000 evacuated so far. General O'Rilley has already started rallying his troops, and he is also bringing his tanks, a lot of Landrams and Phoenix VTOLS with him. I might say he would like to use them on Cylons on other colonies as well.”

“If we get time he will have that chance to do just that in the future. Right now we need to speed this up as the Cylons can be here any time now. And I do not want any of our ships sitting on the surface if we can help it.”

“I doubt they would attack us here Sir? There is too many Battlestars and Gunstars in orbit and the defensive station and satellites, and all are in a position to repel just such an attack.”

“You forget Commander that is what we thought about Virgon with Admiral Nagala and the fleet and he had a lot more warships than we do. And this is not going to be a straight up fight if I can help it. We are going to use guerilla warfare against the cylons and we will only attack them only when the advantage is ours as we cannot replace our losses as fast as they can. The cylons still have large force here in the Cyrannus system. So we are outnumbered and outgunned by a factor of four or more to one. And do not forget that we planned to leave in Caprica in fifteen more minutes, and if we stay longer it will only be because the cylons are giving us that extra time.” The Admiral said without hesitation, knowing that his order can leave untold thousands on the surface to the mercy of the Cylons.

A lone heavy raider jumped to the edge of Caprica space. For a few moments it scanned Caprica and the fleet in orbit and then jumps away to Aerelon to do the same.

“What is it Commander?” ask Admiral Styker seeing that the Commander is somewhat depressed.

“Sir my family lives on the Tibertus continent of Caprica, near the main Tibertus mountain range. They have a cottage there.”

“You think they are still alive?”

“I don’t know sir, I simply don’t know.”

“Alright, Lieutenant lets send a raptor to the Tibertus mountain range. The Commander can give you the coordinates so that raptor can start a search for survivors. If they are alive they will be rescued Commander.” said the Admiral

“Thank you sir.”

“Don’t think about it. I would do this for any of my crew. Lieutenant, send a message to all our raptors and relay the order to other ships in the fleet. I want every single survivor off the surface as soon as possible. And any ship that is already full is to jump to the rally point as soon as they are full and safe to jump, that do not need to wait for my orders to do so.”

“Yes sir.”

Time plus 60 minutes:

“Sir we just had a boogie jump out on dradis!” said the Dradis officer

“What do you mean had?” ask the Admiral

“Our sensors detected a FTL jump point. Something small has jumped out, my guess would be a raider or heavy raider.” The dradis officer respond

“But how did we not detect it sooner?”

“I don't know Sir, but I believe it must because it was on the very edge of our dradis range and moved in from there.”

“Blast, that mean we don’t have much time. Send the evacuation orders to all ships to begin the withdrawal from the surface, I do not want any ships on the ground. We will continue with raptors and FTL shuttles only. Orders to all Battlestars, they are to launch their ready reserves vipers and to get ready for a Cylon attack with Basestars, raiders and heavy raiders using nukes. All of the defensive stations and satellites are ready and should jump at this time. The tugs need to secure from salvage operation and jump the damaged dock and the salvaged ships out ASAP. May the lord of Kobal be kind to us this day and give me a little more time to ”

Picon – Cylon Command Baseship

“The heavy raiders just returned. And they are reporting a large colonial force is currently over Caprica. There is nothing in orbit of Aerelon but the wreckage of our Baseships and raiders. The captured war ships and survivors in the POW camps are gone as well as the defensive stations and satellites.” One of the six's reported

“How many ships, and what type, and how did they remove the defensive stations and satellites?” ask Gary Doral

“Well that is not very hard to figure out. They simply cleared the CNP program and used the FTL units on the larger defensive stations to jump them to who knows where, and the smaller defensive satellites they simple docked with the main defensive stations for the jump. It would only takes a crew of ten to man the stations with a skeleton crew, but as many as 500 to 1500 could be placed onboard. And let us not forget that each of the 6 stations and the 36 smaller anti-missile, raider satellites have the same firepower of a mercury class battlestar.”

“Currently at Caprica there are at least twelve Battlestars, two Warstar and at least six Gunstars, there could be more on the other side of the planet but the heavy raider did not stay long enough to find out. Plus there is a large number of civilian ships that have landed on the planet surface as well as others in orbit, so now we know why they were gathering so many old ships from all over the colonies. Some of the civilian ships were jumping out after our raider arrived so it seems that they are either evacuating survivors or bring in more to the surface. And if the defensive stations from Aerelon joining those at Caprica they can add the equivalent firepower as at least 12 Mercury’s to the ships they have in orbit.” said the Six

“Frak!!! What about our forces on ground?” ask Jack Cavil

“No response, the colonials are jamming the entire system.” Six responded

“So your plan isn't going as you planned it?” said Gary Doral watching Cavil face

“Actually I expect this, as I said before I was waiting for the Colonial to make the first move, and they just did. I expected correctly that they would hit Caprica first, because a vast majority of the survivors are on that colony. I didn’t however expect their attack on Aerelon. Blast we lost all four of the captured ships there and it looks like they also removed all six of the large defensive satellites when they left as well, and we can assume that they will do the same at Caprica if we give them the time, and we cannot give them more time.” said Cavil

“In short it didn’t work as you planned.”

“No Gary it is not, but nevertheless this can actually work into our own favor.”

“And would you mind sharing with the rest of us how this is in our favor?” Gary persistently asked

“They believe that even with those ships and defensive stations that they will be safe. But there is no safe place for them. We will attack and destroy them piece by piece, but that is all in good times. We waited long enough for them to lead us to their hidden base or planet that they are hiding at. I want every colonial ship that tries to reach any of the other colonies to be intercepted and destroyed. I think we have given them more than enough time and resources. And now it is time to start taking it away.” Said Cavil

“Do you realize that if you brother learns that you allow more than two million people to survive that you are going to be boxed, or worse erased, you know that John don’t take failures very well.” said Gary

“I am quit familiar with my brothers methods. But since this is my playground I make the rules. Every ship you find you must destroy it, until we are able to find their main staging ground and to attack them.”

“What about Caprica. We need to send ships and to destroy them or at least destroy most of their military forces?” said one of threes.

“Yes, I believe that would be proper course of action. But we don’t know if this fleet in orbit of Caprica is all they got. There are too many civilian ships out there that survived and the last count put the number at a little over ten thousand ships still not accounted for. And yes I know that we are finding and destroying or capturing an average of six civilian ships each day but that still leaves a lot of ships out there. And lets not forget that both of the Aerelon and Virgon Guards ships are still not present here, or accounted for since the attacks. And this leads me to the conclusion that the colonials have more ships somewhere, and by this I mean more military ships.” Cavil explained

“Jack has a point, there can be more colonial ships just waiting us to attack their force in orbit of Caprica. And when we do, they will jump in on top of us. We have already lost too many ships and thanks to John we can’t build that many ships to replace those destroyed.” Said one of two's

“From the start of our attack on the humans you as your brothers were all for the need that all humans need to be exterminated, to destroy them in one single attack. Since when have you started to be so patient.” ask a three

“Because I am not as arrogant or as aggressive as my brother John, after all I’m using my brain much more than my brothers are?”

“Oh I would like to see that for a change.” said a six while a smiling

“Don’t smile to much sister, my brother made the plan for the attack on the humans, but he did not create a plan B in case that his plan failed. I on the other hand have. Yes rushing and trying to find every human ship is almost an impossible task. Too many resources were lost or wasted in the attack on the Colonies, and after that.”

“So you don’t plan to do anything about the Colonial warships currently in orbit of Caprica?” ask Gary

“Actually I do! It’s your mission.” said Jack Cavil

“Mine? What do you mean mine?”

“You will go now to your Dreadstar and its escorting fleet of Basestars, and take back Caprica. Your job is to destroy as many enemy ships you can, but leave the civilian ships untouched as much as possible.”

“It would take twenty minutes to get my ships to Caprica by then Colonials may already be gone.” Gary protested

“That is a risk that you must take, but I doubt that they will go anywhere until you show up and if the Admiral in charge over there is stupid he will stand and fight. And if he stands and fights then this will be over before it even begins. Now GO!”

Gary leaves the command room and he is upset by Jack giving him this kind of mission. He doesn’t like to have to use his basestars to go destroy as many human ships as possible! But the timing of this was not good. This will only reveal his mighty ships to humans, and he didn’t want that, at least not yet.”


“Sir we just got a message from Admiral Thorn, he wanted to inform you that “Operation Black Arrow” just started.” said Commander Heller “By the way Sir what is Operation Black Arrow? I do not remember it being part of the briefs up to this point.”

“That Commander is a small side project planned and commanded by Admiral Thorn. He planned to send the Stealthstar Banshee into Cylon space, and to destroy everything they could in the next month or so before returning to our home base.”

“How can one Stealthstar do that job Sir? I mean even loaded with nukes, she would not survive for very long if the Cylons catch her.”

“Let's hope they don’t then, and besides with at majority of their forces here in the colonies or off chasing the Battlestar Galactica we have a priceless change to destroy their mining, communication, and maybe a shipyard or two. And lets remember that as he puts the heat on the cylons they will have to move more of their ships home which will give us the chance that we need to strike a deathblow to the fleet at Picon.”

“I also don’t understand, we know from our Cylon prisoners where to find the Hub and their large mobile shipyards they have somewhere outside of Cyrannus. What about those assets?” ask Commander Heller

“All in good times, and beside from our communications intercepts we know that the Cylons have moved their Hub into orbit of Picon along with one of their Command Basestars. And there are at least 15 standard Basestars that are guarding the hub. So as soon as we are done here, we will rearm, and repair all of the ships and then we are going to pay Picon and the cylons a visit.”

“Sir, you don't seriously plan on attacking the Cylon forces in orbit of Picon do you?”

“Yes Commander that is exactly what I’m planning on doing. Right now the cylons already know for our little incursion onto Aerelon and Caprica, and they know that we are either taking survivors or setting up shop. It is logical that they will attack to prevent this. And they will attack. But if they have a Command ship at Picon, that is central ship for every Cylon force in this system. If we destroy it and the Hub we will in effect cripple the Cylons for long time. Also we may prevent them for possible future attack on our main fleet.”

Commander Heller was astonished. He noticed that after destruction of the Gunstar Brusser, Admiral Stryker has changed. He has become much darker and more ready to attack the Cylons then he was before. And knowing his tactical knowledge he know that Admiral have good reason for it.

“How many people we have we managed to save so far?” ask the Admiral

“So far all that have made it to the evacuation ships so a little over one point two million so far it would definitely not be comfortable for them, but at least they will survive.” Commander Heller replies

“What about raptors that are searching for people in the rouge areas?”

“They have found a few hundred sir.”

“Your family?”

“Nothing yet Sir.”

“I am sorry Commander.”

“What about General O'Rilley forces?”

“They are finishing their loading the marines into the Assaultstars sir, together with their equipment.”

“Good we are leaving in five minutes.” said Admiral

“But sir our scanning of the planet shows that there is over 150,000 survivors still on the planet.”

“Yes I know, but we cannot stay much longer. And we already are full on almost every ship so we do not have the space even if we have the time. And I do not think that we will have the time. The fleet is to hold their jump clocks at T-Minus 5 seconds. We will pick up as many as we can and put them on the warships.

4 minutes 45 seconds later...

“Sir the last civilian ship has jumped, the defensive stations and satellites are gone, there is only the Assaultstars and the two Colossus left, they just exiting the atmosphere.” said the communications officer

“Good prepare...”

“Dradis hit at six thousand kilometers in front of us!”Yelled the dradis officer

“How many and what is their IFF?”

“There are twelve ships sir and the IFF is…. Colonial Sir! It is the Eleventh Marine Expeditionary Division! IFF codes are confirmed they are ours. Iocaste Actual is on the Alpha channel for you sir.” The communications officer reports

“This is Atlantis Actual to Iocaste Actual, it is good to see you. We do not have much time to talk as I expect the Cylons will be along any time now. We are sending you a set of jump coordinates to jump to and we will meet you there in a few minutes, or as soon as we have recovered the last of our raptors.”

This is Iocaste Actual to Atlantis Actual. We have the Coordinates and will see you on the other side.”

Fifteen second later the Siegstar Iocaste and her marine readiness group jumped to rally point one, and no sooner that they had FTL jumped when the inevitable happens.

“Dradis hit at thirty thousand kilometers in front of us!”Yelled the dradis officer

“There are twenty Basestars and rising sir. The final count is at fifty Basestars Sir!”

“Are they in weapons range?”

“No sir, they will be in less than a minute.”

“Put on them on the main screen, and order all vipers to make combat landings on their Battlestars. Send the word to any raptors to get the lead out and stop what they are doing. If they cannot make it to the Battlestars they can jump to the rally point and we will meet them there.”

Admiral looks on the main screen, and watches a large cylon fleet that is in front of him. He noticed that they are launching raiders, and also there is one very large ship in the middle of the Cylon fleet, much larger than any other Cylon ship, and a pair of smaller but yet bigger than standard baseships. He then realize those ships must belong to guarding fleet of Cylon mobile shipyard.”

“Sir they are launching missiles, I’m counting 10,000 of them, and almost half of them are nukes.” said the dradis officer

“All vipers have finished their combat landings sir.” reports the operations officer

“All ships initiate combat jump now!!! It’s time to go.” said the Admiral

“Time to missiles impact?” the Admiral asked

“40 seconds. Weapons free fire at will”

The Admiral is relieved as that is more than enough time to jump away.

Ship after ship disappeared in bright flashes, after only 10 second only the Atlantis, Polaris and the Assaultstars were left. But soon even they jumps away as well. Seconds after all the ships jumps thousands of missiles past the place where the colonial warships were and enter the atmosphere of Caprica. Many exploded on touch with it, but those that are on relative good course continue descending until they finally hit the ground. Caprica was nuked for the second time in less than two months by the cylons and this time even harder than first time.

Explosions of so many nuclear missiles – many of those in and over 100Mt caused the total destruction of Caprica’s surface. Some nukes hit old dormant volcanoes, initiating them after hundreds of thousands of years of sleep again. In less than an hour after the second nuclear strike, the surface of Caprica was no longer capable of sustain any form of life, from the gasses and ashes, to the strong earthquakes and tidal forces the planet was dead.

Gary Doral watch from the command room of his Dreadstar, angry that he has failed to destroy any of the colonial warship and that he order jump to far from the colonial ships. But also was in shock when he realized what he done to Caprica. He completely forgot to give the order for the self-destruction of the missiles, and the force of almost 10,000 missiles hit the planet, 5,000 of them nukes. Now he initiated a polar shift on Caprica, by awaking several of most dangerous volcanoes on the surface killing all the remaining cylons and humans on Caprica.

“Nice work Gary.” said sarcastically one of the sixes in room

“You finally destroyed a planet, and when Jack find about this, he will be the end of you.”

“I didn’t want this to happen. I wanted only to destroy the colonial fleet as I was commanded to do.” Gary responds still watching the planet. That by now was glowing red with lava flows. He can see that Oceans are slowly disappearing, and large eruptions from all side, consuming what was once the most beautiful planet in Cyrannus system. “My gods, what have I done.”

Gary didn’t realize that it was his ship that actually the most responsible for this, since his ship was the only ship capable of launching the new 250mt nukes except for the command baseship at Picon. It was several of these nukes that set off one of oldest caldera type volcanoes and set it off again.

Of all the colonies, Caprica was now the only one not capable of holding any type of life. Although the changes on Caprica were cataclysmic, they don’t blow the planet to pieces. But Caprica was left a barren volcanic world, with no chance of terra forming. Her entire surface will become one large pool of lava and volcanoes and the oceans are lakes of acid and this will take less than a week.

CYLON SPACE – Stealthstar Banshee

“Sir one of our stealth birds reports a cylon orbital facility and a city on third planet in the Dantius system. It appears that we have found their main system?” said Major Cella

“But we did not find their main ship production facility. They must have moved it closer to the colonies. Never mind we will hit this secondary production facility and those ground stations. That city must be their production and refining factory. What about their defenses?”

“Two Basestars are in orbit and a few squadrons of raiders are on patrol. There are no defense platforms around the facility or the planet. I cannot say what will be on the ground, but we are not getting anything on dradis.”
“Very well, let’s do this quick I don’t want to be here for long. Tell battle raptors 1 thru 4 to jump to baseship alpha and nuke it to hell, battle raptors 5 thru 8 to do the same with baseship beta. And we will deal with the station and any ground forces, and as soon as the baseships explode launch all our vipers to cover us while we are engaging our targets, point defenses are free to engage when we do.”

The Banshee moved forward, thankfully her stealth work fine and the Cylons didn’t detect them. As planned the raptors move from Banshee's bay and jump directly to the Baseships. Both baseships exploded when hit by multiple 10 Mt nukes. The Banshee turn off her stealth and start launching nuclear missiles and firing her guns on the cylon facility in orbit of Dantius. Banshee was a Stealthstar and the only one of her kind ever built. She was saved thank to her previous commander who was killed when several conducts exploded as result of battle damage. She is armed with 16 Battlestar sized KEV turret guns capable of tearing apart a baseship. She also had over 30 missile launchers that could be armed with nukes or other conventional ordnances. And between her 20 vipers and her point defense guns she was a real killer of raiders

The limited point defenses on the cylon facility took down a few of the incoming missiles but a majority of them hit the large cylon production facility destroying it completely. The Banshee then moves forward launching a second volley on the planet annihilating everything on surface as the cylons were taken completely by surprise they did not even get their defenses on line long enough to destroy more than a quarter of the incoming nukes.

And as she came she disappeared like a ghost in the black abyss of space. And for the first time the cylons will know what it is to face fear.

Rally Point Alpha

Already two cradle dockships sit at the designated jump point alpha and both Battlestars that they saved are inside and undergoing a complete search and survey of their charges.

Civilian ships are also present as well as the returning military fleet. In almost thirty minutes of searching the fleet, twenty one cylon was found on board the evacuation fleet and six more in the ships of the Eleventh Marines. And in accordance with the established protocol they are executed. Admiral Styker believed that they cannot find alpha jump point so he was calm when he ordered the executions of all the cylons found in the fleet.


“Sir you better look this.” Commander Heller stated

“This was recorded a few minute ago after our departure from Caprica by our spy satellite in orbit. Please look closely Admiral.”

Admiral Stryker watched in horror as 10,000 missiles struck the planet Caprica herself, some exploding in the atmosphere but a vast majority continued on to the surface. A few seconds later he saw the biggest bombardment in his lifetime. During the first Cylon attack, the Cylons targeted population centers and bases with low yielded nukes to prevent damage to the planets. But now Caprica was being hit by a very large amount of high yield nuclear warheads. The Admiral observed how many of the nukes hit the dormant volcanoes and calderas, waking them up with a catastrophic effect to the rest of the planet.

Commander Heller shifted forward thirty minutes and the entire C.I.C was in shock seeing that Caprica was not as blue as she was before. She was now become a red ball, full of volcanic eruptions, gasses and large waves of water. Those Cylons that were on the planet as well as the remaining stranded humans were already dead or would be in a matter of hours. Nothing would survive on Caprica or live there for millennia, or more.

“They destroyed Caprica.” said one of young female technicians with tears in her eyes.”

Admiral Stryker went to her and said in a loud voice so that the entire C.I.C can hear and opens a channel to the entire fleet.

“We must be strong! Many of you are from Caprica, and many of you had families and homes there that are now gone. If we ever had plans to return here, that plan is now a failure. The Cylons will pay for all of this! They will pay for the destruction of Caprica and for the attempted extermination of the entire human race. We will not stop! I will not stop! Until every last one of them is dead. Now we have work to do and our people to get to Avalon so focus your grief to make sure that we will be ready to destroy the Cylons when the time comes. We will have a lot of work ahead of us and we will need to pick new leaders that understand that this war is all or nothing. We tried it their way and now it will be out turn to do it right, even if it takes a thousand years. We will not forget or forgive! So Say We All!!!”

An additional twenty minutes were needed before all ships are checked for cylons and those ships that were taken from cylons check for traps and possible centurions on board. Ships were cleared of any tracking devices. Still they will spend some time in docks once they return to the Red Horse Nebula just to ensure Admiral Stryker and the other Admirals and Commanders that everything is in order and ready for the upcoming action against the Cylons at Picon.

The Eleventh Marine Expeditionary Division ships were slotted into the fleet and were a welcome site to the civilians and military alike. The Eleventh had escaped the destruction of the fleet and the colonies because they were on a mission to hunt down the belt pirates and destroy their base of operations, a mission that they had succeeded in just before the attack on the colonies. General Conrad Williams wanted to return as soon as the word arrived, but Rear Admiral Johnathan Kincaid talked him out of it as they did not know until after the fight at Virgon how the cylons were shutting down our ships, so they fixed that and started to scout the enemy. After that the Eleventh has waited to join up with a colonial battle group to take the war to the cylons. So it was very fortunate that a raptor was in a potion to see the colonial fleet attacks at Caprica.


“I will kill him!! Who give him permission to take the entire defense fleet to Caprica? And who gives him order to fire on the planet itself? I always knew that he was an idiot, but now this is a record of his stupidity!” said a furious Jack Cavil after finding out what Gary Doral has done to Caprica.

“Relax Jack, he fired on the Colonial fleet, but they jump just before the missiles even touched them.” said one of sixes

“Then why in the god name did he not self-destruct the dam missiles?” ask Jack

“I don't know, he must have forgot to order the self-destruction?” two said

“Really, he forgot to stop 10,000 missiles from hitting the Fraking planet? We lost a lot of our brothers and sisters, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of combat centurions, raider and heavy raiders that were still operational and we lost a perfectly good planet, thanks to that crazy overconfident idiot.”

“Look who's talking, I believe it's you that planned many a plan that failed.” said Gary Doral while entering the room

“You!!! I should order you boxing, no your execution and erasure. I told you not to move your fleet from our shipyard. But no, what did you do, you move entire fleet and bombed Caprica into a useless hell.”

“That is not my fault. The colonial ships jumped away just before the missiles could strike them and they were already at the edge of the atmosphere.”

“Oh now they are guilty did you really expect that they will stay just for you? Just to be hit by your missiles, you are more of a idiot then I though before.” said Jack Cavil

“Well in a few dozen years Caprica will heal itself and we will able to take it again.” it was actually a bluff to calm Cavil, but bluff didn’t work.

“A few dozen years? It will take a thousand if not millions of years for Caprica to be planet capable of sustain life again, you cracked her crust to pieces.” said one of sixes

“Never mind that Caprica it is lost, we have another problem.” said a number three

“I just received a report that our secondary facility and mining city in Dantius system have been destroyed, as well as all the mining outposts in the area.”

“What?? How is that possible? Ask Jack Cavil

“Apparently this ship.” said three while showing the picture of the colonial ship attacking the planet “She is an experimental Stealthstar the Banshee. She destroyed both of the guarding baseships, the secondary shipyards, and the refinery mining city on the planet. Everything is a lost there. I send three baseships, but they didn’t report that anything survived. And everything is a write off. We will have to start from scratch.”

“We also received a reported sighting of the Eleventh Marine Expeditionary Group near the belt, but they were nowhere to be found when the Basestars arrived to investigate.”

“This is just great more frakked up news. And not a single good item in this frakked up day. What do you plan to do next Admiral Stryker?” Jack Cavil was furious, but also in some weird way calm, the colonials just made their move and it was time for him to make his move. But he still did not know where the colonials were.

“I want to double the patrols in orbit around the remaining colonies. We will increase the number of ships in the Cyrannus system and I want the humans to be found. This is getting out of control, and we need to contain it before John returns. We will need to take all of the captured humans and all of the captured ships that are military or civilian to Picon. The POW camps are still in use here so we will use them. This will also give us a central processing station for the medical experiments and then the exterminations. I will also order that all the wrecks and stations around the colonies to be picked up and moved to Picon and this will stop the constant raids by the colonials that are still out there. We will at some point have to bring the defensive stations and satellites to Picon as well. So as we clear a colony and declare it safe and human free we can move everything down to housekeeping levels and concentrate our forces, this will give us less to protect and may allow us to set a trap by leaking some information to the colonials that we have all of their people at Picon.”

“We need to, wait a second? This was your plan and you let the colonials to expand. To find so many more usable warships and civilian ship, and they took two Battlestars and two supplies ships that were in mint condition. So you give them a chance to fight Jack, and now you expect us to fix your mistake.” said a six

“Shut up, and do as I told you, if John returns and see all this, not only be me who will be in trouble.”


Admiral Stryker stand on the observation deck watching the fleet, it was something that he did almost every day. The mission went well, but he lost a Gunstar and the planet itself. Not to mention the 150,000 plus people were left on the surface to die when the missiles hit it. The Cylons maybe didn’t have the intention of destroying Caprica, but they did it. That big Cylon ship would be a huge threat to the fleet, and a after action report showed that the nukes were not of the standard size. From the size and from shown capabilities to launch hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of missiles it make it deadliest thing ever build by the Cylons. It must be destroyed. But first he will deal with something much more real the Cylons Picon fleet. As he understood it, that was the command fleet. If he destroys that fleet and that resurrection hub that that cylons kept in Picon orbit, then they might cripple the cylons for some time. His thoughts are stopped when Admiral Kelly Sounders got closer and called out to him.

“I really didn’t have a chance to thank you for rescuing us Mark.” Admiral Sounders states

“You don’t need to Kelly.” replies Stryker

“Well thank you again. And when the hell did you become an Admiral? The last time I checked, you were given command of Atlantis, and you were still a Commander.”

“That is a long story that I can sum up with two words “Admiral Nagala.” So how the hell did you end up in that POW camp?” asked Stryker

“I was on board the Battlestar Chimera at the time of the attack on my way to Virgon to meet with Admiral Nagala and the Command staff. My ship was in for refit at that time at Scorpia. And we were intercepted by the Cylons, and when Commander Beltran gave the order to engage the baseship, the ship just shut its self off. The Cylons then send us a message that if we resisted, we all would die. I didn’t want to lose anyone on board, because it would be impossible to stop them. So I order our surrender. They move us to the prison camp on Aerelon. Together with the remaining crew of the Battlestar Vanguard.”


“Yes, well apparently after been disabled the Vanguards Commander refused to surrender and they engaged in a bloody fight with the Cylon centurions. They fought well, but they were outnumbered. The Cylons programmed their Centurions with special instructions to fire on any human with a weapon. After losing half of the ship remaining crew dropped their weapons and surrender, but for his insolence the entire command staffs of Vanguard were executed. The cylons were able to find two Berzek class support ship in a small dock in orbit of Aerelon, they take those ships and put them near the Battlestars in orbit of Aerelon moon so they could keep a eye on them.”

“How did the cylons treat the prisoners?” ask Stryker

“There were 50,000 military personnel in the beginning. They were mostly picked up from wrecked ships, and from the damaged stations. A week later a strike was started, and a massive escape from the POW camps started. During the fight over 3,000 peoples were killed, and a additional 10,000 were executed in the next two weeks as examples and for a variety of experiments. The rest died with time. Only those 32,000 that you picked up survived.”

“I must say I was in shock when I saw multiple ships landing all around us, and then the raptors and vipers buzzing all around us was a site to see. I have a question for you? Shortly before we were rescued we saw a large explosion in the skies. What was that?”

“That was the Gunstar Brusser, as we jump into Aerelon orbit, the Basestars that were keeping an eye on the POW camps launched nukes on you. The Brusser and her vipers and raptors escorts tried to stop those nukes, they succeeded but the Brusser and her crew paid the price.” said Styker

Admiral Sounders saw on the face of Stryker that he don’t want to talk about it so only said “You have gathered a large fleet at this hidden base, so whatever are you going to do you have my support.”

“Thank you Kelly, so did you find a ship for yourself? asked Stryker

“Yes, I think I will make the Battlestar Rycon my flagship.” said Admiral Sounders

“Good, she is a fine ship with a experienced crew.”

“So what is your next plan?” ask Admiral Sounders

“Well I need to get the Command staffs together so we can make our plans for the attack at Picon. The Cylons have moved their resurrection HUB and their fleet Command Basestar is there. If we can destroy those two units we will stand a chance to end the cylons overconfidence and their suicidal attacks. It will give us the breathing room we need to save more of our people and get them to Avalon. and if the gods are with us at some point in the near future we will be able to go on the offensive and take the war to the cylons.”

“Picon, so that is where the cylon command ship and hub is. I would not have believed it if I not read the reports your staff provided and talked to the cylon information sources that you have in the brig here at the base. And you know that the generals will want to get in on the action?”

“Yes it is, and we will attack them very soon and if we do this right we will be able to put a lot of pressure on the cylons. After the attacks at Picon we are leaving the Cyrannus system for Avalon. Let set up a meeting for 1800 tomorrow and get all the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer of the warships and the Generals and Colonels with their staffs together so we can plan this out.”

A few hours later


“Come in.” said Admiral Stryker after hearing knock on his doors.

Doors open and Colonel Belzen enters the room.

“Ah Colonel, good to see you are up and about. Please come in and sit.”

“Thank you Sir, You want to see me.”

“Yes I do, I see you are much better and since I’m short on qualified officers you are back on duty. And before you ask I also have a job for you. You are hereby order to take onto yourself the command of the Battlestar Vanguard.” said Admiral Styker giving commander insignias to the now shocked Colonel.

“Thank you Sir!” was all that Commander Belzen said and then saluted.

“Report to the Vanguard in the morning and keep her safe Commander.” said the Admiral and salute back.

“One more thing Commander, very soon I’m planning to send a small fleet in search of the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus, the Vanguard will lead that fleet and you will have a arrest warrant to serve to Admiral Cain. You have your order for now so that is all. I’ll see you tomorrow at the staff planning meeting.”


Battlestar Caprica jumps into the system following the trail of the Gunstar group. After the jump Commander Erickson was in shock when he realizes that he is surrounded by Gunstars and that they are all ready to fire at him.

“Commander the lead Gunstar is demand to that we send our authentication code.”

“Send it, now ensign.” said Erickson


“Colonel we have received the proper codes sir and it is the Caprica.” said the communication ensign

“So it’s the Battlestar Caprica that has been shadowing us for the last few days, and we thought it was the cylons.” Said Colonel Stone

“What do we do now sir?” ask the XO

“Sir the Caprica is sending a large amount of information and it seems that there are a lot of colonial ships that have survived, and that they are in Red Horse Nebula.”

“I be dammed, ok signal the Caprica we will follow them in. Order the other Gunstars to form up on the Caprica.”

Caprica stalked this group for three days. She believed it might be the remaining Gunstars. When the decision was made and she jumped into the middle of them. Seven of the ten survived and all with some kind of damage. The Defenders were the Palmer, Caron, Edenton, Howler, Brooks. And the Strikers was Adamant and the Command Titan II is the Avalanche.

This is a list of all the Fleets assets after Firestorm Part II

Military Section

BATTLESTARS (23 in total)
Mercury class: Atlantis (2410), Polaris (2250), Trinity (2100) (under repairs), Vanguard (2100), Chimera (2100)
Minerva class: Minerva (2500), Pleiades (2500), Hades ( 2250)
Valkyrie class: Valkyrie (1520), Poseidon (1510), Caprica (1480)
Skinfaxi class: Concordia (2200), Sleipnir – undergoing final construction on Eternity
Durga class: Victorious (2300)
Heracles class: Titan (2305) Columbia II subtype
Columbia II class: Athena (2320), Cerberus (2200), Rycon (2400), Phoebe (2200 under refit).
Theseus class: Theseus (2150)
Geneva class: Freedom (2000), Independence (2000) half of military personal were moved to man other ships.

Andraste class: Argona (4000)
Daedalus class: Daedalus (3100)

Hoplite class: Hoplite (1200), Venitrix (1200)
Indomitable class: Admiral Greer (800), Hood (800), Indomitable (800)

Cataphract class: Cataphract (850), Javelin (850), Aether (850), Adder (850)

Titan II class: Avalanche (920), Stiletto (800), Thaddeus (800), Calamity (744), Sturgeon (800), Stargazer (800), Redeemer (820), Albatross (802), Resurgence (800), Avenger (710), Aggressive (805).
Vigilant class: Sournier (450), Hale (450)
Striker class: Striker (900), Avarice (900), Starfury (900), Adamant (890)
Cygnus class: Styx (700), Hates (700), Hellion (700)
Miranda class: Miranda (450)
Defender class: Tigris (550), Claw (550), Storm (550), Altair (459), Modesto (551), Hook (500), Taurus (550), Harpy (550), Raven (520), Tower (450), Fury (502), Conflict (500), Peacekeeper (500), Tiber (500), Arachnid (500), Lauder (500), Lake (500), Palmer (480), Caron (500), Edenton( 400), Howler (440), Brooks (400)

Byzantine class: Byzantine (500), Persia (500) Agamemnon (500), Ares (500), Argos (500)

Banshee class: Banshee (800)

Harrier class: Harrier (800), Crasher (820)
Fury class: Aventine (400), (plus 4) ( remaining four were in storage on Unity).

ASSAULTSTARS (6) (1 ½ Divisions of Marines)
Forseti class: Forseti (1000 + 5000), Dillinger (1000 + 5000)
Iocaste class: Iocaste (2500 +10000)
Lancer class: Grievance (700 +1250), Vengeance (700 + 1250)
Hector class: Minotaur (2500 + 8000), Hermes (2500 + 8000)

Phalanx class: Phalanx (400) Gauntlet (400), Gearing (400), Anubis (400), Archer (400)
Tiger II class: Panther (1000), Jaguar (1050), Hyena (1050), Puma (1010), Wildcat (1000), Leopard (1050) – the remaining six were on Hera and Eternity in storage.

