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Verdant Garden

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:21 pm    Post subject: Tromping around Trump Reply with quote
Hello from West Palm Beach!

I made it safe and sound from across the country. I got up at 3 AM this morning so it has been a long day but I'm feeling AOK.

I'm going to get a lay of the land tomorrow, catch some of the pro-am, etc. and of course after that my impressions of each round.

Watch this space!
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The Constructivist

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:14 am    Post subject: who ya gonna follow Thursday? Reply with quote
Christina Kim/Maria Hjorth may be the sleeper pairing--if you like watching roller coaster rounds, that is. Is your plan to follow a particular pairing, camp out on one hole, or what?
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Cool Exclamation

What a surprise to hear you are at “The Donald’s” Shocked

I’m jealous..... Laughing

Hope you have a great time and looking forward to your daily reviews.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
I'm jealous too! It's great for you to be there for the last episode. I hope it's a great tourney, and you see the best parts.

eat Less...More often
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Thanks VG - looking forward to the updates!!!
IBK - I'm Birdie Kim... (International Bank of Korea)
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Verdant Garden

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:51 pm    Post subject: Re: who ya gonna follow Thursday? Reply with quote
The Constructivist wrote:
Christina Kim/Maria Hjorth may be the sleeper pairing--if you like watching roller coaster rounds, that is. Is your plan to follow a particular pairing, camp out on one hole, or what?

TC, it has been in my nature to pick a pairing and follow it all around the course but considering it's such a limited field I should partake almost all the pairings. Not the final two though. It would be a circus to follow either Annika or Lorena.

Another consideration is how easy is it for a spectator to follow a pairing for all 18 holes? At today's pro-am, I pretty much stuck around the last four holes watching the groups come through and just based on that I can tell Trump International was no Columbia Edgewater. After a couple of rounds, I might be able to develop a workable route around the course. We'll see.

And what a course! Water, water everywhere and a rich diversity of plants. A verdant garden! Very Happy This allows one to observe a wide variety of bird life. I should have brought binoculars and a guide. The pairings guide has a page of "fun facts" including how 3.5 million cubic yards of dirt were moved to construct it including making the 15th and 18th tees the highest points in south Florida.

The clubhouse fits the style of the owner - ostentatious. I feel like I should be worth a million just to be allowed to breathe the air around there.

Hounddog was right about the November Florida winds. I had to literally hold on to my hat a few times.

15 bucks for admission to a pro-am round?! Shocked eeek!

I wrote earlier how I stuck around the last few holes mostly. But I first went to look at the ninth green and there was Oh Ji Young's group chipping on to it. She eventually made a birdie putt for her group eliciting cheers. As she rode to the 10th tee, she was soliciting for some autographs. One wag noted that was easy to do for someone with a name like "Oh".

After stopping by the 18th green to see Angela Park's group finish up, I headed up past the 17th to the 15th tee to wait for a player I could follow back to the finish. That player turned out to be In-Kyung Kim. It was the usual poor shot-poor shot-poor shot-poor shot-good shot you'd expect out of a pro-am. It does make it that more thrilling to see an amateur make that rare decent shot.

During the course of following Inky, I looked back at the 14th fairway and saw one of Christina's group fishing his ball out of a palm tree. Knowing the Xtina was coming up, I decided to park my butt in the stands at the 18th green until she finished the hole.

As a result, I saw quite a few groups come through and I was amazed how consistently short of the green the pros were on their approaches. The pin was set in the front and I guess they thought it was safest to leave it short even though their balls weren't on the green.

The worst was Candie Kung. She left it a full club short and she wasn't that far from the green.

Ironically the best was the last. Xtina landed hers about 12 feet to the left of the pin. The first amateur to putt drained it! Smile

The shuttle bus on the ride back to the lot had video monitors. I enjoyed a music video that compiled footage of all the participants and I mean all of them without favoring any particular ones. It was quite democratic and really nicely done.

See you tomorrow!
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Verdant Garden

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Hello, fellow members!

As a mentioned yesterday, I take a shuttle to get to and from the course. Today on the way to Trump Int., I noticed a "gentlemen's club" was located near the pickup lot. On the marquee read "Welcome to LPGA Fans". Turning the corner to the front and there stood a large, black gargoyle guarding the entrance. I wonder how many fans of the LPGA will take them up on the offer?

