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PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 8:45 am    Post subject: Post Sybase Match Play - Rolling Results Reply with quote
Hello All,

Well that was my first match Play experience and I liked it. From a Pak Picker point of view it seems the secret is
to try to figure out who will win 2 matches. Every pick that gets to the final 16 counts for you.

Interesting that the three in last tournaments playoff were gone by end of the second round. I think everyone of us had at least one of them in our picks. Not so with Yoo. She snuck up on many of us to capture her first LPGA win. I have always liked Yoo, and she has shown up among my picks loads of time. She seems to get hot for awhile and then cools off.
She was certainly hot this weekend and it will be interesting to see how often her name pops up among the picks next time.

The Leader Board

1 bangkokbobby 46
2 The Constructivist 45
3 shungkim 33
4 IceCat 31
5 Snells 30
6 rjay 29
7 GCSVA 28
8 Putterhead Jr 27
9 Verdant Garden 24
10 Cannlinny 19
11 Putter Head 18
T12 ghinhee 11
T12 SteveNF 11
14 JLindebergFan 10
T15 JJfan 6
T15 chigger 6
17 cincyflygrrl 5
T18 Jamie RS 4
T18 Cannuck 4
T20 greentee 1
T20 cannuck 1
T22 robbinw 0
T22 ddwddick 0
T22 hounddog 0
T22 None 0
T22 AGL 0
T22 Friar Mike 0

The Leaderboard Watch

There was not a ton of movement on the ole leaderboard this week. The movement that did take place was done
in a rather contained way.

Worth note: Chigger made a huge leap moving from T21 to T15 and into the mix. The next biggest mover
this week was snells, more on that in a minute.

Putter Head and Canlinny switched spots. Canlinny snatched the 10th position from Putter Head; she is now sitting
in the top ten. Putter Head, on the other hand, now has a lowly placement of 11th. The humiliation must be almost

The Top Ten
In the other top ten spots, 1st & 2nd remain in the hands of BangkokBobby and The Constructivist, respectfully.
That race has heated up considerably with only one point seperating the two. All positions from 3rd to 8th have
new PaK Pickers in them. Three folks improved, three did not, Those that stumbled did so in an orderly fashion,
falling 1,2 or 3 spots.
IceCat slipped 1 spot 3rd to 4th, Putterhead Jr fell 2 positions going from 6th to 8th. GCSVA plumetted 3 spots
leaving the 4th position a distant memory as he crashed into 6th place appearing shaken and in shock.

Just the oposite happened to the other three as rjay climbed one spot to 6th from 7th. ShungKim move up two spots
and now sits in the #3 position, recently vacated by IceCat. Moving up 3 spots, I give you Snells. Snells went from
8th position into a covetted top 5 spot.

More action coming soon, until then: On to the rest of the information:


This years winners
The Constuctivist (1)

Virtual Trophies Retired - Three time winner
no one has retired a trophy yet

Kraft Nabisco Championship snells


Highest winning scores
IceCat & The Constructivist (HSBC Women's Champions) 103.25

Lowest winning scores
GCSVA KIA Classic 41.5

STREAK stuff
Current Top Ten Streaks

The Constructivist 7
Snells 5
rjay 4
verdant Garden 3
ShungKim 2
IceCat 2

Top Ten Streaks that came to a screeching halt
bangkokbobby 6
Putter Head 3

2010 STATS
Longest Streak
bangkokbobby 6
shungkim 4

Largest Margin of Victory
Snells over The Constructivist (Sybase Match Play) 10
GCSVA over IceCat(Honda PTT LPGA Thailand) 9

Smallest Margin of Victory
GCSVA over Shungkim (KIA Classic) 1.25
Snells over PutterHead Jr (Kraft Navisco) 1.25
Canlinny over PutterHead Jr (Tres Marias) 1.25

Least number of participants: Kia Classic 15

2009 - Stats of interest
Longest Streak(2009) 9 in a row rjay
Highest winning score for a PakPicker(2009) 109.0 ShungKim (Samsung)
Lowest winning score for a PakPicker(2009) 40.25 HoundDog (Michelob)

Pakpickers who retired trophies in 2009 (3 wins each)
rjay,Canlinny & IceCat
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PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 12:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I was beginning to think we could call BKB the Song-Hee Kim of PakPicker, what with all his Top 10 finishes... Oh well Smile

As a side note, Song-Hee is now 7 for 7 in Top 10 finishes. She's GOTTA be the best player without a win yet...

Go Song-Hee!

- SomewhatMediocrePakPickerBert
"When I get a little money, I buy books; if any is left, I buy food and clothes."

-- Desiderius Erasmus, 1466-1536
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The Constructivist

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PostPosted: Mon May 24, 2010 2:07 pm    Post subject: no doubt on Song-Hee! Reply with quote

Sun Young graduated before her, tho'!
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