Hawkeye class: Hawking (700), Star Rider (700), Danton (690), Strident (690), Buzzard (690), Tawern (700)(Plus 10 remaining ships in storage on Unity).

Berzerk class: Sandstorm (1050), Tauron (1020), Echelon(900), Gurdian(910), Glacier (1000), Tigon (1000)
Vanguard class: Arakiel (600)
Dagger class: Dagger (350), Hunter (350), Crossbow (350), Persy (350) Gimble (350), Artemis (350),
Avenger (350), Baldr (350), Ceros (350)

Hesphaestus class: Hesphaestus (3000), Forge (3015), Starbridge (3400)
Cradle class: Cradle 1 (2500), Cradle 2 (2500), Cradle 3 (2500)
Unity class: Unity (12540), Eternity (12000)
Olympia class: Olympia (7000)
Hera class: Hera (3000)

Searcher class: Everest (600), Star Chaser (600), Wisdom ( 700), Night Shadow (640), Vision (900)

Civilian Section

27 Mining ships: Calcutta (450), Tartans (500), Echo (400), Stride (400), Wind Fury ( 450), Black Elk (500), Mining Dreamer (490), Collar (400), Erbil (440), Tauron Miner 4 (500), Tauron Miner 7(400), Carol (440), Dark Miner (440), Falk (400), Caprican Miner (540), Miner 7 (400), Miner 8 (400), Miner 15 (450), Miner 18 (400), Miner 20 (400), Howard (450), Blacken (340) , Cotani (300), Sandler (350), Erin (330), Valiant (360), Miner Heaven (300)

12 Refinery ships: Taren (600), Tylium Maker (509), Tylium Maker 8 (450), Batista (550), Saladin (800), Aventis (600), Fusilier (550) ...

5 Medical Transports: Miracle (980), Hiding Star (850), Wallace (900), Mercurial (850), Demonical (800)

3 Medical Ships: Mercy (900), Forgiveness (890), Brightstar( 990)

1 Henchantories colony ship: 60,000

2 Colossus heavy military transport ships: 60,000

24 Colonial Heavies transports (Different versions): 70,000
7 Mobile shipyards: 60,000

230 Freighters: 450,000

35 Cold Storage ships: 12,000

154 Luxury Liners: 300,000

5 Prison Ships: 20,000 (3,500 prisoners)

21 Agricultural Ships: 130,000

30 Research Ships: 60,000

9 Recycling ships: 1,000

90 Heavy Cargo ships: 205,000

42 Standard Passenger Lines: 47,000

12 Supply ships: 30,000

56 Colonial Mover transports: 120,000

2 former training ships: 40,000

12 Flattops : 30,000

62 Civilian transports: 156,000

7 Cloud type luxury liners: 130,000

14 Tanker ships: 7,000

In total there are over 2,650,000 survivors and growing....

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Nicely done. :)
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“Plans in Motion”

There was dozens and dozens of officers sitting and waiting for important meeting to start in Olympia station meeting room. The Commanders officers and Executing officers from all the military ships were participating in this session. The only civilian was Jason Campus from Quorum of Twelve.

Admiral Stryker enters the room followed by Admirals Thorn and Sounders. After they sit on their place in middle Stryker starts.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, as you all know by now, the Cylons destroyed Caprica and whether it was by mistake, or with purpose we do not know. They are also aware of our military strength in ships, but not of our plans. Our losses during the evacuation of our people were thankfully minimal with the loss of one Gunstar. But we did save over a million people.”

Admiral Stryker stands and starts walking around. “Now lies the question as to what do we do now? What is the next course of action that we need to do? And the answer to that question is this. We will proceed as planned to Avalon. We must move our main civilian fleet out of here to safety. After many hours of discussion and planning, Admiral's Thorn, Admiral Sounders and I came up with this. Twelve of our Battlestars and both our Warstars will stay behind to do one last attack in colonial space on the cylons. We will strike at Picon. This strike into the heart of Cylon forces here in colonial space. And rest of military units will proceed together with civilians, shipyards and our other assets to the Avalon.

“Twelve of our Main line Battlestars and our only two Warstars? Are you mad Admiral?” ask delegate Campus

“Yes delegate Campus I am, but I also forget to mention that we will take all three of the Cradle type mobile docks and the newcomers, the Eleventh Marine Expeditionary Division as well.”

The face of delegate Campus lost all of its color. It was quite obvious that delegate Campus was furious.

“The quorum will not allow this Admiral!” said Campus

“Delegate Campus, I do not have time to argue with you or the other delegates. You are here only because I allow it, and you will not interfere with a military decision.” Said Stryker with anger

“No, but if military decisions bring civilians into danger, then yes!” stated Delegate Campus

“I assure you delegate, you have more than enough military ships to be protected, hundreds and hundreds of vipers and raptors. The Unity and Eternity, the strongest and biggest units ever built by the Colonial Navy and beside Admiral Sounders will lead all of you back to Avalon. And once we are done with the attack on the Cylons we will rejoin the civilian fleet.”

“And what if cylons attack the main fleet, and military assets assigned to protect the fleet are not be enough?”

“It will be. This mission is very dangerous, we saw that they had over fifty baseships in one fleet, plus two or three command versions and that big one, but we plan this very well planned delegate. Add that to the fact that our attack will draw all the available Cylons forces to us and away from you.” and after saying that the admiral turn to all those in room.

“We know that the entire Picon defense grid survived the attack, since the cylons shut it down with the CNP virus. This fact also gives us a surprise for the Cylons that they will not be expecting. The Cylons would not believe that we can reactivate the defense grid, since there is no way that we can get near to the mainframe on Picon, not that that matters since Picon control was nuked during the attack. However with the help we have received from our Cylon agents we can now use the back door the cylons used to hack the stations. With the program they have helped us develop we can bring them back online in auto mode, thus eliminating need to crew them. Remember that stations were constructed can be used in automatic, or in manual when they had a crew on board. So when the stations reactivate the IFF software will lock onto the cylons ships and attack.”

“With the entire grid activated we can decimate the cylon fleet. Now our latest recon identified there are 22 modern Basestars, 1 Command Basestar, 10 Patrolstars, and the Resurrection Hub. And of course there are a lot of raiders and heavy raiders.”

Under normal conditions 12 Battlestars and 2 Warstars would be more than enough to deal with twice of that number of basestars, but since we do not know how many ships they have in vicinity and how fast they can redeploy reinforcements, this attack must be made with a degree of caution. The plan is to surgically strike from two different sides. We will be pushing them slowly and deliberately back against the defense platforms while allowing our Raptors to get closer to defense platforms and turn them on. We can do that from Battlestars but there will be a good chance that cylons will jam us just as much as we will be jamming them.

We have already infiltrated stealth raptors into five of the command platforms, and the teams are getting them online in secret, with those five repaired and reprogrammed can be ready at same time we attack Picon. The fleet hitting the cylons from the front, and platforms will hit them from the back.

A selected group of raptors will be deployed to destroy the hub or at least disable it as soon as battle starts. The ships that will participate in this mission are the Battlestars Atlantis, Polaris, Vanguard, Chimera, Theseus, Athena, Titan, Freedom, Minerva, Hades, Pleiades, Victorious and the Warstars Argona and Daedalus. The rest of the Battlestars, Gunstars and other warships will stay with the fleet, and the Battlestar Rycon will lead the civilian fleet to Avalon, until Atlantis and the other Battlestars return, presuming that we survive. That is all for now any questions?”

“What are the chances are that we win this fight against the cylons at Picon?” asked Commander Elkins

“As I stated, under normal circumstances we would have at least 30 Gunstars that would provide us with superior anti-air and missile defense. And since civilian fleet is very large, it needs a lot of support ships to protect it. So the Gunstars are going to be left behind with the fleet. So to answer on your question Commander, I cannot guarantee that all of our ships will return. If we strike them as it is planned, we should have the upper hand and blow them to pieces fast, presume we jam them right and no reinforcements gets to Picon in time. In a fight a battlestar is much stronger than any cylon baseship. But their heavy raiders and raiders can be a pain in the ass if they are armed with nukes, and I bet that some of them are.

Once the attack start's, our ships moving in groups of five except for the Daedalus and Argona they will lead the attack together with Theseus and Atlantis. Majority of our fighter squadrons will be engaging cylon raiders while rest of the fighters and anti-fighter Raptors will stay near Battlestars to provide cover."

For another half hour the Admirals share their plans and after all questions were answered, meeting is finally over.

"Well that was not so bad, with the usual exceptions from delegate Campus" said Thorn

"I am not surprised, he has the rights to be concerned about this plan. If we failed and we lost our attack force, and the civilian fleet will have a much smaller military fleet to defend itself, and yes I know there are a lot of assets in still in the fleet, but still he is a civilian and has a right to be scared after what happened to the colonies."

"Are you planning to cancel the mission?" Admiral Thorn asks

"No, no, we proceed with mission as it is planned. With the Warstars and all those Battlestars we might even succeed in brining cylons to their knees in the short term at least, and should buy us the time to set up the colonies defenses and start building a fleet of ships."

"Presume that we succeed, do we have time to get survivors from Picon?"

"Unfortunately, no. They must hold on as best as they can for now. Right now the fleet is overpopulated so if we want to save more people, we should be placed on the military ships, and that is may not be possible. Once the fleet reach Avalon and unload the survivors to the surface we can mount a fleet that can come back and try to save as many of remaining survivors. The only thing I can do for them if we have time will be to send them all the weapons, food, and medicine that we can spare to give them a better chance to fight back until we return. And I will need to talk to the General to see about leaving some marines to assist the defenders on the ground."

"You are aware that more than half of them would die before the fleet returns."

"I know and we cannot do a thing for them, we simply don’t have room, and even if we have, basic needs that each human need like food, water, hygienic, would not support them all. We have over 2.5million people in fleet, and it will be a miracle if all of them get to the Avalon safely."

"I understand, just it is hard to left them to die"

"As i said we can’t do nothing for them, we must concentrate on that what is in front of us, and that is saving our people in the fleet, getting them to Avalon and kick some Cylon asses at Picon. With the weapons, food, and medicine and the damage we may be able to do to any cylon bases on the planet it will take the cylons many months to just replace their losses and restart their attacks on Picon. If we time this right we can return before they get to far."

Before Thorn replies, a lieutenant stop them in one corridor that leads to C.I.C.

"What is it lieutenant?" ask Stryker

"Sir we received word from station brig and two of the cylons are dead, actually they kill themselves."

"What??, how is that possible?"

"Apparently sir, they awoke earlier, so they did not get the sedatives in time, and they get their chance to kill themselves."

"My, gods,. We must act now." said Thorn

Few minutes later both Admirals enter the Olympia C.I.C.

"Ensign, put me through on fleet wide." said the Admiral and then taking the his microphone

"This is admiral Stryker, to all units in fleet, Initiate "Code Black", I repeat initiate Code Black".

"What is going on sir?" ask Commander Coven

"Two cylons just kill themselves, meaning when they resurrect the Cylons will know our location, so prepare all ships to move to evacuate points and to prepare to jump to the Alpha coordinates."

"What about the rest of the cylons?"

"Dump them out a airlock, but do it fast! The only survivors will be those few that are actively working with us."

Code black was an order used in case the enemy was overrunning or compromised the defending position of the fleet. It impelled a retreat of all surviving units, military and civilian from the battle zone. Although their position has not been attacked yet, it is compromised. While the tunnel that leads to the open space is only open way out of the nebula, it is not the only way out. Stryker knows, that is where the cylons will attack directly so as to destroy the fleeing ships, Evanesce Plato was the only cleared zone inside the nebula from where ships can jump in or jump out. And only the high Colonial Command knows of it, since it was never placed in any of the defense data bases.

It didn’t take long before ships of all sizes start moving to the Plato, surrounded by military units for protection. Hera station is attached to the Eternity, becoming part of it for the entire journey back to Avalon, and Olympia was scheduled to go last, together with Battlestars Atlantis, Theseus acting as a rear guard.

Thirty minutes later. More than half of the ships have already jumped to the Alpha coordinates, and the rest were following. All the perimeter defense stations were picked up and stored on Unity and Eternity leaving only mine fields in the tunnel. The Battlestar Valkyrie that was to guard the entrance starts slowly moving to the Plato, leaving behind sensor buoys at the very edge of entrance to watch for the cylons.


"Sir, 60% of the fleet has already jumped, and it will take at least 10 minutes for the rest of the fleet to jump. Olympia station is also moving towards the Plato." Commander Heller reports

"What about the shipyards?" ask Stryker

"Both Unity and Eternity are moving to the Plato, they will be in place to jump in next 7minutes, however, due large amount of ships been repaired, and refitted and stored, and with Hera station, Eternity is going slower, and still both shipyards need at least 10 more minutes to have their jump engines 100 percent."

Unity and Eternity both have large gigantic jump engines, but it took almost five minutes to charge for a single jump. While Olympia needed at least 20 minutes to charge for the jump. All three Battlestars had already charges their FTL engines while on the way to Plato, so that once they arrive they can jump instantly.

"There is also incoming message from the Valkyrie sir, they reported that 20 baseships just jump in near the entrance of the nebula."

"Hm, already, we don’t have much time, tell everyone to boost their engines to maximum. I want Theseus, Valkyrie, Vanguard and Hades to form formation once they arrive at Plato. We will do the same, nothing get's trough till last ship jump out, is that clear?"

"Yes sir"

"We know that radiation from this nebula is poisonous for Cylons, do you think they will attack?" ask Commander Heller

"Hmm, i don’t know, they can wait and blockade the entrance, or they can send raiders in to chase us out. I am sure in this second is the most likely so let’s launch our vipers to say hello to them if they do, and have all the other ship to do the same. How we are going?"

"Well majority of fleet will be out in next ten minutes, but Olympia will need a little longer."

"Sir, our sensor buoys in tunnel detecting large number of raiders ships entering sir!" reports the dradis officer.

"Blast, Colonel Slater, what military ship besides the defensive formations are still here?" asked Admiral Stryker

"There is the Assaultstar Forseti and two Titan class Gunstars, but they will jump in a few minute."

"Hold them. Tell them to connect with Olympia, and tell Valkyrie to do the same. We will use their own engines to boost Olympia to jumping position."

"Yes sir, relaying the orders now"

The Assaultstar Forseti and the two Gunstars start moving to the station, joined by battlestar Valkyrie. It took almost ten minutes before they reach station and connect to her. In mean time, the enemy raiders are already fighting their way down the tunnel toward the place where colonial ships have been for the last few months. After short scan they pick up the colonial ship near the Plato, and start moving rapidly with orders to destroy everything in their path.

But they didn’t go far, while moving to engage battlestars, they were engaged from both sides by vipers that were deployed there to attack them from the flanks once the cylon fighters passed. A major dog fight starts. Sensor buoy at the entrance again send a warning signal again, more raiders, and this time baseships as well.

Baseship 114

"So we have found where they have been hiding" said one of number fours

"Yes but looks like they are escaping, if we only knew that there is was a zone in nebula where ships can jump out and in, we would have had them." number six responds "Jack won't be happy when we said that colonials escape"

"They won’t escape" said number three

"It's appears you were wrong they are escaping, they have left several Battlestars to confront us and to give time for remaining ships to escape, raiders won’t do much, and our baseship won’t get there in time, and did I forgot to tell you that this nebula is deadly to us." said number two

"At least we will try and destroy some of those Battlestars." number four stated persistently


"Sir, Olympia is closing to the Plato they will jump in several minutes, all other ships are gone including the shipyards." Commander Heller Reports

"Good, signal to rest of the ships we are falling back to Plato."

Atlantis and rest of the force start turning towards the Olympia which has already reach her destination and in blink of the eye she jumps away. Leaving only the defensive forces behind and now it was a running battle, vipers still engaged into deadly dog fights with the raiders, but also covering the fleeing Battlestars, until finally Admiral Stryker gives the order for all vipers to return to their ships and make combat landings.

"Sir we are approaching the Plato, commencing jump countdown, T-minus 1 minute." said Colonel Slater

"Good Colonel please inform the missile bay two to launch our little surprise for cylons." admiral responds

"Surprise?" ask Commander Heller

"Yes, a little gift for the cylons, a 25Mt nuke." said Stryker with smile

Commander Heller, realize what Stryker was doing, all around them was the deadly explosive gas of the nebula and once they trigger the bomb it will ignite all that gas around them with deadly consequences. It would destroy all the raiders, and maybe even a baseship or two. Heller known that this sector of nebula is extremely dangerous, it was filled with unstable gases, and it might destroy ships that enters the nebula if they were not vigilant, and also it will detonate every mine in the nebula as well. Clever indeed

Baseship 114

"We have 5 baseships in the nebula including us, we will pass their location where they been for all this time. We are in course to that Plato." said three

"Good, what is status of our raiders?" ask four

"Almost half have been destroyed, but the others are pursuing the colonial forces. The raiders reports that all the enemy vipers have landed on their Battlestars, meaning they are preparing for jump." said three

"Its appears we lost this one." said six

"Jack will be very angry that we didn’t stop the colonials, we didn’t destroy a single ship, how the hell did they know that we were coming?"

"In my opinion, as soon as they realize that those two of our brothers kill themselves, Admiral Stryker ordered the retreat, and if we didn’t wait for additional ships we might have intercepted them." said two

"At least three additional baseships entered the nebula, the rest are trying to encircle the nebula." said five

"Pointless, they are not going out of this nebula, they already jump away." said four in anger


"15 seconds to jump" said Heller

"Alright, give the order Colonel" said Stryker

"Yes sir"

Few seconds later, specially designed Viper was launched from one of tubes, and heading directly into the nearest gas cloud.

“Jump in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, now.”

All ships disappear in bright flash. The Special viper continued on its way, as soon as it came near a Cylon Basestar it exploded. A large nuclear explosion engulfed the Basestar and ignited the gas cloud with a fiery explosion increasing the blast of the nuclear explosion. Raiders were engulfed instantly as the chain reaction start all the way to the pursuing baseships and before they even react all of them were destroyed. Indeed half of the sector was in flames and the mines that were left by the colonials also self-destructed taking at least another two baseships, leaving only one heavy damaged to escape.


"What in hell happen there?" ask Jack Cavil, walking in fury all around the CIC.

"The colonials escaped. We didn’t believe they could escape so fast with so many ships and they trick us, again!" said Jeremy Simon

"Really, and they blow up six baseships with a god dam nuke and the gases of the nebula, not to mention the mines" Jack was furious for this disaster, he hope that he will at least destroy half of them, and then slowly continue to kill remaining colonials until the survivors lead him to that mysterious colony, but now, he need a new plan.

"From what our brothers said after they resurrect, the colonials keep them sedated all the time, after they realize who they were, and they also said that Kathy, Leoben and one more six supplied the colonials with a lots of information, about our ship capabilities, numbers, and god know what else."

"Wonderful, when John returns and find Caprica destroyed, 2.5 mil survivors and two dozen Battlestars and lots of support ships he will kill us all."

"I think this is your mistake not ours." said one of the sixes

"Really sister, well he won’t be pleased when he return as I said he will kill us all no matter who made the mistake or who did not. We need to take this problem and fix it before it gets out of control."

"Also we found our brothers and sisters that they captured and they were all dead in space. They must have gotten rid of them after they found out that they were compromised" said one of the Doral

"I didn't expect that they will keep them alive. Hmm, what is our dear Admiral is up to I wonder" ask Jack itself on loud

"Probably fleeing Colonial space and heading to that secret colony of his. That would be the logical course of action, with all those civilians he rescued." said one of number twos

"Spear me of your logic please. I want scout sent in all possible directions, and all around the Cyrannus system. I want them found. I think we cannot allow them to live any longer, we will swarm them and kill them."

"What about the colony, if we kill them all who will give us coordinates to her location?" ask Doral again

"Well we can leave a few survivors of course. But the majority of them must be destroyed and especially their military units and shipyards. This must come to an end fast before John returns. If he returns that is." said Jack with trace of hope in his voice.


"Jump completed" said Commander Heller, after Atlantis finish the jump.


"All accounted sir"

"Good, it's appears we will start our attack on Picon earlier than planned."


"Well Commander, right now, we need to move our fleet as far from the Cyrannus system as possible. But we need a distraction, and our attack on Picon is perfect for this. They will concentrate on us instead of the civilian fleet. Right now they do not expect any attacks as the Cylons believed that we escaped, by now they must know that we have a colony somewhere. They do not know where, and that is a piece of luck. But we need to insure that we destroy or damage as many possible of their baseships."

"And that Dreadstar? What should we do about her?"

"Right now, nothing. Patience Commander, we will deal with her one day soon. We need to concentrate on our mission now. Get a message to Admirals Thorn and Sounders to meet me in the Atlantia’s conference room in 30 minutes."

"Right away sir".

"And by the way, how many fighters did we lost during the fight in nebula?"

"Twelve in total, no survivors"

Hearing this, the admiral turns and leaves C.I.C. More deaths, but he knew it can and will be even more in next battle. Is it good idea to attack Cylons right now? Should he be sending his ships into a battle that could lead to the possible destruction of his main Battlestars and the death of his crews? Maybe not, but he must give the civilian fleet more time and demoralize the Cylons. Admiral Stryker thinks about it all the way to his ready room. But one thing is for sure. Even if they survive and get to Avalon, one day they will return in numbers and eliminate all Cylons they find. Stryker was not a man full of revenge, at least not before the attack. Now, when human race is facing extinction, he will do anything to protect the fleet and its survivors. It is his way and his decisions. But also those decisions keep this fleet in one piece.

Half hour later...


Only admirals were inside the room, discussing and planning the next move.

"I cannot agree, you urge this, but we need more time to prepare and all of the ships need to be ready." said Admiral Thorn

"We are as ready as we can be, we cannot delay this for much longer" Admiral Stryker responds

"And what if they get more ships there, you will be overrun." said Admiral Sounders

"Overrun but not outgunned. Kelly, your job is to get our people out of here, right now we cannot stay here. Sooner or later, the cylons will sniff around and find us. And this fleet is not so small that it can hide. And no, you agreed to lead the civilian fleet back to Avalon, so I do not want you to go with us. Somebody need to lead fleet away to safety."

"At least take few more ships with you"

"Apsolutley no, we already taking 12 Battlestars and both Warstars, and the marines, we cannot take any more ship, already delegate Campus doing all he can to stall or stop our mission. In his eyes, and the eyes of the quorum they do not see the point of attacking the Cylons at Picon. But it is simply the thing that needs to be done. And I will not argue about it."

"When do you plan to start the mission?" ask Admiral Thorn

"Five days I think, I would like to in three, but five days will be final jump off point. I have already orders additional viper squadrons on each participating Battlestars. We will double the number of viper squadrons and this should prevent the cylons from overrunning us with their raiders.

"Hmm that will help, but it will make our flight deck a little more than chaotic if we need to retreat in a haste."

"Probably, but let's stay positive on this. As we planned the two fleets, attacking from the two sides and once we attack, we start jamming from all ships. I have received informed that our stealth raptors have made it to the defense platforms unnoticed. That is a good sign. The engineering teams have already start to fixing the platform’s and when we arrived we will send signal for them to turn them on. And it might be even easier then we hoped for."

"How so?" ask Sounders

"The resurrection hub is located near two of the platforms, so when they get online during the attack they can disable and destroy the hub. Unfortunately half of the cylon fleet is outside of platform firing range. So we will need to push them back into the range of the platforms. The latest count on the cylons place their ships at 24 baseships, 1 heavy baseship, and 10 Patrolstars, we must destroy this ships fast."

"What about the surface?"

"Nothing, we can do about the surface unless we are fast and the cylons are destroyed fast. The original plan was, once we dealt with guarding fleet may be able to land on Picon and see if we can help any of the defenders, and possible take as many survivors as we can, but due pressure from quorum I may have to cancel that part of the plan."


"Because right now we do not have place for those survivors. We already have people living in small and not to much comfortable spaces, and I cannot force them to give more space for any newcomers. If we get the time we may be able to land the 11th Marine Division and use the space they free up to pick up some survivors."


In a dark corridor near the engines, two men stood in the shadows.

"So we cannot do anything to stop Stryker from continuing with this mission?" ask delegate Jenkins

"I afraid we cannot, the rest of the quorum is divided, but a majority of them agreed with every decision that Stryker has made so far and are not willing to oppose him." delegate Campus replies

"He is after all a capable man, so far he has lead fleet very well and under less than ideal situations."

"Maybe, but he is risking the entire fleet, with his military plans. Is this attack on Picon really necessary?"

"And what would you Jason propose, Mutiny? It will not be wise if we as members of the quorum making secret meetings and are planning mutiny, at least not before we get a lot more supporters with our point of view."

"I guess you are right. We will need to keep low for now and wait for him to mess up. If the military starts to endanger us more we will act, but in mean time we will need to find as many supporters that do not agreed with military decisions as possible."

"Will do, but be careful. I would not be surprised if Stryker assign somebody to follow you. After all you are a pain in the ass for him. Constantly arguing against his plans and his decisions could lead you to a messy end. So be carefully with what you are doing."

After they finish the conversation, the two man split up and each went on their own way. They were unaware that they were observed by someone deep in the darkness of the corridor by them.



"Nothing." said Jeremy Simon while entering main command room.

"There has been no sign of any colonial activities for now."

"Hmm, they must have retreated and started their way to their secret colony by now?" said number two

"Probably? But something tells me that they are still here or at least somewhere nearby. I think Admiral Stryker is not somebody who just retreat at the first sign of trouble. No he is planning something." said Jack Cavil

"His fleets hiding place has been found, and he was forced to retreat. Didn’t you think that with all those civilians’ ships he has that he will do best to avoid us? To go as far as he can from us?" said one of sixes.

"Yes, I would expect that from any other colonial officers, but not from this man. I read his file, and it was lucky we saved some parts of colonial defensive mainframe. He was not a man that quits so fast, and remembers that he was one of the youngest Commanders in the Colonial Fleet prior to the attack and now he is an Admiral. And he beat Cain. So if he has the support of so many other Officer he has to be up to something."

"Or he is simple scared by the power of our Dreadstar and after losing his last place where they hid. And he was forced to withdraw from this system." six continues.

"If that is the case, we are all in trouble." said Cavil

"Your brother told you not to keep those disabled ships. Not to wait so long, but you did anyway. And look what's happened. We lost a lot of ships, but the colonials have over 20 Battlestars, between 60 to 70 support ships, and over 600 civilian ships with possible over two million survivors. They even have a station and maybe even more that we do not know about since so much of their fleet had already jumped before the raiders could get close enough to scan them. All that you said was that there is no way they could have. They are more than ready to attack us despite the Dreadstar. And with Gary's incompetence that lead to the destruction of Caprica, the humans are even more of a rage and looking for pay back." said two

"If they are in a rage, these primitive barbarians as we think of them. Then why the hell would they not attack us? Why would they not attack openly against our ships? Instead they were hiding in a nebula. Tell me why Leoben, why?" Jack replies.

"Maybe they were preparing for something, a possible counter-attack. Maybe they planning where to hit us." said two

"And maybe they don’t. With so many ships, they need every military ship to protect their civilians, I doubt they would risk sending ships to attack us with the possibility they could lost them." six added

"Why not, they have a shipyard station, and they have more than enough people to fit new ships they build. And they rescue over 30,000 of military personnel in that last raid on Caprica." said one of eights

"Cut the crap all of you!" said Jack

"We will find them, but if we don’t find them in a week we will send ships in all directions and into the all sectors that surround this system."

"You are mad, we don’t have that many ships" Doral protested

"I am not interested in excuses. I messed this up, but we will all fix it." said Jack

"Finally we agreed on something" said six

"But don’t count on me, you started this and you can fix it."

"By now we already have two traitor sixes, so do not force me to box your entire line."

1 day before attack on Picon


"Com, call Rycon" Admiral Stryker ordered

"Rycon on line" replies the com officer.

"I’m transferring fleet control to you Kelly, lead our people to Avalon. I will catch with you as soon as we finish with the attack on Picon."

"I will Admiral. Good luck and good hunting." said Admiral Sounders

Several minutes later, twelve Battlestars and two Warstars broke from the fleet formation and jump away.
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I am enjoying the story and can't wait to see what happens.
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more please Smile
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"Strike at Picon"

Colonial fleet jumped near rouge moon of Am-Saar in the vicinity of Picon. The cradle docks and half of 11th Marine Division jumps to their rendezvous coordinates. The other half of the 11th joined the attack fleet, and the fleet is divided into three smaller battle groups for the upcoming assault at Picon. The groups are lead by the Battlestar Atlantis, the Battlestar Theseus, and third by the Warstar Argona.

Ready flights of Raptors armed with anti-ship missiles were already gather near the fleet in preparation for the attack. Their objective is to disable the resurrection hub, preventing the hub from escaping the coming battle. Admiral's Stryker’s plan is to hit the Cylons hard and with a degree of extreme predigest, and nobody could object on that, and with the preparations complete it is finally it was time for the first major battle with the cylons since the fall of the colonies.


"Sir all ships are reporting that they are ready and standing by for your orders." Commander Heller reports

"Good, instruct all ships as soon as their jump is complete they are to start pushing the cylons as fast and hard as they can without endangering their ships. We know the weakest part of cylon baseships is their central axis so that will be the target for the gunners. Tell them that I want every shot fired from our ships to hit the enemy, and even though this battle must be fast I’m looking for all the damage we can do. With this in mind I’m authorizing the use of nuclear weapons, at the Commanders best judgment." The admiral responds.

"Also all fighters, except those that will be staying with the anti-fighter armed raptors are free to engage the enemy raiders, and whatever they do, they need to keep raiders of our backs for as long as possible."

"Major Morales, already instructing our own squadrons of their assignments sir." said Colonel Slater

“The 11th Marine core is also standing by, they are ready to descend to the planet once we deal with cylons in space."

"Understood. As soon as we start the attack on the baseship, they will jump directly above Picon northern pole and start making their way to the survivors. I want them to destroy any cylon in path and they are to use their vipers and bombers for their attack and defense.” Stated the Admiral

“Sir the General assures me that 6000 of his best marines will be deployed and stay to protect the planet until we can get back for them. They will be taking extra weapons, ammo, food, and medicine with them as well as their tanks and anti-air defense units."

"Are we picking any of survivor’s sir?" ask Commander Heller

"Yes as many as we can take of the planet during the time that we have, and that is the best we can do at this time."

"Sir, all fighter and raptor squadrons are ready. Raptor Squadron "Ghost Riders" are ready to be deploy" informed Colonel Slater

"Excellent, what about our teams on the defense platforms, did they manage to get them back online?"

"Yes sir, three of the targeted five are ready and they said they will be able to get remaining two ready by the appointed time of our attack."

"That is good, and they have 30 minutes remaining. So let us hope they are successful. What about rest of the grid?"

"They stated that they think they might get it online, but it will take them at least an hour or so for entire defense grid to be online and ready to fire on cylon fleet. Sir are we going to delay for thirty extra minutes?"

"Instruct them to concentrate only platforms near the cylons. Not entire grid. That might give them the time to get them on line and ready. If they can get them on line then I will conceder giving them more time."

"Yes sir."

RYCON C.I.C. - In route to Avalon

Admiral Sounders stand in middle of C.I.C. deeply in thought herself, she knows that a victory against Cylons over Picon is needed. It will distract them from searching for the refuge fleet at least for a short time. But how many of the warships that are participating in the battle will return? And in case they don’t return, she must act on the orders that Admiral Stryker left behind. So no stopping until they reach the Avalon colony and hopefully safety.

"Any contact from Atlantis Lieutenant?" ask Admiral Sounders

"No Ma’am nothing yet Admiral" the lieutenant responds

"How long until they attack the Cylons at Picon?"

"Little less than 20 minutes Ma’am."


"Still nothing! How in the hell does a fleet of that size just disappear? What about our contacts in that fleet?" Jack Cavil asked

"We don’t know, they have not reported in since the attack, we presumed that they were killed." said one of the sixes

"Really, and if he is killed, he would resurrect by now? And we need more ships out there looking for them then."

"Number One the fleet is already stretched thin, with 30 of our baseships guarding the mobile shipyards and the Dreadstar and its fleet are already searching. If we can deploy some of our own ships from here it might help?"

"Usually I would say no, but since the colonials have their tails between their legs and are run, I support be can deploy some ships. Send two baseships and all the Patrolstars with them and hope that this will be enough!" said Cavil, unaware of threat that is coming upon him and rest of his fleet.

"If we deploy entire fleet except command ship and two basestars that would help even more." said two.

"Not a chance. I will not risk it. The colonials might be running, but we do not know where exactly they are. And we still have not made contact with Janice's battle group."