Well I did manage to walk the whole course and it turned out to be pretty conducive for spectating. They have roped off the holes really well especially the front nine. The only hole that poses any real problems for spectating is 15. The green area is too woodsy for easy access.

And may I please write again how beautiful it is? The path from the 11th green to the 12th tee was like strolling through a nature preserve.

I did indeed follow Ji Yai and ShanShan - the twosome who started the tournament. Shin started on the good foot as she drained a 15' uphill putt right at the first hole. I won't mention any driving troubles for Ji Yai for she didn't have any and she notes this in her interview. She had a very steady round today.

Shin almost reached the green on the par 5 third in two landing just off to the right. Her chip was an up-and-downer that went 8' past. Her birdie put skimmed by the left-side of the hole.

The par 3 fifth saw Shin miss it left leaving a difficult downhill chip. But it was feather-soft that required only a tap-in for par.

It was on this hole that I met a woman who was also following Ji-Yai. We were both singing her praises. When I said she won in Japan, she replied she had followed Shin there too!

No. 6 has a two-tiered green with the pin placed on the upper tier. Shin just made it on to the upper tier but considerably to the left. Her left-to-right putt drops. Yeah!

The good times continue on the par 3 seventh. Shin's tee shot is plunked to within a foot of the hole. Easy birdie.

Feng did a different kind of plunking. Her tee shot was short of the green. And as this hole is clean-shaven all the way around, her ball rolled back down the hill into the drink.

Feng's main problem today was putting. She did not have much confidence in her putting stroke at all. Most of the bogeys she suffered were from 3-putts.

No. 9 saw Shin's worst shot so far. Her third to the green was way too much leaving a long downhill putt. She had the talent to place it two feet past to get par.

The par 5 12 was a missed opportunity for Shin. She had only 5-6' for birdie but missed. While I was walking down the fairway here I saw off to the left that the TV media had their conclave. Talk about out-of-the-way.

No. 13 saw Ji-Yai's worst shot. Her second jetted past the hole to the back of the green. Her ball was rested against the rough and her putt was long and downhill. She ended up being to careful leaving it 3' short and still downhill. That she missed and took a bogey.

At the 13th green, I was laying back in the shade relaxing. I look back at the scoreboard and see Christina was at -4. I decided to wait for her before continuing on.

Meena Lee was in the pairing in between. Unfortunately, she was at +4. Her uphill 12-13' birdie putt just missed right.

Xtina's second shot on 13 was short on the fringe. Maria Hjorth's second came to 4-5' feet of the hole but downhill. I discover that Maria is now showing quite prominently. Kim's putt left the ball 3' short. She pushes that one right. Unlucky hole!

Xtina's second shot on 14 landed left of green on a steep downslope. Her chip had the ball curl left around the hole 7' past. But good saving putt after!

No. 15 saw the adventure The Constructivist expected from this pairing. After both had solid drives, Maria plays it safe and lays up. Christina however, tries to go for it in two.

Did anyone see Yani Tseng's second here on The Golf Channel? Christina did the exact same thing. Her ball sailed left right into the palmetto grove. Unlike Yani, Kim was able to find her ball. And she played it - a line-drive that screams over the green into the opposite bunker. Her fourth doesn't have much green to work with and it's downhill. She tried to get it to bite, but it continues on near the edge of the green. She's still away as Maria's approach was close to the hole.

Kim's par putt is short. In contrast, Hjorth bags her birdie.

I'm starting to feel like bad luck so I figure maybe it will change with the next group of Ji Young Oh and Sun Young Yoo. Oh was at -4 but Yoo had fallen to even by then.

After both 15, the two of them had fine drives on 16. I saw very few drives not hitting the fairways today. Unfortunately, their approaches were quite poor, not good on this tough hole. Oh was off to the right just short of the bunker, near where Lorena ended up in fact. Yoo was left of the hole on the fringe, she'll have to deal with the slope to the right.

Yoo's try left w/6' left. Oh's ball went way past by about 9'. She couldn't hit the pin like Lorena. While Yoo saved par, Oh suffers bogey.

No. 17 was nastiness. The hole placement was very deceptive and both Yoo and Oh made a mess of it. Yoo was long on her tee shot while Oh was short. None of them could figure out the breaks and speed and both 3-putted. I'm starting to think I'm jinxed now.