"Her last message is that they found a single colonial battlestar from the Prometheus battle group the Eternal, but it run away. I believe they are continuing to pursue it." said two

"Nevertheless, the fleet stay's here. And you Keith will take those two basestars and all the Patrolstars and go find the colonials." said Jack

BASESHIP 099 - UNKNOWN REGION - last known coordinates of Prometheus battle group

"And, where the hell is it?" ask Janice

"No idea, we have search every nebula, every asteroid belt for them. We have however lost few raiders on patrol, by colonial vipers." said number five Terry Doral

"Great. The Battlestars Eternal, Prometheus and the Nova blast three of our baseships and our resurrection ship then they disappear. And now there are hunting our own raider, instead of us hunting them. In every engagement we are losing more of our resources!" said Janice furiously

"We still have 12 baseships and 5 support ships, so we can deal with them." said number eight, called Shannon

"If I may suggest, it will be better if we return back to the colonies and get more ships and a new resurrection ship. We can’t keep taking losses like this, each baseship destroyed, means our own are be killed, and not being resurrected anymore. How shall we replace those that have fallen? Our only option is to retreat and get help." Said number two,

"The HELL we will! No we continue as planned."

"But Janice, we will not survive if Prometheus attacks us. Those Nova class ships are nasty. They are designed to hold out against half dozen of our baseships. And there is two of them plus Eternal and Celestus, and did I need to mention a unknown number of support ships. It is not wise to continue." said Terry Doral

"Point taken, but we shall still continue and that is my final decision."

As said Janice exit the room

"She will kill us all." said two

"Well at least if we die we might get some of colonials as well, said Doral

ATLANTIS C.I.C. - 5 minutes before attack

"Sir, the scouts are reporting that at all the Patrolstars and at least two Baseships have left Picon, I am guessing that the cylons are try to find our ships? Since they don’t know where we are, I bet they are scouting all around the Cyrannus system in hope that they will find our trail." Commander Heller states

"Probably, but nevertheless they will not find the fleet. The only thing they can find is the Tycho satellites."

"But those satellites can lead them to Avalon and the fleet?" ask Colonel Slater

"No the entire hyper network is shut down, and the fleet will pick up all probes on their way to Avalon, there is no connection, and beside there is at least two dozen similar satellites around colonial space." Admiral Stryker responds, however in his own, he was not sure about this. Tycho satellites are much bigger then all others and it might give the cylons a clue about where colony is. Luckily they do not know the coordinates.

"With our attack, we will keep them busy, and keep them guessing for a while."

"Is not the Dreadstar or their mobile shipyards a better target than the Picon fleet Sir?" ask Commander Heller

"Attacking the Dreadstar is not an option at this time, we saw its destructive power. There is no way to believe that a frontal assault on that monster, especially if its surrounded by such a large supporting fleet will have any effect. And we would lose our ships for next to nothing to show for it. And a attacks on the mobile dock is also not possible, because if the information from our Cylon guests gave us is true, it’s a mobile fortress. It is almost as large as their colony ship and is designed exactly to keep its self mobile and safe in from a large attack force. Again we would lose ships and we would not get the desired effect we are looking for. Picon is our only logical choose for now as it give us the greatest chance to hurt the cylons with the least chance of being destroyed ourselves."

"For now?"

"Yes, when we develop new weapons to defeat that Dreadstar and the shipyard we will attack. Right now we will concentrate on this battle, and to survive it first." said Admiral Stryker

Several minutes later all ships reported that they are ready and awaiting orders.

"All ships are on positions, their assault vectors confirmed, we are as ready as we can be."

"Good, signal the fleet, we are moving in" Admiral Stryker gave the order and cross his hands on chest, watching on tactical display. This will be bloody fight, and it will be crucial to jam the cylon forces and to prevent any ship from escaping. Well must prevent all of them, especially the raiders and heavy raiders from leaving or it will be no go on the second part of the mission. They will do as much damage as they can in as short amount of time as possible, with the main goal of the attack on Picon being the destruction of the Command Baseship and the resurrection hub. Start the countdown Colonel."

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1 jumping"

All ships disappeared once again and reappeared in a higher orbit of Picon, Admiral Stryker deployed his ships so that they could do the maximum damage to the cylons. The moment the ships reappeared in orbit they open fire on the very surprised cylon baseships, all viper and raptors squadrons are been launch as one, and the fight begins.

Atlantis jump directly in front of two baseships and start pounding them both. The first baseship exploded after receiving a direct salvo from the Atlantis's main bow cannons, and second follows when hit by several nukes from other colonial Battlestars. However the shock did not last long and the cylons recovered and started returning fire. They sent waves after waves of raiders to confront the colonial vipers and Battlestars.

Almost at the same time, the stealth raptors jumped and engage the command Basestar and the resurrection hub disabling the FTL engines on both ships with multiple tactical nukes and anti-ship missiles.

Cylon Command Baseship

"What the hell is happening?" yelled Jack Cavil, while entering the main control room

"We are under attack by multiple colonial Battlestars and Warstars." Jeremy Simons respond,

Jack barely made it to the middle of the room when ship violently shock from the missiles that hit the FTL engines.

"Our engines are down, they send stealth raptors to disable our engines." said one six

"Never mind the engines, engage the colonials! What is the status of defensive fleet?"

"Four baseships have already been destroyed, and a additional one is in critical condition and is breaking apart, several are reporting heavy damaged but they are returning fire on the colonials." six respond

"How many Battlestars?" ask Cavil

"There are twelve Battlestars and two Warstars." said number two

"So Admiral Stryker send his best to engage us, I must admit that I didn’t expect him capable of a attack on us here. Never mind, lets teach him a lesson he will not forget."

"The Resurrection hub is sending a distress message, their engines are down., and they are being boarded by marines from the stealth raptors," said Simon

"Blast, send some raiders to protect them and get those two baseships near the planet to move and protect i.."

But before Jack finish, number two interrupts.

"Uh Jack we have a slight problem"

"What now?"

"the Colonial defense grid just turned itself on, from our scans it start targeting those two baseships and the resurrection ship."

"Get those ships away from there now."

But it was too late. Five stations having already come online and start firing on both of the baseships, with a single wave both baseships were destroyed when hundreds of missiles hit them. And the Resurrection ship followed a few minutes later after the marines evacuated with the information and prisoners they came to get.

"We are out of the range of the defense grids, but its looks like the colonial fleet is trying to move us closer to the grid." said two

"Not going to happen, tell all ships move forward and engage the Battlestars." said Jack. Jack was furious, he didn’t expect this. Admiral Stryker seems to have a big set of balls to challenge him this way.

"Can we signal for reinforcements?" Jack asked

"No, they are jamming us. And even if we send a raider it will take at least an hour before we can get any reinforcements, we are alone." number six responds

"Well then, let’s take as many as we can with us, shall we. Launch full spread of nukes, including the 250kts.

Colonials have had the upper hand from the start. The main cannons of the Battlestars, especially those from Atlantis, Theseus and the Warstars are quickly decimating the cylon baseships, however not completely without casualties. Many Battlestars have been hit by multiple nukes and standard missiles but they are still attacking.

Theseus dispatched two attacking Baseship to oblivion with her bow laser cannons, as Baseships do not have a chance against that kind of firepower.

"Jack, that Upgraded Nova class command battlestar seems to have some kind of laser - particle weapons. It tearing apart our ships" said number two

"Can we get closer and hit her."

"It was well protected and has two Battlestars that are escorting her. We should destroy as many others."

"There, there is our nemesis, Admiral Stryker" said Jack, showing an Atlantis that slowly moving forward and firing on everything in her path. "Move closer and concentrate our nukes on her, I want that ship destroyed!"

Atlantis C.I.C.

"Sir, we getting emergency message from the Battlestar Freedom , they’ve been hit by three nukes and their engines are going down, and they lost half dozen guns already, they won’t survive for long." Commander Heller reports

"Send Hades to protect her, and all available vipers in that area, I want her out of the battle." but a big flash on screen turn Admiral Stryker attention. The Battlestar Freedom just exploded after been hit by multiple nukes launched by several raiders.

"No!" said Stryker quietly.

Cylons started a counter attack on the attacking colonial forces. The colonials are already battered and damaged but are still engaging and destroying cylon baseships. But so far the odds were on the colonial’s side as ten destroyed baseships to only one colonial battlestar lost. It was definitely a good odd’s. But human casualties on all ships are starting to grow already.

"Lets finish this all ships forward, no stopping until last cylon ship is destroyed." said Admiral Stryker

"Alright boys and girls, concentrate on nuke raiders, it seems there is plenty of them. Delta and Gamma squadrons engage everything else." Major Kathy "Queen Hammer" Morales ordered

All three squadrons engage the cylon raiders, and were outnumbered 4 to 1 but it soon the odds were down to 2 to 1 thanks to experienced pilots from battlestar Atlantis.

"Watch it, Jenkins you have two bogies on your tail" said Peter "Stormhawk" Huges. second in command after Kathy.

"I can’t shake him" said Jenkins in panic

"Relax, just avoid him, I am coming"

"I can’t, they are all over me.

Stormhawk move his viper on top speed managing to intercept and destroy both pursuing raiders saving his fellow pilot, but only for second, raider out of control hits the Jenkins and both fighters exploded. Stormhawk barely survived the blast.

"Son of.. Alpha 8 is down, I repeat Alpha 8 is down."

"Find yourself an companion and continue engaging" said Kathy, She itself was dueling against four enemy Cylons, with her knowledge and trick it manage to destroy two, but the remaining two are starting to be a pain in the ass. Especially after she discover they are Scar's squadron mates.

Scar is cylon raider that participate in many fights against colonials, in many way they mostly been blast by colonial vipers. But each time they resurrect they learn new strategies and tactics against colonials.

Right now major Kathy was in not pleasant situation. After several minutes of chasing around, and avoiding fire, major decided get fight to raiders. In full speed she cut the engines down, allowing raiders to pass near her, and then before she even turn engines on again, she fire on both of them destroying both in seconds.

"Scars my ass" said major.

Command Baseship

"Send two heavy raiders out, we will need help, no excuses, even if it need time I want every baseship in colonial space here is that understand." said Jack

Moments later two raiders exit the hangar bay and jumps away.

Battlestars Athena and Polaris move forward engaging cylon baseships and blowing one of them apart.

Athena C.I.C.

"Sir several nukes where fired from command baseship and they are targeting us.” Colonel Marks said

"Move us in defensive position, flak screen in destroy those nukes.

Athena start pounding every defensive gun on those nukes, but single nuke unscratched pass through

"One nuke passing it will hit us."

"All hands brace for impact" said Commander Thomas

Nuke hit in back of the battlestar, in moments entire ship disappear, and explosion that was so strong that hits the nearby Polaris as well.

After everything settle down, there were nothing left from Athena, only debris, commanders on all ships were in shock. Polaris was close and received lots of kinetic damage and also and EMP that even with battlestar anti-EMP protection managed to disable the mercury for a few minutes.

Atlantis C.I.C

"What in the hell just happen?" asked Commander Heller

"I don’t know, did sensors pick anything?" ask the Admiral to the watching sensor officer

"Yes sir, large amount of radiation and EMP. My guess it come from very high yield warhead, 200-250kt

"My gods" said Heller, "no wonder Athena was not able to survive it."

"What is the status of Polaris?" ask admiral

"She was in once piece, but due to kinetic and EMP damage she received she is disabled. Commander Banner reports, it will take few minutes to restore all power, and at least half hour for FTL engines."

"Tell her to move her ship out of the fighting zone, all fighters and raptors in that zone protect her at all cost, tell the Pleiades to move as well."

"Yes sir."

Atlantis continues as well as the remaining ship to press forward, destroying in a fury the remaining baseships. Several baseships received nuclear hits but still were in one piece more or less and continue the attack and the Command baseship is now in front of the Battlestar Atlantis.

Atlantis and Theseus start charge the main baseship.

Command Cylon Baseship

"Our frontal line is open, Atlantis and Theseus are charging in at use." said a frightened Simons

"Concentrate on the Atlantis" said Jack, holding himself to the console when room shaken after ship been hit from Atlantis longer range bow cannons. "Fire our nukes on Atlantis, and suppress fire on Theseus"

A dozen nuclear missiles have been launched from baseship and all were going towards the Atlantis.

Atlantis C.I.C.

Sir Cylons just launch one dozen missiles on us, all nuclear, analysis show that five of them are the same yield that destroyed Athena, 250kt." said colonel Slater

"Frak, tell all fighters to engage those missiles. Restart defense grid, and fire on them.

Fighters give all to stop and destroy the missiles, but simultaneously they were engaged by raiders as well, sent to protect the missiles. Defensive fire and vipers destroyed all but one. One 250kt nuke pass to all defenses and going straight to left upper docking bay.

"One is passing the defenses and it will hit us." said the colonel

"Evacuate the left pod, emergency dump the tylium bunkers. Con, evade 121-1.

Ship start evading but it was massive and it not going to move in time. The nuke hit the left docking bay, a few meters above the upper raptor bay. A massive explosion engulfs the entire ship, and threw the ship violently onto the right side.

Admiral Stryker was pushed and from shock sent flying to the other part of C.I.C. where he land on one of the consoles. The ship lost almost all power and start to drifting.

On Theseus, Admiral Thorn was in shocked, as the entire crew watches the disappearance of the flagship in ball of fire.

"Commander, order all power to engines, and weapons move us in range it’s time to destroy that command baseship." said Thorn with anger

"Sir, we detecting Atlantis, it was not destroyed, but it was dead in space sir." said sensor officer

"Thank the gods, dispatch the SAR raptors. Con continue our course I want that baseship down now.”

Command Baseship -

"Well first time she survived but not this time." said Jack with wide smile

"I wouldn't smile yet Jack" six responds

"What you talking about?" Jack asks

"Atlantis is not destroyed, disabled yes, but not destroyed." after telling him that on main screen disabled battlestar is shown

"Not possible, 250kt nuke it should have shredded the ship to pieces!"

"Obviously its not, her armor is much stronger and resilient then you thought," said six

"Fire a second volley , and destroy her!"

"That's not possible look."

Looking on screen again Cavil went from anger into shock, massive appearance of Theseus that firing some kind of lasers in his ship. Entire ship was shaken from hits.


"Weapons are down, life support is going down, engines and thrusters, we are done." said Simons

"No, no, it can’t b.." Cavil didn’t finish his sentence. The room shake again and exploded after second strike from Theseus hits the main tylium bunks and blowing entire baseship apart.

Remaining baseships jumps away.

Outside of colonial space....

Dreadstar C.I.C.

"Shall we not go and help Cavil and his forces on Picon?" ask one of two's

"Not this time." Gary Doral responds

"Jack will kill you once he resurrects.” said six

"Why, we never got the message. And Dreadstar have problems with engines. Lie it is, but it will save us. I don’t have any intentions of risking this fleet for that idiot anymore." said Doral

"If you say so"

In orbit of Picon

Admiral Thorn took command of the fleet. Ordering rescue parties to the destroyed Battlestars. Marine Corps and their ships arrived and start descending to the planet to the largest concentration of survivors. It was chaotic when survivors find out that only so many will be taken away, and that rest will need to survive until ships return. Supplies and equipment are been deployed as well as 6000 marines to insure their protection. Two dozen engineers and builders are deployed as well to create two powerful Gauss cannons the latest invention from colonial R&D. Cannons are similar to bow cannons of the strongest Battlestars with 1500mm shells and once launched flying with a 3rd the speed of light. It is strong enough to decimate a baseship with a single shot. And since a majority of survivors are in the mountains like those on Caprica. It shouldn’t be a problem to defend them. Number of Phoenix VTOL's and Raptors are also deployed to.

All cylon bases and outposts in the mountain areas were eliminated by the assault ships and colonial bombers. Some of them with human form cylons tried to surrender, but they were killed on site.

The Cradle docks arrived as well putting the most damaged ships in it bays. The Battlestar Atlantis was in worst shape, with almost 890 of its crew were killed or critically hurt including Colonel Slater. Admiral Stryker was in bad shape and was moved to the sickbay on Theseus, Commander Heller who survived with some burses and scratches resume Command of Atlantis. Almost all of the remaining crew had some injuries ranging from burses to broken limbs. Damage of Atlantis was so extensive that was moved first into one of Cradle docks. Chief Williams gives a full report to Admiral Thorn some time later.

Theseus - Admiral Ready Room

"Come in Commander, Chief" said Thorn

Heller and Williams enters the room, after shown to sit by Admiral Thorn they sit.

We are breaking orbit in next 10 minutes gentlemen, is Atlantis put in dock?" ask Thorn

"Yes sir, She, Polaris, and two additional Battlestars were put in Cradle docks, all others are capable of jumping on their own." Commander Heller reports

"What about destroyed Battlestars, how many survivors?"

"120 from Freedom, and 4 from Athena"

"Only four?"

"Athena was already heavy damaged by previous hits, this nuke just tear her apart and most of the ship was vaporized, and those who survived will die from the radiation. Those four survivors are in critical condition as well. Only Athena's fighter wing survived, and that would be only 26 vipers and 2 raptors from entire complement. As well as 44 vipers and 5 raptors from Freedom."

"How much did we lost in total of our fighter and raptor force?" ask the Admiral

"About 50% percent of fighter force and 30% of all raptors" Commander Heller responds

"But if I may, even with the losses we received, I must said that we deserve this victory, and I doubt we would have won if Admiral Stryker had not planned this out so well."

"Yes Commander I must agree. At the end, we didn’t even need to use defense grid of Picon at all. Except destroying two baseships and the hub it force cylons to stay in one place and make them sitting ducks. Two Battlestars, lost but enemy lost 15 of their own baseships plus a command Basestar, and the Resurrection hub. Thanks to tactic created by Admiral Stryker we can be happy to have only two ships lost and not all of them."

"Still if I may sir, all ships have some kind of damage, Atlantis, Polaris, Chimera and Titan will need some time in shipyards to be fully ready for service again, especially Atlantis." said Chief Williams

"Ah yes, what is the status of the Atlantis right now?"

"Well sir, all the primary energizers are disabled, the left pod upper section is useless, and it’s a miracle that the entire pod didn’t explode or come apart. So I would congratulate the boys and girls of Scorpia yards. Sir, they built her very well. The Raptor bay was destroyed, and there is a hole over 40 meters in diameter. The pod will need a completely reconstruction of the upper landing pod, and for safety maybe even the lower as well. The entire ship received a powerful EMP shock, and while the ship is designed to withstand an EMP shock of up to 150kt, she was hit by a 250kt. So a majority of all the electrical and electronic systems are fried and need to be replaced. Life support is operational but that is about all at this time. Right now the ship is being run by a skeleton crew. And it will need at least 4 months in shipyards to get Atlantis back to 100 percent again."

"Commander, when we can expect Admiral Stryker to return to duty?"

"Well taking that the Admiral was seriously wounded, his leg was broken in four places, he broken almost every rib, a concussion, and internal bleeding. He will be out of service for at least six months, or even a year. Thankfully he is not in a critical condition any more. But he will need to take the time to heal and make a full recovery."

"How is our ground mission going?"

"Well Sir the marines are deployed and they already moved into positions around the settlements in the mountains. Under Colonel Burns guidance we have removed 13,150 women and children were taken onto the marine ships. In total there is 75,000 survivors that will stay on planet." said Heller,

"Also the entire defense grid is now under his personnel control, if the cylons get to close they will be destroyed and those two Gauss cannons are insurance in case the cylons somehow destroyed the grid. If I may sir we have more vipers and raptors than we need at the moment. Would it not be a good idea to leave some of them here with the 11th Marine Division to help with the defense of the planet until we can return?"

“Hmmm, that is a very good point and….I think you are right. Let’s ask for volunteers and grant the General 120 vipers and 40 raptors. I only want volunteers. We have more maintenance crews than we need right this second. So make sure that they can maintain the vipers and raptors until we can return. And Commander we only have twenty minutes to get this done before we are leaving.”

Twenty minutes later…"Sir all ships are ready, the damaged ships in docks are secured, and we can leave anytime you want sir."

"Good, we are leaving immediately, who know when will cylons will come back, it’s weird that they didn’t come already. We are leaving in five minutes so start the clock."

"Yes sir, I will return to the Atlantis."

"No, you will stay here, after all, Atlantis is currently not operational and I need your experience right here".

"Yes sir."

Five minutes later all the colonial ships jump away towards the Terminus sector, to catch up with the rest of the fleet on its way to Avalon.

At least for the moment the survivors on Picon are safe, and there were several smaller ships mostly civilian on surface that Colonel Burns will use later to scout other colonies in search for survivors and bring them to Picon.

Outside of colonial space - Dreadstar

Gary Doral enjoy silence in his quarters, and watching some of reports, when someone opens the doors and enters.

"I see your enjoy yourself Gary." said Jack Cavil

"Jack, what a surprise? I see you are resurrected, again!"

"Yes I have, and I have a questions for you Gary, I send two heavy raiders to get reinforcements. They never report back, nor did they resurrect, what happen to them?" ask Jack

"How should I know, no heavy raiders arrived to inform us of your request, I do not know what happen to them."

"Really, and why you didn’t send ship to Picon after getting news that Picon went silent?"

"We don’t even know that Picon was attacked, and the Dreadstar had a problem with the engines and some of the other systems, I sent a majority of the crew to fix it. If we are aware of the attack I am sure I would have sent you some reinforcements."

"Hmm, I will be watching you Gary. I will be watching you closely I promise you that." After saying that Jack leaves the room, leaving shocked Gary in it.

Half hour later main command room

"An attack on Picon was something we don’t believe could happen." said Jack watching all other cylons in room

"It was a major blow to us. Admiral Stryker attacked us when we believed he would be retreating and he attack into the heart of our base of operation in the colonies. And to top that off the defense grid over Picon is operational and back in colonial hands, and from what little reports we got before our command bunker was destroyed that have a Marine Division on the ground to protect the civilians."

"And you didn’t think nor predict this attack?" ask six

"We might have lost today, but we will destroy them sooner or later." said Jack

"Really, we barely destroyed two of their Battlestars, critically damaged a third one, and they destroy 15 baseships, the resurrection hub and main command Basestar. I would say it was major frakking failure Jack!" six said

"Yes, it was, it was our failure, but luckily there is some good news. We got one man into their fleet and from last news we received, they saved 13,150 survivors from Picon, and one of them is a number two, who was changed surgically to look like another person. They won’t find him as easily as they found the others. And he will lead us to them. We are not depending on the colony. With a new class of ships that we are developing we will rebuild our forces and continue our war with the humans."

"Building new ships? What about hybrids?" ask number three

"No need for them in the new Baseships? The humans don’t have hybrids, and yet they are much better than our hybrids. We will use same hierarchic way as they use. And we will prevail this time. The new Adonis class baseships are much stronger, well armored and much better armed than our standard baseships. We will also upgrade our current ships to the new level as well."

"One question, how you plan to follow humans to their base, I mean their colony?" ask six

"Easy, the two that is in fleet, has a subsonic transmitter, which is a device that will allow us to track his location. One of our baseships is right now following their military fleet. Presuming they are going back to their main refuge fleet. We will not engage them till they get to their colony and settle in. So once we find their location, we will plan the attack. And this time we will not rush the attack. We will rebuild our forces before we can do a full scale attack."

"I hope this plan of yours work, it seems very big even for you." said six

"It will work. And in the end, they won’t stand a chance! Not this time.” smiled Jack


Baseship - unknown area

The Baseship was damaged badly it was drifting and was losing power.

"Fraking Prometheus" said Janice

"They destroyed almost every other ships in our fleet." said eight

"How many surviving ships are left?"

"One but it was is in the same shape as we are in. I strongly recommended we return to colonies. We are not in shape to fight the colonial’s anymore."

"Fine! Contact the other ship and tell them to follow us. Jack will not be happy with this. Another Fraking failure.”
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"I don't want to die for lack of shooting back." Line from "Unforgiven".

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Yeah, a update. Very Happy

So, when is the Cyclonial Purge happening?
I do believe somebody ain´t happy.
Laser, will that guy be mad when a certain warstar comes back with updated systems. black eye Wink thumbs up
Nothing like the Present. Very Happy

ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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well if you think when will cylons find Avalon and eliminate remaining colonials, not gonna happen, however there will be a plenty of fights and losses in colonial fleet, this fight mark only first of many battles, between cylons, between ancient probes-machines, but i dont wnat to go foward:) you will find in time what will happen next,

i think its time to give Atlantis even more strenght , weapons... admiral Stryker wont be happy when he find what they done with his ship:)
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Any idea on when you will post an update this? I can't wait to see what happens next.
"I don't want to die for lack of shooting back." Line from "Unforgiven".

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Now some one else has raised it, I too am looking forward to more.

Great Story so far!

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new chapter


It past almost two and half weeks after the attack on Picon. Admiral Thorn is still was charge while admiral Stryker remained in sickbay. Since the majority of the ships have some kind of damage, the fleet was slowly limping to civilian fleet ahead of them. Admiral Saunders did exactly what Stryker ordered get back to Avalon and do not stop at any cost. Atlantis as well as three other ships are were bad shape and it was unlikely that she would be in full battle readiness soon.
"Absolutely no, not gonna happen." said admiral Stryker still lying in its bed in Theseus' sickbay.
"She is wrecked, it would need a large amount of resources to repair her and bring her in full operational status, and it would be much cheaper to build new ship." Thorn respond, "I know you like that ship and that it was your home, but she was almost a wreck."
"It survived the impact, any other battlestar would have exploded but not the Atlantis, it survived a 250kt nuke and I don't have intention of scrapping her. Once the word comes to the civilian fleet about battle, and her damage she will become legend, and a bringer of hope to the civilians. And they will feel safe knowing that Atlantis guarding them. This conversation is over and I do not want to hear about it again, if must I will take all the resources to repair her, and you must understand that, that ship has saved my life more then twice."
"I understand but as I said it would be much better scrapping her, but ok, Atlantis will get priority once we return rejoin the fleet. If we increase our speed we might catch the fleet in few days, do you want me to send a full report about fleet status."
"No, I already know."
"If I may say your plan worked almost perfectly, we lost only two ships, unfortunately we lost half of our fighters."
"It might sound like small loses compared with the enemy, still we lost too many, but I am at peace knowing that survivors on Picon will be safe for now. Having full defense grid, those cannons and marines it will make their lives easier. So if that is all your report then I want to rest now."
"Of course sir."
After Thorn had left, Stryker tried to get to sleep, but it didn't work, for last five days he couldn't sleep, having nightmares of the Colonies being nuked and he was in middle of it. Watching his friends and crew members dying all around him, seeing Atlantis X.O. dying. At least he thinks Commander Heller has survived. Nightmares that were haunting him every time he tried to get at least an hour of rest. He won the battle, but paid a high cost when he thought about it Thorn was right. They had been lucky this time, catching the Cylons by surprise, and losing only two ships. What would happen if he lost half of the ships or all of them, it could have been a real disaster, but it was not.
"I must stop thinking about it," said Stryker to himself, "I can’t take this anymore." He was worried, what will be next, the Cylons were not defeated, this will only anger them, they will try to find the fleet, after this and after all previous battles, the civilians sees the Atlantis as a flagship, that has saved them many times. If he lost her, it will bring moral even lower then it already was, no matter that there are much stronger ships in fleet.
After some time, Stryker finally got the so...long...wanted...sleep, but the dream that he had was strange. He tried to wake up only to find that he is surrounded by light, all around him.
"You finally came" said a voice, "a female voice."
"Who are you, and where am I?" asked Stryker.
"So many questions you have, as always" the female voice responded, he thought that the voice was coming from all around him; he tried to seek where it came from, but without success.
"Very few of our children get to this level to be able to communicate with us," said the voice.
"I don't understand?"
"You will, you have evolved more then others, you will soon understand it. You are tasked with most important job, of saving your people from extinction. Many others believed your race is too primitive and it will destroy itself with your constant fighting each other, but in the end your own machines will do it for you."
"Show your self," Stryker was not comfortable with this; he liked to talk to the person while watching their eyes.
"As you wish" said the voice, "I am here."
He turned and saw a young woman maybe in here late 20s, in a white dress with long golden hair. He stood there watching her; somehow there was something familiar about this woman.
"Who are you?" asked Stryker.
"You don't recognize me? How sad," she responded.
"No I do not."
"Very well, I am Athena," saying this as she watched him, as expected she knew he would not understand nor believe.
"That cannot be, Athena is a goddess, Protector of Libran."
"That is a true in one way."
"I believe that the gods are myths and I am from Caprica, so why are you appearing to me?"
"Hm everything strange and new is a miracle to the others, who first see a fire it will be miracle, who first see lightning it is miracle. Your species call us gods."
"You mean you are real, your species?"
"Yes. We found you humans on distant planet where you had evolved, during one of our earliest expeditions in that sector of space. Your race was primitive, in chaos, but it was on its beginning. We saw a great potential in humans, but also a capability for great destruction. We took few of you with us to the planet that you called the birthplace of humanity, Kobol. We observed and watched you; we taught you art, science, and everything that you know today..."
"But why, you are more advanced. Why waste your time on a primitive species, trying to teach it?" asked Stryker.
"Time is irrelevant for us, we do not view time the same as you. We evolved millennia ago. Our species was the same as yours. We were visited by an even older race then we are now, a race that taught us and helped us evolve. Unfortunately we didn't see that their motives at the time were not the honest ones. They were in war with very old and deadly race, a race that we do not have name for except the Purifiers. We didn't know that they wanted us to become their foot soldiers to have someone to fight for them. In the last years of their existence we found that they wanted to prepare us so that they can transfer all knowledge to us, giving us their legacy, eventually Purifiers wiped them out and disappeared leaving behind their mechanical minions called the Harvesters.
We were new, new in to interstellar travel, exploration of space, but our race adapted quickly. We worshiped those that had fallen as gods, later we realized they were not gods. In the end we were attacked by Harvesters, those who survived. Abandon our home world and came to this part of galaxy, unfortunately the harvesters followed us. For centuries we avoided them. And after we found your race we decided to help you, to teach you as we were been taught before. To prepare humanity. So you can stand on your own and defend your selves. By the time we found you only several thousand of us reached this part of space, where we evolved again. And then we started guiding you.
Several millennia later Kobol became a prosperous world, with 14 Tribes later called, "The 14 Tribes of Kobol."
"14 Tribes?" "I know that the 12 Colonies of Kobol existed, and I believed that the 13th Colony was just a myth, but I have never heard of any reference to a 14th Colony."
"That is because everything known about 14th tribe was lost after their sudden departure from Kobol. This disappearance in eyes of other Tribes, led them to think that the gods had punished and destroyed them. Truth is that almost a thousand years before exodus, the 14th tribe composed of scientists and smartest humans on Kobol depart to make new home on new planet, seeing that rest of the Tribes will eventually destroy themselves. Hermes, Demeter and Aphrodite took them on journey to new worlds far from Kobol. You found one of their Colonies, one of their attempts to seed life on new worlds."
"We found one world, a dead world and lots of debris in orbit."
"A monument, unfortunately for them, the sector of space that you call Terminus is crawling with harvesters. They made first contact with harvesters hundred years later, and were almost entirely decimated in next two decades, only Aphrodite from three guardians that left with 14th tribe survived. She moved what was left of the tribe even further, to a new world that the surviving Arcadians colonized and made their home."
"It is their name."
"Are they still alive?"
"Yes, and they know that you are here, they have observed you, but they fear to introduce themselves because of the harvesters, they wanted to warn you about the dangers that surround you but they couldn't."
"What's happen after their departure from Kobol?"
"For some time it was idea place to live, then we made a mistake, originally the 13th tribe was made from all of those that were cast out of the other Tribes, we then tried to play in god the role, making our own version of humans. The first Cylons in your terms, they were humans in appearance but much more resilient to diseases and wounds then you.
They were cast out, by the other Tribes who didn't want to have anything to do with them, so they become part of 13th tribe. A few hundred years later several major Tribes started a war, seeing that this would destroy them all the 13th tribe departed Kobol with Apollo's and my help. They traveled to the world that they call Earth. We believed they would live in prosper but we were wrong, after a thousand years they went silent. I myself went to see what had happened, all I found is that they annihilated themselves, they created the AI the first sentient machine Cylons, they had rebelled and the nuclear wars started. The few that survived left the Earth to warn rest of the Tribes not to make their own Cylons.
But after devastating wars that lasted for centuries, Kobol was no longer capable of sustaining life, so the 12 Colonies departed with the guide of the remaining guardians. They came to the Cyrannus system, where there were 12 planets capable sustaining them. These 12 planets were terra-formed by us years ago, knowing in advance what was to come. Several of us stayed for a time, but eventually we left, believing that it is your destiny to evolve on your own. "We were wrong."
At the time that survivors from Earth came, the 12 Colonies of Kobol had already been at war with the Cylons for a decade. "So many deaths, so many pointless deaths." With my guidance the survivors from Earth and the Cylons agreed to stop the wars if they could be resurrected to look like humans. Earth survivors agreed. Rest of history you already know, more or less."
"And why did you choose me?"
"You are chosen because you are the natural leader; you pledged yourself and your life to save all the people, to start a new civilization. You are chosen because you can defeat the Cylons and the harvesters. Avalon will be prosperous Colony, and in the future humanity will rise again. Without our guide, without our help. Now sleep, you will get your answers in time."
Stryker slept for 12 hours. He didn't believe what he heard, from the woman called Athena, the history that she told is true, and he believed that the rest was a dream, only a dream.
Invictus, Avalon System
In large observation room Commander Krasner, Governor Miral, and Chief Williams, discussed about recent events that starts with moving the Sanctuary in orbit of Avalon.
"From what our scouts said, as soon as the probes appeared in the system where we found Sanctuary they saw that it was missing, reinforcements arrived. One mothership type ship and two or three dozens of probes. They started scanning entire system. It is only matter of time before they find us," said chief Williams.
"How can they find us, we are three jumps from there?" asked Governor Miral.
"I don't have the answer for that Governor, but it’s apparent they can track FTL engines." Commander Krasner answers, "Right now I set all units on condition one alert, just in case they show up, but unfortunately Governor this is only one of problems we faced now."
"How so?"
"With last transmission we received from fleet, there is over 2 million survivors, and right now we have place for only 400,000, 450,000 at best. With those few buildings near completion and majority of small family houses are also almost finish. But we don't have manpower nor resources to create city that can support that many people at once," said Commander Krasner.
"I told you Commander to leave your gunship projects for later after the fleet arrived, but you didn't listen. We are having a labor shortage, with all the repairing of the Sanctuary, now we also have to use work teams for building those ships too."
"Those 332 workers work fast, yet it will take them about 8 months to finish the ships. And right now Sanctuary is eating much of our resources, but if we want to keep those probes out of the Avalon Sanctuary it is best what can do. She is much stronger and resilient then Invictus. And since Invictus is our main production facility, we must do everything to protect it, as well the planet."
"Did we receive any new news from fleet?"
"Yes Governor, the fleet is on its way here, under command of admiral Sounders, admiral Stryker and Thorn lead an assault on Picon. From last words they destroy the enemy forces there. But lost two battlestars and admiral Stryker was wounded, Atlantis is out of commission for now. She was hit by 250kt nuke."
"My gods" said chief, "she survived?"
"Yes she does but she is in very, very, bad shape."
Governor just prepare to leave when Commander Krasner stop him "Governor, I will temporally stop construction on those two ships, and all workers will be moved to the planet, so that they can help building new buildings for survivors."
"Thank you Commander."
An Unknown System on the Edge of Galaxy...
Planet at the edge of the system, dark, without life, uninhabitable for humanoids, and full of volcanoes and gases. However on the top of the highest mountain a palace stands. Surrounded by some kind of force field that imitated a blue and sunny day while protecting all those inside from rest of planet.
On one of balconies, a young woman sits watching the holographic sunrise, shortly after that a man approach.
"You shouldn't do that, if your father found about it you will be in trouble," said the man.
"Ares my brother do not be alarmed, he will not find about it. I was prepared for this for long time," said Athena.
"Nevertheless, you know the rules, we guide the humans, not interfere with their lives."
"This is not interference; it was only short communication with one human. And I doubt he will tell anyone, and even if he does, nobody will believe him." "He was injured replies Athena, watching her brother's eyes."
"Yes, maybe, but do you really think he can understand what you said to him."
"Humans have changed so much in all these years. They are still primitive, crude, fighting each other. But they are advanced enough to travel between the stars. But they have still a lot to learn."
"I see you trust them, a race, that once a long time ago evolved on backwater planet, primitives, now after all these years, they are still fighting and they even managed to get themselves to brink of extinction."
"It is not their fault."
"How so? They created those Cylons, robots giving them an artificial intelligence, they started making life, even mechanical life, and they started to play gods."
"Isn't that what we have been doing for all these millennia? Just because we have a far advanced superior technology then them, and that we have capabilities to exist as pure energy even for short time. We were like them once."
Athena's race evolved at point that they can turn into pure light, energy but only for few months. Some members, like her father evolved completely that allow them to be energy all the time, and becoming immortals, although all of them are immortals in one or another way. But still they are capable to retain their original humanoid look. And they are still using technology, even as they can travel almost instantly trough out the galaxy. In their energy form they are able to live forever, in humanoid form their lifespan is about 40 to 100 million years. Over the years and eons more and more evolved to a state of pure energy, retaining their humanoid shape only if necessary.
"We help the humans; we took them from their original home world, when they were still primitives. We guided them as the Corians did with us," Athena continued.
"And they still didn't learn, no matter how well we try to guide them. I admit there is improvement but still, destruction of 12 Colonies proved just that. If Cylons hadn't done it, they would have destroyed themselves in matter of decades or centuries. It is still in their nature to fight among each others."
"Have faith in them brother, I have and you should have to."
"Because they have potential to be much more then they actually are. Yes they are evolving and learning slowly, but if they survive they will eventually evolve to our own point of existence. Any other race we encounter so far would use every mean necessary to rise, and to exterminate or conquer others. Humans don't. They struggle to survive. Their new home that they colonized far from 12 Colonies system is new beginning. And they will succeed, no matter how hard it is. And admiral Stryker himself will eventually find his peace at the birth place of humanity."
"Is that fact or prophecy? Ares asks.
"Fine sister, but limit contacts as much as you can. And even if you must communicate with Stryker when he sleeps. And if father finds out, you are on your own, you know the law."
Battlestar Atlantis C.I.C.
Commander Heller observed the command center, it was still in ruins. And the news that Colonel Slater died from her injuries struck Heller deeply, as well fact that almost 800 other crewmembers shared the same fate.
Thanks only to the Admiral Stryker, this ship is spared from been scrapped for parts that Admiral Thorn wanted, since the ship was in extremely bad tried to convince Admiral Stryker a few times that it would be better to build new ship. Admiral Stryker didn't want to hear about it, and Heller didn’t blame him. This was their home for over 2 years. They will not abandon her, no matter how badly damaged she is.
Still it will need a lot of resources to put Atlantis back in one piece. And from what Thorn said this time the flagship will receive some nasty upgrades, no matter what admiral Stryker said about it, and there was no arguing from Commander Heller about Thorn's decision.
After few more minutes, Heller left the C.I.C he went straight to his quarters. After he finally got to them, he opened a locker in his desk and took out a small bottle of ambrosia, then sat on his bed and took a few snips from the bottle. No doubt Cylons are pissed off, Heller thought to himself. They will do everything to find the fleet and destroy it after this. At least they secured Picon. With defenses they left and an orbital defense grid Picon will be safe for years. They now know all seven human models of Cylons. They will not be full humans again. After taking few more slips of ambrosia. Heller takes a repair reports, reading half of it before returning it to the desk. Taking another paper containing blueprints of new mechanical walker that Olympia R&D section is making. It was a 7 meter tall walker with one operator inside. Armed with two 8 barrel guns and four missile launchers. With new ceramical-ablative armor developed specifically for ground vehicles.
When Cylons meet this new colonial toy, they will be in for a shock, because the walker is capable of dealing with centurions as well with raiders. But it was still just a blueprint. The actual prototype was not completed yet, nor from last reports construction hadn't even started. Nevertheless it will be fine addition once completed.
Commander breaks from his thoughts after hearing someone knocking on the door. He hid blueprints and bottle in the desk locker.
"Come in," said the Commander.
The door open and Major Morales enters the room.
"Sir here is report about our viper strengths and losses." said the Major.
"Thank you Major, have a seat. Did we lose any of veterans in recent battle?" asked the Commander.
"Yes sir we did, Dick "Spunge" Roxter and Alvin "Chieftain" Stomper, they were the best viper pilots I have had the honor to serve with," said the Major.
"They were indeed," Commander nodded.
"The majority of losses were rookies. Unfortunately this battle proved to be hard as hell for them; they were simply not ready for it."
"I am sorry major that we use most of your pilots for raptor assault on their hub," said Commander.
"Tell me that it was worth it?"
"It was. We found some encrypted data that once we decrypted they may prove useful, we also got samples of their jump technology. It’s quite advanced, more advanced and accurate then our own. Also acquired a few biological samples."
"Why do we need the biological samples?"
"Cylons know they can't fool us again major. They know that we know about all of their seven models. Except for final five, if that is true from what our Cylon "guests" have said and they are in Galactica's fleet." The Commander explained.
"All five?"
"Yes. But Cylons can do surgical changes to try to fool us again and infiltrate our fleet. With these we might construct scanners that will detect them. And if there is any in the fleet we will find them sooner or later."
"I see, sir,"
"Is that all major?"
"Yes. Sir, and since Atlantis is not in shape for fight, we transferred all of the fighters to other ships until she is repaired."
"By whose orders?
"Admiral Thorn’s sir."
"Hm, that will be all major, thank you."
"Dam Thorn, if Cylons intercept us Atlantis will be unprotected, no matter the mobile dock defenses and fighters. One more nuke not likely that this ship survive until she's repaired." Said Commander out loud to himself.
... 20 Days Later
The battle fleet finally met up with the main fleet. Admiral Sounders was happy to see that so many ships survived the assault on Picon. But her face went down when she saw Atlantis. She barely recognized the flagship. Wondering how the hell was possible that anyone survived on that ship.
Civilians on ships with windows observe the incoming ships, many barely breathing after seeing extensive damage to the battlestars, and there was no ship without damage, even the warstars sustained damage.
Atlantis and another battlestar were put on Unity for priority repairs, and the remaining two were docked with external docks on Eternity. Losses of the Freedom and Athena were talked about all around the fleet. Those civilians whom had members of their family serving on those ships questioned if any of them survived.
But word that Cylon forces at Picon were destroyed and that planet is "safe for now" was big boost in moral. However not all were happy, some questioned the military if it was really necessary to go to Avalon. Now that Picon is secure. Can't they return and re-settle on it. They have plenty of ships for protection.
Still there were lots of Cylon ships including the one big one, only called a Dreadstar from the Cylons in the fleet that can threaten Picon. And after Caprica was destroyed, nobody really wants to return to Cryannus anymore. Avalon is their new home, weather they liked it or not!
Admiral Stryker was released from sickbay on Theseus. But since he was still not in shape to return to duty he was given a quarters on Unity. So that he could work from his there, until his ship is repaired and he is ready for full duty.
Admiral Sounders and Thorn entered Stryker’s current quarters.
"Sit down please," said Stryker sitting on desk.
"Admiral you should lay down, you are in no shape to wander around," said Thorn.
"Your concern touching me" said Stryker sarcastically and with smile, "The reason I called for you is our next step."
"Next step?" ask admiral Sounders.
"Yes. We know that Galactica and her fleet survived and are heading to the Prolmar sector. I want five ships to head to Prolmar and find her and bring her back.
"With all respect, we just returned from battle, half of our ships are not fit for flight, w..."
"I understand Thorn, but we may have clue where she is, Cylon pris..guests on board this fleet said that they had possible location or route to where they are going. As we know Adama is trying to find Earth. If we can find him. We can bring him to Avalon."
"You forgetting the large Cylon fleet that following Galactica" said Sounders.
"Actually no. My plan was simple, to find Galactica, and to get small ship with a plotted course deeper into Prolmar so that Cylons will continue to following. And even if they don't, there is no chance they will find us. This order stands and I do not want any discussion about it."
"Who will lead the fleet and which ships."
"Commander Belzen, I give him command of Vanguard. The other two battlestars in group will be Valkyire and Chimera."
"What? Two Mercury’s. But we need them Thorn yelled," "My apology, I go too far sometimes."
"No it was my mistake that I didn't inform you before of this plan. However I want two strong ships to participate in search for Galactica and with reason. From our Cylon guests we find that Battlestar Pegasus survived as well and is also heading Prolmar, shadowing the Cylon fleet. The ships are insurance against Cain not the Cylons."
"I know sir that you have grudges with Admiral Cain but..?"
"No grudges, if Pegasus finds the Galactica, Cain will take command of the fleet, and you both know what she is capable of doing, after leaving her executive officer to die, after dismantling the civilian fleet and killing the families of some that didn't want to join her crew. She is unstable and I want to have a force to take Pegasus if needed, not to destroy her, disable yes and the right person for this job is Commander Belzen. He will want to take payback no matter how good friends they were before. The other two ships will be one tylium refinery and one supply ship. That is all, dismissed."
In The Corridor Leading to the Left Flight Bay...
"I don't like this plan. Those ships are going with only supplies that they can take with them. Tylium refinery but no mining ship. If they don't find Galactica in next few months they will be forced to come back," said Thorn.
"They can't be that far away. I believe they can find Galactica and maybe Pegasus as well. Cain must pay for her atrocities that she committed." Said Sounders with cold voice. She never liked Cain. To arrogant, stubborn, and acting like dictator not an admiral.

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Thanks for the update. I enjoyed the new chapter and can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up with your storytelling grammar be d@^^ed. thumbs up
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good story, thanks! did you update it on fanfic yet?
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jeff762 wrote:
good story, thanks! did you update it on fanfic yet?

It is already uploaded on fan fic.
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Yeah, a update, finaly.....
Finaly a true sign that the story is still kicking around. black eye

Seems to me, that the Pegasus might find her ending barrely not happening thanks to unexpected support appearing.
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ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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vianca wrote:
Yeah, a update, finaly.....
Finaly a true sign that the story is still kicking around. black eye

Seems to me, that the Pegasus might find her ending barrely not happening thanks to unexpected support appearing.

yes the story is still on, next chapter will be uploaded soon, who knows what would happen with Pegasus, did can escape, did Pegasus survived, or it is destroyed?, stay tunned with us for the next episode "The Search"
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her is the newest chapter

Part 14: 2x02 "The Search"
Commander Belzen knocked on the Admiral's door and after receiving permission to enter, he open the door and enter in.
Admiral Stryker pointed with his arm to sit down, and the Commander obeyed. Belzen knew that it must be important when he calling for him. It must be about mission that the Admiral told him he was going to lead.
"Commander Belzen, I chose you for this very delicate mission. You will lead small fleet of five ships in search for Galactica and Pegasus," said Admiral Styker.
"If I may ask sir what ships will be participating in search?" asked Commander Belzen.
"Except the Battlestars Vanguard, Chimera, and Valkyire, there will be one supply ship and one refinery ship with a full load of tylium. It was planed to add mining ships as well, but the refinery is outfitted with small shuttle size drills that can drill the tylium out from asteroid belts. And you will be in charge of entire group."
"Sir, I understand, but what if we run into Cylons during the search?"
"Under no circumstances are you to engage the Cylon forces, except if you are compromised and must defend yourself. Send scouts all around but do not engage them. Your goal is to find the Galactica and her fleet and if possible Pegasus. "Nothing else." Is that understood Commander?"
"One more thing sir, why do I need three battlestars, I mean the two Mercuries burn a lot of fuel. I don't know how far we can go with supply ship and tylium refinery."
"All three battlestars are to have a full load of fuel, water and everything that is needed for at least a one year search. Remember you have supply ship filled with spare parts, food. The refinery as I said can drill the Tylium out of asteroids. But since she was full it won't be necessary for now. Another reason Commander is insurance in case you find Pegasus and Cain doesn't comply with my orders, after all I am fleet Admiral I doubt she will refuse a direct order. However since her judgment is in question, she will not take lightly losing her rank. In the case that Pegasus tries something you have permission to disable her, not destroy but disable. If Pegasus still resists after being disabled with some foolish ramming maneuvers blast her to heavens."
"I understand sir, but I hope it will not be necessary to do that".
"So do I Commander. Your fleet is to launch in 48 hours, I suggest you take some free time for yourself, good luck Commander".
"Thank you sir."
2 days later...
Vanguard C.I.C.
"Commander, all systems are in green, all ships responding, they are ready to jump to Prolmar on your command." Said Colonel Shelly Magene.
"Good work, inform the fleet we are jumping in 30 seconds," Commander Belzen responded.
"Sir, incoming message from command, Admiral Stryker wishing us good luck and good hunting," said the Con officer.
"Well we are going to need it, stand by to jump on my mark 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 jump."
The two mercuries, Valkyire and the two support ships, refinery and supply ships jumped away.
From his new quarters Admiral Stryker watched as the five ships disappeared and quietly said, "Good luck."
Someone knocked on door and the Admiral turns and said, "come in."
Admiral Thorn enters the room and sits.
"So they are on their way, you really hope they will find Galactica?"
"I doubt you came here just to say that," Stryker replies.
"No, actually I have few suggestions and yes Delegate Campus wants to see you."
"How nice of him" said Stryker sarcastically, "let me hear what you want?"
"New class of battlestars" said Thorn shortly
"I am afraid I don't follow."
"I have proposal for a new class of battlestar, and before you say no, we have more then enough resources to build at least half a dozen battlestars."
"I have already directed large amount of resources to repair Atlantis."
"Yes I know, I'll take personal responsibility for your ship, and I promise it will be the strongest ship in fleet once my engineers finish with her."
"Why do I have weird feeling about that? Ok I see you get the schematics for it."
Admiral Thorn gives the schematics of new ship to Stryker.
"Nike class battlestar, it looks like Nova."
"Because many parts are from the Nova class. Only her head section is re-designed, but she will punch as hard as a nova. And by all calculations she will be 10% more resilient then the Nova class. There is also chance to test those pulse cannons that will act as her point defensive grid."
"Impressive, how long would you need to build one?"
"One year. If main docks on unity are empty."
"I believe we can fix that, you have a go. But I want all ships to be in top shape in case we have problems with Cylons or those alien drones."
"Drones? After that short encounter you had, there have been no other contacts."
"I know, but if you read his report in full you would find that after they moved Sanctuary to Avalon the drones returned in their exact time, as soon they come and see there is no Sanctuary they bring the mothership, Commander Krasner put all colonial units in orbit of Avalon on alert. I want you to double the scouts around the fleet."
"It will be done, i will let Delegate Campus I believe he doesn't like to wait."
"Send him in."
As Admiral Thorn leaves, Delegate Campus enters.
"Admiral good to see you are ok," Delegate Campus starts.
"Cut the pleasantries, why do you want to speak with me?"
"It is about your mission, the small fleet that just departed."
"May I presume The Quorum is not happy with my decision to search for Galactica?"
"They want her to be found as you do, but they don't want the risk. You just sent two Mercuries and the Valkyire. This weakened our defenses. The Quorum is already angry about your attack on Picon, and losing two battlestars."
"It is normal that you have casualties in war Delegate, to be honest I expected we would have lost much more then two ships, but we were victorious a…."
"This time Admiral, this time, but what would be next time," Campus interrupts.
"Delegate didn't they teach you in school that it is very rude to interrupt somebody in middle of sentence." Yes we got lucky this time, but we had casualties. However we show Cylons that we can strike them everywhere. And about ships that are searching for the Galactica, don't worry Delegate we have more then enough defenses to protect entire fleet."
"I hope you are right, after what's happened, Quorum is not ready to risk, you left people on Picon, Cylons can do the same thing there as they have done with Caprica."
"Hum, I believe that was their mistake, something they didn't want to happen, I doubt they will risk to destroy another planet."
"Nevertheless the quorum…."
"Now I will interrupt you Delegate, there is no need for the Quorum to mess with military decisions, so far this fleet survives thanks to our work and there is no need for that to be changed for now. And if I am in your shoes I would watch where do I go and with whom do I talk to…. I see you are surprised, but this is not the first time we have caught you with your supporters. Don't do stupid things Delegate."
After few seconds of shock, Delegate Campus finally responds.
"Are you threatening me Admiral?"
"No Delegate, I only give you a small friendly warning, we are at war, do not try to insight mutiny against the military, as I said once we arrive to Avalon civilian government will have power again, until then it is the military that makes the decisions, the Quorum can like this or not, but this is the way it will be."
"Fine then, I don't have anything else to say for now."
"Good and thank you for visit."
Angry Campus left the room, leaving fleet Admiral Stryker to exam some of the new tech that Olympia R&D had created.
Invictus C.I.C. Avalon system
"Report" said Commander Kranser entering the C.I.C.
"The Stealthstar just jump in, lieutenant Hobert reporting large amount of drones in the Sanctuary system and in all systems around it, they are not sure what those drones are doing, probably trying to figure where the hell Sanctuary disappeared," said Colonel Brenton.
"I doubt that, I want all colonial units on tactical condition, and order the Sword and her escorts to return from other side of planet. Once they arrive all units are also to go on grey mode. If these things can track FTL, Gods know what kind of energy they can track too. I want minimal energy on all ships. Invictus will be on blue mode, if some of our patrol raptors on the edges of this system see the drones, Invictus is to go to black mode," said Krasner.
Grey mode was usually used as stealth mode or emergency. All ships operated under limited power enough for gravity and life support and only passive scanners. All non essential parts of ship are shut down, weapons and propulsions are also down, only thrusters remain so that ships that are close to the planets don't get to close and burn in atmosphere.
Blue mode is when military ship shutting all weapons but leaving it propulsion at 50% and all basic systems are on, emergency FTL jump is charged in case of need.
Black mode, total shut down of the ship, leaving only gravity and life support in parts of the ship where crew is. All hands are to remain on their posts since all non essential parts of the ships are without gravity and any kind of energy. Passive scanners only. On black mode even thrusters are shut down. However for Invictus that is in stationary position this do not do much since he acted as satellite of the planet.
"Right away sir, one more thing, Dr. Aren and Chief Williams need you in Dr. Aren's lab."
Invictus Research Department, Dr. Aren's laboratory
"Ah Commander good to see you," said Dr. Aren.
Chief Williams was also present and nodded as commander enter the laboratory.
"So gentlemen, you have something for me?"
"Yes sir, there is few things we found out about the drones, after the fight between them and gunstar Onyx we salvage one drone during our flight back to the gunstar." Dr. Aren starts, "it was badly damaged by Onyx's guns."
"Yes doc I know that."
"But we didn't have progress in that time, now we had. First the Armor and propulsion sir. The propulsion is based on anti-matter technology and I must say much more advanced then the Colonial navy has ever created - meaning on Sanctuary. Drones are barely 12m long but they are deadly in every way. Maneuverability, speed, they are designed without need of a pilot, no wonder our pilots have problem to shooting them down. They are much faster and in every way better even then the Cylons raiders. Armor is a story all by itself. It took us month just to cut trough it."
"That strong?"
"Yes, it was created from unknown materials at least to us, designed to stop energy weapons sir, whoever designed it, didn't take in the option of primitive projectile weaponry. However the armor can take a lot of hits from Viper fire before it was finally damaged and destroyed. If we succeed to duplicate this armor we can add it on our own fighters. Next weapons. There were two versions of this so called drone fighters, one with dual energy cannons I would say pulse cannons. And one with single but stronger cannon then that version with two. Each weapon has its own battery, some kind of fusion battery but I have never seen this kind of design. In short these batteries complety charge the drone guns, no need for taking power from engines, and they are barely one meter long. There is no life support as I have said, because they are automated, from what I see each has its own AI, which guides them. However they also have some kind of receiver that we think is used to control them. I would say they all have receivers, they are probably being controlled from motherships."
"Your opinion Chief?" asked Commander.
"Sir, I have been an engineer, for 25 years I've not seen anything like this. But if we as Dr. Aren said have luck and we can duplicate this technology we might upgrade all our units with it. There is a lot of the tech. we don't understand and some of it we don't want to touch before we can examine it more closely, unfortunately whoever built this drones didn't leave manual with them," said the Chief.
"Take your time Chief, examine each part of drone, work with our scientists and engineers and try to see what you can do. Now do you have more doc?"
"Well I can say that, there are two things I have noticed. First the markings, also alien, I have not seen anything like them. Not on any of the artifacts found back home. Second from the story or log I think, we might have the problem sir."
"I don't think I understand?"
"Those people that lived on that colony had a legend, in ancient times Gods fight with machines that were left over from an even more advanced race. A race pure of evil that fight with Titans. Titans are explained as the only thing higher then Gods these people worshiped. In short the Gods as they called them are a highly advanced race that guides them. The Titans are even older and more ancient race that help the Gods to evolve and guide them as the Gods guide these people. But they were defeated by ancient evil, race of some kind. I don't know for sure, as they left the galaxy, they left the machines to guard for them until they return. Machines that the people of that dead world called the Harvesters. From all descriptions and pictures, am afraid the drones we are fighting are the Harvesters."
Deadly silence was in Dr. Aren's lab as he stops talking.
"So let me get this straight, we have ancient machines that are crawling all around this sector and maybe beyond, machines that defeated the humans of that world."
"Arcadians sir, they are called Arcadians."
"Ok, ok, Arcadians, so these Arcadians get their ass kicked by these machines, blast. What kind of trouble are we?"
"A big one sir, if they can track FTL, they can pick any raptor or stealth fighter, I recommended we stop all recon missions for now and that we report this to Admiral Stryker. Sir they are coming with hundreds of ships and large shipyards. If these drones can track FTL imagine what will happen when our fleet arrives in this sector. No doubt they will track it for a few light years from their position."
"But the fleet has a lot of defensive ships and units, they would need a massive force to take all those ships that are coming," said chief Williams.
"I don't think you understand. They are like Rahnas* the first one arrives fight and then tags the enemy then entire swarm jump and engage, we don't know how many motherships they have but I bet thousands. Because if I am correct and hope I am mistaken this sector was a place where ancient battles were. And this evil, this race that fight the Titans, I belive they are called the Purifiers at least that we got when we translate the scripts. "
"So we picked the wrong sector for making new home, great."
"We didn't know there were no scrolls about this except the legendary stories from Picon, about Titans fighting the ancient evil probably those harvesters or Purifiers, and locking them on the deserts of Mostffar. This can be where the stories and legends came from and they could all be true. Also we don't know what this Mostffar means, it can be planet, asteroid, another dimension, who knows."
"So if these scrolls are actually based on truth, those Purifiers , evil or however you want to call them is somewhere in this galaxy are locked or gone, but their minions or Harvesters are still out."
"Probably, I cannot tell, there is no evidence, for all we know, two ancient races fight each other, one created Harvesters as we created the Cylons, eventually the Harvesters kill their masters and attack the enemy of their masters as well. We do not know."
"We can debate about this forever Dr. Aren how do we beat these things, these drones?
"From what I saw and with the level of their technology we can beat them barely, look what they did to Sanctuary. True the ship was already badly damaged, but this ship itself is a Titan, and was brought down by few hundred drones and their motherships…."
"However we can try to duplicate their technology, that way if we are attacked we will have better chance for survival," Chief Williams interrupts.
"Good, you both will do everything you can to duplicate and apply this technology to our own. In mean time I have report to make for Admiral."
"Sir there is one more thing, from what we found on that planet, I didn't have chance to start digging the files we found, until two weeks ago, these Arcadians, this was one of their colonies, they might be still alive and hidden somewhere, but they also had a legend, legend that I think you will find very, very interesting."
"How so?"
"Legend says that thousands years ago several of the Gods brought them in this part of galaxy, from planet where the other 13 tribes waged the war."
"Thirteen, Kobol," Chief Williams watched Dr. Aren.
"Yes, Arcadians are the 14th tribe."
"How can that be possible, I mean there are scrolls almost as old as 12 colonies of Kobol, from first colonists that arrived to Crynnus system. There is nothing that mention the 13th tribe or even 14th." said Commander Krasner
"That is because those scrolls are lost, however Earth remains myth, doesn't it? The 13th tribe was told to leave for Earth from Kobol some 2000 years before the remaining 12 tribes left Kobol. And of course there are few artifacts that said this is the truth, but I must agree there is not anything that I can connect to the 14th tribe. They must have left Kobol much earlier and that is why there is nothing about them or their departure."
"I will inform Admiral about the newest findings you've made doctor. Chief since we have a lot of people working on new buildings and houses for survivors we don't have a lot of resources for full repairs on Sanctuary. How many people do you have working on her now?"
"At least 400 sir."
"Cut it to 150, yes, yes I know she is important but we need to make place for over 2 million people I want that half of that number have a place to live when they arrive."
"Sir I cannot guarantee that Sanctuary will be functional with 150 people working on her. Right now she has life support and gravity and only on half of the ship, there are a lot of hull breaches that are not sealed. Engines are dead, weapons well some guns are operational but majority is destroyed or damaged and even those that work, we don't have power for them."
"I understand, concentrate repairs on sections that are most important and needed now. Its appears that more then a million people will live in tents for first few years."
"Well who would know that Avalon would become new home for humanity instead just of a colony," said Dr. Aren.
"True doc, ok that is all for now I must speak with governor now, half of the colonist on planet must help with construction of new settlements. Without their help we will never finish it."
Prolmar Sector - System X112-7 1 Month Later
Five ships jumped instantly. It was 35 jumps so far for the Vanguard’s group. In the Commander's quarters Commander Belzen was just writing his log.
Commanders log:
"Battlestar Vanguard. It has been 1 month since we departed from the fleet in search for the Galactica and her fleet. No sign as of yet. Although we are following the route that was given to us by those Cylons that defected, we are still unable to find Adama. However we find a lot of raiders and some viper wrecks and one basestar wreck on Ragnar, but no battlestar, meaning Galactica has rearmed herself and destroyed that baseship.
We also found a destroyed ship a few days later, after a short analysis it was discovered that it was a passenger liner, judging from livery and name it was the Olympic Carrier. Metallurgical analysis is still underway to see what destroyed the ship, but we believe the Cylons did. Ship must have failed in FTL jump and was destroyed by pursuing Cylons forces.
One additional note to add we arrived in system, X112-7 with the speed of the Galactica and her fleet I would say they needed about 2 maybe 2.5 months to get here. Since they travel as fast as the slowest ship goes. There was surprise when we found remains of another Cylons baseship in orbit of the fourth planet. We detected metals and some debris on the surface so I sent teams down. They found a crashed heavy raider near what appears to be a camp, a colonial exploration camp. No doubt Galactica destroyed that baseship and send teams down. Dr. Mutello our scientist on board was in shock when he discovered that the name of the planet inside of the large temple. It was Kobol. Crews from all ships were shocked and amazed. The Galactica found the home of our ancestors. The planet from which the 12 tribes started a journey, journey that with their technology lasted years, we needed only one month to get there.
Majority of planet was covered in desert, only few habitable places were left, there were many ruins of cities on planet, but nature is slowly covering them. After few days we continued our search. Mapping this place and its coordinates in the ships computer, maybe in the future we will be able to send an expedition to explore Kobol in detail.
We continued with our course, so far no Cylons presence is detected. A few what we believed abandoned mobile tylium refineries on asteroids made by the Cylons but nothing more. Log out."
Unity, Main dry dock, Observation Deck
Admiral Stryker watched the large dock in front of him, the flagship still in ruins lying in pier. Hundreds of repair bots and engineers crawling on Atlantis, removing destroyed parts and replacing them with new ones. The ship was looking better but still it would take a lot of work to have her in full battle condition again. Other ships that were damaged were on either Eternity or some of the Hephaestus mobile docks.
Only battlestar Polaris was on dock 4. The ship survived with moderate damage but more then half of her electrical systems are fried.
"I thought I'd find you here," said Admiral Thorn with smile. "Don’t worry your ship will survive. I was wrong at first, she was damaged but her structural integrity was more or less intact, let’s say she had luck this time."
"Well I hope she will have next time too, third luck as they say."
"If Cylons created 250t nukes do you think they will not make even larger then that? I mean conventional missiles do damage but nukes are those that actually kill the ship."
"And we need new kind of defenses, Thorn your R&D department makes wonders I don't want rush them but they need to find something about Cylons nukes. The main Cylons weapon is their raiders and their launching of missiles in swarm. We need to somehow eliminate this advantage of theirs."
"Well with standard PD grids we will not get more, they overheat, especially if battle last more then 15 minutes. But those new pulse cannons can do the trick. Or small antimissile launchers that can launch dozens of missiles in one volley. Don’t worry after we finish repairing Atlantis we will put as many of these new systems on board."
"I don't like experimental technology."
"We don't have other options; the Theseus already has pulse cannon defenses against missiles and raiders. If this work with her it will work with Atlantis, and we can add this on every ship in fleet increasing their defense by ten times. And next time we can bring gunstars to the fight, it’s their job to keep missiles and raiders off the battlestars."
"You are probably right, but fleet is big, and we don't have enough ships to defend every spot of it, we need those gunstars and any other smaller ship with the fleet."
"Oh I almost forgot, we received communication from Commander Krasner on the Invictus I think you will want to see it. It is decrypted and only you can see it."
Few minutes later Admiral Stryker returns to his quarters and turn one monitor on. For safety they didn't have direct transmission with Avalon, recorded messages were being sent from both sides. He entered his password and start watching the video. After watching entire video, on what they found about Arcadians, and the drones that Arcadians called Harvesters. So all what Athena said was true. And he cannot tell anyone in belief that they will think that he is mad, but he must share this.
One hour later, Admirals Thorn and Sounders entered Stryker's quarters.
"Sit down please" said Stryker showing them where to sit.
"Last transmission was encoded and sent to me, personally, so you don't know anything about its contest. It's time to share few things with you two, the dead world that we encounter during our first journey to Terminus sector once belong to the 14th tribe of Kobol, these people call them selves Arcadians…."
"Did you just say 14th tribe?" Admiral Sounders interrupts and then continue, "We always believed that the 13th tribe was the last of the tribes and that it was myth."
"Apparently not," said Admiral Thorn.
"I know that my next words will be hard to explain and understand but I want you to not interrupt me and to listen it to the end please."
Both Admirals nodded, seeing that this may be very important and it was.
A month and so, actually 2 weeks after the battle of Picon, in that time I still had insomnia every night, I could hardly sleep, when I finally got some sleep, I had vision. I know this is hard to explain it, but in this vision I encounter woman, probably in her late 20s. She identified herself as Athena. She explained that her kind, known to us as Gods is a highly advanced and evolved race. They brought humans from a distant planet on the other side of the galaxy to planet we called Kobol."
"I apologize for interruption sir, but is it possible that this is vision, is result of stress and injuries." ask Admiral Thorn.
"No, I must disagree. It was dream inside dream, communication. She said that her people were also guided as we were guided by her people by an ancient race that was defeated by their enemies called Purifiers. Those Purifiers, were pure evil, they left machines behind, called the Harvesters. Humans on Kobol slowly evolve under the guidance by Athena's people. But as humans slowly started to organize it self into factions or tribes, wars started. It was said by her that first tribe to leave the Kobol was tribe of scientists and engineers, most brilliant of all 13 tribes that created the 14th tribe. They call themselves Arcadians. They left long before others. The planet with the destroyed cities on it that we found was only a colony. Destroyed by Harvesters.
Several millennia later the 13th tribe left the planet. The 13th tribe was formed from convicts that were cast out from other tribes. Later they are joined by first Cylons made. Athena's people tried to improve humans. But they were not welcomed to the other tribes, so they become part of 13th tribe. Convicts and first skin job Cylons, humans in every way but smarter and stronger. They departed in time when several of largest tribes started a great war. They settle the planet that they call Earth. They live in prosper for almost a full millennia and then one day they disappeared, no more contact. They created their own Cylons that annihilated them. Only five survived and started long journey to Kobol. A few decades later the main exodus started and the 12 remaining tribes all journeyed to the Cyrannus system. Those that survived from Earth finally arrived after 2000 years back to Kobol, only to find it deserted, and in ruins. They followed the trail and found the tribes engaged in their own war with their own Cylons."
"The first Cylons war."
"Excuse me Admiral, how long do they live if they had a journey of 2000 years?" asked Admiral Sounders.
"Ah yes, good question, you see they created resurrection technology, technology that the Cylons today are using, came from those survivors from Earth. Each time their body starts growing old and decaying they simply download their mind into new, fresh, young body. Cylons stopped the war when those survivors offered them this technology and chance to make them more human."
"Amazing, I am still to believe that you dreamed this Admiral, it is hard to believe," said Thorn.
"I know, I still don't believe it, but this is the truth. Those drones that we encountered, Dr. Aren said that he found scripts from dead Arcadian colony. Those are Harvesters."
"By the lords of Kobol, so we are actually entering the wasp nest?" Said Sounders with fear on her face.
"Am afraid we do. Once we get closer to Terminus, or to that part of sector all ships will go to blue mod. Minimal energy outputs from each ship."
"Sir blue mod will slow us 50%," said Thorn.
"Yes I know. But with objects large as Unity and Eternity, plus Olympia and Hera's stations, they can emit a large amount of energy, and if what Commander Kranser said is true and these Harvesters can track FTL and energy outputs they can find us and attack us. The Cylons will then be our smallest problems."
"Even if they find us, they can not have enough firepower to attack fleet of this size."
"I believe they can, don't forget that more then half of the fleet are civilian ships with limited or no armor and armaments. We had the luck first time when we arrived. But after they managed to jump Sanctuary back to Avalon, we must be on alert."
"If I may ask what Sanctuary has to do with those drones?" ask Sounders.
"When Warstar Sanctuary disappeared during her maiden voyage she ended in the Terminus sector. She was almost destroyed by multiple explosions in her engine room. Luckily the anti-matter reactor didn't blow or it would have vaporized the entire ship. However they lost a lot of people and the ship was wrecked. And that was not over. They appeared in the wrong system, after they sent scouts around, the scouts were intercepted by these Harvesters, and they followed them back to Sanctuary. And after they got reinforcements they attacked the ship. Already damaged and battered Sanctuary has no choice then to fire on this new menace. But she was disabled and almost destroyed. After scanning and seeing that ship is venting atmosphere and that it was dead in space. Drones disappeared as they showed up. I cannot explain why they didn't finish the ship. But luckily they did not."
"So in short we have two no three enemies now, Cylons on our backs, and Harvesters in front of us. And probably those Purifiers wherever they are."
"Yes. We found the wrong place to set up the colony, and now the last free place where humanity can start over. But we will continue and we will be ready. Your improvements Admiral Thorn I want you to refit all ships with them. Even larger civilian ones. Unity and Eternity also need to get those new weapons. If we have deadly enemy in front of us, by Gods of Kobol we will be ready."
"And the fleet will be ready sir, I promise that."
"One more thing, Dr. Aren believes they can copy some of the technology used by Harvesters, they salvage one of the badly damaged drones. If they succeed we may get ourselves very powerful technology. That is all for now."
Outside of Cyrannus System - Cylon Mobile Shipyard
Jack Cavil stands and watches the new Adonis class baseship, half constructed, and it was only one of five Adonis baseships in construction. All other Cylons in the command room of secondary command baseship watched the same thing as he did.
"Now that is class that will beat colonials," said Jack.
"Are you sure?" ask one of number twos "It is well armed but its slightly smaller then standard baseship, and she can't carry large number of raiders as standard baseship."
"Size matters nothing. It’s the weapons and defenses that she carries. And raiders are not important part of this new ship."
"I admit it looks perfect but it is nothing compared to dreadstar," said Gary Doral.
"You and your precious dreadstar. Incredible piece of technology and brakes after each jump."
"For ship of that size, it was normal to expect bugs and problems."
"Yes but that ship has a lot of them, every day some bug appears, but who would say there is no problems with it launching systems." It was one thing that Jack didn't forgive Gary for, the destruction of Caprica. Then he continued with more angry tone in his voice. "Your ship was broken at the time of attack on Picon, we lost a foothold there. Luckily there are still ten colonies and a lot of moons. And what to say about Janice and her failure. Entire battle group destroyed by Prometheus and her escorts. When I think she lost more then half of her ships in suicidal raptor attacks, and tricks. I should box her forever."
"And yet you give her another chance after her failure with Prometheus," said one number six.
"Well what else can I do? We are lacking in good Commanders, she may be pain in ass, and loves to losing ships but still she is one of rare Commanders we have that is good at least in some ways. And this is her last chance."
"Tell me brother do you want to find Prometheus and her escorts, after what they have done to her battle group you plan to send more ships," asked Gary.
"Yes and guess who is going to go after them." You said Jack Cavil.
"What! No way, my place is here protecting the shipyards." Gary tried to protest but failed.
"I cannot send Janice again, and risk that she lost more ships. You may be idiot but you are much better choice for the mission. You will take the dam Dreadstar and two dozen baseships and get your ass there. Find and destroy Prometheus. And yes take also that new ressurection ship that is just been completed."
"And what if I fail to find it, if we can't track them. What then?" asked Gary.
"I will give you one year for this. Search every corner, of the nebula, asteroid belts, if you don't find them, you will come back. When I think better, don't even return if you don't find them. Do yourself a favor and crash yourself and your ship into something. But please try at least try to find and destroy that ship, if you can't deal with the entire Prometheus' fleet, destroy her if you can."
"Ok brother, I will do it, only to show you why I ordered construction of dreadstar and what it can do, I will find and destroy the Prometheus, I will even bring you a part of her hull as evidence."
Gary Doral leaves the room, in a fury. He hated that he must take his precious ship on such dangerous mission. But in the end, a Nova class battlestar is a dangerous enemy, and for things to be worst there is two of them. If he destroys them, his arrogant brother will start to appreciate him more.
"Do you think he will succeed in this mission?" Asked one of present Cylons in room.