The difficult 18 saw a short drive for Ji Young but she managed to reach the green in two. Despite out-driving Oh by 20 yards, Yoo couldn't reach the green. Her third was a decent bump-and-run to within a few feet. But darn it she yipped her par putt. Oh's putt curved way right and I feared another bogey but her par putt just rolled in. Whew!

I was hungry and tired and didn't want to hex Inky on 18. She ended up bogeying that but you can't blame me.

Tomorrow should be a smorgasbord for me. I haven't seen either Eun-Hee or Na Yeon live yet so I'll make sure to watch them.
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The Constructivist

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:35 am    Post subject: it's not you! Reply with quote
At least a few people you didn't watch also ran into troubles!

Thanks for the awesome reporting!
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 7:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Thanks for reporting!

- SSFanBert
"When I get a little money, I buy books; if any is left, I buy food and clothes."

-- Desiderius Erasmus, 1466-1536
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 7:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Verdant Garden wrote:


No. 17 was nastiness. The hole placement was very deceptive and both Yoo and Oh made a mess of it. Yoo was long on her tee shot while Oh was short. None of them could figure out the breaks and speed and both 3-putted. I'm starting to think I'm jinxed now.


Maybe some of us PakPickers could pitch in and get you some free table dances and drinks over at that club down the road, good afternoons only, Saturday and Sunday only. Wink
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Verdant Garden wrote:
I'm starting to think I'm jinxed now.

No, No, my jinx's are for JLF, not you and the SS. Razz

Wish you well in the land of the sun, VG. We just had a real howl blow through yesterday in Vancouver/Portland and now it's Cold. Brrrrrrr. Come back with a sunburn.

I have done a lot of things, but I have never had too much fun.

SeoulSisters forum member #23
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
I'm enjoying your reports, Verdant Garden. I've been at Trump on the Friday of the tournament the last couple years (stuck in chilly Wis. this year.) The first time we saw the course, I thought we were in a botanical garden. It is indeed a verdant garden! Too bad there was no play-off needed this year. The first year of this format the standings were really changing during the last 9 holes, and there was a playoff of about 6 players for 2 spots. Maybe tomorrow.

It sounds like they have improved the shuttle service. One year they sent home all but 2 buses at the time the last group finished! We waited forever for shuttle service - and it rained! Enjoy the weekend.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Big controversy with the gargoyle at T's lounge. However, the gold leaf ended it. Wink

Awaken the Power Within!!
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Verdant Garden

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 5:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Thanks, gang! My attitude has changed about being a jinx. It's the course!!

The breeze came back today. It blew off my straw hat into a fairway bunker on no. 1. Yes, I followed proper protocol and raked up after myself. The prediction is for a windy weekend with highs in the mid 70's (called "cool" here. Heh).

I wrote yesterday I was going to sample the course today and that I did. I started out watching JJ and Seon Hwa practicing on the driving range. It was then I decided to follow the pairing of JJ and Angela Park. Both were at +1. As it turned out, they ended shooting some of the best scores of the day.

JJ's right wrist was again heavily taped.

For the first couple of holes, some relations were following her - a father, mother and little girl of not even 2 years old. She was so cute. She was carrying a toy golf club.

No. 1 saw missed fairways from the both of them, Park left and JJ right. Park's 2nd was short of the green while JJ hit it left of green. Pin was placed in back. Park chipped it close. JJ expected her chip to have more break. Both par.

I was off to the left of the green and when I looked behind me there was a road that curved down to a set of wooden doors fronting a bunker. Above the doors was a sign "The Bomb Shelter".

No. 2 saw Angela short on her second shot. A marshal near where I was said only two players had made the green in regulation. Make that three as JJ did the trick. Too bad her birdie putt didn't quite have enough oomph. Park had a nice chip to enable a saved par.

Par 5 third hole. Angela reaches in two while JJ was 20 yards short. The latter's chip got within 3' that was made. Park's eagle was just short. Two birdies. Cool

On no. 4, both had birdie putts curl short and right.

I decided to park myself for a while at the 5th tee. JJ's tee shot was magnificent, good enough for a birdie putt.

When Suzann Pettersen bagged a birdie on 4, a man shouted encouragement in Norwegian.

Seon Hwa comes around and she's at -2 now. She hits her birdie at no. 4 straight in. Her third in a row and last as it turns out.

On no. 5, Lee was just short of green. Two putt.