"Admiral Turner had luck with him so far, but if the dreadstar is worth anything except for destroying planets, his forces will be crushed fast and swiftly. And if we have particularly lucky, Gary and his ship will be blown to pieces."
"You don't want him to succeed?" Asked the only number eight in room.
"Oh I want him to succeed, to destroy Turner and Prometheus, but I also want to get rid of him for some time, if possible indefinitely. Now I want all work on Adnois to be speed up. And set construction for another five on all remaining free docks."
"But we have except those, 12 additional standard basestars built with the new specifications, there are only two free docks for buildup and we are slowly lacking on materials."
"I don't want excuses, get refineries and miners to the belts and to start mine more tylium and other materials that we need. And what is our current strength in ships."
One number four came closer and starts dictating.
"Current strength of our fleet is:
55 standard basestars,
25 Patrolstars,
17 support ships,
3 heavy baseships,
1 resurrection ship,
1 Command basestar and 1 dreadstar.
Units in construction on our shipyard:
5 new Adonis class basestars and 12 standard baseships.
Plus we are building a new Resurrection hub. Not counting the hub that is installed in the shipyard itself."
"Minus 1 dreadstar and 20 baseships when Gary takes them in search for the Prometheus, plus resurrection ship that he will take with him. What do we have of old ships?"
"Old ships?"
"Hades class baseships?"
"There is 32 inactive Hades Mk I and 10 Mk II."
"Good I want those ships reactivated, manned and upgraded with modern weaponry; since upgrade of their armor would cost us time we will skip it, but don't forget to upgrade FTL engines as well."
"But Jack, without new armor those ships would not stand a chance against modern colonial battlestars."
"What battlestars, the majority were destroyed, Stryker's forces are on the run back to their little colony, Galactica is moving away in the Prolmar sector, and the Prometheus will soon have company I doubt there is any danger for now. What is about Picon do we have forces there?"
"There are small garrisons on the planet, but they have been destroyed one by one by colonial defenders. Our two Patrolstars and one baseship that tried attack were destroyed by the defense grid, and raiders were destroyed by smaller anti-fighter defense platforms and their Viper squadrons." Said one of the twos.
"I didn't know they have fighters."
"They have, with 6,000 marines that together with remaining defenders guard and protect the civilians."
"Our first task is then to re-take the Picon if possible. But this time we will not rush things," said Jack.
"As you command."
"And one last thing, what about our spy on in Stryker's fleet?"
"Our patrolstar is following the fleet, at a safe distance, they are receiving coded transmissions every day. Since the fleet is big and since there is a lot of chat between the ships, they hardly will pick our signal."
"Why did we send a small patrolstar instead of the fleet?" asked someone.
"I would love to send everything and annihilate them, but it would be risky and probably suicide mission, no, we will give them breathing time for now. And we will rebuild our forces and then with one strike they will be destroyed."
"But we only giving them more time for recover and strengthen their defenses around that colony. They have excellent capabilities for production of ships and other resources they need. It may be much harder to attack them," said one of the fours.
"Maybe not, I have plans for them, we will not rush in as John did, and as I did in past, we will go slowly this time, to insure that we destroy the humans once for all."
2 Months Since Vanguard and Her Fleet Left the Fleet,
Unknown System - Prolmar Sector,
Battlestar Galactica and Her Fleet Slowly Cruising Forward Passing Small Asteroid Belt,
Battlestar Galactica C.I.C.
"Sir a boogie just showed up on our dradis," said the dradis officer.
"Identification, prepare fleet for jump, launch alert fighters." Commander Adama respond.
"From the size of it, it looks like baseship sir." said dradis officer, "wait I picking colonial signature, it’s the Pegasus."
"How can that be, the entire fleet was destroyed," said Colonel Tigh.
"Hold jump. Specialist Dualla, send request to that ship asking them to confirm their IFF."
"Sending now sir."
Both senior officers look itself and expecting the answer.
"Sir I have IFF, it match, it is the Pegasus," said specialist Dualla.
A cheer of joy spread all around C.I.C, another colonial ship survived the attack.
After this Adama request a direct line with Pegasus, after it was confirmed that ship is the Pegasus and after short chat with Admiral Cain. Adama heard his son saying.
"Dam you will not believe what I looking, it’s a dream."
Moral of entire C.I.C. rise after long time.
"Who would say," said Colonel Tigh. "From all ships the Pegasus survived."
"Well Cain or not we have second battlestar in fleet. Prepare the ship for the Admiral's arrival," said Adama.
Battlestar Vanguard C.I.C 14 Hours Later
"Sir one of our stealthstars found this," said Colonel Magene turning pictures that stealthstar taken to Commander. "We have positive identifications on two baseships and one resurrection ship."
"And they are in front of us?" asked Commander.
"Yes sir, its appears they following something and I bet they are following Galactica."
"Hm, but where is the colony and the rest of the fleet. This cannot be their entire fleet."
"They probably lurking somewhere off the road if I may say so."
"So these ships are following Galactica, let’s say they following her, so she is not too far."
"I cannot say with 100% but I would believe they are following her. Shall I send stealthstar forward to try tracking her?"
"Yes do so. And we will do something to, set all ships to condition one."
"If I may what are we doing?"
"Colonel we are about to attack those Cylons ships," Commander Belzen responds.
"But sir, Admiral gave us direct order; avoid contact with Cylons as far as that is possible."
"Well we didn't have choice, they are in front of us." said Commander with smile, "After all I think Admiral will be glad that we kicked some toasters on the way."
"Aye sir."
Colonial One - Presidential Office
"His men killed my officers, they must be punished as it is appropriate in war times," said Admiral Cain with anger in her voice.
"They tried to rape one of my crew," Commander Adama responds.
"You cannot 'rape a machine' Commander," said Admiral sarcastically.
"Please this is leading us to nowhere," said President Roslin. "If we want to destroy those ships we need to work together."
"Well that would be easy if he let me do my job, I am the flag officer and if Commander continue with his pointless game I will respond in force."
"Oh you can try, but don't push your luck Admiral," said Adama.
"Enough!" President Roslin yelled, "Leave your problems for later, now concentrate to make plans for those ships, and is that understood?"
"Yes ma'am."
"Yes ma'am."
"Good, we will start with the Commander's plan. Blackbird will jump and take pictures from that ship; we will find what it is…."
"Madam President I apologize for intrusion, we already know what it is. Shannon Valeri our Cylon prisoner said that ship is Resurrection ship. Each Cylons that died it resurrect in new bodies on board that ship." Said Commander Adama, "if we can destroy it, we may cripple their resurrection abilities."
"Even if this is true, if she didn't lie, we need evidence. I hope you are not so naive to believe in that Cylon, after all she tried to kill you remember," said Admiral Cain.
"What you propose Commander?" ask President Roslin while watching Commander Adama.
"Sending Blackbird to take some snap shots and then to plan attack on that ship and their escorts. With two battlestars we would not have any problem in destroying those baseships," said Adama.
"I am for attacking now, but I will agree this time with Commander," Admiral Cain nodded.
"Fine, send the Blackbird. Who will pilot the ship?"
"I think Starbuck is the best person for that job," said Adama.
"Starbuck? She may be the dam good pilot but she is reckless, stubborn, and in constant fights with her superior officers, you want to send her?" obviously Admiral Cain didn't want Starbuck in this mission.
"Maybe she is, but as you say with your own words Admiral, she is dam good pilot, and I am confident that she can make it."
"Do whatever you want," it was short response by Admiral Cain.
"One more thing," President Roslin starts, "for the duration of this mission and possible strike on those ships you will delay execution of Lt. Agathon and Chief Tyrol."
"Fine," said Admiral Cain shortly and then left the room.
"Now I see what you think when you say she is a devil Bill," said President Roslin.
"And who would even know that from all ships in fleet the Pegasus would survive the attack. However we need her for now," Adama respond.
"I don't like to say this Bill, but she will make things hard, we must silence her."
"What are you proposing that we eliminate her? Laura she is colonial officer, and currently she is a flag officer of this fleet. We can't plan a coup."
"Maybe but that woman will make life hard for everyone in this fleet. We need Pegasus but we don't need her. Her constant hate, she will only lead us from one battle to another one, we can't fight with Cylons all the time."
"I will think about it. But I don't make any promises."
"Do that Bill."
Battlestar Vanguard C.I.C.
"All set sir, fighters ready, Stealthstar 02 and 03 ready, they will jump few seconds before us attack and disable the resurrection ship and then we come in," Colonel Magene reports.
"Good, jump countdown for stealthstars now."
After few seconds two stealthstars exited and jump to the location of Cylons ships.
"Birds away, waiting time 40 seconds and jumping," said Colonel.
"Well that is it. To all ships. Vanguard and Chimera attacking the baseships, Valkyire concentrate on Resurrection ship. Squadrons Alpha and Gamma stays with refinery and support ship."
10 seconds and counting. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, jump. All three battlestars disappear in a bright flash.
Battlestar Vanguard C.I.C.
"Jump completed sir," Colonel Magene reports.
"Good, tell Chimera to concentrate on baseship Alpha, we will take baseship Beta, Valkyire to rush on resurrection ship. She is dead in water. Launch all vipers," said Commander Belzen.
"Thank the Gods that stealthstars succeeded."
"Yes, let’s bring fight to Cylons shall we."
Two mercuries start hurling towards the escorting baseships firing with their cannons on them, while Valkyire pass near them and start rushing the resurrection ship. It was not long before intensive exchange of fire starts between the ships, with colonial ships having the edge. Vipers itself were launched from both ships and joined the fray.
Stealthstar Blackbird
"This is Starbuck ready for jump."
"You are clear Starbuck, good hunting" said Commander Adama.
Blackbird vanish in bright light and appears near the Cylons fleet only to found that Cylons are badly engaged in fight with three colonial battlestars.
"What the hell" said Starbuck observing the fight. She recognize colonial ships as two Mercury class battlestars and one Valkyire. She turn off all of her power to remain in stealth and observed the fight.
"Where the hell did you come from?" She quietly asked herself. In the mean time, Vanguard crippled its target and with several final shots destroyed the baseship. Chimera was in same position finishing the damaged baseship. Valkyire came closer firing her main cannons on resurrection ship and firing large amount of anti-ship missiles, in few short seconds of their flight they reached the target and start hitting resurrection ship from all sides. It didn't take long before the ship exploded.
After watching this short but intensive fight, Starbuck turn all systems on and jump away...
Vanguard C.I.C.
"Sir all targets destroyed, several surviving raiders and two heavy raiders escaped," Colonel Magene reports.
"Our status?"
"27 vipers lost only 5 survivors found. Several more vipers were crippled, we are towing those now. Minor damage on sections 23, 25, and 27. One nuke hit in section 40, low yield, moderate damage. Chimera reports minimal damage. Valkyire survived without scratch."
"Sir, few moments before we detect low FTL jump 25km from our left starboard section, it appears as small ship." dradis officer reports
"Don’t think so, I think some kind of stealthstar."
"So Galactica sent a stealthstar to spy on Cylons," said Colonel Magene.
"Probably, can you triangulate position from where the stealthstar jumped?" asked Commander Belzen.
"I believe I can."
"Good, Colonel Send raptor to our support ships, tell the fighters to attach themselves to the ships and then jump here."
"Aye sir."
Battlestar Galactica C.I.C.
"Sir a ship just jumped in, it’s the Starbuck," said specialist Dualla.
"Already, she can't finish mission so fast," in disbelief said Colonel Tigh.
"Patch her trough the wireless, and be sure Pegasus listen it to." said commander Adama to specialist Dualla
"Aye sir, patching now."
"Starbuck are you there?" ask Commander Adama
"Yes sir."
"Did you finish the mission?" ask Commander
"Sir, you wouldn’t believe me when I say that Cylons fleet just got its ass kicked by three colonial battlestars," said Starbuck.
"Starbuck explain?"
Both Admiral Cain and Commander Adama were shocked. The C.I.C.s of both ships were silent as they expected the next words from Starbuck.
"I jump directly on coordinates, before I even start my mission I was in middle of fight, my stealth systems had been engaged and nobody detect me, I think. But I saw two Mercury class battlestars and one Valkyire fighting with Cylons. Mercuries concentrated on baseships the Valkyire engage resurrection ship," said Starbuck quickly.
"Did you indentify the ships?" ask Admiral Cain.
"Sorry Admiral, I didn't, I was shocked and I didn't want to compromise my safety."
"More colonial ships survived," said Commander Adama, "how is that possible?"
"I don't know Commander, but I know what I saw, colonial ships just kick the Cylons hard."

Nobody noticed small ship observing Galactica, Pegasus and fleet. Few seconds later ship dissapear in tiny flash.
Battlestar Vanguard C.I.C.
"Sir support ships just jumped. Our stealthstar also arrived, it is confirmed Pegasus, Galactica and her fleet are in front of us."
"Good, prepare all ships to jump to coordinates Lets hope Galactica and rest of the fleet will still be there," said Commander Belzen.
"All ships ready."
"Jump in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, now."
All five ships disappeared in big flashes.
To be continued...
Note: Rahnas* - Colonial Version of Earth Piranhas.
Originally this chapter was supposed to be cut in two; however I decided to make it in one larger. I know that maybe you expected few adventures of Vanguard and her group, and few chapters for them. I didn't see need for it. My original was to create completely new story, with Vanguard in center during their search for Galactica. Who knows maybe I do the alternative one :) I hope you like the chapter.
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my deviantart page:

dukedom, good place to find lots of fanfiction:
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Nice, somebody will be mad, a certain fleet just went up into tin air.
Were will they head?

They wouldn´t head towards the Prometheus her colony, would they?
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vianca wrote:
Nice, somebody will be mad, a certain fleet just went up into tin air.
Were will they head?

They wouldn´t head towards the Prometheus her colony, would they?

stay tunned and find in the next chapter:)!
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Love oh Love. :)
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Excellent chapter. I'm looking forward to more. thumbs up thumbs up
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Zags, your writing has improved immensely.

Very well down chief, Bravo!
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new chapter

Part 15: 2x03 "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" (In times of war, the laws falls silent)
Battlestar Galactica C.I.C.
"Sir five ships have just jumped in, they are almost on top of us," dradis officer reports.
"Who are they, Cylons or Colonials?" asked Commander Adama.
"Moment sir, they are colonial."
"Put on visual."
On one of the screens five ships appears. Entire C.I.C saw two Mercury class ships and one Valkyire, plus two smaller support ships a refinery and one other.
"Those are definitely colonial," said Colonel Tigh.
"Sir led ship sending its IFF to us and to Pegasus, other ships doing the same." Battlestars Vangaurd, Chimera, and Valkyire, support ship Trench and refinery Akimba Maru," specialist Dualla reports.
"Valkyire, what the hell she doing her, no better question how the frak she survived, she was in orbit of Caprica at the time of attack?" Colonel Tigh was surprised, both him and Commander Adama served on Valkyire. Especially during infamous mission year before attack near border with Cylon space, where they lost one of their pilots.
"I believe that is not important at the moment," said Adama.
"Sir, Vangaurd is hailing us." said Dualla.
"Put them on the speakers."
For seconds there is silence and then.
"To Battlestar Galactica this is Commander Jurgen Belzen from Battlestar Vangaurd. Do you copy?"
"Loud and clear Commander, we are surprised by your sudden appearance; we believed that entire fleet is destroyed..."
"I understand Commander, can I board your ship, we have a lot to talk about, if I may ask, I would asked that Admiral Cain and President Roslin also be present on Galactica." asked Commander Belzen.
"Of course Commander, we are looking forward."
"We will be there in 15 minutes," and then line broke.
"Send messages to President Roslin and Admiral Cain, tell them that they are needed in the conference room on Galactica," said Adama to specialist Dualla.
A Little Later
"Belzen, that can't be, he was killed. Pegasus's X.O Fisk said that Cain left him in a broken Raptor to slowly die in space." said Tigh while walking with Adama to corridors that lead to docking bay.
"It appears he is alive, or do you think he was replaced by the Cylons, or actually their agent?" Adama responds.
"No, but this is hard to believe, in just one and one half days. Four Battlestars show up. Little strange don't you think?"
"It is, but let us see how this will go first, we don't want to make mistake as we done with Cain.
Several minutes later Admiral Cain, President Roslin, Colonel Fisk, Commander Adama, and Colonel Tigh all were present in conference room; this time there was no preparations as there was for Admiral, straight wish from Commander Belzen.
"So who the hell is in charge of that fleet, and why I didn't I speak with whoever it is?" asked Admiral Cain.
"Vangaurd contact Galactica, not Pegasus, Admiral, and I believe you will see for itself in few minutes. I am just informed that Commander's Raptor landed. He will be her in few moments.
"Do you know Commander of the Vangaurd?" asked President Roslin.
"No, but I believe Admiral Cain does." It was not strange that Cain look at him with question.
Doors open, Commander Belzen and Commander Hastings from Valkyire enters the room. Of course Fisk and Cain after looking on Belzen stayed paralyzed, he was supposed to be dead. Without even watching Admiral Belzen come closer and raise hand to Adama, after the shake, Adama presented President Roslin.
"I am glad to meet you madam President." said Commander Belzen. "Ah I see Admiral Cain and Colonel Fisk, you got my position fast didn't you Jack?"
"You know each other?" asked President Roslin.
"Of course, I was the X.O on Pegasus during the attack.
"They say that the Admiral, left you to die in broken a Raptor, because you disobeyed a direct order," said Commander Adama. Watching and waiting for a red faced and furious Admiral Cain, to try to do something Cain starts.
"It is custom to salute superior officer Commander."
"I don't salute you Admiral. Not after what you have done to me and to those ships that you left behind, stripping from them everything useful and left them to die, and yes after ordering the killing innocent family members of those who refused to join your crew. Don't look at me that way, you well know about what I'm talking about. And how do I know that. We saved a few survivors they can tell you everything..."
"How did you survive?" asked Fisk.
"One of the marines, smuggled food, and water on Raptor, and a basic repair kit. I repaired thruster control, and had enough power and air to get to the nearest fleet depot. I took air from ships there and spread my food and water resources. I was finally saved by search parties from Olympia station who salvage the depot..."
"There is more survivors back home?" asked Adama.
"The Cylons jammed entire system, no wonder you didn't get all the messages, but yes there was a lot of ships that survived the attack. Admiral Thorn on Olympia station. Admiral Stryker from the Battlestar Atlantis, you Commander, from the Pegasus, and we believe also Battlestar Prometheus and her escorts are somewhere..."
"Stryker, Marcus Stryker? That rat, he was Commander last time I saw him," said Cain. "Since when did he become an Admiral?"
"Stryker was in charge of the mission to the Terminus sector to create secret colony in case of a Cylon attack, nobody knew when the Cylons going to attack us, But it was sooner then the Admiralty thought. During the battle of Virgon, Admiral Nagala sent a last message to Stryker, promoting him to rank of Admiral, with orders to bring all survivors back to colony now known as Avalon as part of operation Exodus..."
"Exodus never heard of it?" said Adama.
"Of course Commander, only fleet Admiral Torres, and several Admirals in the fleet knew about it. The whole plan was in preparation for almost 20 years. Many ships that should have been retired and scrapped stayed active or in reserve. Several facilities were made especially for it, in case of attack that they survive. Like super large mobile shipyards called Unity, Eternity, and Olympia station. And even the Hera station that was brought in with survivors. After some time Admiral Stryker was promoted to fleet Admiral. Which means Admiral you taking orders from him now..."
"I don't think so," said Cain.
Ignoring her last statement, Belzen continues. "There were a lot of ships, military and civilian that survived, and is now on their way to Avalon."
"How many military ships, civilians? - asked Adama.
"Right now, 23 Battlestars with half of them taken from depots, upgraded and manned. Two were unfortunately lost during the last battle. 2 Warstars and a lot of Gunstars, Firestars, and other type of warships in total I believe we have over 80 military ships, several mobile docks and over 2.5 million survivors." All in room were very quiet after last words. "Plus we secured Picon, there was still about 100-200 thousand people guarded by the defense grid, and several newly installed anti-ship cannons on ground and over 6000 marines under command of General O'Riley. Unfortunately Caprica was destroyed..."
"How do you mean destroyed?" asked Colonel Tigh.
"During evacuation of Caprica, we were joined by the 11th Marine expeditionary division under General Conrard Williams who was on outskirts of Cyrannus hunting the pirates and also having military exercises. Shortly after their arrival a large amount of 40 to 50 baseships and one large that we call dreadstar joined in and start raining with enormous swarm of missiles. We escaped but the missiles struck Caprica. More then half were nuclear and some were even of the 250kt range. After the bombardment, they must trigger some volcanoes and in short time, Caprica become molten rock..."
Everyone in room was quiet listening the story. After almost an hour and telling them all that he knew Adama was first to talk.
"So fleet Admiral Stryker sent your fleet to find us."
"Yes, and to bring you back to Avalon I know that one colony right now in Cryannus is still under colonial forces, but sooner or later Cylons will find the way to conquer it again. And also you are being followed by at least 50 baseships, resurrection hub and colony ship..."
"Resurrection hub didn't your ship destroyed one?" asked Colonel Tigh.
"That was a resurrection ship. The Hub is actually the center of all the resurrection ships that are usually connected to it. In case of losing the resurrection ship, the hub becomes the primary resurrection ship in fleet, since colony ship do not have resurrection technology..."
"And you said Commander Turner also survived?
"From what we know he was also promoted, we tapped into Cylon communications, he's an Admiral now. Witch leads me to my next part of mission, Admiral Cain, due your incompetence and war crimes you are demoted from Admiral to Commander, this are written orders from fleet Admiral Stryker, signed by him and Admirals Sounders and Thorn. You are also sentenced to brig until you face trials for your crimes..."
"What the frak are you talking about you can't do this, and he is not here, you can not do this Jurgen, you know I am right. It was all for our survival." Cain was pissed, angry she didn't know what to say.
"No it was your vengeance; you wanted to wage a war with one ship. Tell me how the attack on that staging ground passed, I bet you lost almost all your fighters during the assault. Marines!
"Two marines from the four that arrived with Belzen entered, and after being shown the order from the Commander apprehended Cain.
"You can't do this, I am a flag officer of this fleet," Cain yelled.
"Not anymore," Belzen responded with smile.
President Roslin, Commander Adama, and Colonel Tigh were in shock after this little scene. This demonstrated that whoever this Stryker is he means business.
"And yes I almost forgot, "said Commander Belzen.” By order from fleet Admiral Stryker, to Commander Adama, "for you Admiral Adama" and as he said that he give two Admiral rank badges to surprised Adama.
"But why?" It was only thing Adama said.
"Admiral Stryker has a high opinion about you sir. And you are a way better choice for Admiral then Cain would ever be. These are yours Admiral."
After moment of silence, Colonel Tigh was the first to congratulate him.
"Well you have earned them and you finally get them, thank the gods of Kobol."
"Congratulations Admiral." said President Roslin. "You have earned it..."
"Yes I wanted these for long time, I think we will need to do press conference about this, and arrival of the new ships in our fleet," said Admiral Adama. "Commander is there any more orders from fleet Admiral for us?" asked Adama.
"Yes sir, only one. To return to Avalon, we will escort you back home sir."
"What about our search for Earth, the 13th tribe." asked President Roslin watching Admiral Adama
"Madam President, the 13th tribe was destroyed a long time ago." After another 30 minuets of explanation, he said. "There is nothing left, except the ruins and bones."
"Then we set course for Avalon," said the Admiral. "Of course Commander, you will be present at the press conference." "No escaping that," said Adama with smile. "And you my good old friend," a smile showing on Colonel Tigh. "My first order or better yet decision, as Admiral is your promotion to Commander."
"Well I would say it's about fraking time."
"Admiral, if you wish you can take Vangaurd as your flagship. I am sorry if we didn't bring a mobile dry-dock to repair Galactica," said Commander Belzen.
"Do you wish to take command of Pegasus, Commander? Asked Admiral Adama watching Commander Belzen. Of course he noticed confusion from Colonel Fisk, Fisk believed after these events that he will take command of the ship but now, that remains in question.
"No sir, however, I would recommended that you put someone you can trust on the Pegasus. There are still a lot of people there loyal to Cain..."
"I must object Admiral," said Colonel Fisk.
"Noted, but you will not get command of the Pegasus, Colonel, after all you are the person who ordered the atrocities to happened on Silba and other civilian ships. Maybe you didn't fire the first shot but you are definitely guilty," Admiral Adama responds. "Commander Belzen you will remain in command of Vangaurd..."
"Yes Admiral, by the way, we may not have a dock, but the support ship has spare parts, and we have excellent teams that can repair most of the damage on Galactica, with your permission they will start immediately."
"Of course, Commander Hastings I will not take command from you. But I would like to return on Valkyire, at least until repairs on the Galactica are over. It has long time since I have been on that ship, well not so long but still..."
"Yes Admiral, it would be pleasure to have you on board" Commander Hastings respond quickly.
"Colonel Fisk, you may not get command of Pegasus, but still you will remain on your post as X.O. of the ship..."
"Yes sir."
"Now if that is all, there are few things I must do before we announce all the changes to the fleet, by now they must observed the newcomers."
After that Commander's Belzen and Hastings returned to their ships. Fisk return to Pegasus and after short chat newly promoted Admiral Adama return to his own quarters. But he sent for his son Lee.
20 minutes later
Admiral Adama's Quarters
After hearing knocks on door, Adama yelled "enter" and his son enters the room.
"Well it's in order to congratulate you. You finally get wings" said Lee will sitting on chair.
"All these years I looking forward to getting a promotion, and each time I failed, especially after the Valkyire incident. And now, when I finally get it..."
"You probably lost faith you would never become an Admiral," said Lee with smile. "But you are now Admiral of this fleet, and we need you..."
"And Pegasus needs a new Commander, and I've decided that it should be you," said Adama.
"Me? I am surprised, that you chose me there is Fisk or Garner..."
"I can't trust Fisk, and Garner is an engineer. And by the way, you have the experience and training to be Commander. If not for the Cylon attack, you would have been in command of a Gunstar by now, and then in few years of your own Battlestar. But war is war, and I give you the chance now, so don't make me to choose another..."
"Then I accept, only if I get specialist Dualla with me and Starbuck..."
"You've got command of your own Battlestar and you still bargain? You get Dualla but Starbuck stays on Galactica, I need a good CAG after you take Peggy. And beside you have a CAG on Pegasus. Cpt. Taylor."
"Taylor? With respect he is a jackass. I doubt he will take well change in command."
"Maybe but still he will not disobey an order from you, and if you have some problems, send him to me. I will deal with him swiftly. Of course you can't be Commander of a Battlestar with captain's rank. Here you go you will need these," said Adama and taking from desk locker Commander insignia badges.
"Thank you sir..."
"I will do the rest, you have 30 minuets to get your ass there and make order..."
"You can count on me."
Cylon Colony, Unknown System, Command Room
"What do you mean you lost the fraking resurrection ship?" John Cavil yelled at one of the fives that command the resurrection fleet.
"Three Battlestars jumped in and immediately opened fire on us. We didn't have a chance. Moments before attack, two or three Stealthstars jumped in and blew the engines of resurrection ship." In the short time that we had to act, they disappeared," said the five.
"Did you at least recognize the ships?" asked Cavil.
"Yes. Two Mercury class Battlestars the Vangaurd and Chimera, and a Valkyire class the Valkyire itself..."
Cavil yelled so loud that all in room stayed silent, nobody wanted to say anything. Before anyone said something Cavil hit the nearest console with his fist. "That son of bitch, and he said he had plans for those captured ships, and that he had it all under control back home. Fraking moron..."
"Calm down, it could be anything, maybe some of prisoners escaped, and somehow got to the ships, and maybe they were re-taken from surviving colonial units. We know that there are a few ships still not accounted for." Number 4 called Simon O'Neill tried to calm situation.
"Really? He insure me that all the ships that survived would be destroyed, at each of my calls to him, he sent messages that he had eradicated humans that remained on colonies and that he destroyed all the remaining ships. "And now we get this!" First the Pegasus joined the Galactica's fleet, then Three Battlestars from two were supposed to be under our control and a third destroyed in attacks, and destroy three of our ships. Now how did that happen? When I get that idiot, I will kill him with my own arms..."
"Relax, there must be a good explanation for that," said another number 1 called Lucian. "We should concentrate on Galactica and rest of the fleet. If the new ships joined with her. Its means Five Battlestars, three of them Mercuries. Three Gunstars from Galactica's fleet and one old Firestar. I believe that to be a much bigger priority then seeking revenge on our brother for his failure."
"Fine, I don't want even to think what else he screwed up! How many other ships survived the original assault? But one is for sure, I will kill him..."
"Didn't you over react, step by step" said number five called Aaron Doral. "So what if those three ships survived, they are still outgunned..."
"I wouldn't be so sure brother, humans are unpredictable. And do not forget that we destroyed their homes, their military, everything. Those that remains are more dangerous then entire colonial navy intact," said number 2 called Leoben Conoy.
"One more reason to eliminate the Galactica and the other ships. There are way too many Battlestars present," John Cavil responds.
"And what about Earth?" Asked number 6 known as Caprica 6.
"What about her?"
"If we destroyed Galactica, we will never find Earth and the 13th tribe."
"Myth, we are following a myth. What if Earth and the 13th tribe don't exist? If those jackasses in Galactica fleet believe in something that doesn't even exist. We are wasting our time on nothing. I say it's time we crush them. We have left them to live for too long..."
Commander Belzen decided to visit his former ship. And after landing on Pegasus dock, he started his way to the C.I.C... Newly promoted Commander Lee Adama had already taken control of the ship. Half of the crew was for him, but half was not, believing that Cain should remain in command.
"Commander, it is good to see you again" said lieutenant Hoshi, approaching from opposite direction.
"And you to lieutenant. It's good to see this ship again under new management."
"I think most of the crew will like you to take command of the Pegasus, they don't have anything against Commander Adama. But still..."
"Well I can understand that, but the Vangaurd is now my home lieutenant, and you got yourself a good officer..."
Commander then visits the brig after hearing that there is a Cylon on board. There he found a man trying to feed the well beaten blond woman, a Cylon model six.
"Who the hell are you," said Belzen while entering in brig, escorted by two well armed marines.
"My name is Doctor Gaius Baltar, and I am here to help the Cylon prisoner. Who are you?" Baltar responds.
"I am Jurgen Belzen, Commander. From reports I get this woman killed seven marines before she was taken down. From now on, nobody has permission to visit her except if they get it from Admiral Adama or me..."
"Commander, this woman needs help. I understand she is Cylon but she is living being I can not leave her to die." Baltar Protested.
"She will not die Mr. Baltar, she will get food, and water and you have my word that no one will touch her. I am not sadistic as Cain, and I am sure that Commander Adama thinks like me. She is safe. But she is also dangerous. So doc visiting hour is over, you will get yourself out of here. Don't worry you will have opportunity to heal and clean her once on week. Now move..."
One of marines shows the doors to Baltar and without choice Baltar complied. After Baltar is gone. Belzen looked upon the blond woman. She was in corner, staring on him, it was for sure that she thought he would rape her as the others done. But there was something different about him; he didn't look mean, or angry.
"What is your name, or designation?" he ask
For some time there was no response, so he repeats himself. "Look I will not torture you or do you any harm, what is your name?" After few more sec of silence Cylon woman finally spoke.
"Gina. What you plan to do with me?
"At the moment nothing, you will stay here in brig. You will receive food and water, and nobody will touch you. We are not all animals as you Cylons think about us, I am not like Cain."
Gina only nodded with her head. Commander Belzen then exits the brig.
Vangaurd's Situation Room
Commander's Belzen, Tigh, Lee Adama, and Admiral Adama debate the route to the Avalon.
"We don't know anything about this region," said Tigh. "And we don't even know where the main Cylon fleet is..."
"There is no doubt they plan to attack us by now, they must realize that our ships joined with the Galactica, and with force of five Battlestars we now present a big threat to them. Sooner or later they will attack us," said Commander Belzen.
"Do you have plan Commander?" Admiral Adama asked.
"Yes I have. I noticed there were three Sentinel class Gunstars and one old Firestars in your fleet Admiral..."
"Two of the Gunstars are damaged; they were not repaired in full. And Firestar if I am not mistaken is converted as cargo ship, not much of the force from there..."
"Admiral Stryker was using a large amount of the patrols around the fleet to warn him about immediate danger. The circle he created around the fleet in radius of one light year was of Stealthstars, raptors scouts, and patrols. This create excellent grid, in case one of the raptors or Stealthstars saw an enemy ship, the assault force is to intercept and destroy. Of course if this is about raiders and heavy raiders. If encountering a baseship or more of them, then new a route is made..."
"Interesting, but how this can help to us. I mean the Cylons can be anywhere," said Commander Adama.
"Yes they can. However we split our forces into two divisions. Division One the Vangaurd, Chimera, and Pegasus in one, making them the Mercury trio, with their firepower hardly anything survive. The Valkyire, Galactica, and rest of the force are division two. Second division priority is to always stay with the fleet, while first one will attack or be our first line of defensive in case of attack..."
"That will divide our forces, we can have many gaps in defenses," said Admiral.
"If they attack in force and start their attacks from behind with heavy raiders, hardly any ship will have time to react," Commander Belzen responds.
"You also been mentioned before that during the first trip to Terminus, Admiral Stryker encountered a new threat?" Asked Admiral Adama with curiosity.
"Unfortunately yes, automated drones called the Harvesters. We don't know much about them, only that they are made from a very old and very advanced race. We don't know what new can pop up in front of us, but that's why I want to introduce the patrol grid. It will warn us of the enemy before we even encounter them Admiral Thorn also worked on new kind of defense grid, but i do not know nothing about it. And sir I would say that I have another plan, a plan that I would left for the end if everything else failed."
"I am listening."
"Locate and attack the colony itself."
Everyone in room stared at each other, with some mumbling, "It would be suicide," Said Tigh.
"From the Cylons that defected in our fleet, we found a lot about the colony, it was created around the original ship in which the so called final five, or survivors from 13th tribe came," Attacking in force and in one massive wave, launching every missile nuclear or conversional to blast it to pieces."
"We will set course for Avalon, or at least coordinates where we can intercept the main fleet, and I would like to get good look at your plan Commander. That is for all."
"As others start to leave, the Admiral said," don't forget the press conference is tomorrow at 10:00 hrs. on Colonial One. I expect you to be there."
"Yes Sir."
"Freedom is our biggest treasure, love is our biggest weapon, courage and will to go forward is something that make us great...."

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Excellent chapter! Your writing is getting much better. Keep at it. Very Happy
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outstanding sir!
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good job.
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Love it.
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here is the chapter 16

Part 16: 2x04 - The Gathering Storm

The press conference on board Colonial One went on for over two hours. Commander Belzen was shelled with questions about the main fleet, Avalon, and the survivors on Picon. The Harvesters were not mentioned since Admiral Adama didn't want to scare the people of the fleet with a new enemy potentially worse than the Cylons. Although Commander Belzen didn't like the press he answered every question they asked.

After the conference, all fleet Battlestar Commanding and Executive officers were ordered to meet on Galactica to discuss future plans.


"Since Admiral Adama did not approve of my plan for a direct assault on the Cylon Colony, I made a new one. Even if we draw the Cylon fleet out of the colony it's still too powerful for all five of our Battlestars. However, instead of targeting the colony we should target their fleet," Commander Belzen said.

"If what you say is true Commander, that there's fifty baseships out there, how do you possibly imagine us attacking fifty baseships with only five battlestars?" Commander Tigh asked.

"This plan is just as risky as the last one, but not impossible," Admiral Adama said, "Do you have anymore ideas Commander?"

"There is one. We can avoid the Cylon fleet as best we can until we reach the main fleet or Avalon. However the Cylons will follow us, there's no doubt about that. And when they arrive in force with the Colony ship and fifty baseships it will be a bloody battle; especially if they round up the remaining Cylon ships from the Cyrannus system. In which case any defense will be much harder. The defense grid around Avalon is still not one hundred percent ready. All resources are being diverted to the creation of a new city for survivors to live in and even repairs on Sanctuary have been slowed. However, we must slow down the cylons. At least destroy half of their current ships before we do anything else," Commander Belzen replied.

"From your reports Commander, Admiral Stryker has more than enough ships and personnel to stop any kind of attack, but right now we need focus on our current situation. How do you plan to destroy the enemy fleet, with fifty baseships in it?" Admiral Adama asked.

"What about raiding attacks?" Commander Lee Adama interjected.

"Raiding attacks?" Commander Belzen asked.

"You mentioned that your forces destroyed several cylon ships with guerrilla style attacks," Commander Lee Adama said.

"We did, but it's not a perfect option here. The Cylons have been keeping a majority of their fleet together in groups on patrol duties. And after they lost their Resurrection ship and it's escorts they won't risk a group small enough for us to attack like before. However, I have plan that might work to our advantage with their new strategy of grouping their baseships together. It would be incredibly difficult, but it will work and we can move the civilians out of the combat zone afterward," Commander Belzen said.

"Alright Commander, we're listening," Admiral Adama said.

"Our long range scouts discovered what we believe to be a black hole judging from it's strong gravity field that our scouts barely managed to escape. We can lure a large Cylon patrol fleet into the black hole," Commander Belzen said.

"Luring enemy forces into a black hole? If our ships detected the difference in standard cosmic gravity field then there's no chance they won't detect it as well and jump right out," Commander Tigh said.

"Hmm they probably would since the Cylons have better FTL and dradis systems. However, we can fool their sensors at least for a moment: long enough to lure them in. They will no doubt fanatically want to destroy our fleet when they see five battlestars and especially three Mercury class battlestars in an apparently exposed position. It will be a very tempting target so they will jump directly to us. But they won't be jumping to the real us; they will be jumping to decoys," Commander Belzen said.

"Care to explain Commander?" Admiral Adama asked.

"Yes Admiral; we will take twenty Raptors all rigged to fly automatically without pilots on board with operators on a command ship near the gravity well, but at a safe distance from the black hole. Once they get into position we will transmit false signals, lots of them. The Cylons will think it's our fleet and if we get lucky they will be naive and jump in. However, once we launch decoys from raptors – they will be also added to raptors, we will self-destruct all twenty raptors. The explosions will not be big, but if we put one nuke on one of the raptors it will completely mess with their sensors for a short time. They will jump in, and then they will be trapped," Commander Belzen said.

"And why do you think this will work?" Commander Lee Adama asked.

"I don't, but what other options we have? A direct assault is not an option and with good reason; we would lose all our ships before we could destroy the colony, a direct assault on their fleet - well we may destroy 12 to 18 baseships at best but in the end all our ships would be destroyed as well and then the Cylons will have no problem destroying the rest of the fleet. Running from them will only delay our problems and it will add them as a new problem to our main fleet and Avalon. If we can cut down even one third or half of their fleet, it will help our chances exponentially," Commander Belzen said.

"Well Commander, then we will do as you say. You will have twenty raptors prepared, how long will we need to get to the vicinity of black hole?" Admiral Adama asked.

"Two days, since it is behind us sir," Commander Belzen said.

"And what is the plan for the rest of the fleet while we enact this operation?" Admiral Adama asked.

"Vanguard will stay near the black hole so that operators can control the raptors, the signal will probably be distorted but I hope they will succeed. One other Battlestar, the Valkyrie, will lure the cylons in and then if they take the bait jump to the location of the fleet far behind the black hole in a safe position. Once we confirm the Cylons have jumped near the black hole and are trapped we will then jump the fleet out," Commander Belzen said.

"Your chances of success?" Admiral Adama asked.

"I will not lie Admiral, no more then fifty percent. However, we must try. There is no other option," Commander Belzen stated.

"Alright, then I approve the mission to go ahead," Commander Adama said.

Copernicus Colony – Battlestar Prometheus – Flag suite

"Enter," Rear Admiral Jonathan Turner said. Admiral Turner was well into his fifties, having served on many ships and in many battles, his last mission before the fall was operation Outreach to establish a colony outside the Cryannus system. He was now the highest ranking military officer in the small fleet that protects the Copernicus colony. The Copernicus defense force consists of two Nova class Battlestars Nova and Prometheus (flagship), Mercury class Battlestar Eternal and Valkyrie class Battlestar Celestial. There were also several gunstars and support ships as well as the old battlestar from the first cylon war Battlestar Ares.

The doors opened and General John Connors walked in.

"We just received news from our scouts. Another fleet of Cylon ships have been spotted in the sector. Twenty baseships, a resurrection ship, and one large ship of unknown class that must be the flagship of the group," General Connors said.

“Hmm, it didn't take them long to send a new fleet after us," Admiral Turner responded.

"Shall we proceed as last time sir?" General Connors asked.

"No, we will not rush. Especially when we don't know anything about this new ship. I will speak with Sheba, since she was cylon, maybe she knows something about this new Cylon ship. I doubt our tactics will work like before. If they start to move too close to this system then we will act, but not before," Admiral Turner said.

"And what about those rumors sir? We know that Galactica survived. She's somewhere in the Prolmar sector, and there's also a second much larger group of colonial ships that survived elsewhere," General Connors said.

"We can not send ships out right now in search of those groups. Once we deal with this new threat then perhaps we can, but for now we need all of our ships here. Is that all general?" Admiral Turner asked.

"Yes, sir," General Connors said, saluting and then leaving the flag suite.


Battlestar Vanguard C.I.C.

"Jump completed," the helm officer said, "stabilizing the ship now."

The ship was still shaking even though they were a safe distance from the black hole; the gravity field is so powerful it's effects can be felt from a great distance away.

"Compensating sir, we are at a safe distance but we can't do anything more about the effects of the gravity on the ship even at this extreme range," the helm officer said.

"Never mind, we wont stay for long here," Commander Belzen said shortly.

Watching his X.O. Belzen ordered the Raptors to be deployed.

"All Raptors deployed, they are jumping into position now," Colonel Shelly Magene said.

"Sir, we have confirmation that all ships jumped safely, we are the only one left, and the Valkyrie reported that they found a Cylon fleet of ships heading towards the Raptors," said the Communications officer.

"Good, lets hope Valkyrie will jump away without any problems; there are a lot of distortions out there causing our systems problems," Commander Belzen said.

Baseship 110 Command room

"We got them, they're directly in front of us," one of the number four's said.

"Hmm, something is not right, why is the signal so distorted?" Charlie Doral, leader of the assault group that consists of twelve baseships, asked.

"There is a nebula in the vicinity. Our raiders that we sent forward haven't returned yet. I suggest we jump in and attack the colonials before they can escape again," number four said.

"I'm not so sure, these distortions affecting our systems could be from a nebula, but it could also be from a black hole," a number two said, watching the number four.

"Our scouts didn't report any black hole in this sector. We would know if there was one," number four said.

Charlie was not an experienced Commander, so he didn't know for sure if he should continue or wait, but before he could react the only number three in the room yelled out "we have more contacts jumping in; the rest of the fleet has arrived, including the hub and colony. And we are being hailed."

Charlie nodded to the number three, and then started speaking, "John, our sensors show colonials in front of us, but we can't be sure if they are really there there's a lot of distortion messing with our systems which I believe is from a black hole."

"Black hole? Our charts don't show any black hole here," John Cavil said.

"Yes I know, but we can't be sure of the source of the distortions affecting our systems, and I don't want to risk our ships if a black hole is really out there," Charlie said.

"I don't want excuses. Send your ships in and destroy the colonial ships, if they escape again I will kill you myself, do you understand?" John said threateningly.

"Yes John," Charlie replied.

After the transmission ended, he turned to the others.

"So, what do we do now?" Charlie asked.

"We do what John told us, we must catch those colonial ships; all ships are to jump in and attack the colonials," the number three said simply.


It's now or never Commander Belzen thinks to himself when suddenly twelve red icons appear on dradis near the location of the raptors. Decoys were fired and all the raptors were destroyed.

"Sir, the cylons have taken the bait, they jumped in with twelve baseships," the dradis officer said.

"Good, now it's getting interesting," Commander Belzen said with a smile.

Baseship 110 was one of the first baseships to jump to the coordinates, immediately it started shaking, and even though the ship was not too close to the black hole it was close enough to be caught in the gravity field.

"Report!" Charlie said.

"As we predicted it is a black hole," a number two said.

"Frak, get us out of here, f..." before he can say more, two of the ships near his baseships exploded, the gravity force was so strong that it moved one of the baseships directly into the path of another that just jumped in. Both ships collided with each other and exploded, the debris hitting a third baseship and taking another one with them.

"Get us out of here," Charlie yelled.

"We can't move, we jumped too close in front of the coordinates where we thought the colonial ships were but there's nothing; this was a trap," a number four said.

"A trap, frak, pull all energy to the FTL engines," Charlie said.

"You don't understand, we can not move, it's pulling us toward the black hole we can't do anything" number three said in panic.

"Damn you John Cavil, damn you Adama," Charlie said.

It took only thirty minutes before all the remaining ships were within the event horizon, one after another they were smashed to pieces and they simply disappeared.

"Valkyrie is safe, twelve Cylon baseships smashed by the black hole," the dradis officer said.

"Good work, helm, commence jump to the fleets location," Commander Belzen said.

Moments later the Vanguard disappeared.

Cylon Colony

"No word from Charlie and his fleet, we lost contact after he jumped," Aaron Doral said.

"What the hell is going on?" John Cavil asked.

"It would be best to send heavy raider to search for its fleet, we cant risk sending anymore baseships," Leoben Conoy said.

"Yes, yes send the raider, I want answers. The last thing your brother said before his fleet jumped was that he had a lead on the colonial fleet, and he was moving to engage. And if I recall he also mentioned a black hole..."

"Is it possible that he and his fleet jumped too close to the black hole?" Simon O'Neill asked.

"I doubt he would be so stupid; their ship sensors would warn him of the danger," Aaron Doral answered.

"However it happened, we just lost contact with twelve of our ships. I want answers, what the frak happened out there?" Cavil said.

One of the blond sixes said, "Heavy raider is just launched, it jumped away."

"Good, inform me when the raider returns," John said as he left the room.

Vanguard C.I.C.

"Jump completed sir," the helm officer said, "we are at the fleet's coordinates. "

"Sir, incoming message from Galactica. Admiral Adama wants to speak with you," said the communications officer.

"Very well, put him on the line," Commander Belzen said as he took the headset.

"It is done admiral, we managed to lure twelve baseships with no survivors, and I doubt they will resurrect: there is way too much distortion out there," Commander Belzen said into the headset.

"Good. What is your next plan Commander, do you want to lure more of the cylon ships into traps, or do we head home?" Admiral Adama asked.

"I believe this is your call Admiral, but I think it is best that we go back with best possible speed. It won't take long for the cylons to realize what happened to their fleet, and we don't want to be nearby when they find out," Commander Belzen said.

"Alright then, we are going back. How long do you think we would need to arrive at Avalon or meet with the fleet?" Admiral Adama asked.

"Hard to say sir, I don't know anything about this sector of space. We calculate that if we go in a straight line then about two to three months at the best possible speed," Commander Belzen said.

"Some of the ships can't keep up with the others, Commander," Admiral Adama said.

"Then we resettle everyone on ships incapable of going at the needed speed to other ships and self-destruct those that can't keep up with us or dock them onto the battlestars, or even repair their engines if necessary. We can not have delays. We need to put as much distance between us and the Cylons as fast as possible and arrive at Avalon or meet the fleet as soon as we can from here," Commander Belzen said.

"Well if there are no other options, then that is what we will do, Adama out," Admiral Adama said.

After a few more minutes, all ships jump again disappearing in bright flashes. Vanguard and Chimera were the last to jump, and soon both of them disappeared together leaving no trace of the colonial fleet.

Some time later.....

Cylon Colony

"The Raider returned, he didn't find Charlie's fleet," Simon O'Neill said while reading recent reports, "There's no sign of our ships or the colonial fleet, however, the trail ends near a black hole, class two."

"Your assumptions?" Cavil asked. After a few minutes of silence he asked again, "Anyone? I want a theory."

"The colonial forces lured Charlies fleet into a black hole," D'Anna Biers said.

"And how did you conclude that?" Cavil asked.

"There's no battle wreckage, ours or colonial, however there is some small debris near the event horizon of the black hole, we cannot analyze it, not unless we want to jeopardy our ships. If you ask me, the colonials lured our fleet too close, and they ended trapped inside the gravity field of the hole," D'Anna Biers replied.

"Even if this is right, a black hole wouldn't tear our ships apart so fast, except if they jumped directly onto the event horizon, there would be more debris and it's well known that around a black hole that time is slower - time dilation," Cavil said.

"Hmm, that works only for class three, four and higher of black holes.
Class two is a small but very aggressive black hole, it's stronger than a larger one, that is a paradox. Smaller black holes do not have a large gravity field, but near the center she is aggressive, and it pulls much faster then a larger one; for larger ones it would take days, years, or even centuries to get trapped from the outer part to the mid section or her mouth if you want call it that," D'Anna explained.

"How the hell do you know so much about black holes?" Cavil asked.

"I think that's not important, what is important is why Charlie jumped so close. Sensors on his ship must have malfunctioned, or were jammed by colonials somehow, or they would have sensed a gravity disturbance on their sensors," D'Anna concluded.

"To cut this chat, we lost twelve ships because your stupid brother jumped directly into a black hole believing there was a colonial fleet there, and if this was a colonial trap, it worked perfectly," Cavil sarcastically glaring at Aaron Doral.

"Don't look at me, brother, you gave Charlie command of the fleet," Aaron said disdainfully.

"Yes I did, it was my mistake. This mistake will not happen again," Cavil said.

It was the first time John Cavil admitted to a mistake, his own mistake, not made by others. However nobody has the guts to smile or say something about it. Losing twelve ships was a major blow, and if this wasn't bad enough there was a second problem for the Cylons to deal with. Rebellion, within their own ranks. Some human cylons didn't approve of John's plan from the start, and now they are working to put a stop to the war and John's plans. Even as he tried to find out who the rebels are, he has thus failed so far.

"Can we track Galactica's fleet?" Cavil asked.

"I am afraid not, they are not on their standard course. And we haven't heard anything yet from our spy's with the fleet. We lost them, but I believe they have changed their course of direction, only where to and to what direction of space I am not sure," Leoben said.

"Hmm, a pure disaster. We should send a ship behind the black hole, something tells me if they want to hide their trail they would go in that direction, towards the Terminus sector," Cavil said.

"Are you sure, it would not be best to return to the Cyrannus system?" Aaron Doral asked.

"Yes that's my plan, I want to visit my dear brothers. Three battlestars, two of which were supposed to be in our hands and one destroyed, came to the aid of Galactica. My brothers will have lots of questions to answer. Set course to Cyrannus, and send one ship toward the Terminus sector. If the ship finds the trail of Galactica, then we will send a detachment of twenty baseships to intercept them and destroy them once for all," Cavil said, getting up and walking out of the room.

As he walked out of the room, he said quietly to himself "Morons, I am surrounded by morons."

Avalon system – Avalon Colony

Governer Miral Shkan sits in his office in the tallest and probably only building of its size that was completed. The town has slowly grown into a city; changing it's name three times so far and now it's been renamed Calgaris – named for a province on Caprica that once had a town with the same name. But after Caprica was destroyed, it was believed that at least one name of it's cities or provinces from Caprica should be used on Avalon to raise moral. Especially after those in the system heard about Caprica's destruction. Commander Salveng, current commander of battlestar Sword, entered the room.

"Commander," Governer Miral Shkan said shortly, gesturing for him to sit down in one of the chairs. After the Commander sat he started talking about why he had called the Commander to his office, "As you know, Commander Krasner ordered all ships into Grey mode believing that the threat of those harvesters is real; I was interested in hearing your own opinion."

"Sir, I do not know for what purpose you sent for me, but I must agree with Commander Krasner's orders: we can not afford to draw the attention of those things, whatever the are, not at this time. And I support his decision," Commander Salveng said.

"That is all I wanted to hear, but I need you and your ship for a mission," Governor Miral Shkan said.

"What kind of mission?" Commander Salveng asked.

"You will scout around with the Sword. We need to know what is around us, Commander Krasner is keeping us all blind. Without knowing what is around us we can not know what we have to deal with," Governor Miral Shkan said.

"Is this the Commander's order?" Commander Salveng asked.

"It is my order, and I expect you to follow it," Governor Miral Shkan said.

"Sir, I follow orders only from Commander Krasner, he is after all responsible for all military units here. You on the other hand can give your orders only to the civilians, and those of the military that Commander Krasner allows," Commander Salveng said.

"I already spoke with Krasner, and he agreed, he didn't like it but he agreed to the mission. If you don't believe me, do you want to speak with Krasner?" Governor Miral Shkan asked glaring at Commander Salveng.

"No of course not, I believe you governor," Commander Salveng said quickly, not wanting to take the case up with Commander Krasner if he had already approved the mission. Commander Salveng was a young man in his early thirties. He had been the Commander of the Battlestar Sword for a month, while the old commander was replaced and settled onto the surface to coordinate with surface constructions. Commander Krasner believed that a military officer would do it better then some engineer or civilian constructor. Prior to that, he had been the executive officer on the Sword since the beginning of the mission long before the Cylons attacked. Young and inexperienced, Salveng didn't know to see if the words from the Governor were true or not, and since the Governor offered him the chance to ask the Commander for confirmation of the mission then he believed the mission must have been approved."

Governor Shkan didn't have bad intentions, but since the time when a higher level of security was added there have been no exploration or scout missions allowed. Nobody actually knows what lies within and around the Avalon system, and that was the simply scary to many people like Governor Miral Shkan. A beacon in the dark, as the Governor has said many times. And his choice to send a battlestar instead of a gunstar was simple: in case the Sword found some trouble it would have much more chance of escape to report back than a gunstar.

"That will be all, here is a list of coordinates for nearby systems that you will visit, under no circumstances are you to jump within the system where Sanctuary was or any of it's surrounding systems. And you will try to stay out of sight of the harvesters in case you run into them. If you must, put your entire ship into black mode and act as debris, but do not engage them except if you have no choice but to defend yourself. Is that understood?" Governor Miral Shkan said looking piercingly into Commander Salveng's eyes.

"Yes Governor," Commander Salveng said.

After this, the Commander left the room. In normal times, a Governor has access to military assets and can use them in dangerous situations or to hunt pirates, smugglers, and criminals. But this war is not like normal times. And using the only battlestar available to the colony for this mission is damn risky, but it has to be done. No need to be surprised, Governor Shkan believed, Commander Krasner will find about this, and will be furious, but someone need to do it. If he doesn't have the balls for it, and follows every order Admiral Stryker says, then I will. Admiral Stryker is light years away from here, with a large fleet of military and civilians and is well protected, what does he know?

After Commander Salveng returned to his ship he ordered the Sword to jump to the first coordinates, to a system that was code named D81 Coronet. It was a binary star system with two stars orbiting each other. One yellow star, and a small white dwarf star. Orbiting the stars were fourteen planetary bodies, six of which were solid planets and the rest were simply gas giants. There were also dozens, if not hundreds, of moons and large asteroid belts on the edges of the system. It was an ideal place to start exploring. However, Commander's Salveng's mission is not to explore every single cosmic object in the system, merely the solid planets and moons that could possibly support life or be terraformed to support life.

It didn't take long before Commander Kranser realize a ship from the defense fleet was missing. He rushed toward the planet to confront the Governor.

"Come in," Governor Miral Shkan said.

The doors opened and Commander Krasner entered the room calmly, the look on his face showing how furious he was despite his calm actions.

"Tell me governor, can you explain why one of my ships has been diverted and why it jumped away? Why you ordered commander Salveng to jump with our only battlestar?“ Commander Krasner asked fuming with barely managed anger.

"Exploration, Commander, for exploration," Governor Miral Shkan said quietly.

"Are you mad?! What part of Admiral Stryker's order is not clear? Do you even know what kind of danger is threatening us governor, do you?" Commander Krasner asked.

"You are exaggerating Commander. I realize there may be danger around; after all this sector is mostly unknown to us. And after that what we found on the dead world, yes, you and Admiral have every right to be on alert. However, tell me Commander, what do you know about the systems that surround this one?" Governor Miral Shkan asked.

"Frankly I don't know much, except the probes and scouts we sent, that visited a few neighboring systems, nothing more," Commander Krasner said.

"Precisely. Let's say, we encounter those harvesters. I mean we encounter them here. Sooner or later they will come. Where do we go, where do we hide? There are no underground bunkers and shelters to hide the people that are currently on Avalon. They are not being built, since all resources are going to future habitats for survivors. I told Admiral Stryker that we need to have one more planet, terraform it if needed, in case the Cylons or these harvesters find Avalon. To hide and protect our people. But he refused. My duty is to protect the civilians as your is and it may look like this was done risking the safety of the colony, on the other hand it could protect it; if we know what is around us. I gave Commander Salveng orders not to engage the harvesters, he will avoid them," Governor Miral Shkan said.

"That may not be enough Governor. He may avoid contact, but if they get his ship on scanners they will engage him and possibly destroy the Battlestar Sword. The Battlestar Sword is our best defense that is now nowhere to be seen at Avalon leaving us with a gaping hole in our defenses until it hopefully returns," Commander Krasner said.

"Best defense? Excuse me, but what about Invictus and the rest of the gunstar fleet?" Governor Miral Shkan said angrily.

"Invictus is more of a mobile base/shipyard then a ship itself and with all those docks and addons it is not mobile anymore. It can serve as a fortress and base of command but it can not move, it cannot intercept the enemy, and gunstars do not have the firepower of a battlestar nor it's fighter numbers. You risked the safety of this Colony Governor, and I must report this to Admiral," Commander Krasner said.

"Go ahead, I did what is best for our people. I will tell the Admiral what I told you," Governor Miral Shkan said.

"I hope you are right Governor," Commander Krasner said.


Edge of the Coronet system

Battlestar Sword passed by each planet and their moons but none of them are capable of supporting life. The ship was at condition one since Commander Salveng didn't want to be caught off guard, especially not in unexplored territory. Only the alert fighters were out, flying in formations of two or three all around the battlestar. While all the other squadrons were on standby in case they were needed.

"So far so good Commander," Colonel Chelys said.

"Don't get complacent, we have no idea what we may find out here. This system has too many planets and moons," Commander Salveng responded.

"Dradis control, is there anything on?" Colonel Chelys asked.

"Nothing sir, all clear," the dradis officer responded.

"You worry too much Commander; it's a big, cold, and clear system," Colonel Chelys said dismissively.

"I don't know, but I have a feeling that something is watching us. Something is out here, call me paranoid but I simply know," Commander Salveng said. From his childhood Salveng had always known when someone was watching or following him, he had a sixth sense that simply told him this. He was right, at least this time, something was following them and observing the unknown ship that had shown up in the system sniffing around.


No one on the Sword noticed that they were in fact being followed. A long dark ship, barely seen in the darkness and light of the space. It followed the battlestar in deadly silence. It was invisible on dradis and other sensor systems. Even invisible to the naked eye at long range. But the ship was actually painted black, with many of the ships parts having reflective dark panels on the hull that deflect any kind of light and thus making the ship invisible. A stealth system, definitely more advanced than anything similar that the colonials had.

On the top of the ship was a small observation deck, in severe dark blackness with the only light coming from the stars outside, however there was an emergency blue light on the edges of the floor.

There were two men inside, both humans. Dressed in a dark blue uniform, both men wear badges of unknown origin, dark in appearance like they are made from obsidian.