No. 6 has the pin placed left on the lower tier. Lee hits it pin high right 15'. Her birdie putt is a couple of rolls short.

Par 3 no. 7 has pin place left as well. Both Lee and Candie Kung employ the same strategy: aim at the left fringe and let ball roll toward hole. Seon Hwa got to read off of Candie's putt but she still skimmed hers left of hole.

On hole no. 8 Mr. Trump made an appearance. He was driving a cart. His wife and young child were riding with him. Too bad Seon Hwa couldn't impress with her second shot (she did have to wait a while for the group ahead to finish) for it was low and way short making a tough up-and-down to save par. Indeed her chip went 12' past and subsequent putt was short. Bogey.

While at ninth tee, I heard a roar back at the 8th green. Jelly had knocked it within a foot of the hole! Very Happy Her bright, gold slacks were worth another roar.

Lee's tee shot at 9 went right into a bunker. No way of going for it in two. Her third did leave a 6-7 footer below hole but she slightly pulled her putt.

After lunch, I decided to work backwards starting at 18. The pairing there at that time was Lorena and Song-Hee. Kim had found the lake-side bunker with her tee shot. But her second shot was a thing of marvel as it ran a few feet past the hole. Too bad her putt curled around the hole.

By the time I got to the 17th green, I just missed Hee-Won and Sun Young. Yoo qualifies as my most pleasant surprise. She fell apart yesterday after a very fast start and she comes back with a -1 round today. A lot of Seoul Sisters could learn from that this weekend!

I looked back to the 16th green and found JJ ready to putt from the lower tier to the upper where the pin was. It didn't turn left like she thought.

A reminder that Angela Park was JJ's playing partner and on 17 she knocked it real close to earn birdie.


Portions of the following may cause dread or even despair among the Seoul Sister fans. Proceed with caution.

I'm at the no. 15 green. Seon Hwa's wedge was short. Some guy says she's been short all day. Kung's third was a beauty. She needs the birdie as she's at +3 just outside the cut. When she missed that putt, I can see the wind come out her sails. A killer. Seon Hwa actually came close with her birdie putt.

Back out on the fairway is Jee Young. She's way left on the top of the hill. The best she can do from there is punch out. Not far enough really as her third goes left of the green down a hill. She couldn't get it up and down to save par.

I finally caught up with Ji and Choi on the 14th green. Both just miss birdie putts. Ji is cruising at -6 but Choi is skating dangerously at +2.

Both had perfect drives on 15 with Choi out-driving Ji by a dozen yards. Ji's second landed in the middle rough (yes, 15 has a stream running down the middle of it) but all right. Sadly, Choi found that stream. Crying or Very sad Her chip after the drop barely made the green. She looked deflated. Her par putt was 5-6 short still which she missed.

It's the player that's ultimately responsible for any choices made for a shot. Ji's tee shot on 16 went into a right-side bunker. Watching her from the opposite side of the fairway, I could see only her head as she prepared for her second shot. The 16th hole is fronted by a big body of water. She had no business whatever to try to make the green from there. I could wrap a driver around her neck for the choice she made. Naturally it went into the drink. Evil or Very Mad

The pin was placed back left on the upper tier. Ji's fourth from the drop zone didn't even make the tier. Three putted for triple bogey.

Choi in contrast played 16 very well - true for 17 and 18. Too bad she couldn't grab one birdie out of them. What a shame! Here Yani fails to make the cut herself and Na Yeon just needed a chance on the weekend to have a shot for ROY. Most heartbreaking.

While waiting for these two to tee at 17, I hear a groan. Someone of the next pairing hit it in the water too. It was Specs. SHE WAS ALREADY STANDING ON THE DROP ZONE. It was her second time in the water for the hole. That's how she got a nine.

On 17, Ji hit her tee shot to right-side of green. Her putt goes past so far she's still away. Her third hit hole and bounced away left.

Staying at 17, Inky hit her tee shot to middle of green. Oh's bounds off the green to the left hazard. She's at +12! Ay caramba! She must have hit every water hazard.

I just saw Na Yeon's birdie putt on 18. Darn she was close. Ji's troubles here started with her second. It was short, right and as there's a slope there with no rough, her ball rolled right into the water. And from there, well, she missed a two foot double bogey putt.

Inky's par putt on 18 lipped out.