One of the men spoke, "Do we know anything about this ship?" He was tall with dark hair, his green eyes like two malachite gems staring into the abyss, watching the Battlestar Sword as she slowly cruised toward the edge of the system. In colonial terms he was in his mid fifties. The second man was younger, maybe in his late twenties, and he was also tall with brown eyes.

"Nothing, it jumped into the system about two hours ago, and from that time it passed from one to another planet in the system, scanning and moving toward the next one. It also passed near two dozen moons. The ship has an interesting design, I would say it would be perfect without those two large pods, on each side of the ship. I believe it's for fighters and smaller support crafts. From our sensors, the ship is very well armored. But other systems are relatively primitive. Kinetic energy weapons - even as they are primitive they can create pretty large amounts of damage in everything it hits, missiles - large amounts of them, and from the radiation signature the ship's carrying nuclear weapons probably within small yields; five, ten, maybe twenty kilotons. A point defense grid that's clearly created against fighters and missiles. There is no any kind of energy shields or barriers. The ship is not equipped for a fight against shielded targets, only ships as well armored as itself. It's sensors are primitive, however advanced enough to detect any FTL movement in the system, and maybe beyond. And the ship has an FTL drive based on a large fusion reactor connected to smaller batteries that power the ship's main and secondary systems," the younger man said.

"Your opinion about the ship's mission?" the older man asked.

"From the looks of it, I would say it's a military ship with a large number of fighters and support crafts. Clearly a mix between a carrier and battleship. Now about it's mission, this ship looks like it can be used in many tasks; from military, civilian, and exploration. Spying though is definitely not it's purpose due to it's large size and it's high energy emissions; even if they shut down every non essential part of the ship," the younger man responded.

"Anything familiar about it?" the older man asked.

"Actually yes, zooming on on section one-seven," the younger man said as he said the screen he was looking at zoomed in on the Sword's back, between the cannons there was a colonial logo; red with golden strips on each sides, "I recognize this, the last ship we encountered in the Dothali system had the same symbol except it was green and yellow instead of red and gold. And that one was five times bigger. This ship belongs to the same people as that ship. With one exceptions; the ship we encountered was called Sanctuary and was powered by an anti-matter drive, but had similar armaments and defenses like this one, on a larger scale. This ship doesn't posses anti-matter engines."

"But that is not so important, what is important is the fact that it belongs to the same people: humans. If I had to guess, this is the sign of the twelve colonies of Kobol," said the older man, pointing at the red-gold sign on the Sword's back.

"We haven't been in colonial space for almost thirty years. Why would they be so far from home?" the younger man asked.

"Exploration probably, we detected similar emissions in a nearby system. One of our ships confirmed the presence of a few large objects in orbit of one of the planets, and lots of signs of life on the surface of the planet. We believe it is a colony," the older man said.

"Again I must ask, why would they risk to come so far from home and make a colony here? From all the parts of the galaxy, in this the most dangerous area," the younger man said.

"Probably because they do not know about the dangers lurking here. Their technology is primitive, but they are capable of defending themselves from the Harvesters. Unfortunately they've already encountered them," the older man said sadly.

"They have?" the younger man asked in surprise.

"Yes, but we will leave this for another time. We will continue to follow this ship. We have a chance to observe our long lost brothers and sisters," the older man said.

"If they really are humans from Kobol, when will we make contact with them?" the younger man asked.

"Soon. We need to inform the council about this first," the older man said.
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Yeah, a update.
Nothing like the Present. Very Happy

ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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woot! great job!
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Part 17: 2x05 -Second Frontier

Admiral Stryker sat in his chair on board the Unity; personally overseeing the repairs of his ship as well as construction of the first of two new ships. There were more than enough volunteers in the fleet to man the new ships once they were finished. He looked through the new ship’s schematics and quietly murmured to himself. The communications station near him started blinking. Admiral Stryker pushed the button to respond, "Yes?"

"Sir, Admiral Thorn is on board. He just received a message from Avalon and he wishes to speak with you," the communications officer said.

"Send him in," Admiral Stryker said shortly.

"He is already on his way to you sir!" the communications officer said.

"Good. Thank you lieutenant," Admiral Stryker said.

A few minutes later he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in," Admiral Stryker said.

Admiral Thorn entered the room and slowly closed the doors behind him.

"Well good friend, I didn't expect to see you for approximately two hours. What news do you have for me?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"I'm afraid it’s bad and two pieces of news actually. First, Commander Krasner said that governor Miral ordered the Battlestar Sword to explore systems around Avalon," Admiral Thorn said.

"He did what?!" Admiral Stryker exclaimed in shock.

"The Sword is somewhere out around Avalon mapping out nearby systems under the Governor's direct orders," Admiral Thorn said.

"My god, we put an idiot in charge of the colony. Is he aware of the danger that the threats Harvesters represent?" Admiral Stryker asked heatedly.

"He is, but he said it was for good of the colony. In case the Cylons or Harvesters overrun and defeat us at Avalon, he wanted to find another planet to make a secondary colony there," Admiral Thorn said.

"And what did Krasner do?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"He protested, but he couldn’t do anything. Of course with all radio and other forms of communication forbidden, he didn't try to call the Sword back," Admiral Thorn said.

"Did he at least try to send a raptor to find the Sword?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"No, Sword's last message was from the Coronet system, and was heading to Stonecrest nebula. However, Krasner doesn't have the exact coordinates of the ship so he can’t send a raptor to find it," Admiral Thorn replied.

"Hmm, I am sure the governor didn't mean anything to do anything stupid, but he disobeyed my orders. If he thinks what he’s done is safe then he’s mad: it could lure every single Harvester ship to Avalon," Admiral Stryker said.

"I agree, but I think he is right in a way," Admiral Thorn said thoughtfully.

"How so?" Admiral Stryker asked, watching Admiral Thorn carefully.

"We are coming there with an enormous fleet. It’s good to know what lies around the colony. No matter how big a defensive fleet we have, defeat is a possibility and if we are defeated at Avalon then we need a fallback position. One ship missing won’t risk the colony’s safety too much in the short time it’s gone while also giving us a good look at what’s around Avalon," Admiral Thorn said.

"I disagree; if he used a gunstar then yes what you’re saying is correct. I know a gunstar is much more vulnerable than a battlestar, but it also makes smaller energy emissions and dradis signature. It would be far less likely to draw attention to Avalon, and it is much easier to replace a gunstar than a battlestar if it is lost. Never mind, let the Sword continue with its exploration. I just hope he will not lose the ship or draw attention to the colony. I regret that he was left in charge as the colony’s governor," Admiral Stryker said.

"You will not arrest him?" Admiral Thorn asked.

"Not yet. Also, you mentioned more bad news for me?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"I would rather call it a problem. We detected something strange; a signal coming from the fleet, but we can’t detect from where: there is too much chatter inside the fleet to triangulate the source," Admiral Thorn said.

"Signal? Do we at least know where signal is going?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"We know in what direction its going: in the direction of the Cyrannus system. Probably to a ship somewhere behind us," Admiral Thorn said.

"Cylons?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"Exactly," Admiral Thorn said.

"So they somehow hid a spy inside of the fleet. Can we locate him, or her, whoever it is?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"The simple answer for now is no, we can’t. Marines patrol from time to time on board the civilian ships, but they didn't find anyone that matched the Cylon models we know about. It might be a new model, or more likely it’s one of the models we know changed surgically so we can’t tell who it is," Admiral Thorn said.

"This complicates things," Admiral Stryker said and then sighed.

"Yes indeed. But we can’t stop here, we must go forward. They may track us for now, but we are still two or three months from Avalon. There is time to find the mole and cut the link of the signal transmitter," Admiral Thorn said confidently.

"Alright, use all the resources that you need, find it and cut the link. We can’t allow the Cylons to find the colony. Send scouts to systems behind us; stealthstars, and the Banshee: we must find the Cylon ship. Once the scout units find it, blast it into dust," Admiral Stryker said.

"Understood," Admiral Thorn replied.

"Anything else?" Admiral Stryker asked.
"Nothing, oh I almost forgot. Since I relocated Commander Gideon from the Poseidon to Olympus station, you know that he is not only an officer he’s a damn good engineer and ship designer, I was thinking of putting your sister as the Poseidon's Commander," Admiral Thorn said cheerfully.

"My dear sis, Commander of the Poseidon? Sure, she will be an excellent officer; she is already a damn good pilot and XO," Admiral Stryker said cheerfully.

"Then that’s settled. And yes I forgot to ask you, how are you feeling?" Admiral Thorn asked grinning.

"Well you did remember after all, you old devil," Admiral Stryker said smiling widely.

"Better late than never," Admiral Thorn said.


Battlestar Vanguard's brig

Colonel Fisk was given clearance to visit former Admiral Cain two times a week to inform her of recent events in the fleet.

"So, Belzen destroyed twelve baseships using raptors and a black hole. Who would of thought; he’s not so dumb after all," Cain said after hearing the report from Fisk.

"Yes, and so far there is no sign of the Cylons. He believes that we will arrive at Avalon in a month or a month and a half, taking that we don't run into problems," Colonel Fisk said.

"And when do you plan to get me out of this damn brig? I don't have plans to rot in here," Cain said.

"I have a plan, but we can’t put it in motion yet. A good part of the crew still respects you though Admiral," Colonel Fisk said respectfully.

"You forgot yourself, I am not an admiral anymore thanks to Belzen and that jackass Stryker," Cain said.

"Helena, that jackass currently has the most power in the Colonial fleet and he was backed in his decision by two admirals older than he is; he is not a fool. About the plan, we plan to get you out once we arrive at Avalon," Colonel Fisk said.

"Don't you think that it will be too late for that, knowing that Stryker will execute me when we arrive?" Cain asked.

"Maybe, and maybe not; we can’t know that. However, I hear that they plan to put the Pegasus in one of those large docks for a retrofit with only a skeleton crew and docking workers will be on her. With one fast action we can re-take her and escape. Don't ask me details, we are still working on this," Colonel Fisk said.

"We? Who we are we talking about?" Cain asked.

"Taylor, Jannis, Fossner, and Shaw. I'm afraid Garner is not on our side," Colonel Fisk replied.

"I don't think I will miss him, after all, we have more than enough people. Right?" Cain asked.

"Actually only eight hundred and fifty two, but it will have to be enough," Colonel Fisk said determinedly.

"Inform me of this plans progress, when it’s a little more detailed. Now leave me," Cain said dismissively.

"Don't worry, we will get you out. I promise you that. The only question is what we will do once we get the Pegasus," Colonel Fisk said.

"Leave that to me," Cain said confidently.

Stonecrest Nebula – Antioh system

Antioh system was the only system inside the Stonecrest nebula, with a red giant in the middle. There were only a few planets, two of them gas giants. The Sword jumped inside the nebula on the edge of the system.

"Jump completed," helm reported.

"Dradis?" Commander Salveng asked.

"All clear," the dradis officer reported.

"This nebula can provide us with a good hiding place if necessary," Colonel Chelys said, "there are at least four dozen moons by those two gas giants."

"What do we know about the planets?" Commander Salveng asked.

"Scanners indicate the two planets are molten rocks, no chance in hell to make colony or base on them, too close to the sun. The third however is a desert planet, like Scorpia, our probes are just getting into the atmosphere," Colonel Chelys replied.

Colonials equipped their ships to carry atmospheric probes while on exploration missions. The Sword has a full stock of them. As soon as the Sword jumped, the probes were launched in all directions. Since they were the size of a Viper, they were equipped with scanners and a small FTL drive. Similar drives were used on stealthstars.

One of the probe controllers in CIC reported the progress of the probes, "Sir, probe zero seven is entering the atmosphere. Scanning now," a few seconds passed before the controller continues, "from the data here the atmosphere can support life, but barely. But this isn't the biggest problem; from scans and pictures there are no forests, nor water. The entire planet is a desert."

"You said it has an atmosphere and barely capable of supporting life, how the hell can it do that if there is no water or plants?" Colonel Chelys asked.

"I think I have an explanation sir. I am not one hundred percent sure, but I think there are underground rivers and lakes. There are lots of caverns near the surface, and it is also possible that plants are under the surface in some larger caverns. That is my only explanation," the probe controller said.

"We will leave this to the biologists, geologists and other scientist’s when they arrive to explore it; we keep moving forward," Commander Salveng said.

"The last planet is a barren rock, nothing on it. About the moons, well there are a variety of them, but none support any kind of life," the same probe controller reported.


"They found Magador," the younger man said. They were still following the Sword, since their encounter with it in the Coronet system.
"They are definitely surveying systems around their colony," the older man said.

"But the question remains, why?" the younger man asked.

"I think that question is answered Tiothen, they are probably looking for another planet that supports life. Unfortunately for them, all that they will find is a lot of dead words destroyed by the ancients and harvesters. The planet they found was incredibly lucky. Did we receive any message from the council?" the older man asked.

"No sir, not yet," the younger man called Tiothen responded, but before he was capable of saying anything more a third voice was heard,

"Sir this is bridge, we are detecting a Harvester presence in the system; actually on the other part of system. From the size and engine emission, it’s definitely a destroyer,” the voice said.

"This complicates things," the older man said, "The Colonial ship will also detect the ship soon I assume."

"Harvesters will detect them soon, shall we intervene?" Tiothen asked.

"No, not yet, let's see what will happen. This ship carries over eighty fighters, the destroyer has only twelve. And it is not very powerful, I doubt this ship will have problems in destroying it," the older man said.

"But the destroyer has shields," Tiothen protested.

"A few hits from the colonial ship’s main cannon will probably break through the shields. We will see. If I am wrong and the colonial ship starts to receive too many hits we will intervene, but not before," the older man said.

"We can stop the destroyer before it even reaches the colonial ship. There will be no casualties if we do that," Tiothen suggested hopefully.

"Indeed we can, but I want to see this ship in action; including their tactics. If the government of twelve colonies came here and created a colony they will encounter harvesters sooner or later, they already encounter them once, actually. And knowing our brothers and sisters’ stubbornness, there’s no doubt they will prevail.


"Sir we have something on dradis, it’s faint but it is definitely not a cosmic object," the dradis officer said.

"Where?" Commander Salveng asked alarmed.

"Coming from south-southwest fast, it appears it’s on an intercept course," the dradis officer replied.

"Is it in range for a visual?" Colonel Chelys asked.

"I believe it is sir," the dradis officer responded.

"Alright then, put it on screen," Commander Salveng said.

Soon the main screen was on and a black ship with grey stripes and red lights was shown. The colonial crew recognized it by its escort of twelve drones as a Harvester ship.
"Sir, I am detecting energy buildup on the bigger ship. It appears it’s ready to fire," the dradis officer said.

"How long until it enters weapon range?" Commander Salveng asked.

"At least one minute," the dradis offer replied.

"All hands go to condition one, gunnery officers prepare all weapons; defensive and offensive for firing. Target the large ship. Alert fighters prepare to engage the enemy fighters. Colonel give the order for a second squadron to be launched," Commander Salveng said.

"Right away," Colonel Chelys said.

No doubt, it is a harvester ship, Commander Salveng thought to himself. The Colonials don't recognize the ship design since this is the first encounter with a destroyer type; it was smaller than the large mothership the colonials had encountered before. Black hull, with grey strips and several scary lights on the front: all red, round like eyes. The ship looked like it had come straight from hell. But Sword is three times bigger; Harvester or not it will get its ass kicked. "Let’s hope it does," Commander Salveng said quietly after finishing his thoughts.

On the observation deck of the ship that is following the Sword, Tiothen and the older man observe the Sword and its preparation for the incoming battle.

"They noticed the destroyer," Tiothen said.

"Indeed and now we can see the power of this ship. Even primitive this ship is well armed," the older man responded.

"There are no other harvester ships in vicinity. Only this one," Tiothen said.

"Good, that will give them a chance to win without the fear of enemy reinforcements," the older man said smiling.


"All weapons online and locked on target," a weapons officer reported.

"CAG reporting that alert fighters of Alpha squadron and Beta squadron are moving to intercept enemy fighters," Colonel Chelys added.

"Sir, the ship is closing fast. It’s entering firing range and it’s firing on us," the dradis officer said.

The ship was shaken after being hit by large blue pulses. Heavy armor protected the ship, even as the armor is not created to protect against energy weapons. The armor holds, but was pierced here and there.

"Sections twenty to twenty four venting atmosphere," an engineering officer reported.

"Return fire," Commander Salveng ordered.

Massive cannons on the Sword’s back start firing. From short range every shell hits the enemy ship, but was deflected by the blue energy field surrounding the ship.

"My gods, this thing has shields. Energy based defenses," Colonel Chelys said in shock, his eyes bugging out.

"Concentrate all firepower onto one area, fire missiles as well; break the dam thing," Commander Salveng said savagely.

And it works. Every cannon on board the Sword fired at the same area of the ship, together with two dozen missiles that were launched. Even as it was taking fire, Sword maneuvered around to get as many of its guns as possible locked on the enemy ship. The energy shield surrounding the destroyer started collapsing, more and more slugs hitting the same spot over and over until finally the energy field disappeared.

"Shields are down," Colonel Chelys said triumphantly.

"Fire on it with everything we have," Commander Salveng ordered.

It did not need to be said twice, the weapons officer re-coordinated with all guns, and the gun crew fired on the designated target. Each hit tearing apart large pieces of the harvester destroyer, and making large holes in its hull.

Colonial fighters actually were more than good, enemy drones were fast and maneuverable but were not so intelligent. They were good when there were lots of them, but those twelve didn't stand a chance against well trained colonial fighter pilots. Three vipers were destroyed, but two pilots survived, and a SAR raptor was sent to pick them up. Only one viper of those three is destroyed together with its pilot.

The Harvester ship tried to fire back, damaging the Sword but not enough to seriously damage the massive battlestar. It made holes in the Sword’s armor, but it didn't penetrate vital areas of the ship. The destroyer tried to retreat from the battle but was struck in the engine section by Sword’s main guns causing a chain reaction and blowing the ship to pieces.

The entire C.I.C. Cheers after the battle. They won. But Salveng was not happy, he was ordered to retreat in case harvester ships detected them, not enter into combat but he failed. He waited long enough and then when he actually thought about retreating it was too late. Still they won. But that was only a destroyer and a few drones. They were lucky, for now.

"Enemy ship destroyed, and all enemy fighters destroyed," Colonel Chelys reported grinning.

"Was there any signal sent from the destroyer or drones?" Commander Salveng asked watching the sensor officer.

"No sir," came the short answer from the sensor officer.

"Good, what are our casualties, and I want a damage report," Commander Salveng said watching the colonel.

"Chief reports minor damage to the engineering section, but sections twenty to twenty four and thirty one to thirty six are open to space, and repair teams are already working to fix as much damage they can. One of the back guns was damaged, but the gun crew survived. Casualties, we had luck; four killed, and twenty wounded. Three Vipers destroyed, but two pilots were evacuated and survived; the third - Franklin "DogHead" Preston, was unfortunately killed," Colonel Chelys said.

"Send a report about this battle back to Avalon; inform them that we engaged a harvester destroyer, without a chance of escape. Awaiting orders," Commander Salveng said.

"Yes sir," Colonel Chelys said.


"Actually I am impressed, it went much better than I thought it would," Tiothen said.

"This was only a destroyer Tiothen, and by size one of the smaller ones, that harvesters usually use in larger groups. It must be acting as scout. And they received damage to their hull. If that had been a larger ship they would be in much bigger trouble."

"But they succeeded in penetrating the shields, and blowing the ship to pieces, together with its fighters."

"They had luck, that's all. Let's hope their luck continues to hold. I will now go to my quarters to rest, call me when we receive news from the council," the older man said.

"Yes captain Farben." said Tiothen

Battlestar Galactica – Admiral's ready room

Commanders Belzen, Hastings and Denson, and the Commander of Chimera sat opposite Admiral Adama. Denson was XO on board Chimera, but during the battle with Resurrection ship the Chimera received a nuclear missile hit directly into her head, causing damage, and one part of the C.I.C ceiling fell on the former CO’s head killing him instantly. Denson assumed command of the Chimera that same day.

"I know Admiral that you will think that I’m obsessed with the destruction of the Cylon colony, but looking into the future, that thing will cause us lots of problems. From our cylon guests we had in the main fleet, we received complete schematics of the colony and her capabilities. And they are extreme to say the least. It is their main manufacturing shipyard. Capable of building three times more ships than their so called mobile shipyard they had. It is well armed and armored but there is a dead point; its center," Commander Belzen said.

"What do you mean dead point? With all the weapons on that ship I would hardly call a small middle section the weak part of the ship," Admiral Adama said.

"A first look would say that, yes. However, the entire colony is built around the original ship from the final five. As I already told you they came from Earth, the thirteenth colony, after their world was destroyed by their own Cylons. Our own Cylons must have built all that around it in the past forty years of peace. And now the ship looks like one enormous spider, with all those pylons each armed to the teeth," Commander Belzen explained.

"And how do you propose that we destroy the colony?" Admiral Adama asked.

"There are two ways, and since Commander Hastings made both plans I believe it is his place to explain them," Commander Belzen answered, and nodded to Commander Hastings.

"There is one plan but actually with two sub-plans inside. Hitting from outside with nuclear weapons is not an effective strategy, it would damage the colony but it wouldn’t destroy it. It would take an enormous nuke to destroy it from the outside and we don't have one with the needed size. But imagine a firecracker in your hand, if you light it up with your hand open it will explode, but she won’t rip your hand out of the arm. Yes there would be burns and traces of black powder but except the burn and some pain it will heal after some time. But if you put a firecracker in your fist and you close the fist," Commander Hastings said as he closed his own fist in demonstration, "Boom, it will explode tearing the entire fist from the rest of the arm."

"You mean somehow planting a nuke inside the colony?" Admiral Adama asked thoughtfully.

"Yes. But as I said before, there are two ways to accomplish this. First if we put large number of nukes, on one battlestar and ram it into the middle section it will take out the whole damn colony with it. Of course we have only a skeleton crew on board the chosen battlestar. Or the harder way, taking a raptor and somehow slipping through the defenses and entering the main hangar bay of the colony, near the reactor," Commander Hastings said.

"You would ram a battlestar into the colony," Admiral Adama said watching Commander Hastings.

"Dam straight I would if that would destroy the cylon colony," Commander Hastings said quickly.

"And what about this other option with the Raptor?" Admiral Adama asked.

"The chances for this option are low, thanks to the cylon prisoners we have some of the cylon codes, but we don't believe we would ever get inside even with the codes. They would shoot us on sight," Commander Hastings replied.

"Yes if they detect the raptor, but what if they can’t," Commander Belzen said.

"What are you planning?" Admiral Adama asked curiously.

"We take a raptor, and retrofit it to be a stealth raptor. Then we add two twenty five kiloton nukes, that is fifty in total, and go inside the colony, plant the bombs and get the hell out," Commander Belzen said determinedly.

"Commander, your plan is crazy, you know that. Even if we made a stealth raptor there are two catches; first how do you plan to hide the radiation of the bombs, and second how do you plan to track the Cylon colony," Admiral Adama said.

"We have our guest on board the Chimera, a Cylon model six, that will help us with that. And I believe we can trust her. If this works we will have put the Cylon colony out of the game. Including the Cylon leader John Cavil," Commander Belzen said.

"I must admit commander, this is an interesting plan, and I will think about it. In the mean time you start working on the details with this plan. Try to find a way to locate the colony. I must speak with madam president," Admiral Adama said.

"Understood admiral," Commander Belzen said.

After that all the commanders left the room. Admiral Adama sat on the couch and grabbed a glass of Ambrosia from the small locker near it. "Dam, Belzen’s plan gets more and more crazy and dangerous each day," Admiral Adama said to himself and then he took a sip of Ambrosia from the glass.
"Freedom is our biggest treasure, love is our biggest weapon, courage and will to go forward is something that make us great...."

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great job again. keep it up.
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collapsing on floor due to withdrall symtoms.
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And here I thought it was a update!!!! Evil or Very Mad anger :poed hysterical laugh

Couldn´t you use a pm Jeff, to ask Zagoreni were the next chapter is hidding?
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ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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here's newest chapter, sry for delays

Part 17: 2x06 Death Of The Spider

Commanders Belzen, Hastings and Adama sat in Galactica's conference room, together with Colonel Fisk and Major Shaw. President Roslin was also participating in this meeting. It's been almost two days since their last meeting.

"Since we cannot risk losing any of our battlestars, we will go with plan B: we will send a strike team in a stealth raptor to plant a nuke inside the Cylon colony, which is currently in the process of modification in Galactica's hangar," Admiral Adama said.

"Who will lead the team?" Commander Belzen asked.

"Major Shaw," Admiral Adama replied, pointing to Major Kendra Shaw, "Commander Adama recommended that we try to capture one of those heavy raiders from the Cylons, but unfortunately there is no guarrantee that we will succeed. Commander Belzen, you will take the Vanguard and try to locate the Cylon colony. The strike team and raptor will be on your ship. The rest of the fleet will continue towards Avalon."

"It will be done sir," Commander Belzen said sharply.

"You will give every detail to Major Shaw; where and how to place the nuclear warheads to destroy the Cylon colony," Admiral Adama said firmly.

A half hour later the meeting was over. When Commander Belzen stood up and started to leave the room, he was called over by Admiral Adama.

"Do not try and attack the colony with the Vanguard, if the strike team fails you are to re-join the fleet. Is that clear?" Admiral Adama asked staring piercingly at Commander Belzen.

"I hope it wont come to that Admiral," Commander Belzen said stiffly.

"There is no guarantee that this plan will even work, but don't throw yourself or your ship in a pointless attack. If the team fails it's over. We will need you commander, don't do anything stupid," Admiral Adama said.

"Rest assured I will follow your orders Admiral," Commander Belzen replied unflinchingly.


Unknown system

Three baseships slowly glided foward in standard V formation. It was one of the patrol fleets sent by Gary Doral.

The Cylons were getting very close to the Copernicus colony, without having any other option Rear Admiral Turner was forced to engage the Cylons. But attacking only Cylon ships that were close to Copernicus would make the Cylons suspicious of the colony's location, so every ship in the sector was to be attacked.

Suddenly in a bright of flash of light a massive battlestar appeared. It was the Nova, with all her guns pointed at the baseships. Since the ship jumped directly on front of the baseships, it immediatly started firing, launching all vipers as well. Firing her main cannons on the left baseship, the Nova tore it apart with ease before the baseship was able to respond. The remaining two baseships started returning fire, launching every missile they had, including nukes. But the Nova was too close and managed to destroy most of the Cylons missiles it's with defensive batteries, some missiles hit the Nova but she continued destroying the second baseship and crippling the third. In less than ten minutes, all three Cylon ships were destroyed and the few surviving raiders jumped away.

It was a victory, a single battlestar versus three baseships, with minimal losses of life on the colonial side. This was the second victory in the last fifteen hours in which five baseships were lost with no colonial ship casualties.

Copernicus system – Copernicus Colony – Rear Admiral Turner's office

News reached Rear Admiral Turner fast. He looked down over the Copernicus colony as he thought about the victory against the Cylon fleets, considering how apparent it is that the Cylons are getting closer and closer to finding Copernicus. Prometheus and Nova delievered two new victorys for Copernicus, but they needed more ships right now; the defense force had four battlestars, not counting the old Ares from the first cylon war, and several gunstars, they need more if they want to be sure they can stop any direct attack on the colony.

Turner gave orders for the Lobo negro station to design and build two new battlestars. But it will take a long time before those two ships will be ready for active duty. For now they need to hold, and hope their guerilla style of attack will hold off and damage the Cylons like last time.


An entire week was needed to finally locate the Cylon colony, but the sight was not nice to see once found; the deadly enormous spider like ship surrounded by dozens of baseships and the ressurection hub. Watching the photos, Belzen asked himself how the hell can his team even succeed with its mission. The colony is too big, and they need to get the nuclear warheads to one of the central rooms near the main reactors if they want to blow damn thing. Thanks to help from the Cylon prisoners, they had schematics for the colony, but even with the schematics helping them along the strike team will have a long distance to cover from the raptor to the optimum area to place the nukes. From the nearest landing platform inside the colony it would take at least four hundred and fifty meters of walking to reach the designated area, with nukes that each were over one ton heavy, and avoiding the Cylon forces along the way. Almost impossible with the nuclear warheads current size and weight, so the plan was re-designed to use smaller tacical nukes that the strike teams could easily carry. If placed in the proper place, the nukes should badly damage or maybe even destroy the colony. Target area was between the two main reactors for the ships engines and power supply. Ironicly, there was a missile storage near that place also containing nukes as well that the strike team could highjack for detonation and ensure the colony's destruction with the Cylons own bombs.

Major Shaw saw this as a great advantage, there is no need to place nukes on the designated target place when they could rig them with some of nukes in the Cylon missile storage, the chain reaction would consume the ship and possibly destroy the nearby baseships with the extra nuclear war heads adding to the explosion.

Commander Belzen approved the plan, but ordered Major Shaw to send one of their weapons specialists. Weapon specialist Corry Tylin, who was an expert on nukes. The Raptor that was chosen for the mission was retrofited, and was now ready to function like a stealthstar.

Of course Admiral Adama chose to test this new stealth raptor first. There were stealth raptors in the main fleet but none of them was assigned to the fleet lead by Commander Belzen. Admiral Stryker believed that stealthstars and standard raptors would be more than enough for Vanguard's fleet, and there were only two dozen stealth raptors in the fleet total, all were needed for the protection of the civilian fleet.

For two days the raptor on board the Vanguard nicknamed "Shadow" followed a Cylon baseship, jumping and flying near the baseship several times undetected. Major Shaw was chosen to pilot the raptor along with five marines and weapon specialist Tylin. There were two small tactical nukes on board, nukes that needed to be carried to the missile storage on board the cylon colony. They had the schematic, they know where it is, but Major Shaw knows it won't be easy to get to, the chances that they would survive was less than five percent, or as lieutenant Barkley, leader of the marines shortly said: zero. Nevertheless, each member of the team knew what was at stake, they were ready to die if needed if it meant stopping or at least crippling the Cylons beyond possibility of re-build. The Cylon colony was the main frame for all the Cylons, it was needed to create new hybrids, even though the colonials didn't know that the Cylons were slowly starting to build ships not needing a hybrid. Still, the colony has the sample for every human Cylon model without her new cylons of existing models cannot be made.

Major Shaw and the rest of her team were armed with heavy guns, capable of disabling centurions as well as skinjob cylons. But her and specialist Tylin were tasked with carrying the warheads to their target, while the rest will gave them cover.

Shaw also had a choice, Admiral Adama asked her if she was willing to take this mission, explaining to her that it was probably a one way mission but she is best in her job. She took it without question, after all she was not herself after what happen on the Scylla where she shot innocent people. She was a Razor as Cain called her, after all Cain gives her a Razor, protective sign that Shaw always carrys with her. The Razor of death, as some of the Pegasus crewmembers call her. She will never forgive herself for the things she's done. This mission if it means death, it will be for good, and offers the chance to reedem herself in the eyes of others, will at least calm her down.

In the main hangar bay "Shadow" was already ready when Major Shaw approached it, her team was already inside.

"Carrying the nukes to the missile storage won't be easy, but it is our only chance to cripple or destroy the colony. I would rather bring this ship and ram it into the colony, but the Admiral thinks this is a better plan," Commander Belzen said.

"And it is, commander, I will do my best, we will destroy the toasters, I promise that," Major Shaw said.

"Then good luck major," Commander Belzen said and saluted her.

"Thank you sir, we will need it," she responded and then entered the raptor. A few moments later and 'Shadow' was already clear of the hangar bay, a few more seconds and the rapter jumped away.

"Blast I hope this will work," Commander Belzen said to himself, "or I just consigned seven people to their deaths."


"Shadow" jumped several times before finally finding the colony. In the dark cold of space it was a creepy sign; a large spider looking structure, surrounded by at least dozen baseships and one large ship - no doubt the hub. Major Shaw turned lights off, leaving only the thrusters on to attract the least amount of attention possible.

"We are closing in people, lets hope the Cylons aren't watching the window," Major Shaw said.

"I calculated that our chances to finish this mission alive were, well, low." specialist Tylin said quietly.

"You are correct, they chances are low, and I doubt any of us will make it, but we are doing this for all those who died by the Cylons hands and for the good of the fleet we have left," Major Shaw responded and then quietly to herself added "and for redemption."

The Raptor closed the distance between itself and the Cylon colony fast. There were lots of raiders and heavy raiders on patrol, so the Major was forced to take evasive maunvers more than once. It wasn't a problem to locate one of the large docking tunnels leading to the central docking bay. Once arriving near the tunnel, Major Shaw manuevered the stealth raptor inside. After a short flight inside the tunnel, they finally emerged to a large docking bay, a massive platform with four dozen heavy raiders. Shaw manuvered the raptor to the corner and darkest part of the platform.

"Alright people, we have a job to do. Lieutenant Barkley, you and sergents Knox and Willow will go be on the rear, while Chelsy and Antei will be in forward. Specialist Tylin and I will carry the warheads," Major Shaw said as the team moved out of the raptor carrying their various weapons and gear.

"Yes ma'am," Lieutenant Barkley replied shortly.

Major Shaw entered the raptor again, and turned on the self-destruct mechanism.

"Let's move people we have an hour to complete the mission," Major Shaw said as she ran back down the Raptor's ramp.

"Why an hour?" Specialist Tylin asked.

"Because I just rigged the raptor to self-destruct in sixty minutes. If we're lucky and get back in time we may even survive if not, well, at least we will blow the toasters with us. If we haven't been detected already, we will be soon. Move it people," Major Shaw said.

The group moved through the corridors on the way to the larger corridor leading to the missile storage. Shaw prayed that the Cylon prisoner was right and there were nukes stored there, the two smaller ones they carried wouldn't be enough to destroy the ship so if the Cylon was wrong the mission would fail and the strike team would likely be captured or killed.

"Ma'am, I don't understand, how would those nukes even destroy a ship of this size? Isn't the best place for the nukes to destroy the colony by the reacotr core?" Lieutnant Barkley asked while they moved slowly through the corridor.

"That was the original plan but the reactor is well shielded and we would never get that far. If we have luck this may work. Now move," Major Shaw said.

They passed a branch of two tunnels, one left and one right, they chose to go to the right. Major Shaw looked closely at the schematics provided by the cylon prisoner. On the next turn there was a surprise, a skinjob number six approached moving in the direction opposite of them. Major wanted to shoot her, but then realized that she would only download to a new body and would then alert the others of the strike teams presence.

"This way," Major Shaw said. They entered a small room, it turned out to be a storage for small parts - probably for heavy raiders. Some of which were organic. As a blond cylon passed, they continued toward the room. Chief Tylin asked how they Cylons didn't detect them on approach or inside, but the answer was easy: the Cylons never believed they would be boarded by humans, the original plan to destroy the colonies was to destroy every single human ship, city and shelter. Even if some survived, it was hard to believe they would ever get inside a Cylon basestar, and the Cylon colony was not even known to the colonials. So adding defensive technology such as internal sensors were not needed. Terrible mistake Major Shaw thought to herself, considering that colonial ships have internal sensors capable of detecting every organic on board. Although, like Cylons, they were not used before. However, around ten years prior to fall a group of rebels took command of a gunstar and wreaked havoc on Canceron and Tauron before colonial forces managed to engage and destroy the ship. The ship was made by Scorpia shipyards, it was a big mistake by Scorpia yards, and a mistake that never again took place thanks to new technologies like internal sensors which detected every human on board. Of course after the second Cylon war, most of the sensors were shut down, fearing that if the Cylons got in possesion of the ship they would be capable of detecting every human on board. But the Cylons used this fear to move on board fleeing ships, and since the human models were in every way human, sensors didn't see the difference and could have caught them if they were turned on.

Shaw and her team finally arrived at the location of the missile storage facility. However, a new problem emerged; two Centurions stood near the large doors, guarding the missile storage area.

"What now?" Specialist Tylin asked apprehensively.

"Hm, we don't have time to be stealthy any longer; Antei, Chelsy, clear the enterance," Major Shaw ordered sharply.

The two marines nodded and moved from their cover, targeting with their grenade launchers at the Centurions. Moments later they fired, hitting both Centurions in the head destroying them instantly.

"Clear," one of the marines yelled, and the entire group move forward.

"Sergeant, chargers here and here," Major Shaw said pointing at the places for plastic explosive charges to be placed. Sergeant Antei put both explosives in their places, and nodded at Major Shaw. The group moved to cover and the Sergeant clicked the detonator, blowing the massive doors to pieces. The group quickly moved in, and at first they were shocked at the size of the storage facility - it was one of nine on the entire colony, with large automated arms which take and arm the large missile silos of the colony.

Major Shaw gestured to Antei, Knox, and Willow to guard the entrance while the rest of the team moved in. With radiation scanners they found the nukes quickly; a massive pile of them. "Alright specialist, now its your turn; no doubt the Cylons noticed our explosions and gun fire. We don't have much time, so do your job quickly," Major Shaw said as she gave Tylin her warhead.

"Ma'am, I have some knowledge about missile warheads, I can assist specialist Tylin," Lieutenant Barkely said.

"Alright then, Chelsy with me, lets see if there are more entrances to cover," Major Shaw said.

But there were definitely more of them, it was a huge place - no doubt on that, she knows that, so they need to make a second line of defense.

Cylon Colony – Command Room

"An explosion? Where?" John Cavil asked in confusion.

"It appears it came from a corridor near missile storage A7," a number five known as Aaron Doral replied.

"Send someone to check out what's happening there," John Cavil ordered.

But before he could say more, a number six known as Jane entered the room. "I think I can explain what's happening," Jane said.

"Then explain!" Cavil shouted angrily.

She got closer to one of the consoles and connected herself to it. On one of the walls, a screen turned on showing the large docking platform where heavy raiders were stationed. "Look closely at the left side, we noticed this a few minutes ago while in regular control of the heavy raiders," Jane said. As the picture move it reveal the Shadow parked between the wall and one heavy raider.

"That's a colonial raptor," Doral said, "it looks slightly changed, darker." It was not unusual to have colonial Raptors on board their ships given that they had captured dozens of them from the Colonial worlds.

"Did we have any colonial raptors on board?" Cavil asked.

"Yes we have around eight of them, but all of them are stationed on landing platform beta, there shouldn't be any on gamma," Jane said, "and for sure we don't have one like this, all the others are standard colonial raptors."

"This isn't our raptor, this is colonial, a stealth one," number two, known as Leoben Conoy said.

"Stealth raptor? What the hell is happening?" Cavil said angrily beating his fists on the table in front of him.

"It means we have colonial marines on board," Leoben said.

"How the hell did they get past our defensive fleet, and all those raiders on patrols? Not to mention our patrols inside the ship itself. And where they are?" Cavil asked.

"That question is at least, is easy to answer. They are in missile storage A7, I just recieved a message from the hub - two Centurions are in the process of resurrection and no doubt those two were guarding the missle storage," Jane said.

"Send centurions there, wipe out the human pests. And I want answers on how they managed to get where they are undetected to all our sensors," Cavil ordered.

"I will send a team to examine the Raptor, we may crack their stealth technology; as for how they walk on colony without detection - well thats your fault, we never installed internal detection sensors," Leoben replied.

"They were never needed," Aaron Doral added,"we never considered the possiblity that humans could find the colony and board it."

"Blast it, whose idea was that?" Cavil asked.

"Yours," Doral said simply.


Inside the storage facility, chief specialist Tylin and Lieutenant Berkley wired several of the cylon nukes together, some of them 25kt and 50kt nukes. Tylin had an idea to connect as many as possible, believing that the small portable warheads they brought on board will make a small electricity charge automaticly arming all the other nukes; once the smaller ones exploded, all the others will explod at the same time.

Major Shaw recieved an urgent message from Sergeant Antei, "Ma'am we have company, huge number of Centurions and some skinjobs attacking."

"Hold them as long as you can, then retreat to our location," Major Shaw replied, but was cut off from saying more when cylon centurions started coming form another location - she and sergeant Chelsy opened fire on them.
Barely five minutes later sergeants Antei and Knox withdrew from the entrance and set down near the large wall to start providing covering fire. Lieutenant Barkley switched sides with Saw and open fired on the other side, while Shaw moved over to take cover near Antei.

"Where is Willow?" Major Shaw asked Antei, leaning towards him so he could hear here over the gunfire from the firefight.

"He's dead, ma'am. We shot a few of them, including two skinjobs, but they kept coming and coming," Antei replied. Before she could respond, Shaw heard a small beep from her belt - it was the detonator controller for the Raptor.

"Cylons discovered the raptor, they tried to open it," Major Shaw said, and as she said that, she opened the small panel on the top of the remote detonator and pressed the red button. The Raptor exploded inside the hangar bay, killing all cylons nearby. The team felt the explosion even from their extreme distance away from the Raptor. "It's over now," she said.

"But ma'am, how do we escape now?" Sergeant Knox asked, before he could ask Sergeant Antei, "we wont," Sergeant Antei said shortly..

Control room -

"The Raptor just exploded, it seems it was rigged," Doral said.

"I want those parasites killed now," Cavil said seething with rage, and then it hits him, "my gods they're trying to rig the whole damn missile storage."

"Not possible, their technology is not compatible with ours," Doral replied.

"Don't underestimate them brother," Leoben said.

"Stop them, send every centurion on board there, I want them killed before they can do more damage," Cavil ordered.


One by one centurions fell, the heavy weapons the colonials brought with them are highly effective. But there are costs for the centurions downed; Willow was dead, Chelsy badly wounded, and even Lieutenant Barkley was hurt.

"Ma'am, I'm done, all of them are rigged, at least in this compartment," Specialist Tylin said.

"Can they destroy the colony?" Major Shaw asked while firing at the centurions.

"They will blow everything in this section; with their combined force, they will destroy one or even two thirds of the ship. If hit from the outside this colony can take lots of nukes, but from the inside it would be torn apart - if we are lucky, the whole colony can be destroyed assuming everything goes right," Specialist Tylin said.

"Good. Lieutenant, can we break through?" Major Shaw asked looking at Lieutenant Barkley.

He looked at her, knowing that they cant - they would be dead before they could even leave storage, so he shook his head no.

"Then we will launch it now, this was our mission and we will complete it," Major Shaw said determinedly. Lieutenant realizes what she will do and nodded in aproval. However Sergeant Chelsy was shot and killed moments later.

Shaw took the remote from Specialist Tylin, and pressed the button.

Control room

"Energy buildup out of scale in storage room A7," Leoben said when suddenly the entire ship shook so hard that everyone fell to the ground.

"They detonated the nukes," Aaron Doral said.

"To the escape raider now," Cavil said. Explosions started spreading throughout the rest of the ship and more and more explosions rocked the ship, each one stronger than the last. The Cylons ran toward a small platform near the control room where heavy raiders for emergencies were; fires and explosions rocked all around them, one of which killed Jane and one of the Doral's. They managed to arrive at the small landing pad, when larger explosions rocked the ship again.

"It must be one of the reactors, it's spreading, we must get out of here," Leoben said. And he was right, as Tylin predicted the explosion of so many nukes in one place destabilized the nearest reactor, which exploded causing even more damage to the sourroundings; more and more of the ships exploded as the nuclear shockwave spread its fury.

The Cylons lead by Cavil entered the heavy raider and they escaped the platform just moments before the entire section exploded. As they moved toward the hub that was a relativly safe distance away; the colony behind them suddenly exploded in a bright ball of fire, consuming a half dozen basestars that were closest to it. The heavy raider was caught in a shockwave from the blast and span out of control for a few brief minutes that seemed infinitely longer. The only thing remaining of the colony are large chunks of debris.

"Contact the hub, we are landing there," Cavil yelled. The pesky humans not only managed to avoid detection, they managed to enter the colony and destroy it. This was the final insult by the colonials.

"What do we do now John?" one of the surviving sixes asked. "We didn't even have time to evacuate the colony. And from the nuclear blast of this magnitude, I don't believe more than ten or fifteen percent will resurrect."

"They didn't die in vain. We will go back to colonial space, I have to have a little talk with my dear brother. First a small fleet of colonial ships that was supposed to be destroyed or captured showed up with Galactica, then we lost one third of the fleet by a colonial trick with that black hole, and now we've lost the colony. Something tells me that there is more going on back home than we think. This is not over," Cavil said.

Battlestar Vanguard C.I.C.

"Sir, our long range sensors detected massive nuclear explosions and a few minutes later it was followed by another much larger one. I believe the colony has been destroyed," Colonel Magene said.

"Any sign of our team?" Commander Belzen asked.

"No sir, and I doubt any of them made it out," Colonel Magene replied sadly in a low tone.

"I want a stealthstar there, I want to be sure that colony is destroyed," Commander Belzen ordered.

"Yes sir, it will be done," Colonel Magene said.

Author's Note:

I decided to make a short section with the destruction of the colony, since its not really the important part of the story; John cavil and his chain of command mostly remains intact, hub remains intact and some of those that were killed will be reborn again, this is a major blow to the cylons but they will still play a dominant role in the story, however their role will be much smaller in the next few chapters.
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Good to see a update.
Seems like the BioCylons are not happy.
Nothing like the Present. Very Happy

ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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the biocylons are never happy.

good chapter z-man
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Nice chapter.

Keep up the good work.
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Epic job. :)
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Mind if I draw a few ships?
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np, use whatever you want, as long as there a proper credit for it,
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Strike fast

Strike Hard
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The Warstar Sanctuary

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Epic read!!!
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my deviantart page:

dukedom, good place to find lots of fanfiction:
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good job, but i love original Sanctuary from Arinsky more, Warstar Sanctuary is actually this one

also this is topic only reserved for story. only review of the story is allowed i will however create topis in BSG section for BSG:Operation Exodus ships, so that you post it there,

once again good work,
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Love it!!!
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Great story here Zag. Please continue it is a very entertaining read.

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Really good story, you are creating a good picture. Very Happy thumbs up
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Great story Zagoreny Very Happy
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Nicely done.:)
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Very nicely done. Can't wait to see what happens next.
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new chapter is ready however since i dont have beta reader anymore, story will be on hold or cancelled(except if i menage to find another person who will fixing my chapters).
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Then talk with the other writers, for one.
Or YOU do a request for Beta´s willing to be your Beta-reader(s).

But please, don´t stop writing.
The story is just too good.
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ps: Anybody wanting to use my stuff in a story is O´ked, just let me know so I can read it as well.
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i tried but nobody answer, and if i dont find in few days i cancelling the story i dont have other options, best part of story is coming but as i say the future of Operation Exodus is not known for now,
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after long pause, here is chapter 18 also first chapter of season 3

Part 18: 3x01 Arriving To a New Home

Arriving to a New Home

Mobile dock Eternity – En Route to Avalon
Admiral's Log 1187

"Two months have passed now since my last update and many things have happened. I'll start at the beginning.

After we started our long journey to Avalon following the battle on Picon, we found out that someone was transmistting our location using a signal burst that after almost an entire month of searching was found on board one of our transport ships. Things were even weirder when we found the machine that created the signal bursts was operated by a man, from all the Cylon profiles we've collected he was not a cylon, however there was something strange about him. We put him in one of the cells on board Eternity and convinced one of our cylon guests to see if she could help us with identifying the unknown man. She didn't recognize him, but she warned us that existing cylon models may have used surgical changes to themselves to blend in with humans; since we know all of their models faces except the final five which are said to be with Galactica's fleet, something that we didn't know when we sent commander Belzen on his journey.

After a series of scans we finally found proof that it was a cylon, more precisely one of the number five copies. No doubt his mission was to transmit the signal burst so a cylon ship would follow us at a safe distance to find Avalon. I dispatched the Stealth ship Banshee to find and destroy ship the ship that was following us. It didn't take them long to find a cylon patrolstar, and the ship was destroyed, but I was still not convinced that the cylons sent only a single ship. There had to be more I thought, but the Banshee was unable to find any. For now I have ordered her to stay in stealth mode and scout behind us in search of more cylon ships.

There were a few other things that I should have added a long time ago to this log, but with all the work and recovery therapy I've had, I haven't had time so I made notes to put it all in order now.

Work on the Atlantis is going so nicely that I can barely recognize her, and once finished she will be one hell of a ship to take on. All the other ships that were damaged have been repaired and put back into service. Unity's two main docks started working on two new heavy battlestars. However construction of those two ships hasn't pass without problems, delegate Campus as usual tried to convince the general public that the military was spending too many resourcess building new ships for the fleet and that the civilians were getting nothing. There were reports of multiple thefts, beatings, robberies, and other forms of crime rising on ships to the point that the military was forced to intervene. We created a police force consisting of civilians who had military or any other kind of proffesion that allows them to carry firearms.

Unfortunately delegate Campus and a few others started revolting, which ended with Campus and two other delegates being confined to their quaters with armed guards on their doors. I wanted to put them into a cell, but the other admirals believed public opinion would probably go in Campus' favor if he was locked up. For now, the problem known as delegate Campus is over.

About Belzen and his mission, there have not been any kind of messages, but that's understandable. I hope they find Galactica and bring her to Avalon safely. I haven't had any more visions created by Athena, no matter how much I want to believe it was only a dream, it wasn't. I ordered some old ships that were sitting on Hera station and the lower docks on Eternity and Unity to be scrapped, they were useless but their materials can be used for repairs of other ships and to make new ships.

We are closing on Avalon, and I believe we will arrive in a week. But I am still worried about the safety of the fleet. Given that we entered into unknown space full of those drones-harvesters I ordered all ships to work with minimal power with the exceptions being life support, gravity, FTL engines and limited scanners. To ensure that we do not have gaps in dradis and sensor networks, around fourty raptors outfited with scanning moduls were launched and deployed around the fleet creating a protective ring. If anything tries to jump into range, it will be detected to give us a warning. For now it works, I hope it will work until we get to Avalon.

Lieutenant Brentonm one of officers on board Olympia, presented me with a new space superiority fighter. A fighter which will no doubt replace Vipers, especially the older versions."

End Log

After finishing his log, Admiral Stryker took a sip of Ambrosia in the glass near him and then slowly stood up, still limping from his injuries he slowly walked until he came closer to the large picture of his family.

"If you were only here, to see where I've come to, that little cadet you knew," Admiral Stryker murmured quietly, thinking of his lost family, with exception of his sister bein only other survivor of their family.

A few minutes later he heard knocking on the door.

"Come in," Admiral Stryker said.

The door opened and Admiral Thorn walked in.

"Well you old devil I haven't seen you in two days, what are you up to this time?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"I was busy with the reaserch division. And I have very good news for you," Admiral Thorn replied smiling.

"Go on," Admiral Stryker said, intrigued.

"You are well aware of the colonial antimatter technology devlopment; new engines that would allow us to jump almost anywhere, or at least at a much much faster rate, without a need for recharging the jump drive. While the engines would also give enough energy for the entire ship and all of its systems," Admiral Thorn stated.

"I am aware, but we both know what happened to Sanctuary; that ship's engine was full of glitches, it was a miracle that the crew, well most of them, survived that blind jump," Admiral Stryker said.

"Indeed, however the people in the reaserch department finally created a prototype that works, and with your premission it will be installed to Atlantis," Admiral Thorn said.

"You want to install a piece of technology that is still a prototype in my ship? Are you mad?" Admiral Stryker asked angrily.

"The engines and the reactor that we are putting in are needed if you want all of those new toys to work; those pulse cannons need lots of energy, and not to mention that new armor which is powered by energy as well," Admiral Thorn said.

"I wanted normal battle armor on my ship, but you and your engineers convinced me that the new armor would be much stronger and more resilient, that it would be able to withstand a direct nuclear hit even from the enormous megaton nuclear missiles the cylons have - like what they used on Atlantis before," Admiral Stryker said.

"Yes, and you agreed did you not? You wanted that for Atlantis since its the fleets flagship and remains the strongest in the fleet, with the most advanced technology. That's what we are doing, outfitting the ship with the most advanced tech we have. We have spent enormous efforts and resources for it, and we need a ship to test the new equipment: what better choice is there other than Atlantis?" Admiral Thorn asked.

"I still don't like it. I don't want that on my ship on its first after-rebuild voyage. I do not want to risk Atlantis disappearing like Sancutary," Admiral Stryker said.

"And it won't, we checked and doublechecked all possiblities. Hundreds of tests and simulations all ending with it working as expected, if not better. You know as well as I do that the Cylons will never leave us alone. They will find us, and if not them, then those Harvester's will. We need this, and if it proves to be a sucess it will be installed in every ship in fleet," Admiral Thorn said.

"Hmm, fine, but if something happens to my ship and it's crew, you'll be responsible,"Admiral Stryker said.

"I'l take all responsibility for it if needed, but I assure you it will work. Even Admiral Sounders wants the new engines on Rycon," Admiral Thorn said.

"Hah, that doesn't suprise me, Rycon is still running on her original engines: it's amazing after all these decades that they still work," Admiral Stryker said grinning.

"So you agree to allow the new engines to be installed then?" Admiral Thorn asked.

"Yes, continue with the work on my ship and put those new engines on board. Anything else?" Admiral Stryker said.

"As usual, delegate Campus demands to see you," Admiral Thorn said.

"He can demand all he want, after that little coup he tried I say let him stay closed in his quaters for a little while, to cool himself off a little," Admiral Stryker said coldly.

"And yes, I almost forgot, do you know about my little project on board the Unity?" Admiral Thorn asked.

"That new ship that you are building in complete secrecy, refusing to speak about it with anyone." Admiral Stryker said.

"Well I know that you would probably say it's a waste of time and resouces..." Admiral Thorn said drifting off.

"On the contrary, I want to see what you are up to now. Building a ship in less than three months was damn impressive. By the way what kind of ship did you build?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"It's a new kind of ship, a battlecruiser. Created for one purpose, and one purpose only, combat. It's eight hundred meters long. The entire ship is in one piece, not centred as battlestars on head, pylons, main body, engine block ... it is made in one piece, with a head similar to the battlestar aligator style but more in the shape of those ancient lizzards. The engine block is fused into the body with four thrusters, two on each side, plus two additional in center. The entire ship is well armored and armed. With about eighty point defense pulse cannons for close range defenses. Fourty missile launchers that are capable to launch a swarm of any kind of missile depending on need; anti-ship, anti-fighter, even anti-missile interceptor missiles. Of course the ship possesses ten missile silos for nuclear warheads, however we haven't added nukes yet at this time," Admiral Thorn said.

"So far you've got my full attention, but I don't understand what did you put in if not nukes?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"As you know, nuclear missiles upon impact make radiation, especially if breaching armor, however this isn't to much of use against cylons since they simply download to new bodies. Of course the higher the kilotons of missiles used, the higher the chances that cylons won't download. Centurions are not really affected by radiation as well. We wanted something new; less obvious than a nuke and we did it, we developed two kinds of projectile weapons. They are still being tested, but they will be implemented into the new classes of ships and all our other ships." Admiral Thorn said.

"Wait, wait how the hell did you initiate a test, when we haven't stop anywhere. If you are creating a new weapon you need a test field, right?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"Not necessarily, but it would be of great use if we had one to see the devastation and effects in real time, but we used what we had, so we did only computer simulations," Admiral Thorn said.

"Simulations? And you plan to add weapons that are still in test phase?" Admiral Stryker said.

"They are working, perfectly," Admiral Thorn said.

"Yes, but computer generated simulations are not the same thing as the real thing," Admiral Stryker said.

"I know, but half of the technology we now have were not properly tested in the times when they were invented," Admiral Thorn said.

"I am not sure that I want some un-tested weapons on my ships, and what if they failed in combat? We have to test those new toys of yours first," Admiral Stryker said.

"Agreed, but where, we are less than a week of travel from Avalon, and this area of space isn't safe, you know well why. If we start testing now we may get ourselves into deep trouble. And even when we arrive at Avalon testing could be dangerous. But I assure you we can use them, they are perfectly safe," Admiral Thorn said.

"When the time comes we will see about that, now continue," Admiral Stryker.

"Alright. As I said before, there are two types of weapons, which also can be used in both missile and torpedo designs. The antimatter torpedo was one of those two weapons. Torpedos are larger and sluggish but much more powerful than missiles. And antimatter ensures that whatever it hits remains in pieces after the blast, no radiation residue, no danger from it, however the boom is larger than a nuclear blast and more concentrated," Admiral Thorn said.

"Antimatter, we've barely scratched the surface on that field of technology and you made it into a weapon? Also why torpedos, they haven't in service for over fifty years?" Admiral Stryker said.

"First, it would be unstable to put antimatter, even a few micro-grams into a missile's housing, however torpedos are better shielded and larger, enough to place an entire mechanism inside. We also found that if we add some crystals, like Abyros, it makes the antimatter much safer, and we already can produce about fifty grams of it on our main reaserch facility aboard Olympia," Admiral Thorn said.

"Which is enough for torpedos but not enough for a battlestar engine," Admiral Stryker added.

"True, but a few grams of it in each torpedo would equal the force of at least 200 kilotons from a nuclear warhead. However we have other ways for the ship engines, so don't worry about that," Admiral Thorn said.

"And the other weapon?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"Fusion missiles. Purley a kinetic weapon, capable of hitting the target with a large force but concentrating the damage into the place of impact. Depending on settings it can burrow itself in the enemy ship and explode or explode on impact; either way in swarm they can obliterate a Cylon baseship in seconds. They are faster than our standard anti-ship missiles, so there is a better chance in avoiding enemy defense fire. They are also highly modular, depending on missions special warhead can be add, EMP, high explosive, or even corossive," Admiral Thorn said.

"Corossive?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"We still don't have those, but in theory once the weapon burrows itself into the hull, it explodes and starts melting everything metal within fifty meters around itself," Admiral Thorn said.

"That would be a nasty surprise for the Cylons, or harvesters," Admiral Stryker said.

"Indeed. Fusion missiles were designed to work in swarms, and they use a system of friend or foe. Since we would add Cylon engine exausts into their small nav computer once launched, depending on the target, they will stay on the target until they are destroyed or they hit the target. They are cheaper than current missiles. Also the ship will have fourteen heavy kinetic turrets, purely long range anti-ship weapons. With four being intergrated into the foward section of the ship. There are also additional weapons that we orginally planned to install; a plasma heated beam capable of melting everything, and even piercing energy based shields in theory," Admiral Thorn said.

"Originally?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"Well we haven't developed a prototype yet, but with all the other weapons on board this new battlecruiser there isn't a need for it," Admiral Thorn said.

"So, well protected with powerful armored hull and energy armor, and well armed, plus fast and manuverable for it size, it may even retire gunstars from defense positions," Admiral Stryker said.
"And half of weaponary that are in prototype stages, i must say your scientists and engineers have
made a large breaktrought"

"Yes, but the ship doesn't carry any fighters in it," Admiral Thorn said.

"No fighters?" Admiral Stryker asked astonished.

"No, because they are not needed, there is a dock on the right flank, but for shuttles, and support ships. It is capable of carrying up to seven or eight fighters, but there are no facilities on board for maintanence for them. Only shuttles, and possibly small gunships, but nothing more. It's purely for combat; not to work as battlestars do - carrier and battleship in one," Admiral Thorn said.

"How long till this prototype is built and what name did you give it?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"It's almost complete, and the name of the prototype is Audacious," Admiral Thorn said.

"Strong name for a strong ship. Have you thought of who you will put in charge of it?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"As a matter of fact I did: your sister," Admiral Thorn said.

"My dear sis, but she..." Admiral Stryker said drifting off into silence.

"She's proven herself many times and she is a fine colonial officer; there is noone better than her, and from what I've heard she likes heavy toys so this is the perfect spot for her," Admiral Thorn said.

"Hm, yeah she's gonna like it alright. Alright then, you have my permission. I want to see that ship out in space as soon as possible. And if possible a few more of them," Admiral Stryker said.

"It will be done, but the ship won't be launched for the next two to three weeks,“ Admiral Thorn said.

"Good, is there anything else?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"No, thats all," Admiral Thorn said.

Cylon mobile shipyard

At one of the viewing windows Jack stood watching the new classes of ships that were being built, some of which were already finished and ready to lauch. He smiled silently, his plan worked, they managed to convert every new baseship to colonial standards with no need for hybrids anymore. They will be less functional, but far more powerful.

Next time he meets Admiral Stryker he will defeat him, and destroy what is left of humanity. He won't fail again. But he was also thoughtful, there was something bothering him. Two months ago they lost the signal from the colony ship.

The colony ship had a burst-data device that activated a faster than light energy burst toward the Cylon space, more precisely hitting the large transmitting satelite. However it stopped broadcasting.

To Jack it means two things, three actually. The colony is destroyed, how and where not known. Attacked by alien races and boarded, less likely. Or gone too far for the signal to reach back. Ultimately he cannot know what has happened, and he may never find what happen.

There was one happy thought, if the colony really is destroyed, John was probably killed and will probably not be a threat to him again. Some of the other Cylons wanted to send search ships, but he refused on the grounds that sending ships is a waste of resources. No, it is better to concentrate on ship building and to launch one big assault on the remaining colonial forces. It was a good idea that he moved the baseship that was following the colonial fleet, as he saw the destruction of the patrolstar: it was too dangerous to have it to follow so close to colonials. That bloody stealthship Banshee is one big stealthy pain in the ass, but all he can hope is that the baseship will survive long enough to pinpoint the colony. Nevertheless it will take at least another year or so before the new fighting force is ready and gods only know what suprises Admiral Stryker will have. But Jack also has a few suprises of his own, the Colonials would never expect a new kind of ship, and the Adonis is just what he needs; well armed, armored and manuverable. It lacks the scores of raiders of the other baseships, but who cares, they can jump on their own anyway having enough tanker ships with the fleet and they wont have problems. And of course if that moron Gary doesn't lose that dreadstar he will have his command ship during the final assault on that colony of theirs.

Jack was disturbed from his thoughts when one of the number two cylons came behind him.

"What is it?" Jack asked, not even watching the newcomer behind him.

"Report from Gary," the number two said shortly and darkly

"From the tone of your voice, Gary failed again, right?" Jack asked.

"I wouldn't call it a total failure, but yes he failed again. Four baseships destroyed, two crippled; Admiral Turner launched a surprise assault with stealthstars which crippled another two baseships and moderately damaged the dreadstar, but the ship is operational," the number two replied.

"Failure is still failure; he lost four baseships and another four crippled, thank the gods he had that ressurection ship, or, did he lose the ressurection ship again?" Jack asked angrily.

"Thankfully he didn't, he had six baseships guarding in tight formation around the ressurection ship. He tried to make the dreadstar a main target for Admiral Turner, however Turner didn't attack, so both of his Novas were untouched. And we still dont have any idea where his colony is," the number two said.

"Wonderful," Jack said, continuing to watch outside where the ships were being built.

"I am sure he will eventually find Turner. Also upgrades on those old Hades are going nicely, they will be ready soon, however even with upgraded weaponry, engines, and armor they wont stand a chance against colonial battlestars," the number two said.

"Hmm, that's not their purpose at all, their purpose is to convince the colonial's that they are our main attack force; that we've lost too many of our new baseships that we desperately want to destroy them with the ships we have left. Of course we will add a few new baseships so that they do not become too suspicious. But first things first," Jack said.

"Even when they reach the colony, we can't wait too long or they will make defenses, they won't allow themselves to be caught by surprise as last time," the number two said.

"Of course they wont, and for sure our old strategy to send spies in wont work either. No, it will be one last attack, with everything we got. If we fail, we will be destroyed. Our resources are thin, no matter what kind of mining and resources gathering we do, the Colony was the heart of Cylon, without it we must do what we can. We can't create new versions of human-form Cylons, neither we can build new Centurions. However, the good thing in all this is that we still have over five hundred thousand centurion minds stored, and even without the Colony we can build less advanced Centurions programmed to kill humans. We won't lack in centurions. For now continue with ship building and upgrades on existing ships. Also how is work going on project Corsair?" Jack asked.

"Excellent, the first field tests were promising," the number two replied.

"Good, continue with it," Jack ordered.

Number two left, and Jack returned to his thoughts. No matter how much and how long it takes he will destroy the humans: something that John didn't succeed in doing in the first place.


Seven days later....

"Welcome admiral" Admiral Thorn said when Admiral Stryker entered the Olmypia's CIC.

"Are we ready to commence the last jump?" Admiral Stryker asked.

"Yes, all ships are ready. We recieved a message from Commander Krasner. The Battlestar Sword and two gunstars were sent to the edge of Avalon's perimeter to greet us," Admiral Thorn replied.

"Good commence jump in proper procedure, we dont want any accidents, not now," Admiral Stryker said.

"First group confirms, ready for jump, second group ready, and finally third group ready too," the comms station officer reported.

"Tell the first group to jump in ten seconds, and each next group jumps one minute after the first," Admiral Stryker ordered.

"Right, countdown now," Admiral Thorn said.

One of the officers started the countdown; ten seconds, nine, eight, until finally hitting zero and the first group jumped away. They reappeared in front of the Battlestar Sword and two escorting gunstars. Battlestar Rycon leading the first fleet.

"Signal recieved, the first group is clear," the comms officer said.

"Alright prepare second group," Admiral Thorn said.

Once again the ten second countdown passed and the second wave of ships disappeared. Minutes later the second signal was recieved.

"They are in," the comms officer reported.

"Well it appears it's our time, whenever you are ready admiral," Admiral Stryker said.

"Alright Unity, Eternity, Oylmpia and remaining ships are ready for jump, ten second countdown. Now!" Admiral Thorn said.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, jumping!" the comms officer said.

Moment later the remaining ships, shipyards and stations appeared behind the rest of the fleet.

"Jump complete, we are right at our programmed coordinates" the comms officer said.

The entire CIC burst in laughter and joy; after so long they have finally arrived to their new home. It was a burst of emotions.

"Well as you promised sir, you brought us here," Admiral Thorn said, shaking hands with Admiral Stryker.

"We all did it. I am proud of each man, woman and child in this fleet, for all their sacrifices, and losses: here is the prize," Admiral Stryker said aloud, while everyone else fell silent listening to him, and watching on the main screen - seeing a planet in the distance.

"Our new Home, finally at last," Admiral Stryker said, looking at Avalon in the distance.

To be continued...
"Freedom is our biggest treasure, love is our biggest weapon, courage and will to go forward is something that make us great...."

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Nice chapter. Very Happy
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Nice addition to your story. Can't wait to see what happens next.
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good read, thanks zag!
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Yeah, a update.
Glad it´s still going on.
Nothing like the Present. Very Happy

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