Shin is standing at -1. Whew! Her second on 18 ended up left of the green on a hill. Her first chip didn't clear the rough. Her second chip was exquisite to at least get a bogey.

Let's clear the board, please. On to Saturday to begin anew.
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Verdant Garden

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 5:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
Weather was cooler for round 3 and very breezy. I started and ended the day wearing my windbreaker. I also purchased a golf cap as I knew my straw hat would've been blown off many a time.

I decided to follow Seon Hwa Lee and Jeong Jang for the full round so my report is practically exclusively on their play. As it turned out, I backed the right horse.

Some notes before they teed off: Commish Bivens is on crutches. Something wrong with her left foot. Yani Tseng has stuck around to do some practice. Christina's bag has a sea life theme. It's aqua with gold trim and has octopuses, starfish, lobsters, etc. painted on it. Same with the headcovers - I saw a seal and an octopus.

No. 1: Lee makes 11' uphill putt for birdie.

No. 2: Lee drove to the left rough with an uphill lie. Her second was a beauty landing about 10 feet beyond the hole. She drained the putt for birdie!

No. 3 saw things even out between the two. Lee's layup was really short of the green and barely in the right rough. Her third was to the right of the green. JJ had a layup close and her third was about 11' short of hole. Lee's fourth curled four feet left of hole. She missed that for bogey but JJ made hers for birdie.

On to the par 3 fifth. JJ hit her ball way right into bunker. She could see only the top of the flag from where she was standing. Her bunker shot was to 7 feet. Lee just made the green leaving a 35' uphill then downhill putt. She got it to within a foot while JJ drained her par.

This was the story today for these two women. Top confidence in putting.

Both players took advantage of the winds and drove across the lake on no. 6. Unfortunately, Lee's wedge shot was a poor one. It went across the green and down the hill on the other side. JJ's landed about 10 yards short of green just in left rough. Chipped to 2 feet, birdie putt! Lee's chip left ball 4-5' feet from hole but good par save after that.

The par 3 seventh saw two nice up-and-down putts from quite a distance.

Seon Hwa had trouble at the eighth yesterday and the same today. She just missed the fairway left on her drive. Her second went into greenside bunker left. The sandshot wasn't too bad within 7' but she missed the putt. JJ had to save par after a chip that was much too soft from just off the green left.

No. 9: Lee drove into right rough. Her second had to end up shorter than JJ's. As a result, Lee's third went to the back fringe. JJ hit the pin with her third leaving a three foot putt. Lee got up and down. On her birdie putt, JJ pointed to a spot to the left like she wanted to putt there. It was a misread and had to settle for par.

Seon Hwa dropped a 10 footer for birdie on no. 10.

Both had good two putts from a long ways on no. 11.

Boy that 13th hole is a long one! Both were short of the green on their respective second shots by a few yards and both had wonderful chips close to the hole. They're both feeding off each other.

Getting towards the final holes - the danger zone. Both make great approaches on no. 14 landing below the hole but both miss birdie putts, JJ's just from 4 feet away.

No. 15: both play it safely. Lee's third shot was to 6 feet. Birdie putt! Smile

No. 16 was the only hole where either made a real mistake. Both had fine drives and I figured both could make the green in regulation. I had to see what happened to JJ's ball on her second shot. It did hit land but scooted off to the left along the shore before finally resting in the drink. Lee's second went to the rough on the right. Her chip went a few feet past but she socked that par right in! Whoo!

No. 17: Pin tucked right front. Both played it safe landing in front left green. Lee's putt was much too strong. JJ learned from it and putted close for an easy par. Seon Hwa made another incredible par putt.

By this stage, Lee's -2 looked like a lock to make the final eight so she just needed to play it safe on 18. JJ was at even par and a probable playoff. What would she do?

The tee box was moved down from the hilltop down to lake level.

No drama on the drives. Lee's second safely on in front of green with pin placed in back. Ms. Jeong Jang pulled out the shot of a champion by shaping the shot to roll within 4 feet.

Lee made a good up and down. JJ for birdie!!! And on to Sunday! Very Happy

Hounddog described the playoff in his blog. Sorry Sun Young. See you next year.

I stuck around for the pairings selection. The million dollars was there. It looks like a Rubik's cube with sides of Franklins. has JJ's interview with Dan Hicks on why she chose to be paired with Paula Creamer. She wanted the big gallery! Laughing
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